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    Hey, beautiful people.
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    And So Love Happened!

    CHAPTER – 15

    It had been three months since college was over. Vansh had left for home and wasn't using his phone much. Dhwani had applied for Post Graduation and was busy preparing for that. Over these three months, there were thirty-one texts, sixteen missed calls and three phone conversations lasting for not more than two minutes.

    It was around 6 a.m. when Dhwani woke up with Yashika's call.

    "Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to dear Dhwani... Happy birthday to you," Yashika sang in a high-pitched voice in complete rhythm as soon as Dhwani picked up the call.

    "Thank you," she said in a sleepy voice.

    "What are your plans for the day, birthday girl?" Yashika asked jovially.

    Dhwani stretched her body laying on the bed, "No plans," yawning she replied.

    "What do you mean? We have to celebrate. Meet me at the CP at noon."

    "I'll try."

    "Uh-huh! No excuses."

    "Okay. Okay. I'll be there."

    "Good. You better be."

    "I will."

    "And happy birthday again. Love you. Bye."

    Dhwani got up feeling a sudden wave of sadness. She didn't want to do anything. She remained seated still for an hour on her bed continuously staring at the purple wall of her room.


    Dhwani called Yashika as soon as she deboarded the metro. "Where are you?" She asked.

    "Take an exit from gate no. 7. I'll meet you there," Yashika told her.

    Dhwani panicked when she couldn't find Yashika at the gate. She was startled when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Her mouth opened wide when she turned to see who it was. She was thunderstruck to see Vansh there.

    "What! What are you doing here?" She asked covering her mouth with the palm hiding her excitement. Vansh smiled and hugged her without uttering a word.

    "Come, I have somewhere to take you?" Vansh said gently putting her hand on Dhwani's back to show her the way.

    An Uber was parked on the side of the road. Vansh opened the door and let Dhwani enter the car. Her phone rang as soon as she sat down, it was Yashika. "Where the fuck are you?" Dhwani screamed.

    Yashika chuckled. "Did you like my present?" She asked.

    "Shut up!" Dhwani scolded. "Actually," she continued after a pause, "I did," she replied blushing. Yashika wished her again before hanging up the call.

    "Where are we going?" She asked turning towards Vansh. Vansh shushed her.

    "Tell me...," She said throwing tantrum like a child. Vansh, with a smile, shook his head.

    "Aren't you gonna tell me anything?"

    Vansh took his phone out, opened the notepad and typed "It's a surprise!"

    "Won't you even talk to me? What the hell!" Dhwani said in an angry tone.

    "If I started talking, I know myself, I won't be able to control and spit the surprise out." Vansh typed again in the notepad.

    "Okay, have it your way then!" Dhwani said in annoyance and started looking out of the window folding her hands. She didn't speak again throughout the way.

    The cab left them in front of a five-storey building. "Come one," Vansh said leading the way. Dhwani followed him to the lift. Vansh pressed the button for the third floor.

    "Whose place is this?" Dhwani asked coming out of the lift, not breaking the grumpy character.

    "It's mine," Vansh replied opening the lock.

    Dhwani entered in a 1 BHK apartment except it was just a hall with a big couch, an old wooden table accompanied with two small handicraft cane bar mudda stool, a kitchen on the right with plastic curtains and a queen size Diwan in a corner in the name of the bedroom. In another corner, there was a study table and adjacent to it was a bookshelf-cum-cupboard. The walls of the apartment were painted plain white with several movie posters pasted as decor.

    "Make yourself at home," Vansh said gesturing for Dhwani to sit. "You must be thirsty," he asked and went straight to the kitchen. Dhwani followed him and took out a bottle from the refrigerator.

    "Hey! Hey! You are not allowed here. Go sit in the hall," said Vansh pushing her out.

    A few minutes later Vansh came out with a box and placed it in front of Dhwani. She opened it. There was a red velvet cake with a plastic knife inside it.

    "Happy Birthday," Vansh greeted in a soft voice.

    "Aww! Come here," Dhwani said and pulled Vansh to hug him. "Thank you!" She whispered.

    Vansh stopped Dhwani when she grabbed the knife to cut the cake. "Wait for the candles."

    "Oh, c'mon!"

    "What? It's the eternal ritual." He shrugged and lit the candle.

    Dhwani smiled and cut the cake blowing the candle. "You know I don't like sweets much. Right?"

    "Yeah, I know, Miss Calorie Calculator," Vansh replied feeding her a small piece of cake. Dhwani feeds him the remaining part.

    "Put it in the fridge now," with a giggle Dhwani said.

    "You are a psychopath. You know that?" Vansh said from inside the kitchen. The doorbell rang when he was putting the cake in the refrigerator.

    "Would you answer it please?" Vansh asked politely.

    Dhwani opened the door. It was a Pizza delivery guy. Two Large Pizzas with a Coke, a Garlic Bread and a Choco Lava Cake.

    "You ordered Pizzas for us? So lazy, I thought you were gonna cook for us."

    "Not today, Madame. Not today." Vansh said sitting beside Dhwani on the couch placing two glasses on the table.

    "I'll do it. You play some music." Opening the Pizza box Dhwani said.

    Dhwani was sitting with her favourite person in the world, eating her favourite food with soulful music playing in the background. "This is the best birthday ever," she said to herself.

    "I don't wanna eat more," she said putting her head on Vansh's shoulder holding onto his arms.

    ¶Say you love me to my face
    I need it more than your embrace¶

    The song by Jessie Ware was playing as if hinting her to tell him her feelings. Her eyes got stuck on a framed portrait between those movie posters on the wall while she was thinking that. She stood at once to look at it.

    "What happened?" Vansh asked.

    "You won't believe it!" She said and started scrolling pictures in her phone's gallery. "Look at it," she said showing the same portrait in her gallery.

    "Where did you get it?"

    "There was this one time," Dhwani started telling him, "we conducted a Poster making competition in our department fest and Yashika sent this picture to me. Someone made my portrait instead of the poster."

