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  • btslove 31w

    L I F E I S B E A U T I F U L
    B E C A U S E O F Y O U

    One day a whirlwind starts making covalent bond with me...
    With the passage of time,
    single bonds converted into double, triple, and Sluggishly sluggishly now that bond becomes an everlasting, shatterproof and unbreakable that'll never be replaced.

    One day I was crying tears of futile, I was terrified to face reality,
    I saw a small clip of love yourself
    That started flowing in my blood like a thunderstorms and Surpassed all the barriers and hindrance
    ~ a selcouth feeling

    With my hefty heart I lost in another world
    World of -
    Peace - where clouds lifted like a dandelions
    Hope - where raindrops touched me like sun rays
    Love - where love is priceless and transparent
    Where I inhale love and exhale all my sorrow

    // There clarion voice rises like a brume in winter
    "Crescent self love will take you to your destination" //

    In others sky, in my sky, for me "I'm the star"

    // Lift your head with expectation and passion, You'll see there's a clear straight path waiting for you //

    They didn't achieved everything like counting pearls in bowl
    They searched their dreams in lots of complexities and obscurities just
    Like you'll search
    snowflake in sunny days
    In winter sun rays
    In spring falling leaves
    In autumn blooming flower

    And after all the trouble and struggle, finally they found the pearl of their life and created only "Love days" for themselves and for us.

    Just like Tiger flower, confident, positive and bright
    Melody escalating around, mesmerizing the surrounding and the world Gets quite
    In the blue empyrean, in the stygian night, he is White light (-JK)

    Just like Carolina Allspice aroma deep eyes and his aroma allure every soul
    His smile is abyss we get lost in him and become whole
    We're on opposite pole still string of our heart he control (-V)

    Just like Spirea elegant and pure,
    Nightingale of the world, we lost in the world of unsure
    Magical gaze hypnotize us and the grief find cure (-JIMIN)

    Just like Buttercup charming, his presence is peaceful and warm
    Scattering hope like sunrays After Storm
    When Words collide with his steps, a dawn form
    Eyes stuck on his smile when he Perform
    (-J HOPE)

    Just like Clematis intelligent and symbolized trust
    His one stunning word is enough to melt the crust
    Eliminating darkness,
    Cultivating seed of love
    In the dust (-RM)

    Just like Larch he is unique and symbolized motivation and success
    He inspired us-
    Try harder when you've time, you'll surely achieve Excess
    The echoes of your success nothing can Suppress (-SUGA)

    Just like Rumex everywhere spreading affection,and felicity
    He came in our life like serendipity
    With enormously ineffable ability

    Sitting here far from them I'm aware of everything
    They are desperate to meet every single of us
    more then We're desperate to meet them
    They create us, a powerful myriad.

    They are rainbow in aurora sky that we can see every second that rejuvenate us every day
    ~Aster of our life

    Little feather flying with grey clouds
    //Nothing can touch me today I'm singing aloud
    I'm screaming
    BTS, BTS, BTS and Suddenly came a Love floud//

    life is beautiful because of you


    13 JUNE 21(Special day of my life)


    #8yrswithbts #BTSFESTA #rainbow

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  • bts_is_bts 31w


    I know that I don't know y'all that much... But y'all are my EONNIES... So I love y'all the most... �������� saranghae... Borahae ��



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  • bts_is_bts 31w


    Saranghae... �� borahae.. �� ������ I adore y'all... ������


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  • bts_is_bts 31w

    ....idk... But y'all are my EONNIES so I love y'all the most... Saranghae eonni.. ������
    Borahae ��


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  • bts_is_bts 31w

    All the credits to...
    BTS BIG HIT official instagram page.

    @arya_abhispa saranghae eonni... ILY ��





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  • bts_is_bts 31w

    All the credits to...
    BTS BIG HIT official instagram page.

    @ak_anjali_daydreamzz you're love.. ��



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  • bts_is_bts 31w

    All the credits to...
    BTS BIG HIT official instagram page.

