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    》》all allusions credit to the rightful source.

    #HESYKHIA (#Hesychia) ____was the personified Greek spirit (daimona) of quiet, rest, silence and stillness. She was a daughter of Dike (Lady Justice). Her Roman equivalents were Quies (Quiet) and Silentia (Silence).

    #Abrahan_Lincoln defined #democracy as : Government of the people, for the people, by the people.


    Once in a month, week or day
    Turns my smile in utter dismay
    Among the crowd, self is alone
    Happens this for the reason unknown
    Discussions with dad carry on
    Evening tea is taken in lawn
    Siblings perform the daily fight
    Until sees mom with glare of fright
    Sun keeps to rise and set in west
    Day consumes in making better, best
    Night too approaches on its turn
    Lunacy in lunar light, more I earn
    Vision leaves mind, eyes deny to see
    There's someone in my head but it's not me
    Not in harmony with whom I think I am
    It exerts a power to make me feel damn
    Brings me into a state, sympathetic
    None can empathize, it's pathetic
    Finding no rescue, anywhere outside
    Finally I return to this enemy inside
    Who is whatever but needs not words
    To listen to my anxiety like this world
    The words I guess it never seeks
    Not only to hear but also to speak
    Thus I vent my anguish loud & clear
    Since it's dumb, secrets too I share
    Eventually it makes me feel like master
    Whose servant only knows to say, yes sir
    So the inside storm remains inside
    Once again I sprout to flourish outside
    © captainfatimahabiba

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    Silence is the song of Hesychia

    When every being preaches
    everything but sympathy
    Every art when fails to practice
    the empathy
    Quietude seems to be the best
    Staying quiet is but shouting on
    the shore of solitude
    Silence is a speech of the self,
    for the self, by the self

    ||Sing the silence to lullaby the