    "And you were collecting the posters," Vansh said smiling.

    "And I was collecting the posters," she said looking at Vansh, "Fuck! You are the one who didn't submit his poster and didn't let me see it either." Dhwani lost her mind realizing it and Vansh was smiling continuously looking at her. "Fuck! You drew it. It was you." She said softly.

    "Told you, we have met before," Vansh said looking into her watery eyes. "Hey!" He moved quickly to hold her. Dhwani buried her head in his chest and found solace in his arms. "You are an idiot," she said sobbing.

    They lost the sense of time being in each other's embrace. Their feet started moving after a while on the beats of Elvis Presley playing in the background.

    ¶Wise men say
    Only fools rush in
    But I can't help falling in love with you
    Shall I stay?
    Would it be a sin
    If I can't help falling in love with you?¶

    Dhwani was feeling tickled by the warmth of Vansh's breath on her neck. Removing hands from his waist, she tangled them around his neck to look into his eyes. Vansh tightened his grasp pulling her closer.

    At that moment, Dhwani felt her stomach twisting in a knot. She drew him closer with her eyes and shut them as Vansh leaned in close to let their lips brush each other, tentatively, for the first time.

    Maybe time stopped when their lips met but flutter only intensified. Dhwani's heart pounded in her chest as her knees got weaker. She parted her lips to let her heart rest, sighed, giving in herself in the haven of Vansh's arms, "I love you," she huffed softly.

    Vansh wasn't sure if the fate rooted for this moment or if his mind tricked him into a perfect moment. Pulling Dhwani softy to his warmth, "I love you more," he whispered slowly in her ear.

    Dhwani's lost the sense of time holding him tightly to her bosom until her phone buzzed. Annoyed she checked her phone. "Shit! It's too late. Can you book a cab please?"

    Vansh nodded.

    "I don't wanna go," said Dhwani dragging Vansh to entrap him in her arms and let her head rest on his shoulder.

    The cab had arrived but Dhwani didn't want to let go of him. He tried to free himself but was powerless against the unyielding grasp of her. Snapping out of it feeling the warm lips of Vansh on her forehead, she somehow managed to pull herself in the cab. She sat down, body wrecked with an onslaught of sobs and tears.

    "I love you," said Vansh trying to calm her.

    "Would you do it forever?" Dhwani asked turning her head as the cab started moving slowly.

    "Always!" Vansh replied firmly and watched the cab disappear in the traffic.




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    Hey, everyone.
    Read the previous 13 chapters before coming to this one. We have come to the end now. The next chapter will be the last one. Tag everyone you think will like this story. You all are beautiful. Happy reading.

    P.S.: GCR is Girls' Common Room. People from DU must be familiar with the term.



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    And So Love Happened!

    CHAPTER – 14

    Things began getting awkward after the farewell. Vansh was completely clueless about how to communicate with Dhwani and on top of that, exam preparation leave made everything even more complicated. A meeting with her was out of the question now.

    Vansh had tried to clear the air over text multiple times but every time he brought up the farewell, she dodged the conversation. Vansh was on the verge of losing his mind over that unpleasant tension between them.

    On the other hand, Dhwani wasn't sure if she should tell Vansh about her feelings or not. The college was over and she didn't know where life would take them. Would they even be in the same city? What if they went to different cities for higher studies or jobs? Could they make it work if they get separated in such an early phase of the relationship? Was it true love or just a mere infatuation?

    The perpetual state of dilemma made Dhwani overly anxious. Hurting Vansh by not being able to properly communicate with him was making her sick. She blamed the university for not conducting their exams on the same dates except for the last one. The fact that it would be the very last day of college when they both get to talk face to face was putting her under a lot of stress.

    And then, the day came, the day of the last examination, the last day of college. Dhwani felt the sun dazzling her eyes when she came out of the examination hall. The cool spring breeze, the warm mellow sun and the apparent reminiscence were making the ambience melancholic.

    "Did you talk to Vansh?" Yashika asked Dhwani when they were clicking selfies.

    "No, I don't know what to say," Dhwani murmured.

    "What? Tell him how you feel, Gosh!" Rolling her eyes, Yashika said.

    "But I am not so sure about it."

    "What are you not so sure about? Him?"

    "I don't know."

    "Okay. Tell me what do you like about him. Let's do pros and cons."


    "Just trust me."

    "Umm... He is gentle, passionate..."


    "Shut up! Passionate about what he loves."

    "Yeah, you."

    "Stop," she smiled, "He is kind, understanding, really good listener. I love how he doesn't forget things. He remembers everything. I love that. He has a great sense of humour, really dark but I love it. His smile, yes. He takes great pictures of me, candids. And... he knows all the cool places to eat which is amazing for a foodie like me."

    "What else?"

    "I don't know. Looks good too, I guess."

    "Haha. Right. Cons now."

    "Uh... He is... an overthinker, more than me sometimes. I hate that. Impulsive too which is not always a bad thing, but...yeah. He is also not good at expressing his emotions, negative emotions especially."

    "Yeah, and you are great at that."

    "Shut up! And... every time we fight or anything, it gets very awkward. It drains too much energy until everything is okay again."

    "And it's his fault?"

    "Not entirely but... Okay, not a con."

    "Hm... What else?"

    "I don't know," she shrugged. "He is nice. He is... nice. I don't know what else."

    "He is nice," mocking her Yashika said. "Where is he though? I haven't seen him today."

    "Wait, I'll call him," Dhwani said taking her phone out of the bag. "Shit! I forgot to switch it on."

    "That's great!"

    Dhwani dialled Vansh's number. "It's not reachable," she told Yashika.

    "Try again."

    Dhwani tried again. "Yeah, not reachable."

    "What? Where is he?" Yashika said looking around.

    "Wait. Lemme try Pulkit."

    "Hello. Where are you?" Pulkit asked as soon as he picked up the call.

    "I am in the GCR. Why?"

