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  • jusspeakup 20w

    Now What?

    What do you want from me
    I'm trying to do my best why can't you see
    My efforts to be forgiven something you won't
    Damn if I do damn if I don't
    Time after time mistakes were made on your end
    Back and forwards we been on and off again
    This time it's on me and it's over just like that
    Talking to you seems pointless and that's a fact
    Better late than never is the saying
    My attempt seems fake you think I'm playing
    I'm not as sensitive and passionate as you when it comes to love
     I have that agape love strong unconditional power from above
    I took you for granted thinking you will always be there
     Now that you're gone it's quiet everywhere
    We had some bad times but good times too
    after all these years are we really through?
     This separation is killing me in my gut
     The ball is in your court... so now what?

  • jusspeakup 20w


    I'm way past the five stages of grief
    At the stage of try harder or the stage of why bother
    You see I'm a writer too but I chose to mostly write only for you
    My words that express my tru feelings that meant nothing but empty thoughts of broken promises to you
    Repeating myself until I'm blu in the face I can't erase what I have done but I can move forward to something new
    You see stages mean evolving and changing to something better than before
    Wishing I could do more to show you I'm not like before
    You see I miss my chance to show romance and lost what I thought was a good thing When you gave me this ring
    But my hesitation wasn't hiding behind my insecurities until it exploded in front of me
    I was too blind to see or desperate to be your MRS. TO BE.
    Although we are separated I realize my worth is not validate by your acceptance alone but waiting for me to accept myself as myself. See maybe I rushed into an answer before understanding the position I can't be the person you want if I don't know who I am first. So I write this to say if it's meant to be it will be but right now I need to work on me.

  • purusothaman 32w

    2021 வருடம் போய் விட்டது.
    2022 வருடம் பிறந்து இருக்கு.
    2023 திரும்பவும் பிறக்கும்.
    இதே சாதரணமாக வாழ்க்கை வாழ ஆசையா?
    மாற்றம் கொண்டு வர ஆசையா?
    இல்லை, அதிசயம் நடக்கும் என்று நினைக்கிறியா?

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    Old 2021 has gone
    New 2022 has arrived
    Next 2023 will come
    Is there any changes in your life?
    Or just living/loving mundane life?
    Do you want to change it?
    Or waiting for some miracle which will happen?

  • mr_chouhan30 92w

    संस्कार रीति-रिवाज पहचान राजपुताना की����

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    संस्कार रीति-रिवाज पहचान राजपुताना की