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  • elmonia 17h

    Once upon a time the sadness ended, came back around and ended....

  • elmonia 17h

    Keep on keeping on...

    It's funny how good you are when you are around
    But the minute you walk away your goodness end up on the ground
    But don't you dear give up on you
    You need you, you have no clue
    You need all of you
    Yes, all of you
    Don't let you feelings makes you the clown
    Please where your crown
    You crown will keep you on your toes
    And maybe one day their opinions of you will change, who knows...
    Keep on keeping on

  • elmonia 1d

    Dear God

    I remember that I don't have to question you in any way
    I remember it, cause it's on my mind on replay
    But sometimes the road gets though
    And I tend to feel that I am not enough

    I try my best to be strong
    But for how long
    For how long till I loose it all
    how long till I stumble and fall

    How long till the smile melt into super hot pain
    How long till the silly thoughts drives me insane
    How long till I feel like the castout
    How long till the pain makes me wanna shout

    I know you said there's a season and time for everything in life
    How long till my fulness of joy arrive
    Are there Years, days, hours, minutes or maybe seconds left for me
    Still no answer, how can it be

    Maybe I am rushing too much...

  • elmonia 2d

    Dear overthinker

    I know you badly wanna slow down with your thoughts, but it feels like it's gonna run away if you don't make use of it quickly enough... Hey... Don't overdo yourself

  • elmonia 4d

    The hardest thing I have to accept on a daily basis is that people will always talk.... Dear overthinker it's a norm in today's lifestyle

  • elmonia 1w

    I could literally smell how bitterness hangs around in the air, but I will try hard to ignore the smell

  • elmonia 1w

    I can waste a million years by counting the seconds or use it wisely by planning the seconds.. All up to me and time won't wait on me

  • elmonia 1w

    One day




    Come back to this post❤️

  • elmonia 1w


    You might not understand it now
    But don't forget to bow
    Cause humbleness open your eyes
    It makes you wise
    And yes, sometimes you'll get tired
    But you don't always have to be quite
    Speak your mind
    But remember to be kind
    Your turn will run to you when the time is right
    So please don't start a fight
    You can bow
    Even if it's just for now

  • elmonia 2w

    Mr. Stranger

    And I dare to love you once our souls connect one day..