    "Shit! That's the only place we can't go. We looked for you in every corner of the college and your phone was also switched off. Vansh left after continuosly trying to reach you for an hour."

    "Wait. Wait. Wait. What do you mean by he left?"

    "Yeah, for home. He had a train to catch."

    Dhwani was too stunned to speak. "Oh!" That was all she managed to say and remained frozen for minutes holding her tears, thinking about the last meeting which never happened.


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    Hey lovely people,
    Read the previous 12 chapters if you haven't read them. Tag everyone you know please and do tell me if you find any grammatical/spelling errors in the story.
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    And So Love Happened!

    CHAPTER – 13

    "This was our last act for the evening, ladies and gentlemen," the host announced, "and here comes the part you all were eagerly waiting for – THE DEEJAAAAY NIGHT!" With this announcement, everybody shouted jumping off of their chairs.

    The volunteers quickly removed all the chairs from the Central Lawn to make the room for the dancing. All the lights were dimmed except the disco lights. All the seniors were on the dance floor dancing their hearts out and rejoicing the fun college life with their friends for one last time.

    Pulkit and Aditya pulled Vansh to join them on the dance floor. Vansh resisted, "I have to find Dhwani," he shouted.

    "Whaaat?" Pulkit shouted back trying to listen to him in that loud DJ noise.

    Vansh pulled Pulkit closer, "I... have to... find Dhwani," he shouted in his ear.

    "Okay! Okay!" Pulkit said covering his ears.

    Dhwani was grooving on "Chaar Bottle Vodka" by Yo Yo Honey Singh with her friends. She was wearing a white saree with a yellow border. The loose hairdo and the mauve lipstick with minimal make-up were underlining her elegance flawlessly and the bold silver earrings with that saree were making her bleam in that dim light.

    Vansh saw her, the epitome of grace from a few feet away and he couldn't lay his eyes off of her. He drifted slowly towards her keeping his composure. Dhwani stopped dancing seeing him walking up to her and took a step towards him. She waved. He smiled. They hugged, hugged tightly and remained in each other's embrace for long thirty seconds.

    "You look like a Goddess," Vansh said not letting his eyes off of her.

    "Oh, shut up!" She cringed and gently pushed him away. "You are looking dapper yourself," she said.

    Vansh gestured with his hands that he can't hear her in that loud music. Dhwani smiled. "I missed you," she said fixing his tie. His smile faded away. He didn't say anything just kept looking at her.

    "Do you wanna go somewhere quiet?" He asked after a moment. Dhwani shook her head. "I wanna dance." The music stopped as soon as she said this. Everyone shouted with disappointment in unison.

    "Ladies and gentlemen," the DJ announced, "it's the last song for the evening. Cheers!"

    "C'mon!" Dhwani said putting his hand over Vansh's shoulder.

    ¶Cause there's you and me
    And of all people with nothing to do
    Nothing to lose
    And there's you and me
    And of all other people
    And I don't know why
    I can't keep my eyes off of you¶

    He gently put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. He smiled looking down at her. His eyes shined when she smiled back. Dhwani slightly lifted her heels, Vansh leaned forward. They were so close that they could feel their heartbeat on each other's chest and hear each other's breath even though the music was loud enough to make anyone deaf.

    All of a sudden, Dhwani felt a high voltage current charged in her body when his lips met with her's. She ran pushing him away. Vansh lost his balance and somehow managed to hold his ground. He stood there in shock and watched Dhwani go away from him.

    Dhwani went straight to Yashika. She was drenched in her sweat, completely out of breath. "Look at our dancing diva," Yashika teased. But sensed something wrong when Dhwani stood there motionless without responding.

    "Hey, what happened?" Yashika asked making her sit beside herself. Dhwani burst into tears without saying anything.

    "I have ruined everything," she said in a squeaky voice wiping her tears.

    "What did you do?" Yashika asked again.

    Dhwani cried blabbering continuously for minutes. Yashika kept sitting there quietly holding her hands struggling to make sense of what she was saying but gave up in no time when she failed.

    Dhwani stopped crying after a while, slowly breathed out rubbing her chest trying to get control of her breath. "I think I am in love," she said in a broken voice.


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    And So Love Happened!

    CHAPTER - 12

    It was early in the morning. Vansh was lying on the mattress with his phone lying on his chest. Some random Bob Ross video was playing on YouTube. He always found the soucing sound of Bob Ross's painting brush on the canvas very calm and peaceful. It often helped him sleep on anxious nights.

    He was half asleep when his phone chimed with Dhwani's text. "Are you coming today?" It asked.

    "No!" He wanted to type but typed some random alphabets in sleep and dozed off before he could hit the send button.

    It was around one in the afternoon. Pulkit went to Vansh's room to check on him. He was still sleeping. Pulkit quietly connected his phone to the Bluetooth speakers, put it near Vansh's ear and played the rooster sound at full volume.

    Vansh got up in haste bewildered. "You asshole!" He shouted and Pulkit cackled with laughter.

    "Get up, gorgeous. Don't you wanna get ready?"

    "What for?" Vansh asked yawning.

    "Dude!" Pulkit widened his eyes. "Just get ready."

    "I am hungry."

    "Yeah, we'll eat in the college."

    "I don't wanna go to college, man!"

    "Cool. There is nothing to eat."

    "Don't care. I'll cook something."

    "Really? I so wanna see where this goes."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Wait till you see the kitchen's condition. Suit yourself." Pulkit said tapping Vansh's shoulder.


    The stage was set up in the central lawn. There were big block colourful glittering letters in the background just beneath the college logo saying "FAREWELL'16". The chairs were put down in front of the stage. The first two rows were occupied by the professors and the principal. Dhwani was sitting in the fourth row keenly observing the minute details of the decoration.

    "And now we'll play a simple game. We have the presidents of different societies of our college. They'll come walking on this ramp and when they reach the end, our volunteer with a bowl will approach them. In that bowl, we have some chits with really interesting dares for our mighty presidents. They will pick a chit and you know how it goes. So, ladies and gentlemen..." The host was announcing from the podium.

