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  • marysew 38w

    There are times when the walls of protection we create out of fear can suffocate us. It only takes a pure love that can help us to breathe again. ��
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    Do my eyes deceive me?
    Colors brighten and the air,
    It feels comforting,
    As I breathe with ease.
    The tension is shaken,
    And I feel as if I've let go,
    I've shed my rusting armor,
    Dropped my chainmail,
    Ridding myself of the dreadfully worn,
    Under linens closest to my skin,
    I've bathed in the brightest of water,
    Glistening away the wear and tear,
    Soothing the worn and mending the rifts,
    Even the bottom of my feet feel,
    Strengthened enough to rise again;
    Made clean, as a slate is whipped, as clutter is sorted,
    Movement is slow but deliberate,
    Knees are wabbling, but do not falter,
    I walk softly in my robe of comfort,
    A gift from Greatness glorified by His Grace,
    And I can breathe, I can hope, I can smile,
    I can once again feel ease through my being,
    My being beautifully simplified as His love, in me,
    Is rightfully Glorified.
    ©Mary Spotted Eagle Woman Roberts

  • lunarwolf 45w

    Lost Armor

    Once upon a time
    there was a wicked queen
    she fooled the masses like she did her king
    she was granted a splendid armor of love
    yet as time went on she lost pieces of it to time
    her wicked deeds rusted the armor
    as it began to have cracks
    yet it escaped her acknowledgment

    There once was a battle
    her king fought by her side
    but she didnt notice as she thrived on the battle
    the blood was spilled from her kingdom
    yet she didnt notice the losses from her side
    she battled hard losing pieces of armor as she went
    getting weaker as she was getting stronger
    she began to realize this contradiction

    Her misdeeds led to her banishment
    for her heart wasn't a fertile land
    as she fell from enlightenment
    the remaining pieces eroded away
    while her regrets bled into the land
    her pleads and screams deafened the air
    as the kingdom forgot she was even there
    broken with no protection
    her heart screamed to once again have that armor of love's protection

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #wod #free #armor

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    Lost Armor

    She lost it all by giving into greed

  • magaan_10 64w

    You'll never loose a battle when you choose happiness as your weapon and smile as your armor.

  • discoveringself 78w

    The Enduring She-Warrior!

    She wears the
    armor of stoicism;
    And carries the
    shield of confidence;
    Judgements, biases,
    adversaries she confronts;
    Armed with the
    weapon of persistence!

    She defends her hopes,
    her dreams, her rights;
    She guards her own,
    She shields her tribe;
    She is earnest in her duties,
    and Fervent in her style;
    She is real; she is committed;
    No pretence! Never trite!

    She is fierce; she is gentle;
    She is vulnerable yet strong;
    She has chinks in her armor;
    But her allegiance - lifelong!

    She is ambushed; she is attacked;
    By foes within; and without!
    She lashes, she strikes!
    Her nemesis - self doubt!

    She loses; she defeats!
    She overcomes when wronged!
    With setbacks in her stride;
    She chooses to look beyond!

    She is resolute in her stance;
    She has triumph in her sight!
    She refuses to give up;
    She is a warrior; She will fight!


  • akshay_vasu 82w

    The things that couldn't win over us

    #akshayvasu #fight #armor #abyss #kill #inspiration #motivation

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    The things that couldn't kill us tried to pull us down into the abyss. And the things that couldn't pull us down into that abyss became our armor.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • loftydreams101 93w

    Ironclad Ships in the Night

    In deathly eyes
    Words become burdens,
    Ordnance, stored long ago
    Still full with hellfire

    Steaming along
    Without a glimmer of light
    They scan the mad seas
    For all traces of home

    Fears thrive deep within
    Turning the gears,
    And shoveling coals
    To evade the next storm

    ©2020 William Wright, Jr.

  • eden_with_eve 98w

    Heavy is the head that wears the crown.
    Mother knows she can't have a moment to put it down.
    They sexualize her throat til she starts to choke from all the cigar smoke.
    The classic trope of a woman and her lover.
    He says he'll put her above him as long as she stays under his covers.

