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  • entanglednerves 4w

    Mowing The Mayor's Grass

    From a feisty model to an ambitious politician
    I've seen her raise the bar for herself every now and then
    And I'd wonder if there's really anything she couldn't achieve
    Be it a ramp walk at the Paris Fashion Week and posing for the camera
    Or a fierce debate in the Parliament House in Kolkata with envying patriarchs
    She'd seize the moment, she'd leave everyone absolutely speechless
    It's been a rough ride with men though - from flings with journalists
    To brief affairs with actors to one night stands with old perverted politicians
    She isn't here to "settle". "Ambitious souls fly", she says. I nodded a 'Yes'
    "So, would you be interested in mowing the Mayor's grass, tonight?", she asked
    "I need a tongue to soften the insides of my legs which has become tense these days"
    I was shocked but how could I say 'No', eh? I better trim my grass for the act.

    - Shivin

  • entanglednerves 6w

    Happily Schizophrenic

    There's no person I've lost, there's no thing either
    I just close my eyes and open, and the 'lost' is found
    A verse unwritten is now dancing right in front of me
    A voice suppressed by the many voices inside of me, I hear, now
    You left this place - never to return, I see you sitting right next to me
    Every dream was meant to bloom into reality, I'm happily schizophrenic!

    - Shivin

  • entanglednerves 10w

    Let's Cherish It

    And some relationships are wired such
    They get more beautiful than friendship,
    They give you bliss, they inspire you much
    You search for their meaning once and then stop
    Beyond any romantic relationship, beyond any poetic definitions
    Is this bond that we have. Let's nourish it, let's cherish it as one!

    - Shivin

  • entanglednerves 14w

    Hang In There, It's Your Time!

    O, you felt it's not worth living this life? Why?
    Coz you see someone all smiles and in all worldy opulence?
    Coz you see someone younger reaching his milestones faster?
    Coz you see they're in a relationship while you continue seeking a soul-mate?
    Coz you see random exhibitions of them being intellectually powerful everytime?
    Your life's made of a purpose! Hang in there, it's your time, and it's never too late..

    - Shivin

  • entanglednerves 15w

    The Divine You

    I was watching you, every minute
    As you practiced your sword fight
    As you meditated in a lotus position
    As you walked on the beach, chanting
    As you spoke with all animals and birds
    As you soaked in the first rains of the season
    As you draped a silky Bengali six yard
    As you smiled, giving away a serene vibe
    I then bowed down to the Creator for creating you
    And finally, I knelt in front of you singing my adoration.

    - Shivin

  • entanglednerves 19w

    A Sweet Corner In Our Hearts

    You and I are dabbling, always
    In our passions, our weaknesses
    In our youthfulness, our madness
    In our glories, our falls
    In our explorations, our realizations
    In our earthiness, our divinity
    You and I are seeking, always
    A sweet corner in our hearts

    - Shivin

  • entanglednerves 22w

    Arranged Marriages Are Fun

    Why are marriages "arranged"? It's just evident out there
    You get to enjoy 'legitimate' sex, you get to have some more money
    Sons are taught to be dowry seekers, daughters taught to be gold diggers
    And the young couples are forced to have byproducts called children
    This is why Arranged Marriages are Fun coz they make you look O-so-Obedient
    But truth is you cannot run away from the fact that it was just a business deal.


  • entanglednerves 22w

    Never Teach 'em That

    You're right, wise parents. How can you ever be wrong?
    Never discuss with your teenage kids about Sex, Dating and Relationship
    You may continue forcing them to marry and produce babies like roaches
    But Never teach 'em that what your ancestors never taught you, 'wise' parents.

    - Shivin

  • entanglednerves 23w

    Often Strange But Pure

    You've heard me confess my love for you
    A love that keeps growing in maddening pace
    Is it wrong to love a friend like crazy? Never!
    Is it wrong to fall in love in with someone who's committed? Aha!
    Should I stop loving if my intent was pure? Never!
    Will I love you forever? Yes! Coz Love is often strange but pure.

    - Shivin

  • entanglednerves 24w

    Who's The "Weaker Sex"?

    Be it a casual date
    A one night stand
    A long term relationship
    A suitable match for marriage
    Who accepts and rejects
    Twas never Men, twas always Women!
    So, let's ponder over that question -
    Who's the "weaker sex"?