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    Damon Salvatore

    "If I see anything I haven't
    seen before I'll throw
    a dollar at it."

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    Defense Mechanisms


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    #3.30A.M. #Part2 #scary_story #horror_story #fiction #Mirakee

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    3.30 A.M. (Part - 2)

    "Sa-Sandy... I-I... I saw him Sandy... I-I saw him...!!" She had cried out loud nearly cracking her voice off. Realizing that she had got too scared that time, I simply asked her to continue and let everything out, all her fears all her worries and all that she had seen. She was relieved a little knowing that this time also, even after 3-4 times, I was ready to hear her out, all that she had to say about him, once again. "Sandy, last night... last night i saw him again. It was nealy 3.30am and I was asleep, but when... whe-when I heard those sounds of chains... I got very very scared Sandy... I got very scared. And then suddenly I saw him. I got even more scared Sandy. Sandy, I don't think i can sleep in this apartment alone tonight. Please come over Sandy... please help me...please...", and with that she bursted out crying maniacally. "Yeah yeah Riley, I'll come over don't worry. Calm down sweetie... calm down... okay...? I'll be there by 7pm okay...? Hush... don't cry anymore... okay...?" , I had replied to which she replied, " Okay... but please come soon... please..." and with that she hung up the call.

    I had been packing up the mere essentials in a bag but I just couldn't stop myself thinking about what Riley said on the call, about what she had seen the night before, about Him.

    (To Be Continued...)


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    #3.30am #part 1 #scary_story #horror_story #fiction #Mirakee

    Thank you everyone for liking my post...��

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    3.30 A.M. (Part - 1)

    It was a regular Sunday evening. A beautiful day ending with the tired calls of birds returning to their homes and a ruby red sun setting in the west. Just like my any other day-offs I was having my evening tea with some good sweet crackers. You see, I love sweets and the sweet crackers from the sweet shop of our neighborhood was very famous. You should see the queue of people waiting for thier turn to get a hand on them every Friday evening. Fortunately I got some that Friday and so delving into its lavish sweetness with some good tea was a must. My sweet tooth only had been satisfied to a bit when my phone rang up. Well, in this modern age of digitalisation, you hardly get any time to read a good book by yourself; and if you have a job of 9 to 5, then you better wait for that golden Sunday evening to read your very fond Next Chapter. So the sudden ringing of the cellphone could not be blamed much, but me being in the middle of a hot climatic plot twist, I had no wish to answer that small communicating device. However it was stubborn as it had always been buzzing louder and louder letting nearly the whole neighborhood know that it had a call for me. Defeated by the annoying ringtone that had been going on for the past 3 minutes, I answered that irritatingly disturbing device.

    A soft scared voice had greeted me with a low "Hello ?" In a millisecond I recognized the voice. It was none other than Riley, the scaredy cat I had known since we were 10. But we were more than just friends, sisters you might say to be exact. She used to get scared in a microsecond by nearly anything of this universe. You name it and she's scared of it. Isn't it funny but even with all that she's also a very bubbly girl with a rare golden heart. Hence we're sisters, not by blood but by hearts. "Hi Riley...", I tried to calmly talk to her after I had noticed her shaky tensed voice, "What's the matter ? Is anything troubling you ?" "Sandy... Sa-Sandy... I saw... I saw...", she had replied scared and with half-eaten words. By then I clearly understood where she was coming from. "Riley... Riley clam down... calm down... listen Riley it- ", I had tried to reply but my remaing words had got cut off by her, "Sandy...!! Try to understand...!! I saw him...!!"

    (To be continued...)


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    Diary entry #3

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    Today, I wanted to wake up early but as always my well planned out routine was ruined by me gluing to my bed till eight and getting lost in my own wild thoughts.
    My thoughts and ideas get intense when I am inside my warm blankets, I use two blankets because it's still snowing at the mountains. I have this great story ideas for my book which will never be written, and poems which disappear as soon I get out of my bed.