    "My wife doesn't need an education she's got me."
    She sits on her bruised knees waiting for his epiphany.
    Scratching her skin till bleeds, catching flees from laying with a dog.
    Love can be blinding.
    To the point where a woman can't recognize the tightness of her bindings.

    She lies about happiness while her smiling mouth goes numb.
    He tells her she's dumb.
    How dare she think as a Queen she deserves a spot at the table.
    She's sick of the labels they're seared in her brain mixed with self imposed shame.
    It's hard when you become aware your sex deserves better.

    If you can't join em' beat em', screw the banquet hall, she's gonna supersede him.
    She doesn't need decorum she can defeat him.
    It's not nice they say, but change is never that way.
    She melded her own armor, breast plate bloody to show she fights for her own honor.
    Red is the best color for the banner of a Rebel Queen.

  • eden_with_eve 101w

    Her lips are red, the best color to speak for a Mother.
    She has bitten her tongue, the red isn't lipstick, it's blood.
    Beautiful in its passion, manic without ration, and wild.
    Colors like pink and brown are too mild.
    Her armor is her skin, sheerness striking fear, because fabric is just an accessory to her battle.
    You heard her delicate voice sing, the scream of a womans war cry.
    You call her perverse for her natural elegance.
    Your anger is irrelevant, her independence the insult, but she is beyond repression.
    Mother, lover, absolute in the boardroom or under bed covers.
    A War Goddess, shameless, and shaped beyond your censure.

  • voiceofbelle 103w

    The battle

    Is far from over so put on your armor

  • jessejamz 108w


    You are psychedelic and a fun trip.
    I reach my peak when you I worship.
    Every time I hold you I feel bliss.
    Escatsy exchanged whenever we kiss.
    I get stimulated when we lock lips.
    You intoxicate me as I take a sip.
    My cup runneth over as you I grip.
    Anytime we're apart it's you I miss.
    Every departure leaves me remiss.
    You're funny with every roast and quip.
    You're the only armor I wanna equip.
    Work boo I can't wait until we flip the script.
    Make you my queen in your throne beside me you'll sit.


  • daimoneros 110w

    It's late, I know.
    I'm wide awake
    Pondering possibilities
    That passed me by
    The several times
    I made uncertain decisions.
    You stood in front of me
    Multiple moments when
    I could have held onto you
    And never let go.
    Yet, I let you go.
    I entered a battle and
    Fought for myself.
    What were once wounds
    Stare as scars.
    When I saw you again,
    I neglected to see
    You entered your own war.
    I could say you kept
    Your wounds hidden,
    But I believe it was more
    Of my failure to see them.
    When I look at you
    I see a beautiful soul
    That should hold no pain.
    You never deserved it.
    I gave you word that
    I'd always be there for you
    And wasn't, I'm sorry.
    Now that I can prove it,
    And understand what it means,
    I have yet to see you again
    Without your armor.
    You never saw me as a threat,
    But bare your weapon still.
    I await the day you
    Find the strength to
    Bare your soul to me
    Once more.
    Even scarred, I bet
    You're even more beautiful
    Than the first time
    I really saw you.

  • benjamins_poetry_ 111w

    Armored tyrant

    People just don’t really care
    All you care about is yourself
    You just wouldn’t dare
    To prick me and I bleed
    Instead you sit in silence
    Put up your shield of armor
    Ignore me for my love and honor
    Sitting there as a tyrant

  • akshay_vasu 130w

    The things that couldn't kill us

    #abyss #armor #kill #akshayvasu #motivation #giveup

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    The things that couldn't kill us tried to pull us down into the abyss. And the things that couldn't pull us down into that abyss became our armor.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • irishjigsaw_xo 131w

    tin man

    here it goes again
    i've been down this
    road before, the hurt
    of the lies this pain of
    Once again it's
    the price of my loyalty
    that i'm paying for.
    it doesn't hit me hard
    as it should the pain of
    abandonment it just numbs
    my pain of being so naive
    and ignorant.
    There it is once again my
    shattered my trust it's like
    tin man i feel nothing i just
    feel cold and alone with the
    road i'm own.
    It's like i'm fighting with
    myself i fall to my knees
    crying, but this time crying
    red. It's pain of trust and pain
    of heart in pieces. i can't
    handle my spirit being crushed
    my is in trauma and just wants
    to give up. I wouldn't mind
    trading my heart in so i feel
    nothing. So tin man what you
    think wanna trade your armor
    in for my heart? hope you don't
    mind for a broken heart.

