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  • melanniease 2w

    What is love?

    She had seen her closest say
    That they love them but cannot stay
    Do people hurt loved ones this way
    She wondered what is love?

    Grandpa waiting for Grandma she saw love
    Mother's care for her child she saw love
    Can someone love more than one person she thought
    She wondered what is love?

    For now she hates the word love
    Can love ever be shared she thought
    People fall in and out of love she saw
    Does she know what is love?

    Does she run away from any sort of love ?
    Or should she try to understand that beauty of love ?
    For that word brings nothing but pain to everyone
    Will she find the true love?

    Her heart hopes that someday love will find her
    That she would someday know how it feels
    Will it break or mend her soul she thinks
    Will it ever be that true love?

  • seraiah_smiles 5w

    Confessions #2

    Accepting that I am a son of God when there's no believer to few believers is hard medicine.

    It is logic that I am a true God too, if I am a son of God. Really hard medicine.

    If I am God, then I am not any other strange god or idol god. I am not made of wood or stone or any image. I am made in the image of God, according to His standards. ✨✨

    I heard the priest, Rev. Fr. Benjie Francisco, say, while reading the Holy Bible, "Mga Diyos kayo."


    "You are Gods and Goddesses."

    In early April 2022, (not referring to fools' day or fools' month, because the event is holy. It is Lent). It felt like the Bible evolved yet again. The words are changed in the moment for ever in that specific book and translation, through the Holy Spirit. ✨

    And he's talking to us, human Christians. Specifically, of Roman Catholics who attended the stations of the cross 2022. I also talked to good and kind spirits. Sigh, may God build a church there, in our subdivision.

    Please, Lord God. It is a MUST. The diocese of Imus must build a parish or greater church there and assign a priest or two. I heard really talented and charismatic spirits, mostly good. Now that they've heard the Good News and seen and experienced the salvation of God, they are now on the side of humanity towards the Apostle's Creed.

    I can talk to them if you want.

    First, the (good) spirits are saying thank you for the (spiritual) meal.

    Second, thank you too, and they ask permission to possess people and talk to them, especially in their minds. They inspire good thoughts, although sometimes they kind of feel intrusive or schizoic. O, they can talk to me whenever they want. I gifted them the ability and authority. Why? They're good.

    Lastly, they want to serve God too and carry the mysteries of God. ✝️✝️✝️



    • God being God can be shared to His sons and daughters... Only through Jesus Christ. ✨

    • Build a parish or greater church building (preferrably modern) in Green Estate, Imus, Cavite The Philippines. (I want to see progress ASAP, especially within the year. Promise, The Philippines and the whole world will rejoice. Mostly spiritual.) ✨✨

    • Thank you po! AMDG & OAUDG. ✨✨✨


  • sidh_ru 5w

    I remember that day when my math teacher taught me this in my 2nd grade.
    But it makes sense to me now ����

    #math #maths #mathematics #life #2 #second

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    The only even prime number.

  • askdamon 7w

    Damon Salvatore

    "I like being the eternal stud."

  • kefi_kat 8w

    Zinnia Elegans

    ~A symbol of bright joyous endurance. An exuberant through any trials and tribulations (scorching heat, drought, bugs) yet a sun loving flourishing flower.

    ~Also known as the youth of summer, one of the longest blooming flowers with a count of gorgeous show of colors from early summer to the first frost.

    ~The flower was simply named after the botanist Dr Johann Gottfried Zinn.

    ~Joy, endurance, friendship, family bonding, daily remembrance, purity, goodness, and lasting affection.
    Thoughts of friends or absence of friends (is a victorian interpretation) are the most common meanings for the Zinnia.


    Eudomania: human flourishing
    Ethereal: Elegant, delicate
    Ebullient: radiant, bright
    (Haiku #2)

    Thank you for the like @writersnetwork ��

    #flowerhaiku #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Zinnia Elegans

    An eudomania,
    Of ethereal feelings,
    Ebullient blossoms.

