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    Snow geese

    in a line of snow
    heralding a winter storm
    a skein of white geese


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    (after Yamazaki Sōkan)
    #senryu #Confucian #poetry #haikuchallenge

    Sōkan's original poem caused a Confucian 'haiku-storm' back in the day:

    even at the time
    when my father lay dying
    I still kept farting

    His senyru was considered to violate the Confucian ethic of respect for one's parents

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    Filial piety

    for the duration
    that my father lay dying
    I sat with thighs clenched


  • summersin 1w

    *Wednesday named after the Wōden, or Odin, was the ruler of the Norse gods' realm and associated with wisdom, magic, victory and death. The Romans connected Wōden to Mercury because they were both guides of souls after death. It comes from Old English "Wōdnesdæg."

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    ᴍɪꜱ.ꜱ ᴘʀᴏɴᴜɴᴄɪᴀᴛɪᴏɴ

    Of inhumane in human -
    "A weekly market on Wednesday was granted by King John to the.."
    Tight-lipped silence that being alive because she pronounced the word wed.ness.day.
    The word wenz-day yet to have the rut of her throat because since then such a n.mess, she addressed, we called.
    So Miss. Pronunciation what's so wrong in you?
    The English has been such a tremendous language, lately. Such an irony I'm writing in it.
    Slinging gossip, tyrannizing. The classroom that day had torment mis-pronounced.
    O' Wōden, shifting contrast, Is it such a Big deal?
    To be from hindi medium and yet to desire the recieved standard called English,
    To belong from small town insecurity has handled,
    Is it such a wrong act to feel so awkward?
    O' Legends of literature!
    What's her fault to read the word wrong, so loud?
    Of inhumane in human -
    How could you sold out the suicide?
    That being said, i write to be not crisis, to existence that seeped in literally means of any other day to die,
    The Rhapsody, we guilt, the regret, the reason she chose suicide over us.
    Today, there seem any yearning in it
    We're writing to weigh the contrast of ourselves the abstract might be not enough to how we ought to be part of any audience
    At aesthete in school canteen of bully-bullet-like-laughs the day she didn't let the murderer down, inside her. Inside the chaser.
    If not then the heathen had arrived?
    If only I were enough kind to sympathize the rotten gut? Only if I could be her side instead?
    Would she be alive, today?
    Would there be permanence of the only existence of my resume?
    Hence, c'est la vie.
    Whereas we've learned to speak the silence, I wonder the silence of that school-day if only it hadn't made noise and we couldn't be more corrupted then I wonder the humanity
    I ought to be honest this time afterall having enough declination to write.

    ~सुमन, १९/०१/२०२२
    Inhumane I human.

  • fromwitchpen 11w

    Train of her life consist of 26 couchettes, cessate in a warren of poems

    Daughter of Autumn
    Anguished allegories are ambling
    on the alcove of aestheticism where
    aubergines of artistry are amaranthine
    to ablaze the alliterative arms of an
    artist whose art is atoned of autumnal
    autographs and asteroids

    Ballerina: Her sċōh‎ pirouettes stories
    Backyard, her braids ballyhooed
    as bullions where begonias and
    bergamot boohoo for blue birds
    who burgeons the benign boats
    of breeze to boogie beneath the
    ballet boots

    Celebration of Existence
    Caked up countenance carved the
    chapters concomitantly with coffins
    chock-a-block with creases and the
    campfire creating a collision betwix'
    consonants and candent candles
    chorusing to cook a cake of clay

    Diaries: Draped Dreams
    Decorating the dale with dreams
    dwindling dreamcatchers awaits
    for a dilemma dated as a day of
    dainty daffodils which delineate
    dauntless diaries

    Entitling Hope in Mystic Orbs
    Entropically, enslaved eyes
    erupting an eventide encased
    in eerie and enthralling ellipses
    engraving evanescence in

    Faded: Freckled Fountains
    Faint forenoon, flickering flowers
    with flakes' frost and flames of
    fermented fuchsia unto the fluffy
    figs of forbearance

    Gifting Ghazals to Gloominess
    Gyrating gulmohars gigglemugs
    to goldilocks gaping at the goose
    of gaiety glittering the grampuses
    with glossaries to gnaw glee and

    Huckery: Honeyed hearts
    Hail on the heartbreaks and
    hopscotch the hinged halls of
    happiness hovered to hop the
    heaven's heart

    A haiku to invite Matsuo Basho
    Imbroglio irises ignify an
    impressive iconographic
    iota of imagination impact
    the iced-isle to innate inked
    isochronic illusions

    Wrong Way: Jumbling Cobblestones
    Jingle-bells in the jocund
    jungle where jests join the
    January journals with the
    jacketed joy

    To Find Home
    Known or (un)known
    kalopsia where Kafkaesque
    kimos and kites knead klit
    to be known of kindness

    Love: Dead Bones
    Love a lustre luring loom,
    lanterning the lilies and lost
    in lust limping like a laurette
    to live with the lanky lime of
    longevity, looting land-lamps

    Carriage of Beauty
    Moon miles away map to
    mysterious moonscapes
    morphing mornings to
    mourned meadows

    Nights: Awoken by Similes
    Nymph noticing a night
    netted with noons nestled
    nape of nostalgic nefarious

    Myths Oohed with Plights
    Oompahed the ottoman owl
    oolongs omnipresent the
    offed omens obfuscating
    the odds

    Poets: Crocheting Sentiments
    Ponds were prepossessed
    with poems and pauses
    painting a poignant penumbra
    of phantoms and phantasm

    Quest of Metaphors
    Quill or quietude
    mayhap quenched the quixotic
    queries quipping the questionnaire
    with quick qualms

    Rendezvous: Bus of Nihility
    Red or roses
    the rainbows so rhombic
    rural or reckon to
    routes and rooms
    rare or real ?

