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    ' #change #10 # skills

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    10 skills hard to learn , but will pay off Forever... Evan Carmichael

    1. Speaking up @ Warren Buffe.....Public speaking skills

    2. Being honest with yourself @ Mark Cuban....Be brutally honest with yourself

    3. Having Confidence @ Robin Sharma......deconstruct & play the idea of confidence, fire within, interior bravery, power to get brave vision done, moving through your mindset & heart set

    4. Listening @ Simon Sinek......Nelson Mandela regarded greatest leader all over the world, son of tribal chief, watched his dad sitting in circle when there was meetings & he spoke last in every meeting. Hold on & be last one to speak @ any meetings. 2 things, everyone feels, they have contributed & being heard, at last you can share your opinion after everyone shared, you also got benefit of hearing to everyone

    5. Managing your time @ Bishop T.D. Jakes....In 400 years we are busiest generations, busy means not effective. Challenge & ask your schedule for a minute, r u effective or life cluttered? This can tax you from being your highest Self, bcz of busy ness & chaos. An average person, Scientists opine 80% things we do are in areas which we are busy , but not effective, 20% of the work we do are effective & contubute to passion & creativivity we are born to do. Time is not replacable, so be creative to find time to do things which will enhance & can do things which we are really meant to do.

    6. Stop Whining: @ IYanla Vanzant...stop complaining, stop whining, stop criticising, practice this

    7. Stay in Present moment...@ Mel Robbins Do not live in Past or future, happiness flourish in Present moment, so bring awareness to the now, acknowkedge the people who are with you in that moment, power of now greater than past or future. 40% happiness is genetics 60 % we are in control of. People who went through worst in life, like holocaust are happiest & grateful people. Key to bring back to present is to look for something to Savour in that moment.

    8.Being Consistent @ Priyanka Chopra..... Success is a journey being consistent in it, helps you tobe on top of it, otherwise you will be remembered for your last failure. Success is a journey, not destination. when you fall or fail, pick up, dust yourself, wipe your tears, start running again.

    9. Getting enough sleep & Ariannna Huffington...priortise sleep , sometimes saying no to things you wanna do. Keep yourself fresh & lite for your next day activities

    10. Having Empathy @ Meryl Streep....women access empathy more effortlessly, empathy is most valuable asset to the human species, it is an engine powerful to bring our best self, it symbolise us & thats the resource which connects us deeply to one another. So be empathetic, walk in shoe of others, understand them, to be able to help them better.

    Though Change is hard, making effort to change positive has greatest power. Access your Power to Change

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    Around 2020, I Listed my Top 10 Passtime Activities

    1.Read the Bible.
    2. Pray.
    3. Read a PHYSICAL book.
    4. Sing.
    5. Watch videos about singing.
    6. sleep / rest.
    7. Draw.
    8. WRITE on your notebook (nb).
    9. Answer question on nb.
    10. Exercise.

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    Why do you make me feel sad because your sad ?
    Why do you rub it in my face even thou you know I had nothing to do with it ?
    Why do you talk about me every morning ?
    Why can't you allow me to sleep ?
    Why do you say something even thou you know deep down it isn't true yet you lie about it ?
    Why do you think I'm obligated to help you when it's your job to help me ?
    Why do you care so much about me but yet you always treat me like everyone else ?
    Why can't anything I say or do be good enough for you ?
    Don't you think I struggle also ?
    Do you even really love me ?

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    10 Questions I Would Love Answers To

    Well no surprise I'm curious huh?

    Where are you from?

    Are you at all curious as I am?

    How old are you?

    What makes you happy?

    What do you want in your life right now?

    Who's your favorite musician?

    Why am I so curious?

    Why do we understand one another on our level?

    Don't you think it's a bit odd we both understand each other?

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    बेटा या बहूं

    बुढ़ापे की लाठी:-

    सवाल बड़ा विचित्र है कैसे इसे सुलझाऊ?
    बुढ़ापे की लाठी से क्यों न तुम्हें मिलवाऊ।
    इक बेटी बहूं बन पूरा घर संसार चलाती है,
    फिर भी पराई कहलाती उसका हाल बताऊं।।

    बेटा नित कर्मों से निवृत्त हो काम को जाता,
    देर रात वो लौटकर फिर घर में वापस आता।
    मात-पिता की जिम्मेदारी को पत्नी पर डाल,
    थक हार भोजन कर गहरी नींद सो जाता।।

    पैसे कमाने को ही बेटा समझे है जिम्मेदारी,
    दिन-रात सबकी सेवा करती वो बहूं प्यारी।
    पूरे कुटुंब की जरुरतों का हरदम रखें ख्याल,
    फिर भी सदा पराई ही कहलाती वो बेचारी।।

    प्रथम किरण के संग काम में लग जाती है,
    बच्चों संग सभी सदस्यों को भोजन कराती है।
    घर की साफ सफाई और बुजुर्गो को दवाई दे,
    फिर भी बहूं ! क्यों पराई ही कहीं जाती है??

