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  • hmxvibe 15m

    Bemisaal ho ��

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    Tum bhi kya kamaal ho,
    Sukoon bhari khayaal ho.


  • hmxvibe 1h

    Ehsaas bayaan karte chalo ����

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    Mehfil-e-dil mein zikr tera hai,
    Jo na hua kisi ka woh tera hai,

    Aana tum saath waqt lekar saara,
    Subah se shaam intezaar hai.


  • borahae_07 1h

    I will surely post something ���� #borahae_07

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    Sorry, I haven't posted anything today.... I was quite busy


  • hmxvibe 2h

    Ishaare saare khule milenge ��

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    Kuch lafz mere bhi,
    Kuch alfaaz tumhare bhi,

    Kuch nadaniyan meri bhi,
    Kuch ishaare tumhare bhi.


  • azlal_ 2h

    She was a creature of the night.
    The moon, her sun.
    The stars, her fireflies.


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  • gowithsagar 2h

    Confusion or what?
    People confuse between this or that.
    But sometimes I confront myself in the most profound self talks.

    This always happens when the process of thinking in the night gets some kick start. IDK but it's like defeating self or overtaking own thinking. Isn't it funny though?

    P.S. : My friend (@vi_w_ek) would read it and will definitely laugh as I had used the word 'profound' in it. �� And we had a reason to laugh on this word ��

    �� #gowithsagar #pod
    �� @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Confusion or what?

    People confuse between this or that.
    But sometimes I confront myself in the most profound self talks.


  • nargis7 2h

    "Forgiveness is the Crown of High Morals".��✨
    #Mecca #Madina #peace

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    "Forgiveness is the Crown of High Morals".

    _Imam Aliع

  • myhiddenlies 2h

    The moment we met we grew apart
    While being supposedly close
    With the distance we had


  • jikimi 3h

    #vacation #wod

    A summer trip with my family to beaches, though I haven't been there in life, I tried my best to sculpt moments and scenarios of sea and sun, and chairs and shops....♡

    Hope you like it @miraquill @writersnetwork

    And I asked the sun
    'You are alone too, like me. But still you shine' ��

    Skip it....
    Unfortunately its long.....��

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    The summer scent crawls my feet and the smell of sand freshens my nose....

    The summer scent crawls my feet
    As I, unaware of the earth jump in
    The ocean with sand still wet in my
    Feet. The glittering water from the
    Sea, mixed with shells and pearls,
    I shout with merriment and call my
    Parents to look at what I have found.

    Sometimes I create a thick solution
    Of sand and water and sculpt a castle
    For my family, or sometimes I unhesi-
    Tatingly transfigure into a kid and
    Jump like a trampoline down the sailing
    Blue. Coconut trees give us shade,
    Under them in the cosy chairs I sit,
    Goggles in my eyes staring at the sun,
    Asking him 'you are alone too, like me.
    But still you shine'.

    Small stores near beaches that stand,
    My sister shouts to the shopkeeper
    'Uncle!, four sweets please!' And the
    Smiling man at the smiling little
    Girl, hands it over, and when she hands
    Out money in return, he refuses answering
    'Your cuteness, little'.

    All the depression, stress and career
    That I had in my mind, now seems like
    The sand flowed by the glittering, jewelled
    Water that sweeps again and again.
    Maybe I am not so good at explaining
    Scenarios but the caterpillars in my mind
    Are now turned to butterflies that fly
    Through my brain and create a jigsaw of
    Vivid memories and memoirs with my
    Cute little family and the sun, which
    After being alone, still shines...