    Loud electronic groovy beats were playing on the DJ. Dhwani was sitting with Vansh's chat opened on her phone indecisive about whether to text him or not, while her friends were rating the presidents based on their outfits.

    The host was announcing, "The next one we have is the president of the debating society. He has won countless first prizes for our college and I am sure all of you must have seen him hosting some or the other function in the college. Let's give it up for the president of the debating society, Mr Vansh Chauhan."

    Dhwani was rattled when she heard Vansh's name. She put her phone down to clap. And then, he came walking on the stage with an awkward self-conscious walk and a nervous smile on his face wearing a black tuxedo and a white glossy shirt underneath it with a red tie and pocket square complementing his dusky complexion.

    Dhwani's friends were discussing what to rate him. "A perfect ten!" Dhwani declared without looking at them. A subtle smile appeared on her face when Yashika teased her mimicking her voice.

    Vansh reached at the end of the ramp, took out a chit from the bowl and handed it over to the host and waited for him to announce the dare.

    "Ladies and gentlemen!" The host shouted in enthusiasm, "now... it'll be the first time that an orator like Vansh instead of arguing will sing a romantic song for us."

    Vansh was standing quiet with the mic in his hands trying to figure out what to sing. Seeing him nervous, Dhwani cheered standing from her chair with both hands clapping over her head and everyone present in the central lawn started clapping and hooting.

    Vansh smiled looking down at Dhwani. He cleared his throat. She blushed when he started singing looking into her eyes.

    ¶Teri nigahon ke, teri hi rahoon ke
    Kareeb se gayi zindagi
    Tujhe kyun dekha na, tujhe kyun jana na
    Shikayatein karu ya nahin
    Thami hai ye saansein, bhari hai ye aankhein
    Sahu kaise ab ye faasla

    Bin tere bin tere bin tere..
    Koi khalish hai hawaaon mein bin tere...¶


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    Hey beautiful people,
    Thank you so much for waiting. I hope you all will read the further chapters with the same enthusiasm.
    Look for errors. Tag everyone you know.
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    And So Love Happened!

    CHAPTER - 11

    Dhwani cried for countless nights losing the most favourite person of her. She never felt like doing anything. She was always tired and lethargic. She even stopped reading novels, which was her favourite thing to do. Her room was always a huge mess for a clean freak.

    It was devastating for her to go to college every day and not find Vansh there. She was finding it hard to focus on her studies. She wanted to go to Vansh's flat to meet him but Pulkit refused to take her every time she asked him.

    It was afternoon and all the classes were over. Pulkit was trying very hard to capture a perfect shot of a squirrel playing around on the Ashoka tree in the college central lawn. He was waiting for the perfect moment holding his phone still with stiff hands, but somebody tapped on his shoulder right before he was going to click and the image got blurred.

    "Oh, come on!" Pulkit shouted in annoyance turning around, but his tone changed as soon as he saw Dhwani standing behind him. "Oh, it's you," he said.

    "Hi," Dhwani greeted escaping the eye contact.

    "What's up?" Pulkit asked raising his eyebrows.

    "Exams are approaching. So... you know. What's up with you?"

    "Yeah, same." He took a pause. "Is everything okay?" He asked.

    "Umm, yes. How is your roommate?" She asked looking away.

    "I don't know. Doing okay, I guess." He said and waited a while for Dhwani to say something. "Would you mind if I asked you what exactly happened with you two?" He asked when she remained quiet.

    "You don't know?"

    Pulkit shook his head.

    "Uh... well... the same old story. He has feelings for me. I don't."

    "What? You don't?" Pulkit said surprisingly.

    Dhwani nodded.

    "Whatever you say!" Pulkit scoffed.

    "What do you mean?"

    Pulkit ignored her question and quickly took his phone out to capture the perfect shot of the squirrel, he was trying to get for a long time.

    "And that's how you do it," Pulkit said showing the picture to Dhwani.

    "It's really good," said Dhwani noticing the pride in his eyes.

    It was around 1 am. Vansh had put the iconic Star Wars saga to download as he wanted to rewatch the series. He decided to check his Facebook for once before going to sleep. He opened Dhwani's chat to re-read the old conversation. His heart skipped a beat when he saw Dhwani typing. His heart was racing fast while waiting for her message. He wanted to say something to her. He started typing but backspaced everything as he couldn't figure out what to say amongst that whirl of emotions.

    Dhwani was typing. Vansh was typing. They stopped. They typed again. She waited for his message. He waited for her message. They gave up after a while when none of them sent anything.


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    And So Love Happened!

    CHAPTER - 10

    Dhwani couldn't believe what she'd just heard. She was reeling in shock from the unexpected confession. She wasn't sure if she'd heard him correctly. Her heart was beating very loudly, drowning out her voice of reason. After a few moments of silence, she finally uttered in shock, "You love me!"

    Vansh looked at her, still anxious. He nodded.

    Dhwani took a long breath to ease her palpitations. "I thought it's just a silly thing your friends tease you with," she said.

    "It's not," Vansh mumbled.

    "Why are you doing this to me?" losing the calm she said and hid her face in Vansh's chest.

    "I am sorry," Vansh said adjusting her hair to look at her face.

    "Why are you doing this to me, Vansh?" She said sobbing.

    "Doing what?" He pushed her gently to take a look at her face. She resisted and tightened her clasp over his shoulder to let her nails penetrate his skin.

    "Why are you ruining our friendship?" She coughed as all the sobbing made her throat chock. Vansh rubbed her back.

    "I see a friend in you, Vansh. I can't reciprocate your feelings." She whimpered.

    "I understand."

    "Why couldn't we just stay friends?"

    "We will," Vansh said trying to calm her down.

    "I know nothing will ever be the same between us. Everything has changed."

    "Nothing has changed, Dhwani. Don't be stupid."

    Dhwani wiped her tears, "Do you promise that you won't stop talking to me?" She asked getting off of his chest.

