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  • thebhavnasaxena 1w


    To rise like the
    Morning sun,
    On my neglected dreams,
    To shake off
    The remnants of fear
    That still cling to my
    To unwrap the
    Magic still sleeping
    In my bones,
    To let the floodgates
    Break apart, as my passion
    Pours like wildfire into
    The furnace that is my heart,
    To put on my crown
    As I greet the day,
    Let the world know,
    I bid farewell to the
    Shipwreck of the past,
    I am not who I was yesterday,
    They put me through fire,
    Thinking I was a witch,
    But look, how
    From the ashes,
    This Phoenix has risen again.

  • dipayansingha_ 4w


    Ab to raaste bhi na dekh kar par karu,
    Marne pur ab dard na hota.
    Dill cahata ta hain tere hi haatoin mein maru,
    Saari raat jag kar rota.
    Kyu abhi kar sakta tujhko mehesus??
    Kya faayda soch k tere waare mein ab,
    Main sirf dua karu tu rehena kush.

  • dipayansingha_ 4w


    Abhi bhi mujhe leke sochti ho,
    Har raho mein mujhe abhi bhi khojti ho.
    Mujhe itna dhoond o mat main tumhari hi pass hu.
    Main tumhari saare ankaahi raaz hu.

  • silver_seren 4w


    After so many years
    we were again together,
    the room was filled with laughter
    but the distance was still there,
    our eyes again met, time froze,
    tension was in the air
    but we were back in love.

  • dipayansingha_ 4w

    I can still

    I can still die for you,
    Can still cry for you,
    Can still lie for you,
    I can still try for you,
    Can still Believe in you.
    Just me and you,
    We both, we two,
    Like stars and moon.
    I want to be yours soon.

  • dipayansingha_ 4w


    Rahe alag, baatein alag,
    Saath mein bitaein hua raatein alag.
    Pur tadap raha hu ab ,tab nahi,
    Yaad aaraha hain batein jo tumne kahi.
    Kyu kho raha hu khud ko aapne aap se??
    Kyu chal raha hain wakt pehele se kharab hain ??
    Kyu santulan ja raha bigarta ??
    Jinta koshis kar raha sudharne ka ??
    Ab sirf saaye k saath hi bita ta hoon samay,
    Tub tum saath the akela na tha main.
    Chal aaja phir se is samay ko thame,
    Kya taayar hain tu??hain, taayar main.

  • angels_halo_shines 4w

    The first 3 lines are taken from Fleetwood Mac
    A song entitled Never Going Back Again. It sent some vibe of inspiration, and I take no credit for those lines. Thank you 🙏

    #empath #empathmind #never #going #back #again #fleetwoodmac #ceesreposts

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    Been down 1 time
    Been down 2 times
    Never going back again

    I guess you could say
    I learned my lesson
    Never going back again

    Sometimes I don’t learn
    The first time ‘round
    Never going back again

    I can’t run from me anymore
    That is the way it has become
    To never go back to Hell again

  • smilesofwhiles 4w

    Another day
    And again
    I wanted someone
    To hug me
    And tell me
    It's okay..

  • its_poulami 5w

    Wo jo kehte hai koi milega tumhe bhi acha sa,
    Magar unhe kaun bataye ki hume wo chahiye.....


  • raman_writes 6w


    जब ऊब जाएंगे मोहब्बत - ऐ - कारोबार से ।

    काम फिर हम दोबारा कोई ऐसा नहीं करेंगे ।।


  • atulbisen 7w

    #love #Again # never late

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    Faded Falcon

    The lost memories contained a lot but not everything
    The regrets still follow like summer after the spring

    I wish you were amongst the memories I have lost
    Would have loved to include you in those memories, no matter the cost

    I have lost you anyway so the memories don't matter
    Someday the ink will fade too, if not now then later

    Love was lost long ago anyway, memories will just follow
    Similar to a Falcon spreading its wings to follow a swallow

    No matter the speed of the swallow, hunger makes the Falcon follow fast
    We weren't each other's first and God willing we won't be the last

    Love is fickle in nature, so it's both good and a bad thing
    Slippery by nature, slips away sometimes no matter how badly you cling

    You too will fade away like the ones before you
    The seed has already turned into a plant, only if it grew

    The tree will block all the rays that were once shaped like you
    The light will then never touch the ground, no matter how true

    I will still aim for the sky and will spread my wings, just like a Falcon
    Everything that tries to stop me will burn like they flew too close to the Sun

    Not one to make empty promises, and let my words go to waste
    Will spread an aroma so pungent, that maybe you can even taste

    Will still touch the sky, just without you
    We could have enjoyed it together, only if you knew

    Maybe you knew but just ignored it like it was nothing
    Don't regret it when it actually starts to mean something

  • puneetkumarpk 8w

    अंधेरों से था मेरा रिश्ता बड़ा
    तूने ही उजालों से वाक़िफ़ आखिर क्यों किया
    अब लौटा मैं हूँ इन अंधेरों में तो इन अंधेरे ने भी टुकरा दिया में फिर लौटा उन रास्तों में जहां अकेला
    तो पाया है ख़ुद को बेगाना यहां
    तन्हाई भी मुझसे ख़फ़ा हो गयी
    बंजारों ने भी ठुकरा दिया हर जागा बस खुद को ही तन्हा पाया न खुद को पा सका न तुझको

  • lollipop71 9w


    I am unable to submit a picture for the background, little disappointed. Hope you enjoy!

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    We Will Meet Again

    We will meet again someday
    When we are taken to the heavens
    Above where no fighting, no hatred,
    No insecurities are near
    No sickness, no depression,
    No scars to appear inside and out
    Where our lives are oh so dear

    We will meet again
    To be with our loved ones and
    Friends awaiting our arrival
    To see one another again.
    We will meet again.

