Kelly Loraine Stearns [K.L.S] writer. believer. philosophical dreamer

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  • elektric_timewarp 47w

    sometimes in life
    we have to let go
    our hearts need mending
    that our soul must now sew
    escaping tears
    we shed all those years..

    to walk away from a love
    that once made you complete
    doesn't mean you that don't care
    it simply means that the season has passed
    and time has moved on

    life won't wait for you
    and let me tell you,
    existing in a world that you once loved is much more painful
    then opening up to life
    One worth living.

    Take that step.


  • elektric_timewarp 57w

    Time is but a passing
    Of yesterday's anticipation
    Ending tomorrow's sorrows
    With the exhale of another day.


  • elektric_timewarp 98w

    blinded eyes
    darkness exhales an unwanted departure--
    jane compromised.
    once bared
    infused with toxic breaths--
    no room to care
    crackled rocks
    synthetic moths
    trickle down
    janes bones in socks
    an unmarked grave
    a mother who lost her way
    skeletons dance
    with newborn ghosts
    inbetween worlds
    where fear splatters--
    killing the headless dragon
    with a blade through the heart.

  • elektric_timewarp 134w

    A number tells a story 
    Of a place you once knew 
    Counting down to the day
    When you’d say goodbye to you 
    Unreasoning with yourself 
    Was a way to get on by 
    Yet when that day came to greet you 
    You flew away up high
    A contract is a contract 
    You gave your word,
    You keep--
    You learned the power of surrender 
    A priceless gift you’ll forever seek.


  • elektric_timewarp 139w

    Mind battles
    A souls will
    Hypnagogic visions 
    Fueled by atypical pills. 
    A space to fill 
    It’s the distance that kills
    Stinging my tongue
    Deflating my lungs
    Screaming to wake me 
    From reality that lives to break me. 
    Oh, set me free
    Dear lucid inbetween
    A subconscious high 
    Derived from a relevant mind
    I’m not the kind 
    To try and hide 
    But these colorless sighs 
    Seen through kaleidoscope cries 
    Repels the rain 
    From my fire opal eyes.
    Once a matrix 
    A mask of my disguise
    A stone of magic left behind 
    Could this be my hidden demise?
    I watch the flames 
    particles of heat dance with my hearts beat 
    Death coincides 
    My mind alive 
    Trapped in a delusional aftermath
    Of your conforming lies. 
    Tip toeing on echoes 
    They whisper in time
    But do they not know 
    I hear them with my eyes 
    It’s the weak that sing 
    Melodies of luna tea 
    Repeating the words
    it's now or never
    give in and surrender.
    But its nothing new,
    nothing I haven't heard.
    I still fight every obstacle I feel in the static 
    It fuels me with knowledge
    light that I gather from particles of insight.

    I see what I see 
    And I know what I know 
    You think you see it all 
    But remember,
    you blinked,
    that brief moment comes as quick as it goes
    and before you know
    another yellow is gone
    and you think I'm swimming in marshmallows.

    You can watch and repeat the same silent picture 
    Playing that story of a girl 
    Who is too smart to follow
    Those hollow 
    Empty black eyes 
    Down to the neverending portal, 
    Your land,
    Your world,
    Consiting of the distorted,
    and confined.

    But remember,
    I’m too tough to let you win. 
    I won't die.
    I fly,
    soaring high into the ancient archives within the lost library of time.
    Go ahead,
    burn all the paper you stole from earths murdered trees.
    Try to blind the world from what you dont want us to see.
    Take what you want,
    everything but what you need.
    just don't forget,
    you can't incinerate a mind
    that has already become
    the energy of time.


  • elektric_timewarp 139w

    I see you in my dreams 
    Will you come home with me
    I recognize your face 
    You are there 
    And i am here
    There is no space
    To distinguish our place
    My dreams are your world 
    And they have become my reality, too.
    When we meet inside a cloud 
    A haze of whispers echo loud 
    We are alive 
    Spirits we unite in flight 
    Tangible moments become intertwined
    Late at night 
    The clock chants 3:09
    Hello Koraline
    It’s fine to meet you here again 
    Let us pour another glass of wine 
    An earthly delight 
    To forget the depths of our minds 
    Let us bathe in crimson 
    Defy the meaning of time 
    We shall escape our worlds  
    Squeeze inbetween shadows
    Hide away in the darkness of light
    We can tell eachother tales
    From the other side of this mirror 
    For here in my dreams 
    Only you know what i feel 
    Dear friend of mine 
    from another time
    Somehow we are linked
    It is our souls that are aligned 
    Thoughts of waking tiptoe close 
    So Let us dance in this nostalgic trance 
    With the luna moth that pollinates death with life 
    We’ve come to face our fears 
    Our Tear drops fall 
    But we feel not at all
    Down our porcelain face 
    We live to die 
    And die to live 
    Salted by the desert winds 
    That rain lightning in the Kalahari sky
    Time travels fast 
    In a world that forever lasts 
    We drift and sink 
    Back to our realities 
    And there the story ends 
    Gone in a blink of an eye 
    Until my slumber 
    And your waking daymare 
    We will meet again 
    Where i no longer need my mask of disguise. 
    I have erased this line 
    That distinguishes illusion and a wakeful divine 
    Because to me you are real 
    You are my ghost 
    The living me only my dreams can feel
    Repeat on nine 
    Til next time 
    I’ll see you once again on the other side. 