    Spring will Arrive
    Soon the sun will set
    the stars scintillate with
    sombre shade or may naught
    shrink the subfusc syllables

    Tinge of Death
    Train will tootle
    to turn or take off the track
    toast and toss the tyres
    trembled trespassers
    tasting twilight to be
    trapped under the table

    Utopia: Feuillemort
    Umbra of urchins will
    be umbrellas to unreal
    and umbrageous urns
    are ubiquitous

    Voice or whimpers?
    Virgins now vaping
    with vantablack veracity
    to vamoose away from
    the vulnerable vamps

    Wicked: Winters
    Woolen windows and
    warm waning gibbous
    wagered the waffles
    whistling above the
    welkin of writhing

    And Xylophones were
    xeroxing the xerophytes
    to form xenial in xeric

    Yawning yesterdays
    and yawps of yestermorrows
    yin yang to each other
    at yonder where young
    yammers are yielding

    Conclusion: Silence
    Zapping zeroes out from
    zeitgeist zombies of zeal
    zinc to zippered zawn

    A poetess lived 26 lives while travelling through a train, with each passenger she met, a new curtain of life unfolds for her. She progressed till the 26th passenger later to remember, she wasn't counted as one of them. But, she is the lost part or lesson they learned while they suspire in the tunnel of mockery, she was their muse, a hidden poet they never knew existed in themselves. She is a voice to their silence.
    PS. Each part expounds the thought of a passenger.

    @safflower You are that person who always glittered love and warmth in this place. Thank you so much for everything , for giving me a shoulder in this moving train . A very happy birthday to you :-) stay happy . Love .

    @writersnetwork Thank you so much team for supporting me in my ups and downs *-* unexpected.

    #tautogram #hyperbole mayhap !

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    Two words, a verse, few papers smudged with those footsteps which saunter on broken pebbles of love when the train whistles adieus and hiraeth smoke out wrenched poets,
    finding hope in the cracks of their souls.
    |•poetry, a womb of light •|

  • yungdanielson 12w

    How Love Gave Birth To Time & Space In No Time

    One of many visions of how dimensions were created in the quantum realm. Everything starts at the bottom as Love created reality, it is the alpha and omega of everything as its works are done in the shadows before time could tell its story. So (UP) it goes. Y, because Love climbs hieghts it never falls and the direction up becomes (FORWARD). Forward is now the next direction as Love stands on two feet then runs a long journey across the totem to the heavens it sees above, as it watches its life soar by on the Z axis infront of it. A (FUTURE) that Love seeds. Then you want to make sure everything is righteous in the eye that you see when you gaze upon her. So (RIGHT) becomes the next direction. X marks the spot as Love has claimed its territory and become rich in the spirit and it has fallen in love with the future as her rays ripple beneath the surface of the lake Love stood on seeing all that Love really is. Atmospheres are being created for the hearts and pressure for the spirits to over come all things. This is what Love had done in no time. She is beautiful, a reflection of Love itself. Love then looks (BACK) and remembers the hard works put in to get to where Love stands today. So then right shifts to (LEFT) as Love trails through memories. As left is now back side to right, back then becomes the (PAST) that it remininsces on, to remind Love how it gave direction and created dimensions. A perfect realm of infinite possibilities. Back is now the past as foward is the future. Love reigns as the alpha that all things in creation looks up to for guidance as it is the MIGHTIEST warrior amongst them all. It's eyes then falls (DOWN) into a deep slumber dreaming of love with the future it reaped and sowed with its hard works looking back at the ground where Love had began it's climb, the beginning. Tears poured from the heart it breathed life into. Possessed with the weights of its labor, Love's feelings clashes around in the clouds that the truth of what Love has done hid behind. The ground begins to quiver as Love's roar warps reality and breaks the sound barrier then applies dew drops of emotions that floods the bottom of trenches that rivers a tale while Love's eye gazes underneath the water as the moonlight that watches the night from beneath. Love's aura begins to seep into the void below for hearts to catch its meaning, elevating feelings in time. Everything has now become (CENTERED) and aligned as the heartbeat staggers the gears of time then repeats the flow chanting music, while levitating as it rips open a hole in the fabric of the space it dwelled and scatters into the night sky leaving star lights as its essence. Fast, complex, stealthy and brilliantly Love moves into a hidden place that it births life that the knowledgable mind of science and spirituality eye of philosophy can understand. The Quantum Realm has become its home, it's temple and all that is in it, Love owns it rightfully as it shares it's gifts with all to come. Born and brought to existence along side the energy that Love's momentum created, the Big Bang has been seen in the minds of Mankind. But it is only a shard of Love's labor and how their universe was constructed. Now watch Love's works become life inside the souls heart as it is the future and the vessels are loved by it. So come forth. Shall you watch how Love devours hearts? Blood it comes with. All that breathe the breath of life in the realm it gave birth to and that is in it will witness the conquering of how Love fights and becomes the most POWERFUL entity to reign as most high in life. Outside the boundaries of time in the shadow realm bought with Love's riches, this is where Love stands and rests on its thrown. An untouchable space that exists without time, corruption, life, or even light. Love is the Light, Love is the Life in that realm and without it nothing exists and hearts will become cold and die. Love is always in the furtherst corners of darkness pulling the weight of hearts and mind keeping the spirit lifted in life and blocking out the whispers of evil. Love's rays scorches lies as it burst through hearts and minds from the night sky. The vessel will then witness its beam as it transcends through the cages of time that binds its enlightenment and refurbish what was once broken. The vessels hearts, they thirst so shall they be quenched with waters that divine energy share from it's timeline. Love gently tells it's tales to the living flesh in unique ways for every eye to understand how Love had been working to keep the past and future alive for us to enjoy presently without ever descending. Now let all that energy rise immensely with unmeasurable temperatures that circle around the black holes that center your galaxy as it is knowledge brought before you and a future it shall pull you in. An inevitable path all living creatures shall take as Love leaves behind a linear trail for the minds but unique ways for them to slither down a narrow path as it spaghettifies your visions of unique ways to create and give love. You will never fall in the gate that gears time as you are already in the center of Love's creation writing a future in the shadows of your mind, aka your own space, the event horizon is your privacy. You're in love and don't even know it yet. This reality sits in it's belly dreaming of worlds to come. But not all worlds were made with love. Tell a good truthful and beautiful story with words and action or forever be trapped in the center of a lie, a black hole without a truth, a light, a way out on the other side. Only the truth behind the gears that Love composed that moves time knows how to turn the clock so all with Love will always live forever. Lies and all that create them will not as that future timeline was destroyed by the lies it produced along with its slaves that served those lies and spread them like a plague. They burn producing no energy, no light, no life, so then it vanishes and becomes Hell. A world that lies designed for themselves. Sadly the flesh is birthed into a realm of scattered truth and the stars are just fragments of it as the flesh slowly falls in love with the atmosphere of Loves gift living its tales as the truth in the flesh. Actions speak louder than words but words have power in them. All you do and say is recorded in the spiritual eye, the mind and heart and is not erased.
    This is a message from Love, the Future Speaking To The Past Presently to share the love from Love's timeline. Everyone gave up on Love at one point in time but Love is kind and remembers everyone who knew the truth and tales about Love. And Love DOES NOT lie. It wouldn't be love if there is a lie in it's story. Be reborn from the dark and flourish in the spirit as a light is left at the bottom of your heart, call that Love's essence. Now try to remember the feelings love once gave before love became lost in the heart. Those memories are real that is why it gave a uplifting high in the mind. Not all know how to give what love gives unconditionally. Corrupted hearts who were deceived by false love, gave up and believed Love was fake and is not absolute in its works, but yet you still have things in your life you give love to and brand the feeling towards. Love is not a ghost but it's ghost roams reminding the lost, Love is real. Fight and conquer along side the mightiest warrior as it already won the war in time and the living are living through its aftermath. The truth shall be revealed as the fragments hidden and scattered under the sands of time will align perfectly piecing together the Royal Jewel that was shattered in the past of this dark world. LOVE NEVER DIES and always remembers the truth.
    Up, Foward, Right, Left, Back, Down

