I won't scar your young heart

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  • emashyyy 4d

    I saw a street urchin
    passing by me
    like a dusted haze in
    golden afternoon of winter,
    unaware of where he was going.
    He slept more
    peacefully than me and
    his needs were probably
    lesser than mine.

    Some say he was
    a poor miserable boy of
    skinny flesh carrying
    an invincible heart but
    desperate enough to fly.

    But he has roamed around
    the globe and seen incredible
    works of art and pieces of history
    scattered across the road
    in the monochromatic papers.
    I know the starry night but
    he knows the pain of his suicide.

    Nobody could put an arrow on
    where he came from or trace
    the path where he'll go next.

    Perhaps, we both share
    same piece of town,
    grasp for the breath
    under same velvet sky;
    but mine spread is
    full of burden
    where his town is full
    of brimming compassion.

    His mind only alter to wander
    with the sturdy bodies with
    those bruised knees which have
    experienced to accept the simplicity
    is beautiful realization
    not like our metaphorical life
    thrown in the trash can
    to ripe out until
    we get up to be minimalist.

    Isn't it really funny to spend
    one's life always looking
    for the answer
    instead of celebrating and exploring
    the earth and nature
    that have humanity and
    an endless opportunity to
    love selflessly.

    Cataract of success have
    grown so thick deep over eyes
    that blinds us from
    the winsome life of coexistence
    bestowed by Almighty.

    Instead of gazing at open skies
    and hovering clouds like us,
    he's everyday with his fresh feathers
    with a sense of pure purpose
    that will glide above
    all the borderline of
    humanoid imperfect perfection
    and cruel existence.


  • emashyyy 2w

    तुमसे ही - Mohit Chauhan #song

    I remember listening to you for the first time when was in fourth grade, I guess. I was totally mesmerised by Kareena-Shahid's onscreen chemistry and their mad rain dance. Gradually, you had become my go to song and I had completely fallen in love with you and would listen to you every single night to feel calmed and relaxed.

    But it was only until this year (almost 14 years now) that could grasp your real worth, the essence that you hold and the idea that you wanted to talk about! Now I've gotten a better understanding of you, which has helped me understand myself even better. So I'd like to THANK YOU!!

    ~ना है ये पाना, ना खोना ही है~

    Thank you for making me understand that my feeling does not need any approval or reciprocation, it is absolutely within me and so neither can i get it from someone (approval) nor can i loose it to someone (rejection).

    ~तेरा ना होना जाने, क्यूँ होना ही है~

    Thank you for letting me wholeheartedly connect with both- the feeling, I have and the one for whom I have it.

    ~आँखों में आँखें तेरी, बाहों में बाहें तेरी, मेरा ना मुझमें कुछ रहा~

    Thank you for giving me a reason to cherish the beautiful memories and making me understand that these memories are sufficient enough for me to live and exist.

    ~मैं कहीं भी जाता हूँ तुमसे ही मिल जाता हूँ~

    Thank you for giving me this little bubble of joy, that wherever I go, whatever I do, this feeling that I have and the one for whom I have it, will always remain with me, if not physically, then atleast emotionally in my heart!! And thankyou for celebrating the beauty of loving someone, even when the person doesn't love you back!

    I really hope we could someday meet and dance together madly under the rain, and cherish the moments that we've spent with our loved ones or hope for memorable moments with you filled with endless smiles.

    (P.S. Caption is literally written by him. ��)

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    It only takes one person to revitalize the oldest dream but into interpreting reality in a different way; earthly knitted thoughts to approximately fit in someone that I am trying to say.

    Aye, he isn't revolves around my zone yet one can easily trace piece of his soul in me though I keep his brown figure always in my eyes.

    His image accompanied me everywhere even in the places most hostile to romantic betrayals. All my senses seemed to desire to veil  themselves confused adoration and, feeling that I'm about to slip from the reality to the pages of Utopia.

    I may have stood there for an hour, doing nothing but observing the blurry brown figure casted by my imagination and touched his cold hands and he slowly faded into the darkness.

    I don't want to wake up into the days of doubtful summers where I couldn't carry the thoughtful ventures of us. In this undesirable life where most of the time you're lost and wrecked doubting everything you do, you'll still be mine treasure.

    I confessed those heartfelt feelings that I kept for years to myself and felt as if I mastered some form of art that I had been working on for what seemed an eternity and to what eventually flourished into a beautiful museum for a only one audience even restricted for trespassing by almighty.

    Someday, perhaps you would trade a piece of your soul with me. Oh, damn! I'm not the only lover who is not blessed with cruel destiny.

    Even though this story is like the thousand others, but I secretly keep wishing to the shooting stars and mascots for this one to end differently.

    I wish either to be a considered as your lover or as nothing.


  • emashyyy 2w

    In the universe where it's always night and the fire we built in the name of love is our only source of light. We've learnt not to touch and never to stay apart but we try our best to stay hopefully lovers in eachother's peculiar eclipses.

    My pale-stoned body wondering if someday this world conspires me to find a way to orbit around you. And if I can't be great in attaining destiny then let me dying until I feel alive again.

    Till then let me hold on tight to the hope that in alternate universe we'll eachother discover, in all the different timeliness and worlds, I'm going to be with you, forever and always.


  • emashyyy 2w

    Pardon! This is senseless. ��

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    Dear summer,

    I love you as if you're the only one in the world. There is only a sunkissed grim satisfaction that remains on my face as I sink into the endless golden haze. I swear I’ll not complain anymore about your temptation even not fight with hot breezes.

