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    Choclates are my first love ¡!!¡♥

  • divya_divi_ 6w

    #And tell her that I miss her❤️

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    A little plea...

    Dear sun, let your beautiful rays fall on her and show her beautiful colours of life...
    Dear air, blow in the direction she needs and show her path...
    Dear water, always show her own charm...
    Dear fire, make her strong enough to be fearless..
    Dear moon, tell stories to her and put her to sleep...
    Dear stars, pour some love on her and say that you all are there for her no matter what....
    Dear tree, hold her tight...so that she needs no one...
    Dear leaves, tell her that falling is not permanent....and give her confidence to stand again....
    Dear sky, make sure she'll not be fragile to lose hope...
    Dear Universe, always be there for her.. and
    make sure She eats well...
    She sleeps well....
    And She enjoys her life regardless of situations.

  • iamsatyajitrout 9w

    She - What else do you need from your life partner!
    He - I don't have much. But I will marry her who can see me with her smiling face while I would be sleeping...

    She smiled...

  • iamsatyajitrout 11w

    One day you will realize...
    That... Someone wanted you very badly with selflessly...

  • andreakulove 11w

    The one

    Waiting for the one is good,
    But waiting for someone to be the one,
    Is not...

  • scarletmonst 11w

    Ram Navami

    Your heart and home be filled with
    happiness, peace and prosperity.
    Happy Ram Navami Y'all

  • seraiah_smiles 12w

    Miss Mia And I

    Miss Mia had a crush on these crushed flowers. Why? She doesn't know why... nor does she remember.

    She remembers the confrontation.
    I remember the conversation.

    Me: Why do you hate these flowers too much?

    Miss Mia laughs wickedly. Her eyes are stunning, literally.

    I just stared at her for some seconds. Blanked out. My countenance softened and looked depressed. Then she spoke as she smirks.

    Miss Mia: Why? Why not? I love them!!!

    She jumped in candid excitement.

    I don't understand much but she has deep loathing against these crushed flowers.

    It's crimson red. And amethyst violet. She left them hanging by the stairs. By the stairs. By the stairs.

    Such a pain. Such a pain. Such. A. Pain.

    The same crushed flowers that she loved, she left hanging by the stairs. Left. All. Alone.

    For some... no, for too many reasons I couldn't fathom and I cannot yet explain, I deeply am in love with THIS flowers.

    It's strong. Was afraid of it to approach it, even to touch it.

    It's strong. Been weeks but still blossoms its fragrance and supernatural beauty. I love it.

    Nobody dared to walk around here anymore.


    It's strong. But nevermind that, I'm stronger now. I picked it up and hurted myself of some thorns. Ouch!

    Too strong. Too diabolic. Too heavenly. Can't explain it.


    This was a time a year before, and / or a year before again. Now is April 5, 2022, Tuesday. A rainy afternoon and a cold night.




    P.S. Did she know she crushed it underfoot?

  • vivek_utters 13w

    This world is good, this world is bad, this world is alive but from the dead. #world #with #villains #And #Heroes

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    • This World •

    I have heard great stories
    Of people that went beyond
    Of the heroes that died young
    The tales they tell
    It just takes your breath away.
    Though, the villains sometimes do get to me
    Their stories, I see clearly
    And their dilemma, their confusion
    I understand so deeply.
    Victims of the world
    A world that never cared
    Whose People only knew how to hate
    A friend or an enemy
    No one can tell
    They always just leave you in pain.
    Shadows they became
    The burns of the flame
    And this world, it was to blame.

  • puneetkumarpk 13w

    अंधेरों से था मेरा रिश्ता बड़ा
    तूने ही उजालों से वाक़िफ़ आखिर क्यों किया
    अब लौटा मैं हूँ इन अंधेरों में तो इन अंधेरे ने भी टुकरा दिया में फिर लौटा उन रास्तों में जहां अकेला
    तो पाया है ख़ुद को बेगाना यहां
    तन्हाई भी मुझसे ख़फ़ा हो गयी
    बंजारों ने भी ठुकरा दिया हर जागा बस खुद को ही तन्हा पाया न खुद को पा सका न तुझको

  • seraiah_smiles 13w

    Transcendence kasi nang transcendence si Sir Nics eh, yan tuloy, kung anu-anong nangyari sa'kin in exchange of heightening my abilities.