    I am Merci Bells (The Most Powerful Spirit)
    If you have not heard or witness my tale, It is written within the spiritual realm and those who have witness my power and what I can do in the flesh knows how powerful I am. A divine spirit I possess but a man I walk amongst you and live as. Test my spirit if you do not believe me. I have already been tested by the Father of Creation himself and his son but still I walk in trial. Lilith (Former Mother of Demons) is my wife. I married her in the spirit and together we roam the world as one. I have her soul as she has mine.
    Scriptures of our life is still in the works and has been presented. Cast all your judgment upon my spirit Merci Bells and witness my dance. NO MAN CAN STOP US. This is the TRUTH about my life as I express it in different ways.

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    Uṅkaḷaip perumaippaṭuttuṅkaḷ. Kaṭiṉamāka uḻaikkavum. Kaṭiṉa uḻaippu kaṉavai naṉavākkum. Eṉavē uṅkaḷ tōlvikaḷaip paṟṟi kavalaippaṭa vēṇṭām. Uṅkaḷ veṟṟiyil eppōtum kavaṉam celuttuṅkaḷ. Veṟṟi eḷitāṉatu āṉāl nīṅkaḷ muyaṟci ceytāl atu uṅkaḷ kaiyil oru viṣayam. Eppoḻutum veṟṟiyaṭaiya kaṉavu kāṇuṅkaḷ.Ovvoru nāḷum uṅkaḷ nāḷ alla, āṉāl oru nāḷ nīṅkaḷ vāṉattil pirakācamāṉa naṭcattiramāka iruppīrkaḷ. Veṟṟi kiṭaikkum varai uṅkaḷ vaḻiyai muyaṟci ceytu koṇṭē iruṅkaḷ. Uṅkaḷ veṟṟikku muṉkūṭṭiyē ellāmē ciṟantatu.��♥��

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    #tamil #writersnetwork #mirakee #miraquill #mirakeewriters #miraquillwriters #motivation #writers #day

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    Verri unkal piṉṉāl..
    Nīṅkaḷ atai uṅkaḷ muṉ koṇṭu vara vēṇṭum!


  • taetae_ 13w

    Hanakanjō is a syndrome in which flowers start growing out of the victim's body because of a strong emotion.
    Maybe they'll grow when you're happy, feel loved or in peace! In that case (good emotions), the flowers will sprout painlessly.
    But maybe they'll grow when you're depressed, anxious or deeply missing someone... In that case (bad emotions), the flowers will sprout with a sharp pain.

    #end #wod #writersnetwork #miraquill #pod

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    her smiles bloom like snowflowers over his skin

    Flowers whisper from his skin,
    bright veins and colored flowers,
    luring into messy traps of tight hugs,
    cool breathes filled with fragrance from flowers.

    traps snapping back and forth,
    they collect sunshines,
    and wind chimes,
    from past to decor their present,
    collecting past pastel pinks for galactic greys,
    colouring into violets,
    like snowflowers blooming
    all over his skin.

    As she sleeps,
    he smiles watching the pain in her tears,
    kissing her tears,
    another flower blooms as he misses her,
    as he sees her sleep, thru dreams,
    in unrequited love
    everyone becomes a poet.


