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  • effulgent_rahul 82w

    Vo kehte hai , ishq aasani se nahi hota,

    Mujse pucho ......mein har ek chai ki chuski me apna dil kho bedtha hu!!

  • effulgent_rahul 82w

    Vo kab school se College , college se office ke din aa gaye,
    Vo saral savbhav se kab dikhavati muskan par aa gaye,

    Lekin aaj maa ke hath ki champi se laga ..shayad fir se vo pal vapas aa gayi!!

    Nadan mein!!

  • effulgent_rahul 88w

    To you who's challenging
    It's good to have competition

    To you who's laughing
    Smile you made someone laugh

    To you who's ignoring
    It's alone time to being yourself

    To you who's walking by
    It's okay to share

    To you who's just a stranger
    Believe me we are the same.


  • effulgent_rahul 95w

    The dream look dusky
    But belief that after every dusky night the brightest drawn arrives

    Keep me going!!

    © राhul

  • effulgent_rahul 96w

    Shine like the thousands suns
    Let's make no reasons

    With bit of effort
    Change mind to NOPE to HOPE

    Congregating the most aspired segment
    That is seven lettered word 'SUCCESS'

    © राhul

  • effulgent_rahul 101w

    Don't wet your eyes with tear on failures

    As trying is always better than crying

    And do cry in last

    Because you were strong for a long time.


  • effulgent_rahul 101w

    He is like Zephyr with floating heart and eyes of fire

    His tenderness attracts all my desires


  • effulgent_rahul 116w

    After 21 days lockdown
    watching Ramayan and Mahabharat.

    Me to my leads: Maharaj ki jai ho!!
    Kya aadesh hai prabhu!

  • effulgent_rahul 136w

    तस्वीरें लेना भी ज़रूरी है ज़िन्दगी में साहब,
    आइना गुज़रा हुआ वक्त नहीं बताया करते।


  • effulgent_rahul 147w

    A struggle to get marks
    A struggle to get praise
    A struggle to get recognised
    A struggle of acknowledgement !!

    A struggle of relation
    A struggle to keep faith
    A struggle to truth
    A struggle to fight with loneliness!!

    Each day look like I'm Struggling with my own thresholds.
    I struggle every step that I take
    Yet not stopped

    Because somewhere deep down I know
    Moving ahead is something
    That would take me maybe not to the top but
    Yeah to the people's hearts

    Because I know that I'm
    Appreciated by many and lessen by few!!