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  • eggy50 32w

    As he stepped inside, he found the house in mess, soiled utensils lying over the floor, unwashed clothes lying in the corner, television was turned on and there was no human in sight. He instantly called his wife who was near the car.
    She came running after hearing is trembling voice.
    She saw the house situation and thought may be it was that one cat who comes to there house everyday. But again after seeing TV on she definitely knew it wasn't cat or something, they both went in and turned on all the lights.
    They scanned all house to get the culprit, but they couldn't find any culprits down floor.

    Later they started moving towards upstairs,, there eyes was filled with fear, holding each other hands they were stepping lil lil ahead
    When they reached upstairs room they heard weird notices and they both followed it silently. Slowly they opened a door of one room,
    Suddenly lights were turned on without them touching the switch. As soon as this happened they heard a familiar voice, when they turned back BOOM a ballon popped up
    Wishing them happy 25 anniversary.

    Then they knew it was prank by there cousin's and children's.

    #creativearena #writingcontext.

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    Story 2

    This time I tried not to be lazy but still wrote pretty late bye

  • eggy50 36w

    "When I was a child my grandparents had told me that there was something mysterious about the house they live in. Growing up I believed that it was a joke or story that they narrated in order to fascinate me.

    Now they are not with us , they left us with those incomplete information and now it was my turn to find out wht my grand parents were talking about. So I returned to their house with curiosity and hoping to find something interesting.

    Now when I think about my childhood days in this house, they are clearly unusual. Some times I dreamt myself falling of a cliff. Sometimes I dreamt of car accidents which were about happen in our colony and so on.

    I entered the house. As it was dusty, I asked the cleaner to clean it and once when it was done I went in.
    I sat on the sofa resting my head and thinking wht might be there in this house.

    I explored around the old house ,feeling through objects, tracing the room and remembering my old childhood days. I accidentally dropped an artifact which was hanging on the wall. When I went ahead to place it ,I felt some difference. The wall was not as sturdy. I explored by tapping it a little and it turned out to be a thin wall. Then I was searching for the key but it was opened through some technique and since I was very interested in solving puzzle, I opened it easily.

    When I went in, I was recalling some of my old memories which I had lost during accident. As soon as I started recalling, my head started to ache due to lots of information flowing simultaneously. So I left the place opened and returned to living area for a slight nap. Then I predicted tht thing was a time loop which connected me to my young and lost self and it also wanted to convey something to me.

    Again after sometime I returned to the same place. This time I was confident to take all the information at once. So when I went in I recalled all of them which included my family's death from the accident, and my grand parents death. I found out that I was the cause for all those things which happened to my family. I killed my own grand parents since they didn't hear me out and tht accident happened to my family cause I made them lose control while driving.

    After recalling all these things I pitted myself and went to the police station to surrender.


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    Well because of my laziness I wrote it pretty late

  • eggy50 40w

    Happy independence day to all indians out there.
    Caged Bird = girl
    Thts what I thought you can relate it to anything.
    This is the soo far things comes to my mind when I thinks about independent India so I wrote it.
    I don't evn think it's in the form of poems but it's fine.
    Once again happy independence day

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    We are in search of independence which we never got.
    Till now the caged Bird,
    Lives in hers cage
    She tries to escape
    But when she does
    Someone tries to kill her,
    So because of this
    She comes back to her cage
    And lives there forever.

  • eggy50 40w

    Sorry and bye ����

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    One day if everything stops,
    I'll like you once again
    As you wish.

  • eggy50 41w

    Idk what I wrote ��
    Nowadays idk what I m writing ����

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    Scars ❣️

    Without rings
    Saturn looks incomplete,
    Just like that
    Without those scars,
    you look incomplete

  • eggy50 41w

    I wanted to prove I m still Active
    so I m posting this

    Sorry for being inactive from so many days ( my finals was going on so I couldn't concentrate on this)
    Thts it.

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    All the darkness of the night
    is no match for a single candle
    that refuses to die out.
    @nikitha gill.

  • eggy50 44w

    I always wonder,
    Why I m on earth,
    But it's okay
    I'll die anyway!

  • eggy50 44w

    Ship= body .
    Soul = captain(i can't figure out the exact word )

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    A soul sailing its own ship♥️

  • eggy50 44w

    First of all its just a story. Its not related to my real life.
    I wanted to convey how mentally people pressurize on others. So I wrote what ever came to my mind.
    I m not sure whether it's a poem or prose.


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    Mental state

    I was in my grandmother's house,
    The scenario of it was different,
    People were abusing me,
    For being her grandchild,
    I was just a 5 years little girl,
    I did not know much,
    About the things that took place
    In my grandmother's house
    But I clearly remember
    People's screaming, crying
    And infact cursing my granny.
    I used to wonder what exactly she did,
    But I couldn't know.
    Once I woke around scrubbing my eyes,
    And saw my mother crying,
    I asked why was she crying
    but she didn't say anything, instead
    She hugged me and started crying hard,
    My grandmother was lying on bed,
    Without speaking a word,
    Red fluid was all over her,
    I was uttering her name and
    Asking her to feed me the dinner,
    My mother said she will no longer feed you
    I was in a shock but it was fine
    Its been 10 years,
    Now I still remember her,
    And wonder what happened to her ,
    I found answer to that long last question,
    They torchered her mentally and killed
    Cause of being too kind,
    Now i feel sorry for her,
    We have money everything
    But I don't have her by my side,
    My grandmother was indeed a great person.

  • eggy50 44w

    I know I made alot of grammatical mistake,
    It would be great if you identify it.��

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    I do not know
    Who really I m
    But, I am the star dust particle,
    Who once was sunken
    in the deepest side of universe
    As a brightest star
    In the night sky.