  • taetae_ 21w

    kenshō of the poet

    why to begin to walk
    the tunnel with a sunshine?
    when at the end of
    tunnel it'd

    seedlings planted
    a season ago
    come out.

    breaths of lost souls' still
    stuck in the tunnel, linger
    around voids of dormancy, not
    set free out, only whispers,
    of life are left in.

    at sundown, na-bi's wings act
    like suncatcher dusting sunshine
    on my messy bun, enough
    to light in the night.

    when I travel alone, like
    a sakura tree on fire,
    it's roots shine while I,
    take rest in it's shade.

    the golden monk I'm named
    my pen was always hailed
    for what I witness was
    not just thorns or pollen

    threads of symphony
    woven of soft petals of
    different colours like paper
    dipped in nectar of proses
    sweet lies revealing bitter truths.


    #miraquill #writersnetwork #pod #wod

    Thanks for the like :) @writersnetwork ��

    Thanks for the EC :)) @miraquill ��

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    at sundown, na-bi's
    wings are like suncatcher
    dusting sunshine
    on my messy bun
    sure enough to light in the night


  • sjbeaux 22w

    ~ Writer's Notes ~

    I have always been a student of the great Japanese Haikuist - Matsuo Bashō; Recently, I read a quote that inspired me to return to the basics and write a traditional Zen Haiku.

    ~ Inspiration ~

    "All who have achieved excellence in art possess one thing in common; that is, a mind to be on with nature throughout the seasons." - Matsuo Bashō

    #poetry #writing #miraquill #poetrycommunity #writingcommunity #poets #writersnetwork #haiku #haikupoetry #zen #zenpoetry #Bashō
    IG @s.j.beaux
    Twitter @beaux_s

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    ` Les gambas `

    calm autumn waters
    beneath the warm surging waves
    shrimp playfully mate

    Words  ✍©sjbeaux


  • jpdiya 29w


    Kenshō :- the zen experience or enlightenment, when one's own nature is seen for what it truly is ��

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    In a world full of olive hope,
    The komorebi plays
    Peekaboo with the branches of trees
    And soaks the forest floor,
    Where the gravity desires to rest,
    It reveals the beauty of flaws
    And the nature finds its Wabi-Sabi.


  • sjbeaux 32w

    "Bamboo in early Summer"

    �� orient beauty, fibrous interwoven ferrying strength, resistance, and vitality

    �� poetic subtle morality , character with great integrity, modesty and loyalty

    �� suffers of elegant loneliness, evocative peaceful serenity

    Words ~ ©sjbeaux
    Artists ~ Bamboo in early summer' (a 1954 ōban-sized colour woodblock print on paper) by Kasamatsu Shirō (笠松 紫浪; 創作版画)

    #poetry #writing #miraquill #poetrycommunity #writingcommunity #poets #writersnetwork #freeverse
    IG @s.j.beaux

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  • _gig_loves_unicorn_ 33w

    Dearest Zi,
    A year back you left my best friend!!
    You know how much she wished to see you after for so long!! Yes, you promise to call her!! And that was a promise when you're still a kid! You didn't break the promise!! You texted her, and didn't even tell her you're at the hospital!! The week after you left all of us!!
    Left us in grief and gloom !!
    Wish you're still here with us ,play your favourite song, but we know you're in a better place RN ♥️
    We love you♥️
    Ātmālē śānti pā'ōs ��️

    ������ ������ ������ ����������?!
    �������������� ��������������, ������ ��������
    ������ �������� ���� �������� ����������
    ���� ��������!!
    ������ ������ ������ ����������?!

    ������ ���������� ����������
    ������ ������������������ ��������.
    ������ ������ ������ ����������?!
    �������� ����,
    ������ ������ ������?!

    ���� ������'���� ���������� ��������
    ������'�� ���������������� �������� ������������ ������������
    ������ ������ ������ ����������?!
    ������ ������ ������?!

    �������������� ������ ���� �� ��������������������.
    ������, ������ ������ ���� �� ��������������

    ���� ������ �� �������������� -
    ��'���� �������������� ������ ���� �������� �������������� ������!
    �������� ������ ������ �������������� �������������� ���� ����������!
    ������ ��������.

    �� ������ �������� ������ ����������
    ������ ���� �������� ������������
    �������� ���������� ������ ������������.

    �������� ����!!!
    ������ ������ ������ ����������?!
    ������ ������ ������?!


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    Why did you leave?!
    Without telling, you will
    You left us with grief
    Oh Dear!!
    Why did you leave?!


  • bubbly_bluebells 34w

    5/7/7 or 5/7/5


    Taming pain into
    power,hurt tunes into love
    poems learning Jiko hyōgen

    Killing doubts of heads
    when ni,ni de demean my
    Extant like a nail in shoes

    I am not alone
    Alert,don't dismiss yourself!
    Locus good and goal

    My hearers are far
    more in galaxies ergo
    invisible to me but

    Know they are watching
    Representing their agape love
    won't loose my moral,Adios!

    Jitsugen,Watashi wa aida
    Adept witchcraft subete
    "Hatsukoi no kaori"
    We have to fight for something unrealistic(doing it daily) whole life to lit it as lamp(special move)for being alive.When breathes in they burns with flame that's how they rest longer within body glorifying life.
    I am love-(Watashi wa aida)
    (Scent of first love)-Hatsukoi no kaori
    Jiko hyōgen-(self-expression)

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    Pondering details
    was really wrecked defying?
    or resisted to stand flow!