    @high_on_bts I love you a loads, thank you for everything ��



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  • bts_is_bts 31w


  • bts_is_bts 31w


  • bts_is_bts 31w


  • bts_is_bts 31w




    Bangtan sonyeondan ��������������✨



    Sorry for disturbing you'll by my tags. (╥﹏╥)


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  • bts_is_bts 31w


    Its all started from just knowing their names and now ...
    We ARE ARMY.

    Bangtan sonyeondan

    They are just not 7 ordinary boys ...
    They are angels ,
    They are stars ,
    Who totally changed our lives .

    I became an army in 2020 09 july ,
    But it doesn't matter how long you've been an army .
    What matters is we found bts when we needed them the most in our lives which gave us a pure happiness ,
    Love and
    A 2nd FAMILY.




    I couldn't write any writeup on thèm,
    So just these few lines ...I wanted to say ...


    Lets Stan bts till the end .

    BTS forever.
    We are together bullet proof .

    Sarngahe. ��✨
    Borahae .��✨


    Sorry again for disturbing y'all by my tags.. ≥﹏≤


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  • tejaswini_3 31w

    �� ������ ������

    From the time I remember,
    I was confined to a room
    With colossal almanacs
    And enormous yearbooks,
    They never sparked any
    Interest in me, for I was
    A roguish kid who loved to
    Scribble very furiously
    On the floors; while no one
    Could sense the bud of Art
    Blossoming within me.
    ~I was still 9//

    It was a conundrum and
    Still is; how I landed up
    In a dark dusty art gallery
    With sculptures and idols,
    It was Eden for me and
    For those few aesthetes,
    I am still unknown why
    those wood- carved objects
    Brought sincere tears and
    And evoked ecstatic feelings,
    Nevertheless I heard some
    Negations echoing across
    The marble hall, it's obscene,
    Art has been befouled—
    Art has been adulterated
    ~I was mature at 15 and
    The adults befuddled me//

    The company of the elderly
    Gives me peace always; so I
    Hurried over to one who was
    Drawing some abstract lines;
    Reflection— the title was apt—
    An Abyss; dark as the blackhole
    Was staring back: What is it—
    I asked; and he responded—A Lie,
    It's your Ego; you are hurt and
    Yet you serve people's will,
    They push you to the depths
    Of unending pain; you Begin
    To realise that your act isn't
    A Stigma to the society nor
    To yourself; yet your beliefs
    Leave you So Far Away—
    Art is deep for thinkers
    Art is shallow for talkers,
    ~A 17 year old got the answer
    That she sought//

    Art is divine; art is immortal,
    Humans need art to survive,
    But humans cause it to perish,
    Art is tranquil and eternal—
    A simple tune that pleases
    Your mind irrespective of the
    Language and it's dialect is Art,
    We all are creators with a bit
    Of creativity hidden within us,
    As long as we recognise it;
    And use it in our speech—
    In the plainest possible form,
    Instead of disparaging words
    If only we could nurture it
    With appreciation— we would
    Surely hear the Far Cry of it
    ~An artist realises her value//

    //Artistes are lionized personages with an entrenched grip over their artistry; a mere piece of paper proffers creativity to their thirsty minds and in return they consign refined and eloquent pieces in the form suitable to the tastes of their beloved spectators//


    The reason why I wrote this is because I have always heard people condemn other artistes and their work while trying to place their favourite ones on a pedestal. BTS has dealt with it too. They became really popular after Dynamite, but that doesn't change the fact that before it happened, many people tried to defame them, making themselves sound uncultured. It's absolutely okay if you don't like a particular art form or the artist, but do respect them, if you can't appreciate them. Art is to be celebrated, and there won't be a better occasion to say this than today. Happy BTS day to all. Stay happy :)

    #farcry #pod #art #bts #8yrswithbts #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #mirakee #wod @writersnetwork @mirakee @odysseus

