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  • eccentricchick 11w

    Hey girl hey...
    I had something I needed to say. 
    It's not that I cannot tell you face to face.
    I just wanted to remind you of some things. 
    Probably a few things you already know and a few more things to warm your soul. 
    Speaking of soul, 
    yours is one that cannot be hidden. 
    You got a special one that some were just not given. 
    And you're so damn pretty,
    That certain kind of natural beauty. 
    And your smile is contagious and your laughter is infectious. 
    You light up any room.
    And you're stories are hilarious. 
    You carry yourself like a real woman who knows she is the shit.
    You're a true blue, ride or die type bitch. 
    You love big and go hard for the ones you love. 
    Always giving, but feeling like it's never enough. 
    You're a diamond girl, 
    And you don't even know how many carats.
    Your shine is just too bright not to share it. 
    So go on and be completely yourself,
    because you are the only one who can.
    And always remember how special it is to be you and that there's only one Debra Ann. 

  • eccentricchick 17w

    I hated that feeling of defeat. 
    Everything that I had known was changed in a heartbeat. 
    I was so weak, so to speak. 
    I continued to weep and weep and weep and weep. 
    And speak my mind so much,
    That It always caused some beef. 
    But talk is cheap. 
    And lies are always free. 
    But I love my peeps.
    And yall can all sit at my table to feast,
    any day of the week. 
    Cuz keeping it real is the only way I can sleep. 
    Because if you do me good, I'll do you better.
    I'll stand with you out in the stormy weather. 
    And try to help u feel better.
    Whatever it takes, we take it together.
    And we never say never.
    We all need a circle of love.
    And people we can really trust.
    To always keep it one hun.
    And show me some love.
    And when I die I can say we were truly loved.
    Shout out and much love to all my peeps.
    You know who you are if this hit you kinda deep.
    Much love, always and forever,
    Shannon Marie 
    ©eccentricchick 2022

  • eccentricchick 17w

    you ripped out my heart,
    and you played games with my mind.
    you know the things you said were only to break me down inside.
    you broke my heart when you said that you hated me.
    how can you love me in one breath and then tell me to leave?
    you don’t know the damage you caused to an already broken soul.
    you used to be comfort for me.
    now you're just someone I don't even know. 
    you didnt have to do me like this.  
    you should have left me alone instead. 
    but you left me picking up the pieces of of our lives by myself. 
    They say love hurts.
    And I now I can say I know why.
    ©eccentricchick 2022

  • eccentricchick 62w

    Drunk in Love

    Baby, you got me like... damn.
    You rattle me to the core of my bones.
    You make me feel a kind of pleasure that even my soul moans.
    I crave your touch and your breath on my skin.
    You make me reach that one place again and again and again.
    Your body next to mine,
    As we share the air to breathe.
    You got me so spun out.
    For you, baby, I'm a fiend.
    Not even Shakespeare's sonnets could capture the magic that happens within that space between us right before we touch.
    I'm hooked on you baby and I am officially
    drunk in love.
    ©eccentricchick 2021

  • eccentricchick 66w

    Soul Search

    I journey into the dark alone.
    Not knowing what will unfold.
    But I have to go.
    I can't say no.
    Its where I will find me.
    The person I am truly meant to be.
    No one can show me how to get there.
    No one can tell me how to prepare.
    So blindly I journey to the center of my soul.
    Where I will find the missing piece that makes me whole.

  • eccentricchick 67w

    Lil Sis

    Hey sis,
    I'm sorry, I just got to where I could write this to you.
    But you've been on my mind and I sure do miss you.
    This is not something I will ever get used to.
    The thought that you're truly gone replays in my mind every single day.
    I think about your death a lot but our memories as kids helps ease my pain.
    I wish I could go back in time and hug you a little longer and answer every single call and text.
    I wish we could have one more day and do it all again... me, you, and Jess.
    Growing up I'd never guessed that you would be gone this soon.
    And by the way, you were a great mom too.
    And your kids sure do miss you.
    And although I didn't tell you enough, I have always truly looked up to you.
    And you're so beautiful.
    And your spirit was exceptional.
    I'm sorry for everything as a big sister I had to throw at you.
    But, with all of my heart I really do love you.
    Holidays and life's milestones will never be the same for me without you there too.
    I wish I could've helped see you through.
    I am sorry this life was so damn cruel.
    And I hope you know you are loved so much.
    And I hope you know now how many lives you touched.
    Thank you sis for being a really good friend and for the times we laughed til we cried.
    You were so good to me and a piece of me left too the day you died.
    I just wanted to brag on you Bran and tell you how much you are loved and missed.
    Til we meet again, I love you so much lil sis.


  • eccentricchick 84w


    2020, you son of a bitch.
    You robbed me and even made me rich.
    I had hard times and I had some fun.
    I was sick and sometimes I felt so young.
    You broke my heart. You made me feel love.
    People went crazy and sometimes I was the only one I could trust.
    I learned of things I wished I hadn't and gained knowledge I needed to find.
    I was lost and found and hurt inside.
    I saw people change and I changed some too.
    I saw friends turn on each other and on me and I also gained a few.
    I was broke down and crying and I was high as the sky laughing aloud.
    I had bad and good.
    But 2020, you son of a bitch, you wore me out.
    Cheers to 2021... Another year to try to get it right.
    Although I'll probably be writing this same poem about you a year from tonight.

  • eccentricchick 87w

    Shit Show Shan

    Don't call me crazy when you're not so put together yourself.
    I know I'm different from most.
    But I think I'm pretty cool myself.
    I cuss a lot and I talk shit...
    Maybe a lil more than others.
    I am sorry if I'm just too much for your safe little bubble.
    Just because I express myself where others will hide.
    I am not ashamed to being a strong woman who is a little weak on the inside.
    So do not tell me to take it down a notch.
    Don't you try and snuff out my flame.
    I was not made to be basic.
    I'm Shit Show Shan. Not plain Jane.

  • eccentricchick 87w

    Why did you have to give me lies when I told you to keep it real? 
    I was vulnerable and you tricked me with the words you knew I'd feel.
    You would offer up all the things I needed and you served me your best. 
    You made me feel young again and you stole my breath. 
    Then you stabbed my heart so easily like it was something you do on the daily.
    Can't you see you're really shady? 
    Dude, you straight up played me.
    And you call me crazy? 
    I don't even know why you felt you had to take advantage of a woman already so broke. 
    But I ain't the one, I ain't a side chick and I sure ain't a hoe. 
    But thanks for ripping up my last piece of heart I had left to give.
    And now no one can break my heart because it no longer exists.

  • eccentricchick 88w

    The Most Special

    I've never had kids.
    Not because I didn't want them
    Because I assure you, I did.
    I had a home and a husband and the timing was just right.
    I begged and I prayed asking God, "why can't I be a mom to at least one child?"
    He said "I am sorry you won't be a mom and to explain to you why... I just can't."
    But I saved the most special role just for you and you will be called aunt.
    ©eccentric chick 12.2020