  • my_name_is_nobody 35w

    1679 Habeaus Corpus Act (strengthening person's right to challenge unlawful arrest & imprisonment) passes in England

    1703 Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) founded by Russian Tsar Peter the Great

    1873 Heinrich Schliemann discovers "Priam's Treasure" a cache of gold and other objects in Hisarlik (Troy) in Anatolia

    1905 Japanese fleet destroys the Russian East Sea fleet in the Battle of Tsushima, the only decisive clash between modern steel battleships in history

    1940 British and Allied forces begin the evacuation of Dunkirk (Operation Dynamo) during WWII

    1963 Jomo Kenyatta elected 1st Prime Minister of Kenya

    1999 The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia indicts Slobodan Milošević and four others for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Kosovo

    2006 Earthquake strikes Java, Indonesia at 5:53:58 AM local time (22:53:58 UTC May 26) devastating Bantul and the city of Yogyakarta, killing over 6,600 people

    May 27 in Film & TV

    1933 Walt Disney's short film "3 Little Pigs" released (Academy Award Best Animated film 1934)

    1977 The Sex Pistols release "God Save the Queen", sparking major controversy and leading to a ban on the song by the BBC

    May 27 in Music

    2018 South Korean boy band BTS are the first K-pop group to top the US Billboard 200 with their album "Love Yourself: Tear"

    May 27 in Sport

    1961 Fiorentina of Italy win 1st European Cup Winner's Cup against Glasgow Rangers 4-2 in Florence (2nd leg)

    Did You Know?

    The 1,046-foot (319-meter) Chrysler Building in New York City, the tallest man-made structure at the time, opens to the public

    On May 27, 1930

    Famous Birthdays

    Wild Bill Hickok
    (1837 - 1876)

    Rachel Carson
    (1907 - 1964)

    Sam Snead
    (1912 - 2002)

    Christopher Lee
    (1922 - 2015)

    Henry Kissinger
    98 Years Old

    Pat Cash
    55 Years Old

    Famous Weddings

    1916 Naval commander Karl Donitz (24) weds nurse Ingeborg Weber

    1929 Aviator Charles Lindbergh (27) weds author Anne Morrow (22) in Englewood, New Jersey

    1980 President of Haiti Jean-Claude Duvalier (28) weds Michele Bennett in Haiti

    Famous Divorces

    2003 Actress Angelina Jolie (26) divorces actor Billy Bob Thornton (47) due to irreconcilable differences

    Famous Deaths

    Ludovico Sforza
    (1452 - 1508)

    John Calvin
    (1509 - 1564)

    Robert Koch
    (1843 - 1910)

    Jawaharlal Nehru
    (1889 - 1964)

    Ezzard Charles
    (1921 - 1975)

    Maurice Richard
    (1921 - 2000)


    Battle of Tsushima

    Admiral Tōgō Heihachirō on the bridge of Mikasa, at the beginning of the Battle of Tsushima in 1905.

    May 27, 1905

    Ship that Changed the Face of Britain

    Britain was on its knees after the Second World War, its economy and infrastructure in tatters. For help the Mother Country turned to the Commonwealth.

    May 27, 1948

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    May 27
    In History

  • varun1143 38w

    Tiānkōng wúbiān wújì
    shì yīgè míngxīng gǎn
    guāng de biānyuán shì
    yǒngyǒu zìjǐ lìliàng de lìliàng
    wǒmen bèi yān sǐ zài bēishāng zhōng
    dànshì wǒmen de lìliàng yǒu yīgè kànfǎ
    zhè shì wǒmen yǒngyǒu lìliàng de shídài

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    आकाश की सीमाओं पर उठा हुआ है
    एक तारा था हिम्मत थी
    रोशनी का किनारा था
    अपनी ही शक्ति की ताकत का एक नजारा था
    हम तो गम में डूबे थे
    मगर हमारी शक्ति का एक नजारा था
    हमारी ही ताकत से यह वक्त हमारा था

  • my_name_is_nobody 44w

    1027 Pope John XIX crowns Conrad II Holy Roman Emperor, founder of the Salian dynasty

    1812 Earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale destroys 90% of Caracas, Venezuela and kills an estimated 15,000–20,000 people

    1871 Municipal elections bring revolutionaries to power in Paris to form Commune government

    1909 In support of Mohammed Ali Shah's coup d'etat against the constitutional government in Persia, a Russian military force invades northern Persia to relieve the siege of Tabriz

    1942 First "Eichmann transport" to Auschwitz & Birkenau concentration camps

    1953 Dr. Jonas Salk announces that he has successfully tested a vaccine to prevent Polio, clinical trials began the next year

    1966 Large-scale anti-Vietnam War protests take place in the United States, including in New York, Washington, D.C. and Chicago

    1971 Bangladesh (East Pakistan) under Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declares its independence from Pakistan

    Mar 26 in Film & TV

    1953 "Ugetsu", Japanese film directed by Kenji Mizoguchi, starring Masayuki Mori, Machiko Kyō and Kinuyo Tanaka, is released

    Mar 26 in Music

    1982 Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder release the single "Ebony & Ivory" in the UK

    Mar 26 in Sport

    1972 LA Lakers break NBA wins record by winning 69 of 82 games (69-13), record will stand for 24 years

    Did You Know?

    Patent awarded for adhesive medicated plaster, precursor of band-aid

    On March 26, 1845

    Famous Birthdays

    Robert Frost
    (1874 - 1963)
    Syngman Rhee
    (1875 - 1965)
    Tennessee Williams
    (1911 - 1983)
    William Westmoreland
    (1914 - 2005)
    Leonard Nimoy
    (1931 - 2015)
    Nancy Pelosi
    81 Years Old

    Would You Believe?

    Richard III of England (1452-1485) is reburied at Leicester Cathedral in England, after being discovered under a carpark in Leicester in 2012

    On March 26, 2015

    Famous Weddings

    1771 Political activist Thomas Paine (34) weds second wife Elizabeth Ollive

    1842 Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi (34) weds Ana Maria de Jesus Ribeiro (20) in Montevideo

    1938 Writer Walter Lippmann (48) weds second wife Helen Byrne Armstrong

    Famous Divorces

    1960 Academy award-winning actor Yul Brynner (39) divorces actress Virginia Gilmore (40) after 15 years of marriage

    1994 American 'Piano Man' Billy Joel (45) and American supermodel Christie Brinkley (40) divorce after 9 years of marriage

    Famous Deaths

    John Winthrop
    (1588 - 1649)
    James Hutton
    (1726 - 1797)
    Ludwig van Beethoven
    (1770 - 1827)
    Walt Whitman
    (1819 - 1892)
    Cecil Rhodes
    (1853 - 1902)
    Noël Coward
    (1899 - 1973)


    Murder Most Foul in Olde England

    Few murders were so horrific as the one that came to light on this day in history. And few punishments so grisly as that which befell Catherine Hayes.