    बेटे का है गुणगान बेटा ही लगे सबको प्यारा,
    जब लाचार वृद्ध मात-पिता तलाशें सहारा।
    झट दौड़ बहूं ने कांधों को थाम हाथ बढ़ाया,
    फिर भी समाज ने बहूं को हर बार दुत्कारा।।


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    अपनी कलम को मैं अब आराम दे रही हूं
    और अब मैं खुद को विराम दे रही हूं

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    Leaving Mirakee

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    #Mirakee #hindi quotes #hindinama
    #10/Jan /2021

    "On any woman's chest and waist
    Before you take a look, remember this
    That we were born from this womb of mother,
    And drank milk from his chest.
    Attitude will change, believe me..!"

    @Anusugandh,@tejasmita_tjjt, @sramverma

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    किसी भी औरत की, छाती और कमर पर
    नज़रें उठाने से पहले, ये जरूर याद कर लेना
    के हमने जनम माँ की इसी कोख से,
    और दूध उसकी इसी छाती से पिया है..
    नज़रिया ही बदल जायेगा, कर लो यकीन..!

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    #10 off my list

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    A poet with stolen words
    A knife that won't hurt
    Every stanza written with control
    Burning the words out of every soul
    Taking the feeling out of every poem
    No happiness anger or solemn
    A man with a pen but no flow
    An edgar but no poe

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    I wanna suck your blood👄🧛‍♀️

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!


    Howling at the moon!🐺

    What’s your favorite monster

    Your day to be the imposter


  • aayu11 31w

    So for a long period of time
    I used to think that,, it's your vibe,,I felt,, love is in the Air,I see so much positivity inside me and in this world just because of you....
    But after a long era I came to know that no!!!! It wasn't you,,,not at all...It was all me!!! Like it's my thing to sounds chirping when I'm in my comfort zone!!! When I feels like home!!I'm the one who makes the environment positive,,to throw the fragrance of love in the air,,,I'm the one who bright the whole sky with my sunshine..
    No it's not in envious that you're not with me and that's why I'm saying this!!no!!
    It's because I still feels the freshness of my soul!!!
    And I'm sharing my vibe with my likewise person!!!❤️

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    You want to 👂🏾 hear 👂🏾 me, the voice I’m gifted with well you can line me or well you want too 👂🏾 hear 👂🏾 my voice.. :go to this link and your on your way

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    12:31 pm

    The feeling of festivity is surrounded all over the city;
    Autumn sky filled with cumulus cloud
    Spreading happiness of maa durga's homecoming.
    Social media filled up with the countdown of
    "maa aasche"
    It's not only a festival but an emotion for every bengali.
    Here, Devi Paksha starts with Birendra Krishna Bhadra's reciting of Mahisashur Mardini.
    Saptami begins with glazing beats of dhaak ,
    Ashtami is all about traditional attire, bhog and dhunuchi naach.
    Navami rejoices to the fullest,
    Dashami ends with the idiom of "Aasche bochor abar hobe"
    শুভ শারদীয়া ��

    ~ Kankana Roy


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    रिश्ते टूटने के बाद
    ये प्यार से तुम्हारा मुझपे हक जमाना

    हाय ये तुम्हारे बड़े बड़े सपने

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    #9232021 #v9232021e #vthismorninge #thismorning #today #vtodaye 💯♒️ #youareyourrichness #youaretrueworth #youarewhatmakesmatter #makingmatter #vmakingmattere
    today your #ignorance #vIgnorancee grow, hath you put in the work then you would be eating from your “fruits of your labor” will you be gifted the mastery of your shadows, Such as shade; you are really the hero in this story, to tall your tail.. .. i’m never ending story, a journey of your life certain tees, what you hath as your trust now moment. What is known as your Journey upon your microcosm uponq home of your macrocosm, true freedom having an end of itself Heaven. As I have excepted Jesus Christ into my life and through such matters I will find the Lord within Jesus Christ as this is his journey I’m just part of the one that’s holding the place upon the thought of #Hismind the one and only true place that I have ever known until I #reachHeaven #onceagain. Other then that you maybe living a real life fallacy, True gift of ignorance and house of forgetfulness, I was once a part of and now I’m building my own home through gratitude and pendants I love you and love itself so it’s a true meaning of life is to #knowtheyself.

