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    I'm dark and the lights outside make me sigh,
    I'm the priest of love, but I can't decorate the temples.
    I'm the hurricane in clouds, yet I don't want to blur the sun.

    No pearls, and diamonds.
    No dreams, and no strangers.

    Bitter coffee stained mugs,
    to keep the strange dreams away.
    Blood scattered on rugs,
    to feel the pain sway.

    Fireflies litting my candles,
    Insecurities left in my cradles.

    Dreams stare at me, while I'm wide awake.
    Dreams haunt me, while I try to shift my gaze in sleep.

    Some behind walls,
    Some behind the curtains.
    Some besides me.
    Few under my bed.
    My demons demean the dreams
    I dreamt with dry eyes in drought
    and yet destiny mocks at me.


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    Tysm WN.❤️❤️����

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    The scent of flowers.
    The falling and rising.
    That blooming, and this withering.
    The flying and flapping.
    The crying and smiling.
    The covering and caring.
    All trying.

    The careful carelessness.
    The unwilling willingness.
    The unknown knowns.

    The aches that spread the roots,
    The smiles that hold no hollowness.


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    Strangers afar.

    Dark world is surrounded by double faced people.
    And I found you in strangers, afar.

    Density of few words found their faith within,
    as I found my self in those verses.
    Like a blank canvas finds itself even after it's colored.

    Dented in debt I smiled.
    My own echoes mocked me.
    I never versed these verses of love.
    I never knew the taste of a heart break.
    Oh dear, you have no knowledge of my sufferings,
    the smoke and ashes kept spreading in my heart.

    I was astonished, with the snowfall of my thoughts,
    I painted the verses with colors all.
    Shadowed, I've never conversed the thoughts in fall.
    Among the ashes of thoughts, I was unaware of the fascinating smiles.

    Silently, smoothly. I kept dying.
    Lovingly, unnoticed. I kept growing.
    Painting poetry. I brushed verses with pen.

    I found you in strangers, afar.
    I yearned for you, drenched in rain.
    Without any reason, I grew each passing season.

    Causing a massacre of my own demons,
    I kept feeding them with swords of my pen.
    I kept fading, in the clouds of reams.
    I kept sighing, in the thoughts of darkness.
    Alas! I kept singing, the same song.
    Painting poetry.


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    Loosely connected. •^•

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    I go around,
    praying, preaching, playing.
    poisoned I pester.

    Loving is hard,
    Unloving is an art.
    Sometimes it's better to let them go.

    Praising is a part,
    Life's in between the bitter cart.
    Sometimes it's okay to not be okay.

    Breathe, it's just a phase.
    Smile, the dark nights are accompanied by the moon.
    Oh dear, trust is a facade unknown.

    Your lips stitch the words,
    Some yearn to hear.
    Your heart stiches the stories.
    You yearn to reread.

    Bravery is an accessory,
    few wear, and others keep it in the pocket.
    Life is the stone, which if loses the shine
    becomes useless.

    I wore the bracelet of bravery,
    But it never matched my naive pendant.
    I yearn for breathes of music.

    Darling yesternight,
    I debted some wins.
    But even after winning I lost.

    The smiles of dawn don't last till dusk.
    The bravery of my crown likewise won't fulfill my debt.
    The two plays I play are playing, practicing and praying for parting. The praying you prefer, is punishing my pungent being. The perfume of your praises is choking my throat.


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    Something is wrong,
    I'm at fault.
    Enchanted with roses,
    I'm but a cursed thorn.

    Whenever the dawn passes,
    river reflects the moonlight
    The starry night gazes and chokes all my hopes.
    Why am I counting on burnt ropes?

    The blood fairy, betrayed the queen
    by thickening the veins.
    The past haunted the present,
    Leaving the future in ashes.

    Yet thieves still found a way to exchange berries in place of blood, to feed the demons instead of the humans. To kill the slaves, and haunt the braves.

    No voices the voiceless can hear.
    Hushes the hearts roar.
    Placed as if beneath the shoes,
    tell me what lies in sweet talks?


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    Another blank canvas.
    Another untouched pack of cards.
    New bundle of 365 days,
    365 sunshines and smiles.

    Dark nights,
    Bright lights.
    Sparks and
    pasts' marks.
    Todays dreams, and
    tomorrows' blooms.

    Springs and autumn.
    Winters and witherings.
    Summers and shatters.

    Few tears to hold back the fears.
    Smiles and frowns.
    Laughters and hearts
    melting like candles to paint
    Another 365 paintings.


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    If I could take chances to lose it all.

    If my petals could smell like heavens,
    If I could bloom and wither to bloom again.
    If I could Dance like snowflakes in rain,
    If tears would smile instead of rain.
    I would fall like leaves of autumn,
    Without any pain.
    I would caress the tomorrows with no gain.
    I would forget the yesterdays insane.
    Chokers to hold my throat,
    I would breathe infinite breaths more.
    Closing my eyes,
    dreaming today's sighs
    I shall not live in vain.


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    Honeyed smiles,
    whispering screams.

    All around me are words,
    I wish to speak,
    I hate to admit.
    I look forward to.

    All around me are words,
    I want to share but
    I hold back.

    I want to hear voices telling me,
    "It's alright".
    I want to see through
    the sweet talks.

    All around me are words
    I want to differentiate
    the real and reels.
    I'm insane, holding back
    I know all the things I lack.

    Yet I can't believe the words
    in the weighing shards of hearts.


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    I began again.

