When you sleep, I'd think, when I'm in too deep, I'd sink. Instagram @emenaha_poetry

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  • emenaha_poetry 5w

    I stare at you, my sun
    In the morning time
    What I feel, how it feels
    I keep within.


  • emenaha_poetry 5w

    The chemistry, it hurts
    Like the oxygen I breath
    Blood within falls like red crystals.

    I felt blue.
    Like I'm a chlorophyll
    In need of nitrogen.

    Like carbon,
    You leave black indelible
    Steps upon my heart.

    In my nights,
    You shot across in violet flair,
    Like an alkali metal, you stood alone outside.

    I want you green,
    A chlorine heart to see through
    When you fall like the snowflakes.

    In cyan,
    You'll be noble as the gas
    When you fall in love.


  • emenaha_poetry 6w

    Fluster, perturb, upset
    Worry, panic, quiet
    Unnerve, confused, faze
    Ruffle, agitate, bother.


  • emenaha_poetry 7w

    I have never been afraid of death,
    Your love kept me.
    I am afraid of life,
    Your love left me.


  • emenaha_poetry 8w

    Can I spilt it?...
    It was a pure heart,
    Entangled and involved
    Dancing in the dark.


  • emenaha_poetry 20w

    You'd never find me
    Again falling,
    Except I'm falling
    Into a deep sleep,
    The death of me

    You'll never find me
    In the paths
    Of your existence
    Your breathe is
    The death of me.


  • emenaha_poetry 21w

    Exiguous cicatrice on my bag of bones
    It made me hold dear
    I'd no childhood,
    The one on my heart
    Is the airy lacuna
    You forsaken.


  • emenaha_poetry 21w


    When I lost you,
    My tenderness was infant,
    A sunday with no long sermons,
    Take my hand and hide it underarm,
    Now I miss those feelings besides you.


  • emenaha_poetry 23w


    From miles away
    I perceive the fragrance
    From your aura
    It hits like black strong coffee
    I fall like twilights,
    On the dark poem
    With red rose beside
    A broken hearted lady
    Her eyes or red
    And lips of pink
    The fragrance is of lavender
    And I love it.


  • emenaha_poetry 24w

    Just a dry log from sequoia,
    Once stood high as brobdingnagian.
    August pilgrim in autumn.