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  • eusmaph 159w


    Life gives challenges to those who are strong...
    To those who can face it...
    To those who have the courage...
    The will power
    The bravery
    Life will not give challenges to those who
    Are weak
    And cannot face problems
    Those who receive challenges are born to achieve
    And to win

    Strive hard
    Despite every challenge
    Challenge doesn't come in search of you

    You go in search of challenges.

    Keep fighting
    At the end of the road lies a beautiful place where you can rest


  • eusmaph 159w

    When Will You Come, My Love?

    The day we met is the most memorable one
    That day we both collided
    And the world seemed to stop
    Your beauty did not catch my eyes
    But you caught my heart
    Had I known you were a thief
    Then I might have refused to meet you
    On that day you stole my heart

    But now you hold my heart right in your hands
    As I wait for you to come back
    And hold me in your hands
    As I hear your heart seep life into mine

    You said to wait for an year
    And it is over

    Every evening I wait by the porch
    And I have been waiting for thirty years now
    I wait for your arrival from the gates of heaven
    To come and take me

    I will keep waiting
    As I waited for you
    When you went to fight the war
    Now I wait for you take me away from here
    In your arms

    My ears wait to hear your melody
    My heart waits patiently to beat after my eyes close
    My lungs wait to breathe your masculine scent
    My hands wait to feel the electricity travel up
    My eyes wait for your presence

    My soul waits for you
    When will you come, My Love?


  • eusmaph 159w

    #True Success

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    Success is not only outshining
    Success is not achieving your dreams alone
    Success is not to brag to others
    Success is not a walk in the garden
    Success is not anyone's cup of tea

    Success is where the heart smiles
    Success is where the heart cries out of happiness
    Success is where you are satisfied

    When this takes place is when TRUE success is achieved

    My success lies when my heart cries out of happiness
    My success is when my heart knows
    And when my soul is satisfied ...


  • eusmaph 160w


    Despite the wind that blows
    Despite the rain that falls down
    Despite the cold air around me
    Despite the hunger of many days
    Despite the harsh nature
    Despite hundreds of people around me
    Despite the dozens of laughter
    Despite me being surrounded
    Despite the calm of the music

    I felt isolated
    I felt alone
    I felt like I was not a part of this place
    I felt far away
    Yet I was so close
    I felt the need to be safe
    I felt the need to be around someone

    I felt all alone
    Like any other day

    I felt broken

    Finally I felt something

  • eusmaph 160w


    Being ignorant is a bliss which only a child can afford and as one grows ignorance is something which cannot be afforded no matter what we give and no matter the price we are ready to pay.

  • eusmaph 160w

    There will be delay in the house of God but never darkness

  • eusmaph 160w


    Words that when kept brings a joy of faith and when broken breaks the thread of trust. Those words are promises for which one can give their life.

  • eusmaph 160w

    One can't believe the world around but one can't not put their trust in the shadow.

  • eusmaph 160w

    Tears are just words the heart can't say