  • elatedsoul512 8w

    Ab zarori bhi toh ni..
    Sb apne according ho..
    Hota wahi hai..
    Jo likha hota hai..
    Isliye let things go by their own..
    Uspe kisi ka control nahi..
    Kal jo tmhra tha..
    Zarori ni..
    Vo hmsha tmhra ho..
    Aur kya pata jo aj tmhre sath ho..
    Wahi tmhra aane wala kaal ho..
    Jo cheez tmhre khud ki hogi..
    Vo laut kar hmsha tmhre pass hi ayegi..
    Agar nahi ayyi..
    Then it means..
    Vo tmhre thi hi ni kabhi..
    Yun toh milkar bar2 bichdate wahi hai..
    Jo milne ke liye hi bane hote hai..
    Life unko dur bs islye karti..
    Taki vo importance ko samjh ske ek dusre ko..
    Sb kismat ka hi khel h..
    So no one to blame here for this..
    Respect both your past & present..
    This is all just a phase..
    We meet people just to create memories..
    And fill the pages of life's notebook..
    That's the reason..
    Life ko kbi seriously ni lene ka...
    Jaisa chalta hai..
    Chalne do..
    Thokar kha kar hi toh aage badhna hota h na..
    I still miss my past..
    I get all upset rone jaise ho jate thinking about it & all..
    But when I look at my present..
    Uska cheerful smiling face. .
    Uske dedications..
    His faith in me..
    His love & care..
    Insb ko dekh..
    Mra past dhuldhula sa padne lagta hai..
    No it isn't easy replacing someone whom you love the most..
    But still kbi2 apne liye bhi kuch decisions lene hote hai..
    I have taken time..
    Apne present ko haan bolne mein..
    Coz I know it well..
    If I step out with him..
    Then there is no turning back..
    Hm chah ke bhi kabhi wapis ni aa pynge agar kal ko usko mere zarort padi..
    It takes a lot & lot to make any such decisions in life..
    Vo nasamj hai..
    Vo temporary happiness pe believe krta..
    N me totally opposite of him..
    Durdarshi hai hm..
    N I fear..
    Vo apne temporary thoughts ke karan
    Kahi apna permanent part na kho de..
    It's way too complicated..
    Islye let God Sort it out..
    Kuch cheezien kismat ke hath me hi hoti..
    Milna hoga milnge fir..
    Aur ni milna hoga then..
    Tb bhi koi problem nahi..
    No one to blame here..!!


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  • pokescientist 10w


    Who are we?
    Nestled away in a tiny blue marble
    Tumbling through the infinite space
    Awestruck by all of nature's marvels
    And still searching for our place
    We all think we are dissimilar
    But we come from somewhere similar
    From the crucible that forged the stars
    What makes us scattered throughout
    Then we were born in this planet of ours
    We are all connected without a doubt
    The cosmic signature binds us as one
    What makes our body is what made the sun
    All that dust that made the stars
    Is what made us who we are
    So, What are we?
    Nothing but a speck of stardust

  • shimmery_vibe 11w


    'Misery makes a man put up with strange companions.'
    And strange is what the beginning of forever looks like to an un-noticed soul.

  • mekarsenja 12w

    The sadness that cannot be shared.
    22022022 #2 #ofsadness

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    The Exclusive Sadness

    The sadness that cannot be shared
    When told it fell like a lie
    Leaving hollowed feeling
    If told it turns into ungratefulness
    Morphing sadness into guilt
    The victim now a villain

  • _tashi_ 12w

    Diary entry #2

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    The wind is strong today.
    I stayed inside, and in few minutes the heavy drops of rain started falling. It's really cold outside.

    My puppy whom I have decided to call Tommy sleeps on top of my blanket, I hope mother doesn't see him. Even though he smells like one of the shampoo I own, he isn't considered clean enough to climb on the bed or enter the bedroom but he does anyway.

    The house creaks as the wind continues to blow.

    The leg I injured months ago is started to act up again, the pain had disappear long ago but it have slowly started to resurface as I try to walk and move. I have this fear in my mind that I might have to do an amputation which is really a far thinking. I overthink everything.

    Along with my leg pain, the family dramas which were down for a really long time have started to come up.
    The blood relationships is an important thing, but it becomes thinner when there is a matter of land and money, and wills.
    Facing such circumstances is making me wish for poverty instead.
    If you have nothing, what are you going to fight for?
    The air you breathe?
    or the thoughts you think?
    The greed never ends, it seems.


  • lander 15w

    खरीद फ़रोख़्त करने लगे बाज़ारो में कुछ मंचले "इश्क़" की
    यूँ ही नहीं साहेब बज़ार मंदे हो गए

  • ct_and_skylines 17w

    I still find myself wanting to be saved by the one who fashioned a new scar on my heart.

    -Christian Taylor

  • lil_hoyden 17w

    Aslamualikum beautiful souls ��️��
    (Negative or positive response both are accepted)
    Like �� and comment��

    #2 #time #truth #feel #silence #anecdote #all #patience #remember #myth #tale #us #free #being

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    They will remember us-
    As meraki tale,
    Nd not just as superfluous myth <3


  • lil_hoyden 17w

    Aslamualikum beautiful souls ��️��
    (Negative or positive response both are accepted)
    Like �� and comment��

    #2 #pray #loyal #problem #god #honest #world #angels #solutions #soul #belief #faith #good #sins #deeds #qoute #words

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    Don't tell him about ur problems cause,
    He know all the unseens
    Rather ask him,
    About solutions!!
    Inshallah (if god wills*)
    He will surely seek help to find the path all out of dark abyss :)

  • shreyamk812 18w

    He asked
    Why me,
    Why not someone
    Who loved you too!