    The flowers which bloomed years ago, had withered. The land was barren, no rains, no storms, neither sun, nor shadows. But like shifting cultivation, I began again. While beginning again, wondering how naive I was.
    I travelled. Joining the same words I went to new destinations of the fantasy world that still welcomed me, and remained mine.
    On the way some flowers bloomed,
    Some rays erased the gloom.
    Shadowed, I let the lights in.
    But darkness is still main part of my kin.


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    Tysm WN.❤️��

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    Shatter, Sparkle.

    In your calignous heart there are roots
    of hopes that never bloomed,
    there's scent of love that you never nurtured.

    There are dusky corners,
    and innocence of you,
    hiding behind the cobwebs.

    In your calignous heart,
    there are shadows you love
    and lights which betrayed you.

    Yet there are roots wanting to flower,
    wanting to wither.

    Will the sun sparkle.
    and flowers bloom?
    Will the rays erase the gloom?


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    White and sound
    wintery I go around.

    Ubiquitous I miss the mark to your heart.
    I fall to rise in ways you don't know.
    I'm weightless but yet I am hard.
    I surrender to sun,
    I melt and run.

    White blanket,
    Blocked roads.
    Only children roam.
    I fall, and they glow.

    Snowman, and igloos,
    my flakes are little bricks.
    And I - a small part;
    Left alone in nights,
    Melted by the sun's sight.

    I'll meet you in December's delights.
    I'll leave you in February's Frowns.
    I'm just a snowflake
    stretched in this little town.


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    Tysm WN.❤️��

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    Shallow hearts and hollow souls.
    I'm still holding on.

    The first time I noticed the mistakes I was covered in,
    I started living the bruises that made me colder.

    Winds flowed and coldness sweeped
    But still I kept my head high from going under.

    Following the waves of time,
    I made pacts of mine.
    There must have been something in my heart,
    It has been cold since then.

    Walking through the narrow path,
    and big trees so many stories passed,
    so many hearts shined,
    so many smiles faded, like
    an empty city and a faded dream.

    I've been holding on,
    since first time I acknowledged my faults.
    I was watching,
    It was not a waste of time.

    I was watching.
    Since the first time.

    I'm now getting used to the scars
    They are kinda my twinkling stars.


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    Tapping the emotions,
    there's no middle ground.

    Emptiness that resides within,
    is never empty.
    The hollowness eats you.
    The voids take all spaces of heart.

    This emptiness lingers,
    Poisoning the smile,
    It dries all the tears.
    Making the heart numb.
    Hollowness meets all the troubles half way.

    It's as if a climatic time,
    Everything is at bay.
    It's neither utopia,
    nor the end of the world.
    But again there's no middle ground.


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    You shine ~ I fail to define.

    It has been a long journey,
    and you know my words so well.

    I resent you,
    I love you and at the same time
    I hate you.

    You read me,
    You absorb this.
    You assimilate my thoughts into known.

    You stop me from boxing myself into a corner
    and shutting out everything around me except my immediate boundaries - me.

    And the more I isolate myself
    the more you knock on my door.
    Lonely, scared, or angry,
    I admit you are the main part of my wheel.
    Somedays I wish I could conceal to heal
    and not feel.

    In your sea, I'm just a drop of saline water.
    I resent you, for how you think you know me.
    And I love you, for how you make me saline.
    And again I hate how you see the unseen.

    You are a wind chime,
    And I flow with rhymes.
    You are the sun shine.
    And I am just this line.


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    Neither a light heart, nor healthy habits, but the rough edges.

    One day I tried not to grow,
    Maybe because I saw the red alarm
    of life that would uncover day by day.

    I just didn't want to grow,
    This world is complicated. I knew.
    I wanted to degrow in size, in knowledge
    and in experience.
    I still wanted to be the child I once was;
    But then I grew.

    I don't know if it was the realisation
    of this world that hit me,
    or the child inside me that wanted to face
    the weathering like rocks.

    How did I grow?
    I just don't know.


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    I ain't dreaming right?
    My first POD. OMG!
    Deir sara thankyou. @miraquill������

    Dear younger self, you are the stranger I know the most yet I feel like I don't.

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    Dear stranger,
    You are me.

    Don't get confused.
    Take a deep breath and slow down.
    Being frantic will only run you in circles
    and you may feel confused.
    Just try to settle down.
    You don't always need to come up with solutions.
    Trying to pin things down will only
    frustrate you and waste your time.
    So, Take it all with a grain of salt
    until you've checked out the facts.
    Just don't let the sun drown in the tides.
    You fall among the stars.
    You shine brighter than the moon.
    You're my sunflower and Lilly.
    Bloom like you're the only flower.
    Each of your petal is my shelter.
    Each of your thorn is my throne.
    You are wings to my butterfly hopes.
    Yet you are a stranger to my unknown doors.
    Just keep going.


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    I drowned in sea of destiny.

    I decorated my dreams.
    Rolled up my sleeves.
    I painted on reams.
    Just to stay away from streams of reality.


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    a look in eyes
    or a glimpse of heaven.
    a pinch of pain or a door to hell.

    Light in sea of darkness
    blooms like love.
    For love is a growing garland
    which can smell like heaven
    but shatter you like hell.
    So is it love?

    A glitter in euphoria of sadness,
    A ray of hope amidst the madness,
    A laugh in sea of sadness.
    Is that love?

    Life like a barren field frozen with snow
    Blooms wildflowers covered in dust of empty skies,
    Melting the snow,
    just to flood the eyes.
    Yet the noise around seems like music.
    Is that love?


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    unknown doors

    shadow of my thoughts
    scare me as I'm only my faults
    yet I'm comforted as I walk
    I guess I'm all talk
    Should I put on locks?


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    argot :- specialized vocabulary
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    hearts of glasses
    hidden under the green grasses
    with argot classes
    shatter in pauses
    within hollow masses