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  • emptypen 4d

    I await to feel the warmth of your arms,
    Just like I hold my breath for that favorite part of the song.

  • emptypen 4d

    Your childishness expresses your mature love,
    Your silence talks of immense, deep emotions,
    Your mean jokes are your efforts to bring a smile on my face,
    Love haven't been so quiet yet so loud.

  • emptypen 2w

    Remember, remember,
    to give yourself time,
    to love yourself,
    to wrap your hands around yourself,
    to be kind to yourself,
    to be there for yourself first.
    Brim and overflow with self-love,
    And let them have the overflown love.

  • emptypen 3w

    And in the parallel world, we don't worry about loving each other loudly; irrespective of what religion we belong to.

  • emptypen 3w

    Thank you for screaming out loud that you don't care by remaining silent when I needed you.
    I needed to be reminded that no one's life stops without me.
    So, thank you.

  • emptypen 3w

    Thank goodness, the heart breaks silently, else the world would be such a noisy place to be in.

  • emptypen 3w

    Budding psychologist spilling some tea �� #mentalhealth

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    And when you need someone desperately,
    It's the part of you that needs your attention, love and care solely for yourself.
    The road to love and care begins at self-love and self-care.

  • emptypen 3w

    #aline Melancholia just kissed me.
    Thank you @writersnetwork for your love ❤

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    And at
    some point,
    we all can't
    help but
    just keep
    and misheard.

  • emptypen 4w

    Ensure that ones you're kind and understanding to,
    are also likewise to you.
    If not, then you're just a fool.
    And a toy to them.
    And you pushing such assholes out of your life with strength, courage and kindness to yourself,
    While letting the tears flow because you love and miss them,
    Is what matters.

  • emptypen 5w

    Looking for belongingness in intimacy,
    Losing my mind, sleep and peace.