  • miss__jyoti 6h

    एक नई शुरुआत!��

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    एक वक्त ऐसा भी आता है
    जब सब कुछ पीछे छूट जाता है
    और आप खुद को वही पाते हों जहां से शुरुआत की थी


  • colourful_berry 7h

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    ��������‍♀️�� Tumko Wafa Raas Nhi Aayi Toh Mai Kya Karu

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    Yr,,,mai kam samay me hi
    Badi Baat Kar Deti Hoon
    I accept

    Lekin ,if pura na ho paye
    Toh vajah samne wala rahta hai
    Mai nhi ‍♀️‍♀️
    Accept it too


  • navyaksingh_ 8h


    ज़ख्मों से रूबरू, दुनिया से वाक़िफ बैठा है,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    जज़्बातों में लगन लगाए हुए बैठा है,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    अपने ही किस्सों के पन्नों में मग्रूर बैठा है,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    सफ़र कुछ यादों का, अपने होठों में दबाए बैठा है,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    मायूसी भरी मुस्कान लिए बैठा है,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    अपनी दिल्लगी में ही ज़िंदा बैठा है,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    बेजुबान सा रिश्ता मन में संजोए बैठा है,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    ख़ामोश रह कर भी गिले हज़ार बोल जाए,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    अपनी भीगी आखों से ज़िन्दगी को नया साज़ देने बैठा है,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    उन गलियों में गुज़रता, यादों में टटोलता है,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    शायरी का रुतबा बढ़ाए,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    कलम पुरानी, पर शब्द और जज़्बात नए लाए,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    अपनी कलम से जादूगरी बिखराए हुए है,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    मोहब्बत की सियाही में शब्दों को पिरोए बैठा है,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    जाम के नशे में मदहोश, दरिया किनारे बैठा है,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    वह कदम उठाए, तो एक तलब उठे,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    इश्क़ को नई रंगत देने की राह पर चला है,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..
    जिससे मिले, उस पर अपनी छाप छोड़ चलता है,
    कुछ ऐसा उस्ताद है वो..

    समझ नहीं आता, आख़िर कैसा उस्ताद है वो...!
    उसकी उस्तादी में चेतनता है,
    या चेतनता में उस्तादी...
    मानो वो एक फूल की कलम है,
    जो आज की कोमलता से सबका कल मेहकाएगा...

    माना, की आज वो उस्ताद गम की बेड़ियों में बंधा है,
    पर अपनी रोनी सूरत के पीछे,
    एक चमकता सितारा छुपाए बैठा है ।
    कल, ये ही उस्ताद, अपनी उस्तादी से उन बेड़ियों को तोड़ेगा,
    एक सुंदर आज़ाद पंछी सा उड़ेगा,
    नज़र में आते ही, भीड़ खड़ी कर देगा,
    सभी के दिलों पर सजा सरताज बना बैठा होगा ।

    एक समा बंधने पर,
    अपनी उस्तादी से ही दुनिया को महकाएगा,
    अपनी उस्तादी के रुतबे से ही दुनिया को जगमगाएगा,
    बस... कुछ ऐसा ही उस्ताद है वो,
    कुछ ऐसा ही उस्ताद है वो...

    - NKS

  • seulmi 9h

    Sandy shadows dipped in waves
    She moves ahead littlest bruise
    Shrinking in ocean skin
    She mirrors her moon

    Classic beauty laced
    green chiffon braided locks
    Books occupy her nights
    Penned words in sleep n' tight

    Lords favourite child written in gold
    Sweet but fierce as asked
    Please have many more tales
    Shall we speak together

    A peculiar yet a similar soul
    Enchanted yet mine to hold
    Blissful shimmer She is
    In sadden case of my heart

    Happy belated birthday ����
    Sage let's keep our future plans up
    I can't wait for them to come to life ����

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    Cherished person, sister and lover
    She definitely is more than anything I asked for

    Sage in her soul esses the forest I call abode

  • colourful_berry 9h

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #friendsforever

    Problem nhi hai,,,,,but fir bhi ����

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    Getting a Bf, without a girl bestfriend
    is also a matter of luck


  • tomendra 14h

    बस यूं ही ����

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    दूर चले क्यों नहीं जाते ,
    क्यों लौट आ जाते हो,
    अब नहीं देखना तुम्हारी आंखों मे
    तुम्हे देख तुम्हारी मुस्कुराहटो ,
    तुम्हारी बातों से मुझे इश्क होने लगता हैं।।

  • love_was_my_breath 1d

    Her love reminds me of her absence now ������

    #she #love #life #feelings #missing #broken #pain #memories

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    All the love that she showered can never be seen again and no one is lucky enough to enjoy those as I did ♥️


  • navyaksingh_ 1d

    .करूं कैसे, उस शक्स पर भरोसा मैं ...?
    खिड़कियों के शीशे तक तो आज धुंध का नक़ाब ओढ़े बैठे हैं...