    Vansh looked into her eyes. He nodded.

    Although they didn't talk much that day, they spent the whole day together. They ate in the canteen like they used to. They roamed around the college. Vansh went to drop Dhwani off the bus stand and when she was leaving, their hug was longer than usual.

    Vansh didn't go home that day. He went straight to Jahanpanah City Forest after Dhwani left. He kept sitting there alone on a bench, playing with the stray dogs. He didn't receive his phone when Pulkit was calling him continuously to know where he was. He was there until the forest guard asked him to leave when they were closing the gates.

    He reached home late in the night, drunk. He ran towards Pulkit as soon as he entered, to find solace in his embrace, but fell stumbling when his foot caught in the rug. Pulkit helped to get him up and somehow managed to lay him on his bed. He fell asleep at once but kept mumbling in sleep the whole night.

    He was a changed man when he got up the next day. Loud and chirpy Vansh became extremely quiet. He was clever enough to dodge the question every time Pulkit tried asking him what happened. He spent all day on his laptop working on his project or watching movies. He wouldn't leave his room no matter how hard Pulkit tried. He stopped going to college after that day.


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    Tell how's your routine like and where are you guys from.



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    And So Love Happened!

    CHAPTER - 09

    It's been days since Vansh and Dhwani talked to each other. They only used to stalk each other on Facebook, check their last seen on WhatsApp and stare at each other in the college without letting the other person know.

    Pulkit had asked Vansh about why they were not talking but Vansh didn't tell anybody anything. He got busy making his project file. He was working in the lab most of the time and at home, he was always on his laptop digitizing the map of Haryana.

    Dhwani was sitting in her class going through her old chats with Vansh when Yashika poked her from behind. Dhwani quickly minimised WhatsApp, but all in vain. Yashika was able to notice Vansh's name.

    "What are you doing?" She asked.

    "Uh, nothing," Dhwani said hiding her phone behind her back.

    "What's going on between you two?" Yashika frowned. "I haven't seen you two together lately."

    "Nothing. He is just busy with his project file."

    "Are you sure?"



    "Do you remember that day when his friends passed that sound wave comment?"


    "We kind of fought over it."

    "Oh, God! What did you fight him for? It wasn't even his fault."

    "I know, smarty. I was angry... and I might have called his friends assholes and God knows what and he won't talk to me now."

    "Did you try?"

    Before Dhwani could say anything, Kaushik Sir entered the class and everyone stood up to greet him.

    The class was going on. Dhwani was staring into the nothingness thinking about Vansh. It took her a while before realizing that she wasn't paying attention to the class. She tried hard to concentrate but all she could think about was Vansh.

    "Where could he be right now? Probably in the lab." She thought.

    She was continuously looking at her watch to check how much time was left. The class seemed much longer than ever. She couldn't wait anymore to talk to Vansh. She was getting impatient.

    "I am leaving," She whispered in Yashika's ear and somehow managed to get out of the class when Sir wasn't noticing.

    She called Vansh as soon as she got out of the class. No one picked up. She called again.


    "Hello? Who's this?" Dhwani asked hearing an unfamiliar voice.

    "Hi, Dhwani. Pulkit here."

    "Where is Vansh?"

    "He left his phone with me. He is busy with his file."

    "In the lab?"

    "No. Probably in the central lawn."

    "Okay. Thanks." She hung up the phone.

    Vansh was sitting in the sun near the fountain with his project file on his lap copying the dot map of Haryana from Pulkit's file. Dhwani walked up to him.

    "Why are you sitting here alone?" Dhwani said sitting beside him.

    "Making a project," he replied casually.

    "Did you eat yet?"

    "No. I have to finish it first."

    "Why aren't you talking to me?"

    "Who said? I am just busy, Dhwani. I don't wanna fail my internals." Vansh answered in the same dry tone.

    "Why are you talking to me like this?" She sniffles quietly, tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

    "Hey, hey!" Vansh put the file down. "What happened?" wrapping his arm around her shoulders, he asked.

    "Why are so rude all the time?" Dhwani said trying hard not to cry.

    "I am not. I am sorry." He caressed her shoulder gently.

    "No, you are not. Everything is fine with you. You don't care if we talk or not."

    Vansh unwrapped his arms from her shoulder. "What are you talking about?" He frowned. "I don't care?" He took a long breath. Dhwani was quiet.

    "You don't understand," he continued, "how much it hurts when I don't get up to your text in the morning or to not being able to meet you and sit with you or talk to you. You have no idea how it makes me feel when I have to eat without you or when I see you walk up to the bus stop without me. You say I don't care? You are always on my mind. Always! My eyes search for you when you are not around. My heart aches when I don't find you. Do you even realize what you mean to me? Do you have any idea how much I love you?"

    Vansh was breathing heavily when he finished talking. He looked at her wiping the tiny drops of sweat from his forehead. He clenched his fist to stop shivering. Everything went dark in front of his eyes for a split second. That little moment of silence felt like an eternity to him.


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    And So Love Happened!

    CHAPTER - 08

    Vansh couldn't sleep last night and missed his first two lectures as he got up late that day. He went straight to the class. Hasija ma'am was giving a lecture on Regional planning. He took a peek inside of the classroom to check if Pulkit was there. He called him to know his whereabouts when he couldn't find him in the class.

    "Come in the library and bring a map of Haryana," Pulkit whispered.

    Pulkit was sitting in a corner of the library with several A3 sheets scattered all over the table, occupying at least four seats.

    "What the hell are you doing here?" Vansh asked taking the seat in front of Pulkit.

    "Making my project file as you can see."

    "But why? Last I checked the due date was next week."

    "Yeah... that's kinda the whole point here."

    "Forget about it. Why didn't you wake me up in the morning?"

    "Excuse me?" Pulkit squinted his eyes, "I did and almost missed the first lecture because of you. What were you on last night?"

    "I couldn't sleep last night."

