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  • itsssiya 20w

    My Everything

    When  I first saw you 
    It was like a dream came true 
    I met my prince charming 
    Oh he was so daring 
    When he asked me for a dance 
    I hoped that it would never end 

    He makes my heart flutter 
    He makes my heart melt like butter
    I get butterflies 
    When i think of him 
    He is my everything 
    All my worries fly away 
    Over hills mountains and seas 
    And far away 
    Never to be seen again 
    When im with him

    I know it sounds crazy 
    How could i love you
    I dont know
    But i know i do i hope u do to
    The feeling i feel with u is euphoric 
    Its full of magic 

  • nashwar 22w


    Faqat h ki , हकीकत pr h hairat
    Tm sath ho mere
    Lgta hai koi khwab dekhra hu.
    मै बेगैरत !

  • jungkooks_honey 29w

    @ak_anjali_daydreamzz @the97_introvert @taekook_maknae @tamanna3 @arya_abhipsa
    Thanks for all the support and reposts T_T

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    Casket of life : A wardrobe

    Key to the life of closed
    Doors , inert a world ,
    In the wardrobe
    Of familiar lies and the truths,
    That I conceal
    Dazzling hue of azure and crimson
    Fabric silk , hanged for vague intentions
    Await to drape stitched saxe soul.
    Crooked shirts in tedious monochrome
    Hide, nudity-
    Being faded with burnt ashes
    Of expectations , no pity.
    Secured in seclusion
    Sweet , bitter souvenir of yesterday,
    broken sigh of Could've and should've
    In chained purses.....

    Play hide and seek
    In light and dark ,
    Pair of shoes , blemished skin-
    Wounded in the journey,
    From ME to NONE,
    Lost in sweetest of slumber.
    Lie next to them , consul of
    Fallen sins and regretted flaws
    The set of necklace with Bracelets
    Tied in beads of servitude,
    Decor my suffocated breaths
    While bruised like crim- my wrists.

    Soon be replaced , these useless
    Chattels , for they set me
    In camouflage no more ,
    Only speak, the verity
    Of a shattered me,
    In ledges of wardrobe......


  • kindness_ 34w

    A random tag page.

    Spread happiness :)


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    Tag the person whose presence makes you happy.

  • hazel_s 58w


    If you think you can, you surely can.
    If you think you can't, you can never.

  • __sruchi__ 76w


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    If you could read my mind,
    you'd be in tears.


  • muneeb_gulzar 76w


    I write for her,
    Because i want to cuddle her soul with my words.

  • heart_spills 84w

    Sitting alone in his room at night
    He was staring outside the window
    He could hear the silence in his ears
    He could hear the songs by the nocturnal birds
    He could experience brightness of the moon
    Maybe he felt like he was going talk with the silence soon
    The toys started dancing on some music un-heard and unknown
    Tugging his pants to coax him to join their faces known
    He danced forgetting everything that night
    The music of silence and the birds filled the dance floor
    While the spotlight was of the moon
    Tired he fell asleep soon

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  • heart_spills 92w

    And suddenly all love songs were for each other
    The statuses were for each other
    The night was for each other
    Every emotion was for each other
    Every place was for time to meet each other
    Every touch was as if they are for each other
    Every picture was dedicated to each other
    Even unspoken language became a communication for each other
    That's how two completely different people got entangled together in love

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  • chuu_eat 94w


    Today's another day
    Nothing's new
    You're always the same person I knew
    Writing our story from one's point of view
    I'd like to say I hate you
    But I can't, because I love you.

  • vickiee 96w

    Band darwaje

    Kuch Kamre Kai raaz liye hote hein
    Kisi ne jiya hota hai khud ko wahan.
    mai jb v ghr se niklta hoon kv meri nazar un darwajon pe pdti h to khud ko us
    kamre k andr paata hoon.

    mai us kamre ko ab apne ghr ka hissa
    nhi manta
    koi aaya tha jisse maine wo kamra dikhaya tha, wo rhne lga tha wahan
    bhoot waqt tk uske Wahan rhne se uski mehak pure kamre m thi
    aisa lgne lga tha jse ab wo uska hi ho fir
    ek din wo kisi or sahar chla gya achanak hi

    ab kisi or ka rhna us kamre ko adhura krta
    h. uske saare saamano ko
    Samet k darwazo ko band kr diye gye h

  • whitedevil0407 100w


    You already wrote that you'll leave me someday ! I thought it was a writing error/one of yours exquisite silly mistakes. But, oh Dandelion I was mistaken.... You told the truth sooner or later. Hahahaaa, you know what ,I was blindfolded by your oasis eyes !


  • _just_feelings_ 105w


    Majburi Unki bhi rahi hogi
    jese aksar jawaniyo me hoti hai
    Bewafai Humne bhi sahi hogi
    jese aksar kahaniyo me hoti hai

  • himangshuagarwal 106w


    Some unexpected expections are expected from someone unexpected.