  • drubixcage 132w

    I thought , evaluated, and realised the cause
    Than i accepted she was just an act of free will to demolish the dreams and desires of my inner king that loved the queen she pretends to be Untill the day, I lost the battle..
    Act of blindness started a war and defeated me.
    #broken #lostbattle #theday
    #myshield #armor #out_of_word

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    The day I lost the battle

    I was fighting for her bare handed
    She as my armour
    Her love as my shield
    It was us against the world
    Than I realise the shield was broken
    Actually it was divided into pieces
    It was never mine to hold
    My armour was gone
    I lost my faith
    I became vulnerable
    And Got defeated by a stone of words
    "she wasn't what she claims to be
    She faked everything


  • mufasa_reigns 138w

    I thought you were the truth
    but I guess I was a liar though.
    We bonded over poetry and music..
    mentally.. intertwined so...
    Nights can became mornings a lot quicker over a phone call.

    From one Virgo to another it was easy because I knew you.
    I could read between the lines, at times the silence.. it was crucial.
    But my reflection, it became you so I never had to miss you.

    I gave you a peak at the darker side of
    me, Laid bare my deepest fears
    Deep conversations had me confessing things I held back for years. Daydreaming of a life together was the reason why I lived. Man..

    You abandoned when I needed you the most that's one thing I can't stand.
    I can see now how distance became our best friends.
    So I stayed lost. It went against everything I was just to be there.
    It's my fault, I romanticized everything from the beginning
    Rookie mistake, this time I swear I'll keep the armor with me.

  • nleroy8 142w

    She anticipates the shiny night
    That is her armor of quietness
    She stitches her thoughts peace by piece.

    #poem #her #woman #princess #dame #dragons #fire #icecube #hot #armor #peace #dress #mirakeeworld #lgbt @writersnetwork

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    Her Own Fire

    I hate when everything around me
    Gets too hot she says.
    Voices raised, words of flame
    Thoughts with no thought to them
    Nothing nice, stuck in a cube
    A dame frozen in this tower
    With time to think to melt with
    Dragons fighting all around her.
    The low warm breath she tries
    Barely causing a stir in their pot
    So hot.

    She anticipates the shiny night
    That is her armor of quietness
    She stitches her thoughts peace by piece.
    Making the most beautiful dress
    Created by mess, she walks down
    The stairs the dragons barely take notice
    She stares back, one more time
    Step by step, realizing she will never
    Walk those steps again, gaining
    Her own fire.


  • selah_mj 144w

    If I start wearing the shining armor,my prince charming might wear and stand up,
    Maybe then I'll be judged for WHO I AM and not for WHAT I AM.


  • aishu24 146w

    Who needs superman and batman?
    When my little brother is my superhero
    Because he is the one who comes first,
    to pick me up when I fall
    He itself is my protective shield
    There is no perfect armor than his loving care
    He is my superhero without cape
    He smile and giggle but protects me,
    and will be my greatest security
    My tears will never bother in your solder,
    With you all my worries stay small
    He is my brother and my superhero forever.

    #superhero #brother #littlebrother #love #smile #forever #worries #cape #protection #cape #armor #care #giggle #security #him #little @mirakee @thoughtsprocess @mirakeeworld @bluepuppy01 #minu1812

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    Who needs superman and batman?
    When my little brother is my superhero

  • _the_quotes_chaser_ 149w


    The best armor a women can wear is her self-respect ..