    "Oh, c'mon man! Don't tell me you were stressing about Dhwani's reply."

    "I wasn't."

    "But your face is telling a different story. What happened with you two?"

    "I don't know, man!" Vansh said aloud without realizing they were in the library. The librarian shushed glaring at him.

    "Let's get out of here," Pulkit said collecting his sheets.

    "Where are we going?"

    "Let's find out in what medium sound waves are travelling today," said Pulkit pulling Vansh's hand as they walked down the stairs.

    "Shut up!" said Vansh smirking.

    They searched every corner of the college to find Dhwani and at last found her sitting under the Pipal tree near the canteen, at the same spot where Vansh and her used to eat every day. She was sipping on a juice cane. Pulkit gestured for Vansh to go and talk to her.

    "Eating alone, heh?" Vansh asked sitting down on a chair in front of her.

    "No, just having a juice," Dhwani clipped.

    "Are you okay?"

    Dhwani nodded taking a sip of her juice.

    "Are you mad at me?"

    "Do I have a reason to?" She asked in the same tone.

    "What happened? Would you tell me please?" Vansh snapped.

    "Why are you asking me? Ask your friends!" Dhwani raised her voice.

    "My friends?" Confused, he asked, "What did they do?"

    "You don't know? Yeah, why would you? You never seem to notice any of their mistakes."

    "Dhwani," subduing his voice, "I am sorry but tell me exactly what happened?" Vansh asked.

    "You don't remember? You don't remember the double meaning comments your friends passed at me yesterday?"

    "Which one...."

    "And it's not the first time they have said something like that. One of your asshole friends was calling me bhabhi the other day." Dhwani said cutting him in between.

    "Hey don't call my friend an asshole," said Vansh without realizing his finger pointing at her.

    "Asshole is not the point, Vansh. You never acknowledge your friends' mistakes and that's not cool."

    "I am sorry," said Vansh taking Dhwani's hand in his.

    "No, you are not sorry," she said jerking away from his hand. "You don't understand, Vansh. I am not your girlfriend..."

    "I know."

    "... and I feel uncomfortable when your friends treat me like that. I am okay to take a little joke once in a while but this nonsense hooting and double meaning comment every time we are together is simply not cool."

    "I am sorry, Dhwani. I had no idea how you felt. I'll talk to them."

    "And make me look like a bitch in front of them? No, thank you."

    "Don't be unreasonable, Dhwani. Give them a chance. They are not bad people. I am sure their intention was not to hurt you."

    "Always... always taking your friends' side. Huh, Vansh?" she said hopelessly. Vansh was quiet. "I am getting late for the class now," she said and stormed off. Vansh couldn't even try to stop her. He just watched Dhwani go away freezing on his chair without blinking his eyes.


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    And So Love Happened!

    CHAPTER - 07

    It had been a month since Vansh and Dhwani started talking and they were inseparable ever since. They were together all the time and when they were not, they were either on a call or texting each other. Vansh's friends had started teasing him with Dhwani's name and he was relishing all the attention.

    One afternoon, Vansh and the group decided to play dodgeball with a light plastic ball, they had found in the playground, in front of their class when they had a free period. The boys from one of the most prestigious educational institutions of the country were showcasing their class by howling and horsing around in the corridor.

    Aditya threw the ball to hit Pulkit, but he ducked and the ball went bouncing towards Vansh. In an attempt of catching the ball, Vansh lost his balance and merely escaped falling over Dhwani and her friends, when they were getting out of their class. Everyone started hooting loudly when Dhwani swiftly grabbed Vansh by his shoulders with her lightning reflexes.

    "Thank you," Vansh said hiding his embarrassment.

    "Hey Pulkit, do you wanna hear a scientific fact?" Aditya said screaming from a corner.

    "Always up for it bro," Pulkit replied in the same tone.

    "Do you know 'sound waves' travel the fastest in a solid medium?"

    "Woah! And you know what's solid?"

    "Our brother Vansh!" Aditya said and everyone cracked up hard. The whole corridor erupted with the hoots of laughter and everyone scattered away at once when all the hullabaloo forced a teacher, teaching in a nearby class, to come there to check what the matter was.

    In the evening that day, Pulkit came to Vansh's room. "What are you doing, man? It's your turn to cook." He said.

    Vansh stayed as he was, constantly staring at his phone, completely unbothered by Pulkit as if he wasn't there.

    "May I ask the reason of this sullen face?" Pulkit asked sitting beside Vansh on his 6×4 mattress.

    "Dhwani left college early today. She didn't even meet me before leaving. She never does that. I always walk her to the bus stop. She hasn't even seen my text yet." Vansh told him.

    "Something must have come up. Don't dig too much about it. C'mon! Let's order something and watch a good movie today. Okay?" Pulkit said cheering him up. Vansh nodded.

    The lights were off but empty pizza boxes could be seen in the light of the laptop. There was a half-drunk bottle of Pepsi lying between Vansh and Pulkit and they chose to watch 'Lord of the Rings' that day. It was their favourite movie of all time and Pulkit thought watching the brilliant cinema would help Vansh lighten up his mood. Vansh, however, had no interest in watching and was continuously using his phone to check whether Dhwani had texted him or not.

    "You are a lost cause, brother," Pulkit said getting up.

    "What?" Asked Vansh looking up at him.

    "You are in love," he said gently patting on Vansh's head and went back to his room.

    Vansh closed the laptop lid without shutting it down and put it over the empty pizza boxes. He lay down covering his face with a sheet and tried to sleep taking no notice of the anxiety kicking in. A few minutes after lying down quietly, he checked his phone again when he couldn't sleep. He was disheartened to see his empty inbox even after there were blue ticks on his last text.

    "I am in love," he murmured and put the phone away slowly breathing out.


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    And So Love Happened!

    CHAPTER - 06

    Dhwani and Vansh were having samosa sitting in a corner. The canteen was overcrowded that day and all the hubbub made it hard for them to have a conversation. It was hilarious when they had to scream hard to make the other person hear and the constant guffawing made their stomach ache.