    Nowadays, my parents are always seen with a calculator. They are always adding and subtracting the money that is being spent for building our new home so, there is this constant unrest and bickering from the time they wake up till they go to bed.
    They discuss the matters even when they are eating to my much annoyance.

    Our new home is being build with concrete and steel, much stronger and costlier than the one we currently live in which stands on irregular stones and the walls are made up of bamboo and wood.
    The new house may hold more people than our old home but it is empty of memories.
    Our old home creaks and squeaks in the middle of the night and with the wind I fear that the roof might fly away somewhere. It's fragile but it's warm with memories of my parents since they build it with whatever they had, and all of my siblings grew up here except for me.
    I am bit hesitant to move and leave again, but they say changes are good for Life. And I am used to moving forward with the changes.

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    The moon never holds light of its own , it's the sun that creates the light for it and when it rains the moon creates rainbows with the light it reflects and are an apt example of how real friendships and bonds work .

    #friendship #wod @writersnetwork

    Editors choice❤️ #3

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    He was the creator,
    She was the believer,
    He enlightened her life with his love and sunshine ,
    She reflected his love by brightening the night sky,
    He shined through the morning mists and enthralled every life awaiting its presence,
    She magically created the spectacular moonbow when he wept secretly in her absence,
    He was a symbol of life, goodness and hope,
    She was a symbol of one's inner soul.

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    As crushes
    Are meant to crush,
    And the lovers
    Gather the pieces
    To mend
    What's broken first.

    I haven't found the one yet
    Maybe it will take a while
    Maybe forever
    But I know I loved you
    In a way that nobody did
    In a way
    That nobody will.


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    #two #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork

    Even the blackest of the rose blooms under the darkest cloak of destiny

    Ty for the like @writersnetwork #3

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    And love,
    We were thieves stealing
    each fragment of the moonlight
    when the world was blaming
    it for the blemishes.


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    I am on a path
    Where everyone
    Want to disappear,
    Not a good place
    To hide,
    A place better left
    But I appeared.


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    #sympathy / queen/ cave
    #3 Word challenge

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    No sympathy nor empathy
    No telepathy for a so called "worldly queen ur king", a lover of money
    Trapped in a worldly cave of self made sparkle and glitter
    Deceitful eyes has become their dollar-bill-Tombstones
    How do such foolish wordly queens ur kings, rolls in playing "hangman" for fun?
    For a nikkle and a dime, ungrateful they grow daily into fools not having enough ...
    Without any remorse, they "hang" their own "free will" and "sell" their souls
    for an "one way eternity ticket" to hell


    1 Timothy 6:10
    King James Version
    10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after,
    they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows

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    @writersnetwork101 @miraquill #anatiwari #3

    (Though I never remember ppl those who are not in my present, but I don't have any reason to forget you ��....u went on any other planet ☹️....left me alone ��)

    �� A bond which others could feel and couldn't refrain from saying " You both are friends but your bond is even stronger than any relationship".

    �� Any event any function, you always showed how much u miss my presence there. Sending your photos with so catchy lines. ������

    �� There were many (girls) who wanted to be close to you, but I Was The Only One With Whom You Were Close and Wanted To Talk .��

    �� I remember being called "u r special" by others coz I Was Very Special To You. �� ( and I never felt bad for it )

    �� Our late late night conversations ....( even when we didn't had our source of communication ) ����

    ......many memories but words are less in this universe.
    �� *Ek Yaad Purani Hai ....Teri Meri Kahani Hai*
    �� *Hum Juda Ho Jaye ....Aisa Mumkin Nhi*

    �� �������� ���������� ����������, ����������, ������������ �������� ������ ������������
    ������ �� �������� ������ ������ �������� ��

    No, ���� ������ ������ ���� �������� ....������ �� �������� ������������. ��

    My Bestfriend.....My Life..... ��
    �������������� ���� ���������� ���� ....�������������� ���� ���������� ✨

    (Comment down if you have bestfriend , I would love to know �� ....and May God keep u ppl together ) ��

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    My Duffer !

