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  • rach15 32w

    i used to think that people don't hurt you they all are good, the world was a fairy tale for me, i used to hate myself for doing some shitt which i shouldn't bt after reading so much fictional characters i learnt that it's okay to have flaws no body is perfect and it's good to know your flaws coss that's how you know more about yourself n then you work on them. (28/12/2021, 11.01 pm)
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    Dear Books.

    by reading the fictional character of yours,

    my heart learnt that it's okay to have flaws.


  • sapphire_ornate 32w

    Happy Birthday mom#28 dec 2021❤️♥️��

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    Your heart is pure gold⭐
    Your laughs are tonic,
    For boring books
    which then sounds like a comic
    Your smile is sunrise
    and we r apple of your eyes..
    U r in our heart♥️♥️
    Sorry we can't keep u in our mind
    Coz u r mind-blowing..

  • joan53 41w

    Sneakin like a leopard
    Boo! you rang?

  • naqsaif 45w


    "Didn't know how
    but I always had a feeling
    I was gonna be that one in a million"
    ~ panic at the disco

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    I loughed
    When I heard
    My granny was a nerd
    She was ninety-nine
    Loved black dahlias and red wine
    She owned a boathouse
    And a trampoline
    Ran a weaponry
    In north Caroline
    Gymnastics was her favourite sport
    She had been doing backflips
    Since she was eighty-four
    She dyed her gray hair purple
    Rocky was her pet turtle

    One night in Istanbul
    She got a tattoo of a dancing bull
    The other day
    I went to her home
    Whilst she was watching
    Annabelle comes home
    She liked her coffee cool
    Raised fishes in Swimming pool

    She sleeps within
    Her customised coffin
    But I swear an hour ago
    She was eating burrito
    While singing despacito.


  • aayu11 58w

    #I wish I could have you....

    Bro it was a time
    I used to be all yours only
    When you didn't even valued for!!
    So now just let it be!!!

  • deepika_j 59w

    I believe..when u have knowledge u have power to make money, utilise that knowledge by passing it on to other people and so on..
    Today thought keep gaining knowledge from wherever u can. .
    Knowledge will never waste
    Keep learning keep gaining in life
    #28 June 2021

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  • maevee 63w

    Empirical Dreamer

    I'm 25 something and I am not someone who has imagined that there's going to be a guy on a white horse who'll come to my rescue and I'll fall in love with my prince charming, I'm neither against love, I'm somewhere in the middle of no where.
    But honestly I've not found love yet, did i try to look for it? Eh! Not really! But whenever I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt I found something that we can call opposite to love.
    Have I been in love? Yes! broke my heart and I think I've given love a cold shoulder since (If anyone can do that, yes, that's me)

    So, eventually I met this 28 something guy, he is smart, handsome and such a gentleman in today's era, very traditional not exploratory though. He is full of love, such a romantic like he's pumped with all the good bollywood kinda love. I would say he's had his share of hurt but he chooses to believe in love anyway. Above all what I think I admire the most is he puts himself out there in search for love again, he loves, he cares, a little afraid of giving it in, too soon, of being hurt, still attached to his past but believes it that it'll be all worth it for that one true soulmate of his who he'll find inevitably.

    And one fine night I send him a quote like usual, which is:
    we're never so defenseless against suffering as when we love - Segmund Freud
    to which he usually shares his insights but not on this day, this day he asks me in return : What is love?

    Such a simple, innocent question and here I am, I just kept looking at the question for minutes altogether, faltering for words. What am I supposed to say to this guy who is the one who believes in love? To this romatic idiot?
    I'm this practical thinker who hasn't known love all my life so what could I possibly say?

    So I find myself telling him, umm more like asking him : Isn't love like air?
    You can't see it, you don't know how it is though it's there and you can feel it.

    It's there in that moment when on a cold winter night the kid asks for an ice cream by making this cute, innocent face. You know the answer is no and that's what your insides are shouting out loud but your mouth ends up saying yes.

    It's the moment when you've the most delicious chocolate cake in the house and your mother takes the smallest piece so that you can have more on your plate.

    You're all pink and red on the face because your sister took your newly bought hoodie but you let it slide away when you see her happy, glowing, gloating face.

    You're pissed at your best friend since the one thing you asked to be kept a secret is known to the entire school by that weekend but a few glaring looks their way and eventually you hug it out.

    You know your mother can't remember everything but she still wants you to tell her all the details which she doesn't remember and you keep repeating the same thing to her anyway.

    And I tell him love is like air..
    it's there in the moment when a flared skirt goes all the way up only to reveal the lovely black thong in the inside.
    So you and I wouldn't know how is love, what is love, you can't see love but at the end of the day there is so much love and you'll always be happy to have some love coming your way.