    Thanks for the Editor's Choice❤️

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  • bts_is_bts 31w



    AQSA. 〒_〒

    SAMRAH eonni

    ANJALI eonni

    ARYA. Eonni

    JELSA. Eonni

    NIRANJANA. Eonni

    HARSHITHA. Eonni

    MAY... Chingua

    JENNET eonni

    NIVEYY. Eonni

    TUBA eonni

    KASHISH eonni

    KULSOOM eonni

    MARIYA eonni

    SALONI eonni

    DARSHANA eonni

    TAMANNA. Eonni

    FINSIYA eonni



    Happy BTS 8th anniversary...
    2013 to 2021
    It was a long and a great journey ...! ������


    Sorry if I haven't mentioned your name, do tell me in comment section. ≥﹏≤


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  • nivey14 31w

    2! 3! We're MELOPHILE YOUTH����
    In collab with :
    @moon_bunny @taekook_maknae
    @daunting_phoenix @/nivey14 (me)

    �������� ���� ���������� : ���������� | ����������������

    Sight ful embellish sea, cheering my view,
    Answer to my forever journey came so true.
    Often it reminds me of that colorless hue
    Beautiful to many except someone lil few.

    Please don't open your eyes,babe
    I know your heart could get heavy
    //This is so good that it can't be true//
    Eachtime my ears uttered those words
    Suddenly,I put my hand together at once.

    ( someone woke me up)
    A lifeless soul and a heart full of words
    Morning so bright but my day is a curse
    Standing over the dark nightmare clay
    U know,every moment it rains in my day.

    PS:- Too often, my only escape is sleep..
    Every night I see dreams so cool
    but my reality is so blue.��
    Sometimes I tear up but just hearing your voice..
    ɪ ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴡᴀɴɴᴀ ʟɪᴠᴇ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴍᴏᴍᴇɴᴛ, ғᴏʀɢᴏᴛ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴀɴᴅ ʜᴇʟᴘ ᴍʏsᴇʟғ ʙᴇʟɪᴇᴠᴇ
    .•♫•♬• YOU CAN MAKE IT RIGHT •♬•♫•.

    ������������������ ������ ������ ���������� :
    [ When the clock strikes �� ��'����������
    open your heart dear, there's a ���������� ��������
    Seven �� and zillion butterflies �������������� ����������
    Cheering just for you, you can �������� ���� ����������.]

    #8yrswithbts #bts #purpleballoon
    HAPPY BTS DAY.. YEOROBUN...you never walk alone forever����������

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  • taekook_maknae 31w

    Collaboration with
    @daunting_phoenix @moon_bunny
    @nivey14 @/taekook_maknae (me)


    And collaborating with every Armies #8yrswithbts

    Unbolt the doors of scarlet heart
    to unbar those Youniverse inside you
    and Unwind emotions every so often
    And to find yourself in your glass heart

    Drinking a cup of warm melancholia
    Took off the mask ,Gazing upto glazing orbs
    to vapourise gloomy tales ,cwtching the far cries
    Because you are a Magic Shop

    /You gave me the best of me
    So you'll give you the best of you/

    Show me in your scintillating heart
    I'll reflect the part of you in me
    And the Galaxy inside you
    Let's be each others pages

    Happy bangtan day to everyone ,
    The fact i don't get anything to describe my heart
    Actually if BTS didn't come into my life ,i won't be able to find myself
    I wanna thank them to the core and also their wings (Armies)


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    Freezing clock will thaw
    Hold on ,someone will reflect you in those hostile galaxies!


  • nikithasharmabts_rare 31w

    Sorry guys. I was blank today, and was strucked into some work. I don't know how it is. But I scribbled three drafts����. Actually I couldn't write something in a continuous manner, so I wrote bit bit type of post����

    Happy bangtan day Armys����������


    Scribbled mind,
    Solving strikes,
    Unknown was I when did it start.
    I wanted to cry the melancholic smile,
    But didn't know where to hide.
    Now those tears entered
    Every creases of my heart,
    Bursting it into
    Million size.
    Sinking in my own soul
    Was the only abode I find then.
    I tried stretching the outline of my smile,
    But it was painful,
    Than to cry.
    I won the battle with
    Circles under my eyes,
    But tears flowing
    Corner of the sight.
    Zephyr flew,
    Trees grew, daffodils swayed savourly,
    Spring sprang ebbuliently.
    The rays of the sun
    Weaved every petals of the flowers,
    And trees giggled at every chirping.
    I was stoned just like
    A picture in a paranoid,
    But a purple flower was blooming in my barren land.
    Soon it was dawn,
    My eyes filled with every cold
    Warmth of setting sun,
    But I was still a picture in a paranoid.
    Soon it was 00:00 o' clock,
    And a swish of grammary
    Blocked my sight.
    I was moved out of my state,
    With my heart a beautiful place.