    #v1e #Enjoy_empowered_life_value
    #ENJOY_empowered_life #lifessmile
    (Was=#Enjoy_EmPoweRed_Living )#v2021e series of#yourkindofsmile #💯 🦇🐝🐜 #Whatisright is never #Politicallycorrect the same as what is insane, for it only insane when opening a locked door,when you don't know it's locked; so is being insane,something that comes from choosing the right thing before the door gets locked; can everyone1 make the right choice if they are willing to sacrifice themselves....as, if that is the only way to make the right choice, to some how be what starts something and by the willing to let life be, only with out you being able to see it in a world and a time when everybody can make the right chose, if only they are given the best of what is being able to see all the facts and what is the history of history and never the story of what another can call history (as if, that made up history/ family history is something that is the whole of history and not just a part) and still this history is truth, it's just might not be the real truth of what is the whole true of being what history is of each step and how it became a step to being what is history. For only in history, will 1one be able to see how to better 1one's self to that of see how to make better of any murder and slavery that has cursed humanity to become that of having good parts to that having bad parts. If only history was their to teach us something more then what it means in repatriation be so used....I forgive #textadding
    #takingthenextstep #follofwyourself #wordsdoinspire #wordporn #qikquotes #empowermentquotes #quotestothinkabout #quotesforlife #quotesdaily ●##itsokay#selfbuild #seekingonforth #lovingmylife #yesican #lawofattractiongratitude # thankyou gratitude # theUniverse inspiratingquestions # selflove #lawofattractionlove #lightworker #ascendedmaster# happydays

    ##10 #v10e #10ten #ten #vRepostede #Reposted #Repost #post

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    ♒️🌬 #vfavee #fav #thankyouGod #VthankyouGodE #Finaldestination #finaldestination
    ♒️ ##10 #v10e #10ten #ten #vRepostede #Reposted #Repost #post 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣⚪️ #Lifeisagift that you get to open, smile your the zest in life loving life/you and you being in life zesting it up; your beautifully beautiful, your kind of IAM.... for this is a fractal universe, you to be you in many ways, in here and now space+time as you+yourself to be enough as only you can be you being you🟪🟦🟩🟨🟧🟥 🐛#v2021e 🦇#2021 🦋 🐳 🐬🦍#Enjoy_empowered_life_value #ENJOY_empowered_life #enjoy_empowered_living
    #lifessmile #backatyou #youarelifesmeaning #lifesmeaning #meaningtolife #meaningoflife #findingnewmeaning #inlife #findingmeaning 🦚 🐾 #beingenough #iamenough #yourenough #enough #soultruth / #highertruths #whatami #whatwillibecome #whatistheanswer #findingitout 🦏 is a🦄#lovingself #Beingfree #lifeandlove #answers #iwilllovemyselfthroughthis #trustingself 🐉🌵☯️♒️ #Highertruth ====#alwaysbewilling #tobe being a #continuumthat is #continuallysending #loveandlight #toallforms #oflife 🐲🔥☘️⚡️🍃🥒🥑🍊🍌🍆🫐 🌬♒️

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    7:50 AM 87% poolside
    What is life yet a life worth living is worth Hath ing upon the face value of the mirrors religion dose of(without) the house of love or real word; only the truth found within will set you freedom into the unto of your kingdom if hath no hope.
    7:52 AM 85%
    7:30 PM 54 % then 1onE will Hath religion.upon the mirrors reference of the reflection by fractal freedom too the real world.
    7:34 PM 53% 9/29/21

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    Kitne jaldi gaye na ye 10 din

    लौट के जलदी आना रे ,

    ये कहने का आ भी गया दिन

    गणपती बाप्पा मोरया , पुढच्या वर्षी लवकर या


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    I still sail on the memory trails on love sea

  • aaneesink 41w

    Peace healing its soul itself, lie dormant, need to rekindle !

  • shabd_rati 45w


    पता है-
    कुछ भी बोल देतीं हूँ न call पे मै,
    फिर घंटो तक पछताना।
    जानते हो न सब तुम!
    मै बस यूहीं बोल देती हूँ कुछ भी,
    इरादा नही होता है तुम्हे सताना,
    सुनो ना-
    मुझसे जादे जानते हो न मुझे,
    मेरी जंदगी में अपनी कीमत मत भूलाना,
    सच है-
    तुम्हारी आवाज सुनते ही भूल जाती हूँ सब
    बच्चो की तरह शुरू कर देती हूँ तुम्हे खिझाना,
    एक बात् और-
    तुम्हारी बातें सुन के हम हम नही रहते हैं,
    इसलिए अब hm... Hm... के सिवा कुछ मत बोलवाना।


  • _do_lafj_ 49w

    दिल को तेरे होने की जिद्द है,
    और दिमाग़ तेरा होने नही देता।।
    दिमाग़ तुझे भूल जाना चाहता है,
    और दिल तुझे खोने नही देता।।
    दिमाग़ कहता है तू मुझे भूल गया है,
    और दिल मुझे तेरे अलावा किसी और का होने नही देता।।

    #AllaboutMe #Thinking #10

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