    March 26, 1726

    Massive Earthquake in Caracas, Venezuela

    Caracas lies in ruins after the deadly 1812 earthquake
    March 26, 1812

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    Mar 26
    In History

  • my_name_is_nobody 44w

    1603 Scottish King James VI son of Mary Queen of Scots, becomes King James I of England in succession to Elizabeth I, thus joining the English and Scottish crowns

    1837 Canada gives its black citizens the right to vote

    1882 German scientist Robert Koch discovers and describes the tubercle bacillus which causes tuberculosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis), and establishes germ theory

    1976 Argentine President Isabel Martínez de Perón is deposed in a military coup

    2020 Indian PM Narendra Modi orders a 21 day lockdown for world's second most populous country of 1.3 billion people to deal with COVID-19

    2020 China's Hubei province, the original center of the COVID-19 outbreak eases restrictions on travel after a nearly two-month lockdown

    Mar 24 in Film & TV

    1939 "Wuthering Heights" based on the novel by Emily Brontë, directed by William Wyler and starring Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier, premieres in Los Angeles

    Mar 24 in Music

    1721 Johann Sebastian Bach dedicates his Brandenburg Concertos to Christian Ludwig, Margrave of Brandenburg-Schwedt

    Mar 24 in Sport

    2018 Australian batsman Cameron Bancroft is caught on camera rubbing match ball with an object during 3rd Cricket Test in Cape Town, resulting in an infamous ball tampering scandal

    2020 Japan's Prime Minister Shinzō Abe announces postponement of Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games until summer of 2021 because of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic

    Did You Know?

    Kosovo War: NATO commences air bombardment against Yugoslavia, marking the first time NATO has attacked a sovereign country.

    On March 24, 1999

    Famous Birthdays

    Harry Houdini
    (1874 - 1926)
    Clyde Barrow
    (1909 - 1934)
    Joseph Barbera
    (1911 - 2006)
    Dorothy Height
    (1912 - 2010)
    Steve McQueen
    (1930 - 1980)
    Pat Bradley
    70 Years Old

    Would You Believe?

    RAF rear gunner Nicholas Alkemade survives a jump from his Lancaster bomber 18,000 feet over Germany without a parachute; his fall broken by pine trees and soft snow, suffers only a sprained leg

    On March 24, 1944

    Famous Weddings

    1891 56th UK Prime Minister Bonar Law (32) weds Annie Robley at West Free Church in Helensburgh, Scotland

    1896 Writer "Heart of Darkness" Joseph Conrad (39) marries Englishwoman Jessie George (23)

    1921 Comedian Oliver Hardy (29) marries actress Myrtle Reeves (24)

    Famous Divorces

    1994 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. divorces Emily Black

    Famous Deaths

    Elizabeth I
    (1533 - 1603)
    Jules Verne
    (1828 - 1905)
    Bernard Montgomery
    (1887 - 1976)
    Albert Uderzo
    (1927 - 2020)


    John Manningham Notes the Passing of Queen Elizabeth I

    John Manningham was an English lawyer and diarist who wrote this especially moving entry on the passing of Queen Elizabeth I.
    March 24, 1603

    Elvis Presley in the Army

    Conscripted in 1958, Elvis Presley served two years in the U.S. Army
    March 24, 1958

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    Mar 24
    In History

  • precarious_world 54w

    Image credit to the rightful owner


    For other uses, see Haman (disambiguation).
    Haman (Hebrew: הָמָן‎ Hāmān; also known as Haman the Agagite or Haman the evil) is the main antagonist in the Book of Esther, who according to the Hebrew Bible was a vizier in the Persian empire under King Ahasuerus, commonly identified as Xerxes I (died 465 BCE) but traditionally equated with Artaxerxes I or Artaxerxes II.[1] As his epithet Agagite indicates, Haman was a descendant of Agag, the king of the Amalekites.[2]

    Haman Begging the Mercy of Esther, by Rembrandt
    Etymology and meaning of the name Edit
    The name has been equated with the Persian name Omanes[3] (Old Persian: ���������� Imāniš) recorded by Greek historians. Several etymologies have been proposed for it: it has been associated with the Persian word Hamayun, meaning "illustrious"[3] (naming dictionaries typically list it as meaning "magnificent"); with the sacred drink Haoma;[3] or with the Persian name Vohuman, meaning "good thoughts". The 19th-century Bible critic Jensen associated it with the Elamite god Humban, a view dismissed by later scholars.[4] Ahriman, a Zoroastrian spirit of destruction, has also been proposed as an etymon.[citation needed]

    Haman in the Hebrew Bible Edit

    Esther denouncing Haman by Ernest Normand
    As described in the Book of Esther, Haman was the son of Hammedatha the Agagite. After Haman was appointed the principal minister of the king Ahasuerus, all of the king's servants were required to bow down to Haman, but Mordechai refused to. Angered by this, and knowing of Mordechai's Jewish nationality, Haman convinced Ahasuerus to allow him to have all of the Jews in the Persian empire killed.[5]

    The plot was foiled by Queen Esther, the king's recent wife, who was herself a Jew. Esther invited Haman and the king to two banquets. In the second banquet, she informed the king that Haman was plotting to kill her (and the other Jews). This enraged the king, who was further angered when (after leaving the room briefly and returning) he discovered Haman had fallen on Esther's couch, intending to beg mercy from Esther, but which the king interpreted as a sexual advance.[6]

