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    "Poetry for a little girl"

    Little girl and her innocence
    Didn't realize,
    She's Growing up so fast
    Yeah, time flies!

    Little girl and her Spectacles
    Two eyes to four
    Matching Specs with Dress
    That flawless smile of yours!

    Little girl stealing my Playlist
    "Pop", the music genre
    Rhythm we truly adore
    Pieces of Lyrics you do know!

    Little girl and our secrets
    Oh, Our trust!
    Meaningless videos Always pop-up
    Grinning Faces, focus!

    Little girl and her Assignments
    Why did I do?
    Me "Writings completed!"
    Exhilaration rushed inside her
    Little did I knew!

    Little girl and Her games
    Do not disturb her in between tho!
    Pro player in COC and COD
    Pubg Her first love or Second, Dunno!

    Little girl and her Write-ups
    How Heartedly she Pen!
    Like the waves of Ocean
    Peaceful, enliven, tranquilizing if read!

    Little girl, still a little girl
    My little girl!
    My little sibling!
    May you have a Blessing life with me❤
    Happy birthday girl❤

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    Poetry for a little girl


  • hetal_gohel 153w

    खुद ही संभल रहे थे हम, खुद से ही जीना सीख रहें थें पवन का झोंका आया तेरी यादें बिखरे चला गया।।