    "It has stopped raining. I think I should leave now." Dhwani said controlling her laughter but burst out again when she saw Vansh trying hard not to laugh anymore.

    "Yeah," Vansh sighed, "We should move before it starts raining again."

    The streets of Delhi were inundated with rainwater. There was hardly any place left to walk. The smell of petrichor was very enticing. Dhwani would have, if she could, bottled up the aroma of nature. Vansh, however, was more tempted by the visual aesthetics of the surrounding. Without delay, he captured a few quick shots with his brand new Moto G3 camera.

    "Hey, where do you live?" Vansh asked.

    "Mayur Vihar," Dhwani answered.

    "So... you'll catch a metro. Right?"

    "No, Mr Richie pants. I'll take 534."

    "Oh, right." Vansh grinned. "Let me walk you to the bus stand," he asked gently.

    "Sure, if you don't like your clothes."

    Vansh chuckled and they walked carefully saving themselves from the filthy rainwater all around.

    "You were asking me something in the playground," Vansh said gently pitting his hand behind Dhwani's back when she was struggling to move.

    "In the ground? Oh, I was telling you that I liked your movie review?"

    "Which one?"

    "The Brooklyn one."

    "Really? Thank you. Have you watched the movie? You should watch the movie."

    "I am planning to watch it soon. What's it about?"

    "Well, I don't like to give out spoilers but it's a beautiful journey of an Irish girl finding herself in the Brooklyn city trying hard to find a balance between love, family and her life in the new city. Saoirse Ronan, my favourite, is just phenomenal in her role. You should watch it for her." Vansh got carried away.

    "Actually... I have read the novel and... Ahm! I have also read your review." Dhwani said patting Vansh's shoulder.

    They had reached the bus stand. Dhwani sat down finding herself a seat but Vansh was standing quietly staring at Dhwani as if asking her, why didn't she tell him before he was blabbering about the movie like an idiot.

    "Come on. Sit down." Dhwani said showing him the seat beside her.

    "Hey, can I ask you something if you don't mind?" Vansh asked sitting down.

    "Anything, except asking me out for a movie," she said in jest.

    "Well...," Vansh shrugged and looked the other way.

    "What?" Dhwani gasped covering her mouth with her palm. "You weren't asking me for a movie. Were you?"

    "I don't know. Kind of. Maybe." He replied awkwardly.

    After sitting quietly for a while, Dhwani asked, "When did we meet before?"

    "You don't remember?" Vansh asked surprisingly.

    "Uh-huh!" She shook her head.

    "Are. You. Serious?"

    "Don't create any more suspense. Tell me. The bus is here. Hurry up!" Dhwani babbled standing up from her seat in a hurry.

    "Go out for a movie with me first," Vansh said smiling looking at her.

    "Ha Ha," she laughed sarcastically, "very smart!" She said hopping into the bus.

    "Bye!" Vansh said waving at her. Dhwani waved back with a gleaming white smile as the door closed. Vansh watched the bus go standing at the bus stand for a while and found himself smiling like an idiot when the bus went out of his sight.


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    And So Love Happened!

    CHAPTER - 05

    It was a grey afternoon with a dull sky threatening rain. The wind was chilly enough to get goosebumps and strong enough to let Dhwani's hair fall over Vansh's face. For some time, none of them spoke anything. They both were walking quietly looking at the grass beneath their feet.

    "So... how was your class?" Dhwani asked breaking the silence.

    "Uh, don't even ask me. It was horrible. I only survived it somehow." Vansh replied.

    Dhwani chuckled and again, there was a silence for a few moments.

    "So, what are you up to?" Vansh tried to carry the conversation forward.

    "Umm... I was just playing badminton and I don't have any more lectures today so I'll head home before it starts pouring down."

    "You play badminton!" Vansh said surprisingly.

    "Yeah, it's my passion."

    "Really? I've never seen you play badminton here."

    "Well, it's a new passion and we were playing before you came," she took a pause and asked, "Do you like badminton?"

    "No, I am very bad at it. But... I can watch you play."

    "You can play with me too."

    "But I don't like losing," Vansh made a silly excuse.

    "C'mon. I'll let you win." Dhwani persuaded.

    Vansh smiled nervously and once again, there was complete silence between them for a short while. Vansh was feeling shy around her and was constantly trying to hide it behind his smile. He was gently kicking the grass while they were strolling around the playground and was completely invested in the movement of grass.

    Dhwani found it ironically attractive when she noticed Vansh trying hard to make eye contact with her and failing again and again. She was amused by his ability to get lost in himself while having a conversation.

    "Hey," Dhwani muttered, "I liked your movie review."

    "Huh!" Vansh blurted out as if someone has woken him up from sleep, which made Dhwani laugh aloud.

    "Where were you lost?" She asked giggling.

    Vansh hid the embarrassment behind his wide smile. "I was lost in your eyes," he covered up looking at her firmly.

    This made Dhwani a bit conscious and she slowly put the hair lying on her face behind her ear, getting her eyes off of him for a moment.

    "You weren't even looking at me," She said squinting her eyes.

    All of a sudden, the rain started smashing onto the heads of students there. Dhwani swiftly grabbed Vansh's hand and ran towards the Pipal tree near the Canteen to take shelter. Vansh gripped her hand in a stronger clasp when Dhwani got startled with the sudden thundering and they both burst into laughter.


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    And So Love Happened!

    CHAPTER - 04

    The second lecture was going on. Mirana ma'am was teaching Remote Sensing. The class was unbearable as usual. Understanding anything that she taught was an arduous task due to her strong Manipuri accent.

    "How much time is left?" Asked Pulkit.

    "Doesn't matter. Time stops when Miss Mirana teaches." Vansh answered yawning.

    "I'll go to the playground after the lecture," Pulkit said.

    "Since when do you play any sport," sarcastically Vansh said.

    "Well 'birdwatching' should be a sport too," Pulkit winked.