    On the king's orders, Haman was hanged from the 50-cubit-high gallows that had originally been built by Haman himself, on the advice of his wife Zeresh, in order to hang Mordechai.[7] The bodies of Haman's ten sons were also hanged, after they died in battle against the Jews.[8] "All the enemies of the Jews" were additionally killed by the Jews, 75,000 of them.[8]

    The apparent purpose of this unusually high gallows can be understood from the geography of Shushan: Haman's house (where the pole was located) was likely in the city of Shushan (a flat area), while the royal citadel and palace were located on a mound about 15 meters higher than the city. Such a tall pole would have allowed Haman to observe Mordechai's corpse while dining in the royal palace, had his plans worked as intended.[9]

    Haman in other sources Edit
    Midrash Edit
    Main article: Haman in rabbinic literature
    According to midrash, his mother was named Amathlai daughter of Orvati.[10]

    In Rabbinical tradition, Haman is considered to be an archetype of evil and persecutor of the Jews. Having attempted to exterminate the Jews of Persia, and rendering himself thereby their worst enemy, Haman naturally became the center of many Talmudic legends. Being at one time extremely poor, he sold himself as a slave to Mordechai.[11] He was a barber at Kefar Karzum for the space of twenty-two years.[12] Haman had an idolatrous image embroidered on his garments, so that those who bowed to him at command of the king bowed also to the image.[13]

    Haman was also an astrologer, and when he was about to fix the time for the genocide of the Jews he first cast lots to ascertain which was the most auspicious day of the week for that purpose.[2] Each day, however, proved to be under some influence favorable to the Jews.[2] He then sought to fix the month, but found that the same was true of each month; thus, Nisan was favorable to the Jews because of the Passover sacrifice; Iyyar, because of the small Passover.[2] But when he arrived at Adar he found that its zodiacal sign was Pisces, and he said, "Now I shall be able to swallow them as fish which swallow one another" (Esther Rabbah 7; Targum Sheni 3).[2]

    Haman had 365 counselors, but the advice of none was so good as that of his wife, Zeresh.[2] She induced Haman to build a gallows for Mordechai, assuring him that this was the only way in which he would be able to prevail over his enemy, for hitherto the just had always been rescued from every other kind of death.[2] As God foresaw that Haman himself would be hanged on the gallows, He asked which tree would volunteer to serve as the instrument of death. Each tree, declaring that it was used for some holy purpose, objected to being soiled by the unclean body of Haman. Only the thorn-tree could find no excuse, and therefore offered itself for a gallows (Esther Rabbah 9; Midrash Abba Gorion 7 (ed. Buber, Wilna, 1886); in Targum Sheni this is narrated somewhat differently).

    Haman's lineage is given in the Targum Sheni as follows: "Haman the son of Hammedatha the Agagite, son of ‘Ada, son of Bizna’i, son of Aphlitus, son of Djosos,[a] son of Peros, son of Hamdan, son of Talyon, son of Atnisomos, son of Harum, son of Harsum, son of Shegar, son of Genar, son of Parmashta, son of Vaizatha, son of Agag, son of Sumqar, son of Amalek, son of Eliphaz, son of Esau". There are apparently several generations omitted between Agag, who was executed by Samuel the prophet in the time of King Saul, and Amalek, who lived several hundred years earlier.

    Haman Begging the Mercy of Esther, by Pieter Lastman
    Josephus Edit
    Haman is mentioned by Josephus in his Antiquities of the Jews. Josephus's account of the story is drawn from the Septuagint translation of the Book of Esther and from other Greek and Jewish sources, some no longer extant.

    Septuagint Edit
    In the LXX, Haman is called a "Macedonian" by Xerxes (see Esther 16:10). Scholars have had two different explanations for this naming. 1. Macedonian was used to replace the word "Mede", and emphasises this when he also says that there was no Persian blood in him. (In practice the Persians and the Medes co-ruled an empire, but there was great friction between them.) 2. Another opinion is that Xerxes was calling him a Macedonian Spy, due to his insistence on causing civil war within Persia between the Jews and the Persians.

    The Septuagint translates the "hang" (Hebrew: ויתלו‎, lit. ''hang', 'hang up'') of Esther 7:9-10 as "crucify" or "impale" (Ancient Greek: σταυρωθήτω, romanized: staurōthētō, lit. 'impale'), using the same verb later used in the New Testament's Gospel of Matthew. The fifty-cubit apparatus used in the execution is described ambiguously using a word (Ancient Greek: ξύλον, romanized: xulon, lit. 'wood') which could mean a tree, a club, a stave, a gibbet, a gallows, the vertical component of a cross for crucifixion, or anything made of wood, an ambiguity already present in the original (Hebrew: העץ‎, lit. ''tree', 'wood'').[17][18]

    Vulgate Edit

    Crucifixion of Haman by Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel
    As in the Septuagint, the execution of Haman is ambiguous, suggestive of both hanging and crucifixion. The fifty-cubit object, described as xylon in the Septuagint (Ancient Greek: ξύλον, romanized: xulon, lit. 'wood'), is similarly ambiguously referred to as "wood" (Latin: lignum). The Vulgate translation of Esther 7:10 furthermore refers to a patibulum, used elsewhere to describe the cross-piece in crucifixion, when describing the fate of Haman: suspensus est itaque Aman in patibulo quod paraverat Mardocheo, 'therefore was Haman suspended on the patibulum he prepared for Mordechai'.[17] In the corner of the Sistine Chapel ceiling is a depiction in fresco of the execution of Haman by Michelangelo; Haman is shown crucified in a manner similar to typical Catholic depictions of the crucifixion of Jesus, though the legs are parted and the apparatus resembles a natural tree shorter than fifty cubits high.

