DOJ 28.11.2017

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  • endofeternity 48w


    Heard & expressed such conditions
    Just never thought to be around
    After being pampered for forty years
    Now I’m digging old records,
    Just to hear your sound

    My soul is rattled, I’ve lost my composure
    Memories keep running in reverse
    Wondering when I’ll be close to closure.


  • endofeternity 106w

    Very dear friend of mine from Ohio was chronically ill for years. She lost her soulmate in front of her eyes but couldn’t help. Although, she was haunted by those moments for the rest of her life, yet she kept on fighting, as long as she could. Miss her beautiful & brave soul…this post is whilst imagining her partner’s feelings 🙏

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    Be With Me (2009)

    As she swims beneath her skin
    Stirred up memories help her float
    Albeit shore of freedom visible
    Yet the journey chokes her throat

    Little touch to her wheel of torture
    Spinning her faith for eternity
    Tattoo of butterfly fades to black
    As she wishes to be with me

    Moments of glory running in flashback
    When the pendulum of fate struck again
    No arms around to protect this time
    As she surrenders to whirl of pain

    Running from the same vision in dreams
    While seeking to soothe her core
    Denying herself from realities
    Just to find alibis to breathe for


  • endofeternity 114w


    Time takes its own sweet time
    Breaths are never meant to rhyme
    So tell me, my so called love

    Does makeup ever make up for what’s obscured behind?

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    Tell Me


  • endofeternity 114w

    My Own Sin

    Reality distorted, my efforts all but thwarted
    I am weary, conquered and defeated

    Tread the not-so-often traveled path
    Self inflicted wrath
    The itchiness behind these scars

    No, I am not any saint
    It’s just the image I paint

    If I could just sneeze
    Truth out of your skin
    I am
    Just a product of
    My own sin


  • endofeternity 126w

    End Of Eternity (2005)

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    Take a look at that man running blind
    Every time I see him, he stares back at me
    Something must be perturbing within his mind
    Or may be he is seeking to run from reality

    Look at that man shamming to be so nice
    With that faux smile all around his face
    And the tears he hides paying the price
    For it seems as if he has lost his life’s race

    Did you noticed that man with a bleeding chest?
    Seems if he is searching for something somewhere
    Digging inside his own flesh to find the remaining best
    Of the words he ever uttered as his last prayer

    Could you see him falling within his own eyes?
    He has been like this since the end of eternity
    Wonder why only I could hear his silent cries
    Maybe only he knows what it’s like to be me


  • endofeternity 127w

    उलझा हूँ किरदारों में
    फिर भी निभाता जा रहा हूँ
    होके अंधवत

    अपनी मंज़िल समझने में
    अपने से पीछे चल रहा हूँ
    थामे ख़्वाबों की डोर

    आभार ज़िंदगी का जो
    आज भी ज़िंदा है
    बस कुछ पुराने इत्र में!


  • endofeternity 128w

    You are not his princess.
    You are your own queen.

    - Nikita Gill


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    In Every Woman There Is A Queen

    Debride your memories
    Wrap them with jasmine
    Efface yesteryears
    Be your very own queen


  • endofeternity 130w

    Cut The Cord (23 Dec 15)
    This was written while participating in a challenge where we had to pick from given song titles & I picked Cut The Cord from Shinedown

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    There it is, Earth finally in sight
    Reminding me of her again
    With those beautiful blue eyes
    Staring back at me with disdain

    This descend might never end
    As I may not open my eyes
    Meanwhile, I crossed million stars
    While counting all those lies

    Life has been sometimes kind to me
    Hoping for an end to be same
    If I could just land beside her
    Engraved next to her name

    There they are, arms wide open
    Behind the silhouette of my Lord
    Surrounded by white coat angels
    Waiting patiently, to cut the cord


  • endofeternity 131w

    If I Tell You (2010)

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    If I tell you to slumber with open eyes
    Will you still dream of me dying?
    Hold my hands and kiss my head
    Will you still hear me crying?

    Look at the dividing line in the air
    Separating my skin from your skin
    Drowning my soul in your aroma
    Repeatedly envisaging our sweet sin

    If I ask you to be on your knees forever
    Will you pray till we meet on the other side?
    Keep your hands and knees folded
    Wrap in my memories within your mind

    I have chased horizon, kissed sun
    Yet craving for a touch from you
    With angels all around, I walk alone
    Wondering if your sky is still blue


  • endofeternity 132w


    Staring at mirror through a hollow vase
    Realizing how similar our life seems to be
    Once blooming with lustrous colors of life
    Now even my own reflection has left me

    Submerging in tides of retentions
    While standing at the edge of the river
    Wondering if it’s the shining water
    Or if my tears have turned silver

    These fingers have lost their grip
    The face doesn’t smile anymore
    Once blooming with bright colors of life
    Now even my excuses are gone