    Steps or Cycles:
    1. Evolution (In short, little or great change, mostly physical)
    2. Transcendence (surpassing one's limits, mostly mental and spiritual, +heightening one's senses)
    3. Transformation (More on holistical transformation for the better)


    And these can happen simultaneously, mostly unnoticeable, but over time, will become noticeable

    All these while going through tests (tests not in the classroom but in real life. Real-life challenges like sickness, troubles or stress.)

    I myself experienced this and had my senses, especially hearing, drastically developed. My spiritual senses are heightened too, inasmuch that I can hear and talk to spirits or souls or even, mind. This too, is the gift of God, claimed because of overcoming tests mostly because I am virtuous.

    #Manifestation #Complete #Fully #Manifested #Steps #And #Cycles #Evolution #Transcendence #Transformation

    My Own Ideas and expansion, revised and edited on the go...


    ~ Prince Vasquez

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  • t471ivviii 18w

    Please follow me for more simple and heart touching poems....♥♥
    #life #and #role

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    Your life, Your role

    Life is short, that we already know.
    Don't jail your mind, and let it go.
    Flow through your mind, but in your role.
    Shot the arrow, from your bow.
    In your life, in your role.
    Be happily heavily glow.


  • snappy_appy95 18w

    Misty soul

    With the swift of wind ,
    He carried a enchanting smell
    I flew around like a butterfly
    Staring at the reflection of my wings
    Once a black world seem colorful
    Flattering my wings towards a unknown path
    Chasing a fog
    I could feel him,yet couldn't touch him
    Felt the warmth,yet couldn't soak him in
    He filled my nights,yet couldn't see him in the light
    His misty soul filled my heart yet I couldn't have him,for he was was just passing by...and had never actually batted an eye.

  • iamsatyajitrout 20w

    I will reincarnate with your caste...
    May be we won't be separated then...

  • iamsatyajitrout 21w

    Walk untill you touch your destination...
    Drink one cup of coffee untill all of your sorrows drowned...
    Be generous to give help and love...
    Indulge to spend some time alone...
    Educate yourself from past incidents...
    Prepare for the worst...
    Keep strengthening your mind and soul...
    Revisit your old hobby sometimes...
    Give priority to your loved ones...
    Sit in silence and breathe...
    Walk barefoot on grass...

  • iamsatyajitrout 25w

    She - Why do you love me much!
    (She can see his eyes were filled with plethora of tears)

    He - (after 2mins)

    "Be ready for becoming my wife in next life..."

    -------Love Bloomed in next life too-------

  • holybible 27w

    Proverbs 25:3

    The heaven for height, and the earth for depth,
    and the heart of kings is unsearchable.
    © HolyBible

  • introvert_naari 27w

    // God and me //

    I pray to god for strength,
    god gave me pain to make
    me strong, I pray to god for
    happiness, god gave me family
    the best source of happiness,
    I ask god why they hurt me?
    because their exceptions are
    less than my acceptance, god
    replied back, I ask god why he
    don't love me? he's attached
    to you and attachment leads
    to deatachment, but love leads
    you to involvement involvement
    of love, care, accepting, making
    you a better person.


  • holybible 28w

    Psalms 18:24 (KJV)

    Therefore hath the LORD recompensed me according to my righteousness, according to the cleanness of my hands in his eyesight.

    © HolyBible

  • faithwisdom 29w


    I danced with this monster as he stepped on my toes with each turn
    My friends couldn’t help me because they too were getting burned
    We turned each corner as He laughed over my shoulder
    This is the longest, saddest dance, and the nights are much colder.


  • steady 31w


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    And this is why I love you

    Her smile blooms like the sunflower
    Radiating through my soul
    Her kisses comes down soft
    Expelling the darkness within me
    Her voice.... Oh her voices
    Melodic even when she laughs
    Taking away all the pain
    Her skin so beautiful like a baby
    "My baby. My angel "
    And this why I love you.
    In your flaws hold me close
    Don't let me go
    I may not have wisdom but I was certainly made for loving you.
    My kitty little defensive kitten
    You align all the star in a perfect circle
    And for a minute The galaxy crowns my head
    As the planet stands still to watch
    And this is why I love you
    I may not have wisdom but loving you feels perfect even just for a minute.
    And this is why....!