    Memories of you is an everlasting bliss that makes me feel that there's a little bit of hope left for torturing tomorrow and bombarding belief to chiselled the blue and dead winter.


  • emashyyy 4w

    It only takes one tiny moment to feel like an outstretched eternity with you. And I would never find it any less special where we're staring each other and stand still in a steady crowd without saying a single word, I'll always be just satisfied with your placid peace, and I'll be glad we shared that quiet moment.

    Most of the time I try to reminisce about how being freshly loved you and I'm still drowning by my unrequited love; I know that I still would not love you any less and accepting that you couldn't love me just a little more. You still reside in my heart as my lost old thing with only hope to seek any sign to etch together on the canvas of time under the light of endless starlight.

    Since you left me, I'm having a wonderful daily conversation with you in my mind. I could never forget I'm stumbling shadow of your light who held you and stuck with in this awful world.

    I'm sorry sun but my eyes wakes to find him and his hazel brown colour of his eyes as if he's the one and only who brings the light.

    It was an incredibly beautiful moment where I got lost in your eyes and prayed one day my dream come true; the dream include just you and me. But poor me now realized the kind of love I yearned for is out of this world.

    (P.S. I'm sorry for painting you in my forever)


  • emashyyy 7w

    Dear, I find it a forlorn hope to relive a saudade of time on this planet; every part of changing season holds a strong memory of you.

    My year has been swallowed before me like a corpse flower are at the cusp of the autumn and assailing the coffee with a scorn.

    Why this autumn air feels like it's covered in a thick layer of chaos and reflects my state of mind in the form of season; running out of love yet falling for you.

    The cold silence lamenting loneliness and reading old messages which looks like a perfect sad ending of La La Land.

    And this evening, November has marched in and has brought winter along. I've been thinking a lot about you; almost obsessively and tired of tucking pieces of mine.

    I always loved you for the way you see the world and those memories were comparable to cherry blossoms.

    If we meet again; please leave me like sunset on winter evening with no chills and regret or just like spring as a beginning of growth.

    Because I believe that you know how it feels like to stay alone in the middle of whirling thoughts that ends up with nothing.


  • emashyyy 7w

    I think I never knew what love was until I met you and to be graced by your divine and elegant mortal presence is really a great honour enough to last a lifetime. You are my human version of salvation on earth.

    You got the soul of sunflower; irresistibly adorable. My dear, you're a blessing to me. I love you in the same way that moth loves the flame. Whenever I think of utopia; your name cross my mind.

    You are a living inspiration for poetry waiting to get portrayed upon snow-white paper by Keats and each stanza of your charming poetry will constantly inspire artists to kneel and kiss the world where you've walked upon.

    There's something about you beyond physical beauty that I wish you could see through my eyes. Most likely, you look so peaceful like sun breeze in the stillness of stone cold last month of the year.

    Every night, I cowardly paint a letter on bandage with my fingers I refused to say on the face of you. Just to cover my wounds; so that everything feels fine again. Because I adore you; so this three simple words is something that cannot justify my love for you completely.

    But once in a blue moon there is nothing more I wish than to see us roaming around the corners of my favourite country and surrendering ourselves to the soft wind and accepting our fate while lying down next to you in dark moonless night.


  • emashyyy 8w

    Çok gelişigüzel

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    You know the best thing about you is that you never demand anything; your eyes are trembling star that reflects a hopeless dream that I've been day dreaming to live with you.

    I adore to just forget the truth and remember the lies of you because mine expectations were set even before we ever met today.

    I'm living an absolute infinite in this mortal flesh and each second of this moment is going to linger on this body like an antique love letter.

    (P.S. Hope, I'll catch alzheimer soon; these days I willingly can't help thinking about you.)


  • emashyyy 9w

    Loving you is my first and last wish for my well-being but telling you is luxury in this life; I cannot afford to lose you, sorry darlin. So, let me love you from distance, forever. This girl cannot label this electrical feeling; gosh! you are so dreamy, boyyy. ♡

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    A girl with the bronze curls
    and the gentle sun tanned eyes
    that look for poetry under
    the slipping clouds
    in sunset sky, everyday.

    A girl who loved you for
    a thousand days in
    this chaotic world.
    In the era of temporary love story,
    I've been your address for
    a very long time.

    A girl who loved warmth touch of
    sunshine over her every inch of skin;
    these days bathing in
    radiant bliss of your presence
    and illuminating like
    a pale shadow of the moon.

    A girl who never asked you
    to love her back because
    her love is like a faith and
    offers her a real escape
    from scratching mayhem.

    A girl who never loved
    the concept of unrequited love and
    never thought it was special until
    she met you and
    started fading into you.


  • emashyyy 10w

    I’ll always be the one
    who will love you
    insanely and unconditionally.
    From visualizing you in my dreams
    to enduring every bit of it
    into a melodious love song that
    leave you speechless;
    in awe not from
    the wrenching pitch but
    simply for how
    adorable and graceful
    your love looks in real for me.
    I'm so sorry
    that I fall short sometimes,
    there might be moments where
    I might feel insecure
    but do know that
    I care for you much more
    than my heart wellbeing and
    your happiness soak
    my heart in a basin
    of damp love.
    Always remember,
    without you today's love
    would be the pain of