    While Vansh was getting bored to death, Dhwani's lecture was over and she, with her two friends, was going to the Canteen to grab a quick snack.

    "Hey look, she is the teacher I was telling you about the other day who always wears a skirt," Yashika told Dhwani pointing towards Mirana Ma'am.

    Pulkit noticed Dhwani while she was peeping through the door to check out Mirana ma'am's outfit. He signalled Vansh moving his eyes to look at her. They accidentally locked their eyes when Vansh looked at her. Dhwani instantly turned her face to look away and scuttled off abruptly as if someone has caught her stealing.

    Vansh, Pulkit and the group headed towards the playground after the class was over. The sun was hiding behind the clouds. The weather was a bit cooler than normal. Students were sitting in the shade of the trees. A few of them were practising football, some were on the basketball court, students from the dancing society were practising on the tennis court and Dhwani, with her friends, was leaving the ground after playing badminton.

    Dhwani waved at him when she saw Vansh entering the playground. Vansh returned the gesture by waving back with a smile. The two groups of friends crossed each other near the entry gate of the ground while they both slowed down to meet in the middle. As soon as they were left alone, they grinned awkwardly and slowly started walking together.


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    And So Love Happened!

    CHAPTER - 03

    It was late in the evening. Dhwani was sitting on her study table after completing a college assignment.

    "Argh! Where am I gonna sleep today!" She said to herself after quickly taking a glance at the mess she had made of her room while working on the assignment.

    Ignoring everything, she picked her phone up and started scrolling through memes on Facebook. While doing so, she came across a review of the movie "Brooklyn" by Vansh Chauhan. Coincidently she was reading the same novel, at that time, the movie was based on. She wanted to watch the movie after finishing the novel, but after reading that review, it was difficult for her to wait anymore.

    Dhwani opened Vansh's profile. "I recommend movies when I am not watching them," said his bio. She scrolled further and stopped at their mutual friends.

    "136 mutuals! Is he from our college?" She thought and scrolled up to check where he studies. "Studying at the University of Delhi. Dude! You have to mention the college too."

    "Okay, imma ask him," she thought and texted him – Hey.

    The conversation was going well when her mother called her for the dinner. "In a minute mom," she said aloud while she saw Vansh typing.

    "Don't make everyone wait for you Dhwani," her mother called again.

    She quickly typed to tell Vansh that she is going to have dinner but backspaced it all and left the room hastily putting the phone aside when she saw her mom getting impatient.

    It was around midnight when Dhwani came back to her messy room. She was already very tired and didn't feel the energy to clean the room. She somehow managed to clear some space on the bed to lie down for the night. She fell asleep at once without checking her phone.


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    And So Love Happened!

    CHAPTER- 02

    Vansh was sitting on a 6×4 mattress in his rented apartment. He had just finished his dinner and was ready to watch the movie "Masaan" which he left to download before leaving for college. He was very excited to watch this critically acclaimed film. He turned off all the lights of his room, put the headphones on and played the movie.

    After a few minutes in the movie, his phone buzzed. He was so engrossed in the movie that he didn't want to look at his phone, but the name Dhwani caught his attention. He paused the movie at once and unlocked his phone. It was a message from Dhwani. His heart started racing fast. He cautiously touched the chat head of Dhwani.

    "Hey," she had sent.

    Without wasting any time, "Hi," he replied with lightning speed.

    "We are from the same college. Right?" Dhwani asked.

    "Yes, we are and I sit in the class next right to yours and I don't know how many times we cross each other in a day," Vansh replied.

    "Oops! I am sorry. It was a silly question. I thought you didn't know me."

    "What? I sent you the friend request. Of course, I know you. And, who doesn't know THE DHWANI SINGH?"

    "What do you mean by THE DHWANI SINGH?"

    "You know... you are the college crush. Everybody likes you."

    "Oh, please. It's the exact opposite. Nobody likes me."

    "Well, the guy you are talking to right now does," Vansh typed but quickly backspaced it.

    He kept sitting still for a moment thinking about an appropriate response. Dhwani was typing so he waited for her message, but the typing stopped and her status changed from online to 1m ago.

    "Don't you remember we have met before?" Vansh texted and slowly breathing out, he put the phone away.


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    And So Love Happened!

    CHAPTER- 01

    It was the final year of his college. Vansh was roaming on the campus with his friend Pulkit.

    "It's bizarre how quickly time flies. Right?" He said to Pulkit.

    Vansh was a typical average Indian student. He was wearing a blue checked shirt with folded sleeves and black jeans with white sneakers. Like most Indian men, his hair was parted on the right and he was wearing a black sports watch in his left hand.

    "Yeah. It seems as if yesterday we were standing in the queue to take admissions..... Oh, look!" Pulkit pointed at someone without completing the sentence.

    "Who. Is. She?" Vansh asked.

    "You don't know her? Bro, she is the president of the Hindi department. Her class is adjacent to our class. Which world do you live in?" Pulkit said furiously.

    Vansh laughed, "Of course, I know her. I have had a crush on her for quite some time now," he said.

    "You are not alone, bro. Everyone has a crush on her. You know, I even sent her a friend request on Facebook, but she hasn't accepted it yet."

    "And, she won't. I guarantee you." Vansh teased Pulkit. "But she'll accept mine," he said.

    "Yeah, in your dreams."

    "Wanna bet?"


    Vansh sent a friend request to Dhwani Singh and got engaged in some gossip with Pulkit. Within 5 minutes, his phones buzzed with a notification – Dhwani Singh accepted your friend request. Vansh jumped with joy as soon as he saw it. Pulkit thought he would make fun of him in front of everyone and with this thought, he was getting embarrassed with a little amount of jealousy. But Vansh didn't say anything to him. He was just lost staring at the screen of his phone.

    Vansh never tried to start a conversation with her. He thought he wouldn't get a reply and even if he did, he was sure that he would blow this up. After a few days, Dhwani was just a Facebook friend like 543 other people, whom he never talked to.