  • elektric_timewarp 141w

    no one knows the chaos
    that fills my insides
    rogue particles begin to draw
    a face outside
    a mask of penciled eyes.

    this drawing tells a story
    of eyes that cried
    erased with shaded lies.

    poppies exist in the dark of the moon
    but did you not know
    that flowers cannot bloom
    in synthetic soil
    fabricated light from the UV rays of your bedroom?

    i say the words
    you wanted to hear
    the truth is forgotten
    lost in all of my dried tears
    how many years must my soul be still
    but you do not see
    i move with your words
    not with the grace
    thats disappeared without a trace

    color is replaced
    with shades of grey and black
    a pencil presents the blueprints
    of this new face
    words no longer voice
    emotions have diminished
    they have no choice

    im just a drawing
    a make believe flower of your attentive mind
    these feelings
    they blend
    they bend again and again
    contouring the shade
    darkening my comfort with short nights
    and long drawn out days.

    when you look in the mirror
    just remember who you are
    i'm your colorless imagination
    the death that you call a life.

    i am just your creation.
    the forgotten sketch of a girl
    i am your crumbled scrap paper
    the shadows that linger
    imbedded deep inside your own head

    if you can't find them
    just look around
    they're right there,
    in front of you
    hidden from the darkest places of the moon
    in tune.

    your fears
    they are growing
    fueling from soil of your dusty old bed
    where you lie each night
    longing to meet the company of the walkins
    they're alive in your world
    they're here.

    who are you?
    better yet who am i?
    who is this creation i have shaped in my mind?

    it is you,
    it is me.
    i sit and i wait
    occupying your unwanted space
    the darkness that you've become
    i am crumbling
    succumbing to the life that you once knew
    the reality is the illusion you long to erase
    but how can you erase
    a world you never knew?


  • elektric_timewarp 141w

    just one more moment.
    won't you stay here with me?
    we could go back in time,
    swim in tangible dreams.
    we can taste the rain
    and replay old sounds
    we can paint the most beautiful story
    of a love that was destined to be found.
    we can catch moon beams
    from the lucid inbetween
    where the luna moth pollinates the portal
    through our hypnagogic eyes of light.
    we can dance across the sea
    on reflections of our ancient love
    playing the most enchated melodies
    of our once beating hearts frequencies.
    remember when we would get lost,
    connecting dots without a thought?
    we believed we had discovered the missing key
    that love comes to life
    if you just dream and believe.
    so stay here with me,
    just this one last time,
    let's bathe in the magic
    of our loves ancient paradigm.
    we can we drift and reminisce
    on all the fragments of pure bliss
    we can feel our souls together
    this one last time-
    if just stay here with me.
    on our forever endeavour.


  • elektric_timewarp 145w

    empty emotions fill her shallow grave
    weighing her soul
    they engulf her mind
    how to escape the fear of death
    with compulsive thoughts that capture her in time?

    where are the answers
    she seeks to find?
    a memory forgotten
    washed away with the rain
    who will know
    what it is that she dreamed
    why she came to this earth
    the songs she needs to sing?

    will she forever keep
    the sounds that sing to her in her sleep?
    will she listen to the whispers
    that her ancient soul knows?

    will she battle the tears
    disregard the echos of fears
    that ricochet inside of her tangeled mind?
    the trembling rattles
    that fight in endless battles
    trapped in a repetition
    of an unwanted contradiction

    she just wants to be forgiven
    if the world would just pause for a moment
    and listen.

    i just want to be me
    spread these wings
    fly away and be free
    sprinkle my words
    in seeds of sound
    and help those who long to believe.

    but she needs to see
    that she too needs to believe.
    to be set free
    you must listen to you,
    that voice inside who is heavy and blue,
    knows why you're here
    why you're trapped in the emptiness
    of a love that wasn't true.

    so say to yourself
    have faith in your words
    this isn't the end,
    its just the beginning..

    if only her old forest green eyes
    could see the rhythm of love she has inside
    she would see there is a world
    of beings who need to hear hear songs..

    but yet,
    she's still afraid..
    petrified of the sounds
    that she's unsure of how to sing.


  • elektric_timewarp 151w

    be kind.
    be kind to all.
    not everyone expresses their emotions the way you do. for some, you may never see the battles they fight, the war they're struggling somewhere within, in the space in between we keep from being seen.

    one of the most important phrases to in still and embrace in our lives is something so simple, something that does not cost a dime, something that is not given nor taken, but embraced as you open your heart to the world around you.
    wait your turn.
    respect anothers feelings
    compassion is a way of healing
    kindness is a gift that is the most rewarding feeling of achieving.

    it seems to be so difficult for most to grasp.
    it all comes down to love.
    compassion and understanding for one another.

    one day, one day.
    if we just keep spreading those seeds
    plant them with the belief that one day the world will see just how important it is to love one another,
    life will then begin to grow
    existence will cease if we try to understand what we don't know.

    it is with love that we expand,
    it is with love that we thrive,
    kindness goes a long way,
    just remember,
    it doesn't cost a dime.