    I said
    I wanted to feel the rush,
    I wanted to know the hurt,
    And that's why
    I fell for my crush.


  • shreyamk812 19w

    Right now
    I guess my heart
    Is burning the fullest
    Will might burst
    Anytime soon
    Maybe I am holding too tight
    Or I am maybe afraid to let loose.


  • ayanat 21w

    #2 EERIE

    Recovering from the stupor, Martha looked around. Her head throbbing, she felt like pulling her hair out. She tried tugging at them but stopped right in time, hearing her clock chime. She stood up. Her legs unsupportive. She managed a few steps, grabbing at the things that came her way and fell on the couch with a thud. She thought to herself, "Will this never end?" And looked at the frame again. Arthur was smiling. Or grinning may be. "Don't you see? Our Jason is lying still. Do you think he's dead?", she spoke in a trembling voice. Waiting for an answer, she paused. Agitated, she screamed, "What the heck, Arthur? When did you change? How can you be so insensible? I never hated you more.", as if the man in the frame would suddenly incarnate and speak and console. She threw a lamp aiming for the fixture. The frame got a few scratches, no harm done. The lamp was in pieces. Shattered. On the floor mat. Dangerously shiny. Prisms for the sun rays. She sobbed in her palms, mumbling to herself. All those moments of raising Jason, watching him grow up flashed right before her eyes. She was crying uncontrollably. Her weeping overshadowed her phone's ring. It rang again. She didn't notice. It rang for the third time. She didn't seem to hear. It kept going on. It was in the seventh time I think she heard. She heard. She stopped. She didn't turn. It rang again. The same customized "Love Story". Her tears stopped. Her breaths now faster, her pulse now more frequent, "Is this for real? No. I won't check. My ears are ringing. This is nothing. This has to be nothing." She paused. Closed her eyes. Monitored her breath. Turned around and looked for her phone. She saw it on the table besides the couch. She reached for it and the display said ~ 8 missed calls Arthur, 2 unread messages Arthur. She couldn't believe her eyes. Her grip loosened and her phone fell down. She stared into the emptiness of the study. Horrified. Terrified. Transfixed. She shifted her gaze from the frame to Jason then down at her phone. She cried, "Forgive me for I have sinned. But I can't take this. No way". She heard a distant hoarse voice speak, "I am game, Martha. Be convivial. Now that I'm here." She couldn't move. Tears were the only thing happening. She covered her ears. Shut her eyes. She yelled. She shrieked. She screeched. She howled. She was so into this that she didn't feel any presence, she didn't detect a movement, she didn't hear a muffled laughter right behind her. The next moment she felt a sharp stinging sensation on her neck and she fainted.

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    The cerebral connection


  • anamika_tiwari_mn 24w

    @miraquill123 @writersnetwork #anatiwari #2

    He: whenever I used to decide to come online weekly ��

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    Earlier : (not possible a day without talking)

    " 15 Min Hi Sahi Tu Daily Online Aaya Kar
    Mujhe Tujhse Daily Baat Karni Hai "

    Now : ( the situation is )

    " तेरे मेरे दरमियां हुई है .... सदियों की दूरियां ,
    कुछ कर गुज़रने को ....अब ना रही घड़ियाँ "


  • the_blurred_crossfire 24w

    Heartfelt note #2

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    Even if there were 1000 men
    and I was blind
    I'd recognise him by my senses alone.
    I'd know by the movement of his hand
    as he brushed his hair backwards,
    the way he'd try putting up my hair in a bun
    but failed miserably and sighed.
    I'd know him by the way
    he'd be taking deep breaths out of anxiety
    if he doesn't see or hear me for a long time
    pacing on the
    newly polished wooden floor
    with his arms behind him
    and eyes towards the door.
    I would know him when
    Death knocks at the door for me,
    he with his old, wrinkled hands would
    hold mine, and stare at my lifeless eyes
    and with a faint voice
    he'd say..."Don't leave me my star."

  • vidya_iyer 81w

    Never fall for a pink sky , it never lasts .
    It's human to expect but experiences help us better differentiate the real and fake and let you know it is worth falling for only the real ones that stay through thick and thin.

    #writingcontest #creativearena @writersnetwork

    Editors choice ❤️ #2

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    Expectations are like those puffy clouds at the horizon , they don't let the actual light pass through creating a temporary beautiful sheath of attractive hues.