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  • elsie1 76w


    The whirling but unique feeling you get when you go down the steep slopes.
    You feel the adrenaline running through your veins.
    The sinking feeling you get deep down your stomach...
    It's giddy but yet, phenomenal.

    It circumvolves, getting to it's peak again;
    By this time, your body feels a bit relaxed.
    Your heart beats fast while getting ready to go down again.

    Such is life.
    Life is full of ups and downs.
    Today, you get the whirling and sinking feeling of the stings of life,
    But, tomorrow, life brings series of thrilling events.

    Challenges are like glowing embers that doesn't stop burning.
    How you tackle them matters!
    Keep moving!


  • elsie1 78w


    She wears a mask.
    She conceals it!
    A mask of muse, she wears.
    Her phiz lightens but her heart tugs otherwise.

    She wears a mask.
    She's a pillar to many,
    A motivation to others.
    Will they know it's just a facade?

    She wears a mask;it depicts a glamorous feeling inside.
    She poses a smile though it's burning and churning inside.
    She wallows in an atmosphere of woe...

    Will they know this is just the melancholic me?


  • elsie1 78w

    By unknown writer

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    She lifted her face with tears flowing freely down her cheeks like water flowing down the hill. Her entire being felt like a big woolen cloth soaked in a deep sea. She finally gathered some strength as she stood on her tottering feet; rising up viscerally to see the remains of people around her.

    The field was as silent as a graveyard but her ears tingled at the sound of footsteps she heard some miles away. "Will this ever end?" She thought as her legs staggered.

    Time was far spent but amidst this, she saw a ray of light. "Onward!", the voice declared. It seemed like they were looking for survivors. She strived towards them as she fell down to the stony field.

    Her face lightened as she crept through the moonlight. She however, tried to keep her eyelids open as the men's voices sounded so distant until it faded into thin air.