    I really get different kind of vibe,
    Whenever I see, two friends forever.
    Coz once I had also a cute bestfriend,
    Who used to regard me a lot, and ❤️
    Whom I lost without any knowledge.

    My little Mr. Khan ....he was so sweet

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    I was fine
    When we were unknown
    I became happy
    When you came along
    When you disappeared
    I was not fine anymore
    I was sad and all alone.


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    #blindmuser Continuation Series #3

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    How scientifically successful and advanced would these worlds be?

    Will they have solved the global issues like poverty, inequality, discrimination, global warming?

    Will these worlds have higher standards of humanity, morality and compassion?

    Will science and religion coexist in harmony in these worlds contrary to ours?

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    My kind of person
    Is not emotionless
    My kind of person
    Just don't cry out loud
    My kind of person
    Prefer four walls
    Without any other.
    It's so true
    My kind of person
    Is an unfortunate existence
    Came from the world of monotone.


  • shreyamk812 27w

    As I am still alive
    So I can say
    That life without you
    Is still livable
    But it will not be lovable anymore.
    I will not be
    Writing your name
    On the back pages
    Won't dress up
    For your eyes
    As they will never search for
    My existence.


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    Lost in the ocean
    Looking for nothing
    Clueless as described
    By people who don't lie.


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    #3 on my list

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    She once was a fool
    Who fell in love with a man
    He used her love as a tool
    And she was vulnerable
    She sat awake at nights
    While he ate dinner at another table
    She waited at the little white church

    She didn't know
    She was waiting
    On a memory

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    *Surrender 'self' to the darkest hours of night to inborn as light. As, beneath the clobbering of a fire-bolt mizzles in the darkest of nights, a scion burgeons...��

    Happy reading❤

    Thank you for EC #3 @miraquill
    Thank you for the ♡ @writersnetwork

    In the raveled forests
    between heart and thought,
    rumbles of thumpy thunderstorms
    are walloping my soul,
    to enshroud it in soil of life.

    In that despair of darkness
    my hope is drowning,
    imbibing the cold malevolence of
    life's nous wickedness.

    At those vulnerable moments of indolence,
    every inch of my core's girdled by
    grey clouds of torpor, soared from
    the roar of broken dreams.

    After bygones whirligig of life
    in credence of resilience,
    I saw the revenants of my broken self
    emerging as the brightest noctiluca.

    And that's the moment where
    I discern the truth of how the light is inbred.


    #hyperbole #wod #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #shewrites #poetry #latenight_wisdom (edited)

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    Noonday Series — Chapter 3 (Completed)
    Nov. 3, 2021

    "Noonday #3"

    a head to rest on
    a shoulder to cry on
    come here
    piles of clothes
    piles of bags
    piles of books
    the cpu not working
    printer not working
    display, just resting
    the line
    and twirl
    and twirl
    and again
    and down
    and end
    scotch-tape pain
    graduation pictures
    a big medal
    a vehicle passed by
    and up
    upper left
    a note,
    "He who dwells in the shelther of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty"
    then i saw the halo
    and heard the rain
    isolated pouring
    on the roof
    of my lane
    sweet baby
    smiling a
    blue outline
    baby blue sky
    white and grey clouds
    grey face mask
    on blue puzzle mat
    "i'm sorry,
    can't be perfect"
    song and songs
    on repeat
    green shirt
    big heart
    yellow polo
    teal pants
    the colors of fall
    white uniform
    these words
    a Nivea too?
    look right
    might look down
    the world shaken
    plastics are broken
    look right
    and again
    if you look down
    look right
    look up
    and see the rays
    of the hopeful sun

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    "Noonday #3"


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    #3 Word on Life (Robert Frost ... it goes on)

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    Life never ends ...


    For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son,
    that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.
    John 14:6.