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  • eashadas123 4w


    It gives temptation in it's initiation,
    That's the biggest trap of your equation.

    It gives you those arctic chills,
    That's the way to your grisly frills.

    It enters inside your hollow heart,
    That's when the miserableness start.

    It enters your vivacious veins,
    That's when your blockage gains.

    It mixes your thoughts with evil injects,
    It mixes you like those putrefying insects.

    It mixes you to lifeless life,
    It mixes you until you thrive.

  • eashadas123 4w

    You can control your thoughts but never allow your thoughts to control you.

  • eashadas123 4w

    Maybe they are your everything, but you are not their everything. You are someone else's everything but maybe they ain't your everything.

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    Priority Game.

    You owe them,
    They foe you.

    You give them home,
    They webbed you.

    You prioritize them,
    They traumatize you.

    You pamper them,
    They hamper you.

    You bloom them,
    They gloom you.

    You fame them.
    They defame you.

    You encourage them,
    They discourage you.

    You friend them,
    They menace you.

  • eashadas123 4w

    When souls get heavy

    Its like those magma flooding out from the vent,
    Its like those electrifying effect after the storm.

    Its like those dry leaves getting away from trees,
    Its like those crippling brown bruise from the skin.

    Its like those restless old parent waiting for his son,
    Its like those little toddlers crying for their remote game.

  • eashadas123 4w

    Communication gap increases when your communication gets another communication.

  • eashadas123 4w

    Mantra of success.


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    Be lazy enough to be ''Lazy".

  • eashadas123 5w

    Little Brother.

    Many times the Trouble Giver,
    Some times the Trouble Taker.

  • eashadas123 8w

    Let's end thinking about an end,
    Let's surprise present by our presence.❣️

  • eashadas123 9w

    I live in solitude,
    For understanding each gratitude,

    I pave my sorrows,
    For bettering my tomorrows.

    I aim a little high,
    For touching rainbows with a sigh.

    I unwind all rumour,
    For doing great humour.

    I explore my grey,
    For handling ugly-dismay.

    I shine with simplicity,
    For defining my authenticity.

    I chase every phase,
    For adjusting the times of haze.

    I am omnipotent,
    For destructing this world's rodent.

  • eashadas123 9w


    I wondered about the chaos one day,
    I wondered how beautiful were they,

    I was tumultuous yet an ambitious child,
    I was superior, amiable and very kind,

    I had consternation or maybe a despondent
    I had a bipolar still never failed to attain the mission,

    I won't immolate my kingdom of oneiric this time,
    I won't let any grumpy-grisly nights restrain my sanguine,

    I devised this gain with my own pieces of advice,
    I devised myself meticulously and am suffice,

    I don't need thee cause I was never thy,
    I don't interrogate myself and cry,

    I made this self with coil and delation,
    I made this for my forever exultation.