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    Empirical Dreamer


  • abhishek141 72w

    #28 march 2021

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    है इश्क इसे बताया या भुलाया नहीं जाता
    अब मोहब्बत करना तो एसे सिखाया नहीं जाता
    एक महबूब जाए तो रूह से निकाल दो उसे
    गर चली जाए जिन्दगी तो जिन्दा रहा नहीं जाता।

  • meetgupta 76w

    उनकी आंखें

    उनकी आंखों में हमारी
    आशिक़ी नज़र आई ,
    और हमारी आंखों में
    उनका नूर !


  • syeda_fazila 76w

    •“being reluctant is also fine ! ”


  • zues_was_a_jerk 80w

    #Birthday #Vibes
    #28 January #My Day
    बाप बड़ा बेशकिमती है
    अनमोल उसका साया है
    भागी है वो जिसपर
    झुर्रियां पड़ने तक
    बाप की छाया है,
    समझो जन्नत मिल गई
    जब ऊपर से डांटकर
    वो अंदर मुस्कराया है


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    बापू मालूम मुझे तेरा
    यही था इरादा कि
    काबिल इतना कर दूँगा
    किसी के आगे
    फेलाने हाथ नहीं दूंगा
    अब एक वादा
    तुझसे मैं करता हूं
    कभी मायूस न करूंगा
    आंसू खुशी के अलावा
    कोई आने नहीं दूँगा
    गर्दन तेरी कभी
    झुकने न दूंगा
    गाड़ियों की तेरे लिए
    कतार लगा दूँगा
    पैर ज़मीन पर
    रखने ना दूंगा

  • stupid_shayar 105w

    Don't take it seriously
    I'm heartless.

  • my_tiny_chapter 107w


    Dear You :
    Whose patience untangle my knots,
    The one who is unafraid to encounter
    my darker menacing thoughts
    and whose unwavering presence,
    my stubborn soul listened and seek.
    It's almost poetic,
    the way you make me feel whole...

    I loved how you had two minds,
    And spoke with different ones from time to time.
    And truly,
    It’s getting harder to pretend
    that everything will be okay,
    when too many moments have come alive
    in a world where we're living apart.
    I try to validate how it would feel
    to not have access
    to some tiny luxuries anymore,
    since bodies aren’t designed
    to sleep alone
    and mine is toned
    into a shape that
    snugs only into your bones
    Yet another thing,
    your plotless stories on sleepless nights
    has become part of the palette 
    of my monochromatic life.
    Those made me try to figure out,
    how many lines of poetry
    it will take to process
    the grief of losing you,
    Where as
    if I could put my thoughts
    into words now,
    they would look
    something like a stormy night.
    I am however,
    counting my blessings
    and my breaths these days.
    It's like we're all living in a dream
    that doesn't make sense in the morning,
    or in a meme that isn't funny anymore,
    or in a game that has run so long
    that we've lost track of who's winning anyway.
    Oh dear,
    Every memory of you
    realy felt like black coffee.
    Dark, bitter, and causing insomnia.
    Loving you
    shall always be
    the sweetest thing
    I have ever done...

    Thank you for everything you've done for US - to keep us as ONE.

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  • ruhi_fatima 119w


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    Har raat ek toota pathar, ek toote dil ko samjhata raha, aansu apne chupaa kar, uske aansu pochta raha, daastaan e dard uska sunte hue, kahani apne dard ki chupata raha, aakhir sab theek hojayega, ye kehkar uss ko gehri neend sulaata raha, kuch iss tarah ek toota pathar, ek toote dil ko samjhata raha..

  • iamsingh 123w


    तेरे बिना ना सोचा किसी को ,
    ना किसी का ख़्वाब सजाया है।
    नहीं जीना वो किसी और संग,
    जो तेरे साथ बनाया है।।

    इतनी नाराजगी किस बात पर ,
    जो तूने ये सब सुनाया है।
    क्या इतना गिरा हूं तेरी नज़रों से,
    क्या कभी मुझे जूठा पाया है ??


  • gabie_abutu 128w

    #28 days of L series

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    To the boy I met just once,
    Maybe I never told you
    But I enjoyed every single moment.
    I really looked forward to seeing you again but then..

    I know it's been a while
    But I remembered it today
    and it made me smile.

    Till i see you again,
    The girl whose voice is like a sticky note..

  • gabie_abutu 128w

    #28 days of L series

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    I see you everyday,
    But in my dreams
    Being everything you can ever be.
    Since your presence escapes the waking moments,
    You ensure to show yourself
    In dreamland.
    A constant factor,
    A recurring event.

    And when you come again,
    I'll do everything I want but can't do.

  • gabie_abutu 129w

    #28 days of L series

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    Dear Self,
    Love yourself.


  • gabie_abutu 130w

    #28 days of L series

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    I looked up and saw someone,
    He looked like you.
    Made my heart pound.
    I knew it wasn't possible
    But nevertheless
    My heart still pounded,
    It made me smile.


  • the_blue_feather_quotes 233w

    In your gun like life, love as bullet, you shot me, but instead of dying I am living only because of that!!!