  • merlinthewizard 114w

    Musical Bonds

    Decorating silence with beautiful symphonies.
    Melodious sounds echoing softly into ears.
    Smiles grinning from ear to ear.
    Voices dancing with harmonies, meaningful words forming a song.
    Instruments singing tunes of happiness,
    Playing notes of different ranges to people of different ranges.
    Bringing us together.

  • sanchaitasaha 116w

    Let that sink in

    Kirai ke kamre mein mohhobat jatai jati hai
    Kapde pehentei bewafai ho jati hai.

  • foxwriter 121w

    The Farm

    A married man turned his head over to his house after a long day of working.
    He sat on the wooden staircase outside of his front door thinking.
    The wife coughing violently from outside their bedroom window.
    his tears shuddered as he sobs softly, making sure his wife could not hear.
    He was conflicted on his options and finally decided what must be done.
    He wiped his tears away and took several deep breaths calming his heart.

    He walked into his home proceeding straight to the kitchen.
    And grabbed a steak knife, his left-hand trembles at the weight, as he reckons with what he must do.
    He touches the clean blade, the cold metal giving bumps all over his body.
    He climbed up the stairs slowly, each step his wife's sickness of two years grows deeper and louder.
    As he uses the moments when he has reached the top of the stairs to reconsider his future actions, but he knows he must do this.
    And hides the knife into his long sleeve green jacket.
    When he entered the room there was his wife, the monitors beep with every two seconds that goes by, IV dripping into his wife's arm.
    She smiled at his entrance and watched him sit next to her.
    She gave her gratitude for always being with her.
    He nodded slowly as she kissed her on the lips softly, before pulling out the blade and plunging the knife right into her throat.
    Her body jolts violently for a quick second as she looked stunned as the man cries loudly for what he was committed.
    She held his hand gently and gave a simple smile before closing her eyes.
    Her hand was warm, the blood flowing onto the bedsheets staining them a deep dark red.
    The blood was once warm but has turned into a cold crimson.
    He held her body regretting what he has committed but knew it had to be done.
    He kissed her dead lips softly.
    And made his way to his bedside.
    he layed down, turning his head to look at his wife, and taking the blade out of her throat.
    When he closed his eyes he suddenly slices his throat open as he gagged for air, blood leaving the body.
    but instead of putting pressure on the wound,
    He simply hugged his wife tightly,
    Before his body went stiff.

    The man awoke on the farm.
    He looks around and on the balcony was his wife, standing.
    No IV, not monitor beeping.
    Just her.
    He rushed to her side and hugged her tightly.
    But was quick to realize it was not his wife.
    He witnessed the skin of hers melting, then the muscle, until fully just a skeleton.
     The blue-rich sky turned into a deep crimson red.
    As he watched the world around him turn into hell.
    He screamed loudly as he could never be with his wife once again
    The house was still there forever, the farm would always stay and that will be his job forever.
    But never seeing the woman he loved will always have a deep impact, then living in hell itself.

    The woman looked up at God, the one who brought her soul up to heaven and looked around confused not to see her husband.
    She asked God where her husband is located.
    He simply smiled and said without hesitation.
    "My child, he has committed a sin that I cannot allow, the knife fell onto his throat and slit it as it was paper, my child. he will be working on the farm for the rest of his life, Without the woman he loves".
    The woman nodded as she cried softly trying to beg for her husband's forgiveness.
    But it fell on deaf ears.
    The heavens as she was told when she was a child, teen, and in the house being taken care of.
    were not peaceful or happy, the main sadness for her separation from her husband.
    Her farm, her world, could not be completed without her husband.
    As the time ticks away, every two seconds, a loud monitor beeping is heard.
    Her ears start to blister at the noise she always heard when she was alive for the past two years.
    As the beeps grew louder the more she wanted the pain to go away, memories upon memories flooded in.
    The suicide that her husband committed banished him from the world they could have had if he had waited.
    She sits down crying her eyes out as the beeps continued.

    ©foxwriter aka N. Curtis

  • binapanda 132w


    आज फिर नींद की इंतज़ार में सुबह होगइ
    आज फिर तेरी यादें मुझे सतागइ
    ना जाने क्यू बिन बुलाए आजातिहे यादें तेरी
    ना जाने क्यू बिन मांगे देजातिहे दर्द सारी

  • akgautam 132w

    Baarish ki boonde lai mere ishq ka paygaam
    Teri rooh ke ehsaas se judker mein khud hua gumnaam
    Tum toh jaa rahi ho mujhe yun chhod ker akele pyar me
    Jaane se pehle bata jana ki kya do mein apne is ekdarfa pyar ko naam.


  • _the_aesthetic_disaster 137w


    Memories are the sweet elements which puts up a smile in our face,but those memories which are the reason behind our tears should be deleted from the hard disk of our brain