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    करूं कैसे, उस शक्स पर भरोसा मैं ...?
    खिड़कियों के शीशे तक तो आज धुंध का नक़ाब ओढ़े बैठे हैं...

    - NKS

  • azlal_ 1d

    "Happiness is an odd concept," she said as we ambled along a stone-cobbled path invaded by bushes and shrubs of all kinds.
    She looked gorgeous that day. Her hairs flapped brusquely on either side of her neck and dangled and hugged at the last button of her thrice buttoned shirt. The sound of the wind against the overlying trees made her smile. Every now and then she used the fingers of her hands to tuck the strands of hair falling on her face behind her ears.

    "I think happiness is just is. It can't be compartmentalized and separated from sadness or melancholy or something that weighs down heavily on our hearts when we are alone. The heart knows when it is happy and with whom it feels at home. It's just that it has this unquenchable longing to be near the object of its desire and when that doesn't happen it gets sad and weighed down."

    We were nearing the end of that stone cobbled path where two enormous rocks stood facing the west. It's here that we had originally intended to come so that we could witness the sun set and stay until twilight.

    "How beautifully explained," she said as I took her hand and pulled her up on to the rocks.

    We sat there in silence
    and smiled at each other, forgetting about happiness, about the sunset and about the sound of the wind crashing into the trees.


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  • saurabh_yadav 1d

    Dedicated to my best Rahat Indori Sir ����
    पता नहीं क्यों आज ........����

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    यही तो ख़ासियत है उसकी
    कि यही तो ख़ासियत है उसकी

    वो मेरा नहीं लगता
    कमाल तो देखो
    फिर भी मेरा लगता है

  • mellow_wings 1d


    It's too high in here,
    tuck celebrations under the carpet,
    putting off life to live delayed.
    It's a whirlpool of rage,
    itching inside my bones,
    willing to be seen,
    To be stood one among many,
    And still be left on my own.

    You held me so tight,
    In love, that denied me my sleep,
    You caught my air,
    I can't breath in anymore.
    Let me fly with phenomenal absurdity,
    For i shall learn on my own,
    for i ain't beautifully trapped,
    in slippery navels, curvy feasts
    to the demonic exploitation.
    I ain't enough to fit,
    Your standards,
    My reputation gonna be more
    Than enough,
    magnificently fierce,
    In the glory,
    I inherit as a warrior.
    I wear my pride ,
    born out of transcended royalty.

    Your smeared gaze,
    hazy promises,
    flavoured sweetness,
    trap of prey,
    adorned verses, manipulated praises.
    behind the fairytales,
    lurks my soul caged,
    where i struggle,
    To lend my voice to the voiceless,
    To acknowledge the fate ,
    That wasn't destined but chosen and made.

    Every step,
    Questioned my self,
    overthrown with every trough,
    Crowned crests,
    shooting stars hoarded in my womb,
    i burn down the weeds,
    the fireflies roam on my journey,
    Setting fire to the forest disdained.

    I don't suit the type,
    I am one of a kind,
    The blood i shed,
    rises to the blood,
    that runs through every single veins.
    Feminine expression,
    fostered in masculinity,
    I owe to the boundless,
    The eternal , internal love,
    I bow to the unfinished.

    Reaching this far,
    Afar the distance,
    Running, ruining,
    setting back with conventions,
    The world's equanimity,
    Isn't in the weight of muscles,
    Isn't in the breadth of currency,
    It lies in epitome of joy, Clarity,
    the vividness,
    We are unequally skilled,
    But the being is equally capable.
    It's through your eyes,
    The world becomes better.

    Lit cigarettes, burn candles,
    March with banners ,demo proclaimers.
    The day ends,
    in chaos and pills,
    in cursing the bundle of choices,
    And yet this human form,
    Expanding form,
    Shrinking in your tagged biases,
    In the empowerment,
    You boast about,
    Why am i constantly reminded of my identity?


    @heartsease Thank you for being with me always❤

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