  • silver_seren 10w

    Once upon a time,
    there was a girl,
    who dared not to face this world.

    She had a story,
    which still nobody knows,
    even after all this time,
    she was still unknown.

    To all of them,
    she was beautiful and nice,
    all because of the scars that she disguised,
    impossible it was,
    to see the pain behind her smile.

    One day everything changed,
    her past was all again framed,
    the demon from her past,
    had become the demon of her present,
    she knew that all this would happen again,
    she knew that one day it would begin.

    Nobody ever heard her cries at night,
    nobody ever wiped the tears falling from her eyes,
    she was scattered into pieces,
    shut her mouth because of the hisses,
    her life was full of darkness,
    all she wanted was some brightness.

    I think she was fumbled,
    so, she took a deep slumber.

    Once upon a time,
    there was a girl,
    who dared not to the face this world.

    All I know now is that humanity died,
    and I wish she was still alive.

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    A GIRL

  • thedarkstar311 11w

    The book.
    Idk what i feel anymore.

    #lost #again

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    The book.

    You didn't judge me by my cover
    You didn't pre conceive my wonders
    You didn't rush through the backstory
    You didn't fall asleep during the lengthy monologues

    You've left some pages dog-ear marked
    You've left some pages even torn apart
    And some you left with tear marks

    You read me like a book.
    Explored my words written
    And even the ones between the lines.

    Just a book...
    You read and re read
    Now dusting away

    As you move on to your next fairytale.
    Or maybe an adventure trail

    I don't know what you're into lately.
    But I know you'll read this one
    With just as much wonder too.

    I ll stay here dusting away.
    With the end unwritten.
    Waiting for the climax to begin.

  • raman_writes 12w


    अब किसी से दिल लगेगा इस बात पर शक़ है मुझे ।

    जो भर चुकी है जगह वो दोबारा भला कैसे भरेगी ।।


  • thenotebook 12w


    Is it wrong to fall in love again?
    Is it wrong to feel again?
    Is it wrong to give someone a chance again?
    Is it wrong to trust someone again?

    I want to give a chance
    A chance to live
    A chance to fall
    A chance to rise
    A chance to grow
    But all I am scared again

    What if he becomes the same again?
    What if he breaks me again?
    What if I lost him again?
    What if I can't trust him again?

    All I know is
    I am scared fall in love again!


  • raman_writes 14w


    बिछड़े थे तो एक उम्मीद थी के फिर मिलेंगे ।

    बिछड़ गए है अब कोई राह नज़र नही आती ।।


  • suryalogy 16w

    Familiar Void

    Under this sky, dark and on verge of going moonless, cold wind piercing my chest, and chills of winter shaking my soul to a void. Void which isn't new to me, but I have spent more time here than the world full of strangers.
    Strangers who think they own me, know me, or I'm obliged to understand them. I still don't know what hurt me most the lies they told or the ignorance, after serving their purpose.
    Maybe the bees would never know where their honey is sold, maybe stars would never know, what they meant to me on these moonless nights, or maybe I'm scared what if they do, what if they do.
    And, I'm still here under this sky, on a cold night where my moon is shredding away and my soul is accepting this void, Again.


  • rupali1726 93w

    Love can happen twice.

    It's not about poetry today,
    I know you are in a habit of reading my poetry in this blog.
    But something very deep has to be discussed with you all today. Specially to the lover outside who had been in love once but think twice before falling for someone again.
    Just a feeling that my heart wants to confirm today.
    Can love happen again?
    Can you start feeling again for someone?
    Just because you were backstabbed by someone, That wasn't even meant to be yours
    You stopped loving.
    Does that sound right or does it sound awkward? I guess for everyone of us it sounds right. Bachpan se ye Jo Suna h ki pyar ek hi baar hota hai. Just wanted to confirm is this right thought that we love only once.
    Ofcourse not.
    This is just because we start comparing other people with the one we loved.
    Just tell me one thing, how can you compare two different personalities who are not even meant to be alike. Are you afraid to love again just because you think the world out there will judge you. Not at all. No one in this world matters to you or you'll be backstabbed again. The people who point you out for your mistake have already made thousands of mistakes that are not signified in any of the books. What is the sense of becoming Majnu in this era where what matters is only your happiness. If you get someone who actually deserves YOU, then there is no harm in loving again.
    I know this all sounds filmy to you. But actually it is not.
    Kabhi dusro ko khush krte krte,
    Khud Ko ek pal ki Khushi dekr dekho.
    Kabhi dusro ki Zindagi Mai ujala krne ke Baad,
    Ek Baar khud ki zindagi m deep jalakr dekho.
    Zindagi ki USS kaynat ki Khushi tumhe hasil zaroor hogi
    Jo kabhi Tum uss be buniyat pyar Mai dhunda krte the.
    If you find someone in this world who actually wants to love you, who actually wants to care for you, who actually wants you beside them in each and every situation of their life. Ups and downs are part of the stage you are acting on. You will be praised someday and criticized the other day. You just have to take it positive and complete your act. This stage is your life and this is your play. You are the writer of this play and no one around has the right to make corrections in it.
    Maybe being betrayed, may not be your case. it may be one sided love or a not so happy wali love story. It can even be a painful separation but a person should always remember, that life goes on.
    " Samay nhi rukta, to tum kyu tehrate ho."
    Running water is always healthy but stagnant water is a home for breeding mosquitoes.
    If we will stop our lives, we will make it a pond of depression and loneliness.so, to make our life worth living and to not live like a living dead, we need to give our life a second chance. By giving a second chance, it's like giving ourselves a reason to breathe and to live. So it's better to love ourselves again and also fall for someone again with full loyalty without thinking what the world out there would think about us. Just give yourself a second chance to breathe openly and live happily