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  • ericwk 108w

    'The Balance' ~ partial song lyrics from, 'The Balance'
    Musical artists: 'The Moody Blues'
    Album: 'A Question of Balance'; 1970

    �� Earth Day 2020

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    The Balance

    By the 'The Moody Blues', partial song lyrics:

    "After he had journeyed,
    And his feet were sore,
    And he was tired,
    He came upon an orange grove
    And he rested.
    And he lay in the cool,
    And while he rested,
    He took to himself an orange
    And tasted it,
    And it was good.
    And he felt the Earth to his spine,
    And he asked,
    And he saw the tree above him,
    And the stars,
    And the veins in the leaf,
    And the light,
    And the balance.

    And he saw magnificent perfection,
    Whereon he thought of himself in balance,
    And he knew he was."...

  • ericwk 108w

    �� (Background image provided by Mirakee)
    #Wod [#Nature] #Mirakee ~ a Mirakee 6-word challenge

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    a Poet
    a Tree
    Live once.


  • ericwk 108w

    'Of and As One'
    ••• (Photo from Pixabay)
    #Love #Life #Nature #Passion #Flower ��

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    Of and As One

    Feeling your flowered petals
    unclasped of a pouted bud
    dazzled of pigmentations
    whetted of de’sires sprung.

    Paired of your ’pistil within my ’stamen
    warmed of shades lit on a sunlit way
    abundance of a persistent harvest
    flow of infinite passion be’comed.

    Imbibed of wild scents of anticipation
    fertile of ground our seed was planted
    inspired of the nature of verdant growth
    rooted of whispering hope. We ad’joined, as one.

    ©ericwk ~ an EWK Poe'em

  • ericwk 109w

    seclude. sense. select.
    somehow simply simplify

    so satisfying

    ~ an EWK 5:7:5 Haiku Poe'em

  • ericwk 109w


    I cut my hair
    With silver shears
    Between a scissor paired.

    Hairs in time
    Had grown within me
    Pored-out of flesh they extend.

    Trims of now-barbered fibers
    Fall as if the lightest of feathers
    Laid to rest quietly in abandoned arrays.

    My ears have grown in silence
    To hear the whispered rumblings
    Of the hairs that since longed to remain.

    ©ericwk ~ an EWK Poe'em

  • ericwk 109w

    Edge of Storm

    Edge of storm
    Lightning strikes
    Pressure forms

    Windy night
    Clouds surround
    Wondrous sights

    Thunder sounds
    Torrent rain
    Skies unbound

    ©ericwk ~ an EWK Tricubic Poe'em

  • ericwk 110w

    'Tree of Life' ��

    In clouds of this life is where you shall see.
    Passing by: shape-shifting serenity.
    Always look up, it's there I'll be.

    This Tree of Life becomes your humble home.
    Amongst its tall branches; so gnarled and grown.
    A century has now passed since its seed had sown.

    Glide along: belong...

    Sit upon your wooden chair.
    Enduring weather; of clouds, or days so fair.
    Traveling ever so far; to here, from there.

    Journeyed beyond this life's mortal coils.
    Joining me to you; endearing love thus foils.
    Our love firmly rooted in depths of fertile soils.

    Botanic desire: inspires...

    Lovers love lends an unbounded, soulful bond.
    Known to each other engrained; and eternally on.
    Passionate life. Glows deeply within and beyond.

    ©ericwk ~ an EWK Poe'em (Photo from Pixabay)

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    Tree of Life


  • ericwk 111w


    We watched
    The clouds

    Formed of cotton
    Candy caught

    In between our
    Lips together

    Wanting to lick
    The sweet

    Desirous resin.
    You know

    The pearled
    Drops between

    The gnawing
    Warmth felt

    Tongues out
    Stretched for

    Anything that
    Clings to

    It. On
    That hollow

    Stick. As
    It was

    First held
    To be

    Thrown away
    Like a cloud


    ©ericwk ~ an EWK Poe'em (Image from Pixabay)

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  • ericwk 111w

    Lend an Ear

    Be a good listener.

    Listen to the depths and potentials
    of our own experiences.

    The World needs more real moments to just listen. To Be.

    Each person has their story inside. Within.

    It is not the chatter of common small talk,
    it is our own life-voice guided within each of us.

    It speaks within a whisper in the night.
    Let it be. Soulfully. With love. Indeed.


  • ericwk 111w

    'The News'

    I refuse to watch the News
    In these times, it's like an abuse.

    So many hours taken like an invisible drug
    Eyes and ears dosed in fears, endlessly disrupt.

    Weeks in isolation as time is spent at home
    Broadcast of desperations, spread by all unknowns.

    In prayerful consideration while patiently homebound
    A sneeze or cough concerns, in widening circles surround.

    Seek a common sense as the World holds its breath
    Inspire each other with Poetry, expressive beyond distress.

    ©ericwk ~ an EWK Poe'em (Photo from Pixabay)

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    'The News'