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  • eve_angel 237w

    My Love


    So brisk our breaths waved out, while tuning in the same pace like the way our heart beats meet the timbre of our love, like the instruments collaborating the song and the lyrics...

    So close I held ur face against mine that somehow the world dissipated and I existed in a place where nothing mattered except for your eyes consuming all of my love and energy and draining me away fondly..

    So gentle that your hands around my waist holding me close to your corsé making me forget what pain once felt like..

    So sedate the environment around us while our fingers intervened together as we lay down there next to each other forgetting what life felt like before we met..

    So quick the time passed, creating every minute by your side, inscribed into my core memory making me rapt the harmony of our Love inside my heart..

    So cosy the touch of your lips versus mine, awakening my weary soul and stowing my intrusions to rest..

    So serenely I drift off to sleep with a smile on my face while my head idlizes itself on your arms..

    So inclining your words are, that touches me, remissing all the negativity and meekly influences my time with you..

    And, I finally stay awake, with a blithe feeling inside ; while replaying this dream that came true when after I found my way through to you...♥️