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  • emanating_soul 258w

    Struck between passion and love
    I questioned the sky above
    To lend me strength to choose the best
    So that I rise out of the nest
    To build a beautiful future
    Not just career but our love to nurture
    So now I've chosen love
    That's making me reach the pinnacle,
    To ends that are sharp and no more curve,
    We laughed in bliss as the happiness cart we drove.

  • emanating_soul 258w

    Experience made the heart and brain older than the age.

  • emanating_soul 259w

    Na jaane kb humne ye khata kar li
    Na jaane kb ishq ki raah chun li
    Tumhare hone se ab zindagi h
    Bin mausam barsaat h
    Tum na ho toh banjar si h zameen
    Naa din h naa raat h

  • emanating_soul 259w

    Contagious is the light of love
    Even when spread through hands rough
    Blessed is each one to feel it
    For there's nothing superior to it

  • emanating_soul 259w

    Barely I could feel emotions,
    Until you came and touched
    The core of my soul with love

  • emanating_soul 259w

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    She's stuck between

    Who she is,

    Who she wants to be,

    Who she should be

  • emanating_soul 259w

    Has ke zindagi guzaar rahe hai
    Yaadon ke sang tumhari,
    Aasun se nahi, muskurahat se
    Interzaar mein hain tumhari!

  • emanating_soul 259w

    Roz ek nayi taqleef
    Roz ek nya gum
    Na jane kb elaan hoga
    Ki marr gye hum

  • emanating_soul 259w

    Aahat hui ye kesi
    Raat hogai anjaani
    Tum ho meri zindagi
    Aaj ye baat humne bhi h maani


  • emanating_soul 260w

    You were a sea of love
    That became deep, to create
    The love that we've centuries made
    And I would do nothing just retaliate