    A soft voice held hands of my heart,
    I was moved, with every sight.
    I held my face to look at the sky,
    There shimmered seven bright stars.
    Their shine dominated dark.
    Astonished was I by
    looking stars hugging the sky.
    The night turned into a purple empyrean
    Daffodils turned on their lights,
    Everything was changed,
    But the seven stars remained.
    Now the night was singing,
    The breeze was dancing,
    And I was smiling.
    I found myself,
    Entangled with their each word,
    Leaving my battered self,
    At the unreached horizon.
    And now it has been eight years,
    They still held their hands,
    Enduring every dark nights,
    And shining bright.

    "Thank you for giving me the Rose,
    When I was holding the thorns"
    - Nikitha Sharma

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    Happy bangtan day

  • daunting_phoenix 31w

    In collab with: @moon_bunny @taekook_maknae and @nivey14 (love you three��)
    Team: Melophile Youth

    Idk what this is *_*

    Bg credit: @/moon_bunny

    《Hold me tight》

    There's a storm going inside my head,
    Fierce and strong.
    Just for tonight, can you hold me tight?
    I wanna leave the thorny grasp of reality on me,
    And come into your warm embrace.

    //The sky is full of hollow stars,
    Just like my void existence fills a part of this dusty world.//

    Trust me,
    I'll long for your embrace the moment you let go.
    Trust me,
    I won't hold on though, however much it hurts us both.

    //With lavender's fragrance lingering around us,
    I realise,
    You are what completes the incomplete me.//

    You are a flawless, wishful daydream,
    I'm the harsh reality.
    But let's break those boundaries,
    Just for tonight,
    Hold me tight,
    Under this cold, starless sky.

    //At least, these memories will keep me going in the dull mornings.//



    Kinda off track I believe���� This is basically me wanting their songs to keep me sane for a bit longer. Happy Bangtan Day to all��✨

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  • fairytales_ 31w

    In the gloomy monsoon when everything was falling just like heavy rain who has to fall even if it wished different. I was seeking peace in the house of war. Life was almost like a never-ending storm with no traces of end way harsher than before tiny drizzles made a huge difference with each passing seconds my eyes witnessed pain so deep and sadness so high. I was drowning in the ocean of loneliness. You held my hands took me towards the most beautiful day of my life, showed me a way that made me believe spring days are yet to come carrying joys and happiness with both hands. I embraced loneliness when you said, love yourself. My focus was to let go of hate and walk through fire it gave me the strength to fight against myself. When I was struck between failure and fault. You made me run with your meaningful symphony. When I was reckless, not ready to concentrate on goals. You taught me how to work hard to reveal blood sweat and tears. When I was alone left in the darkness. When I was walking on the empty road wildly. You came beside me now I need you to walk me towards the horizon. The day you came into my life I woke up from my worst nightmare. And my desire to live suddenly increased.

    #8yrswithbts #jelsalove

    Happy 8th anniversary BTS many mores to go❤
    Happy bts day armies, you all make this place a home ❤
    And I miss the 7th anniversary ����

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    Bts 7th anniversary

  • the97_introvert 32w

    8 years of Bangtan Sonyeondan

    #8yearswiththe7 #BTS #ARMY #8yrswithBTS

    Happy Bangtan Day to each one of you.. Army!! ��

    From 2013~2021

    13-06-21, 02:19 KST

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    A Crown seeks to imprison their wisdom,
    A Throne bows to gauge their virtuosity,
    A Kingdom conspires to derail their path,
    And an Army oaths to protect their lives,
    For they have only preached self love,
    Nothing more, nothing less.....