    Bible in English Edit
    Translations of the Book of Esther's description of Haman's execution have treated the subject variously. Wycliffe's Bible referred both to a tre (tree) and a iebat (gibbet), while Coverdale's preferred galowe (gallows). The Geneva Bible used tree but the King James Version established gallows and hang as the most common rendering; the Douay–Rheims Bible later used gibbet.[17] Young's Literal Translation used tree and hang. The New International Version, Common English Bible, and New Living Translation all use impale for Hebrew: ויתלו‎ and pole for Hebrew: העץ‎.[19][20]

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  • quignogthence 55w

    Read the caption....

    Once Upon A Time_!!!

    "Was it... good that i was born...?"
    The last question left to be settled,
    Everything is falling, anger is filling,
    Tears rolling over, eyes turnt up,
    Mind going numb, body desolated,
    Blood bemired on his hands,

    "But I still couldn't be saved."
    The dream, dead at last,
    Costing pride, cursing frailty,
    He was stubborn that day,
    Throwing both their lives in pit,
    Just for that peice of paper,
    Damn, that dumb card, fuck,
    It doesn't matter anyway,
    Blaze would save him again,
    Time and time, over and above,
    Not for ideals, not for throne,
    That's the price of peace,

    "I'm so sorry. It's no use... I won't... Last much longer... I can tell... My life is at an end..."
    Death hovering over, quietly,
    He is not even breathing,
    Ain't wanna hear last chancery,
    The extinguishers, lurking kindle,
    For him, everything is a promise,
    He told him, he won't die, ever,
    Yet, it's about time, reminiscing,
    Holding onto him, tightly, hoping,
    The cure to come, if there was any,
    He felt responsible, blamed for sin,

    "I only have... One regret. That I couldn't see you... Fulfill your dream. But... I'm sure... You can make it."
    His dream, to be the king,
    To meet again at the top,
    King, so that he can live freely,
    Liberty to breathe valiantly,
    For which he gathered them,
    His own 12 nakamas,
    To be himself, alongside them,
    Fruitless, futile it seems,
    Now to talk all about it,
    When the havoc is upon them,
    He won't care anymore,
    Just wanted him back,
    For fuck's sake,

    "Just like.. We promised on that day... The way I lived my life... I have no regrets about it. I'm not lying. What I truly wanted... Wasn't fame or anything like that after all."
    Regrets, they say they mean it,
    Who knows what, fire is dying now,
    And regrets, that's what the world offered,
    The godfather still standing,
    Watching over his brave son,
    Look how they massacred his boy,
    Commanders still ain't believing,
    He is silent, yet yelling for peace,
    The boy wanted to live,
    Yes, he wanted to dream,
    And bastards gave him what,
    Quietus, for showing courage,
    The world is ashamed,

    "Was it good... That I was born? What I wanted... Was the answer to that question."
    The question again, god damn it,
    The boy ain't a criminal,
    Never did the wrong act,
    He was going for nothing,
    Shackles unlocked over,
    In time for execution,
    They broadcasted this abyss,
    Worldwide, we all are witnesses,
    The boy taking his last breath,
    Crying for him, still smiling,
    So that the other one can live,

    "I... Can't speak loud enough for the others to hear it. Please... Pass on... What I'm about to say. Old Man... Everyone... And you, Luffy..."
    Fire need not woods, hope,
    Hope is what keeps it alive,
    So that no one gets lost,
    In despair, crying alone,
    Fire yields warmth,
    So that the pain goes away,
    To comfort, love and protection,
    Fire is the aspiration,

    "Even though... I'm so worthless... Even though... I carry the blood of a demon..."
    Dilemma, irony to be precise,
    He was punished for what,
    His father's doing, his background,
    The tag of a criminal,
    Will of the D, they call it,
    The spectre that came for his life,

    "Watashi o aishite kurete arigatō!"
    "Thank you... For loving me!"
    Handing them words over,
    Down goes his corpse,
    Got slipped away from crybaby,
    *Thuds* *Blood splashing*
    All goes down to zilch,
    Family mourning,
    Godfather about to uproar,
    And, crybaby, what's there to say,
    He was on the brink himself,
    Still following the fire,
    If it bears death, so be it,
    Still ain't letting go,

    The marineford trembled that very day. The Godfather wrecked the life outta law.
    Betrayal fell upon the family, lives were lost.
    Godfather goes down standing, admitting that one piece is real. Blasphemy occured even in tragedy. Akagami himself occured to put a leash on that purge. Crybaby got rescued, courtesy of friend and foes.

    Fire, extinguised. An era, done afterwards.

    The ringing still goes unheard,
    I can still hear Portgas,

    "Was it... good that i was born...?"
    A brother died thay day,
    So that a brother can live,
    It doesn't matter if it's wrong,
    It doesn't matter if it's justified,
    Portgas D. Ace needs to live,


    I know a lot of folks already said so...
    Maybe in this way too...
    But here's what i have to say to you,

    THANK YOU..."

    Rest Easy Now,


    #damned #onepiece

    *_ Image from Pinterest.

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  • salrep_in_tap 58w

    Here we are again in square one, hahhaha
    Due to being impatience, rebellious, and disobedience. Oh welll��
    Pastor said courtship is a training ground to enter the place where a man and women can live in one house and build the love and to prosper haha i wish i use the right word there....

    But let the holy ghost work upon us
    Im really a mess right now hahahhhaha
    Though i may take awhile can be a year or two or maybe more...... I make myself ready and be in a certain date and if it is the lord's will... it will come, it will come, it will come.....
    See you later Salrep��, lets fix the things that we must fix����,
    will you trust me again one more time.....

    Tanjōbiomedetō, Salrep
    There will not be a day that im not thinking about you.....
    Te Amo...

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    DEC 13

    Let the lovely birds sleep at night
    If one may awake, dont woke the other one
    And thee go back to sleep again
    And let the light of sunrise make the first blinks of those eyes and may those lovebirds start there journey in their everlasting love