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  • light_ofthe_heart 2w

    For A Best Friend ❤️

    Ten years and still counting....it's a forever goal for us.❤️
    I can't really remember how we started talking but I can remember our memories the first year we met, I could hardly stay for few days in my room without checking.
    I think it started since then, a sister from a different mother. Nobody would have thought that we will come this far, but now I know that we are friends for life and no matter what happens in the future, we are always going to stick around.
    Our roadway has actually not been smooth, but we have actually made it this far. When I had nothing, you were there for me. You gave me hope where I had once lost it. You showed me light when I remained in darkness. You showed me the method when I could not locate my course and most importantly, you gave me friendship when I needed one. You are certainly an unusual gem and I will keep commemorating you every day of our life.
    You are a friend who defines true friendship. You have always been there with me, extending the support and affection I needed. You are my partner-in-crime and my companion in everything I do. The way our wavelengths match, I sometimes feel that you can hear me even when I am not talking. I am so lucky to have you as my friend. No matter where life takes us to, I will always be there for you, because true friends always stick and never leave each other. No matter what challenges life may toss at us, we will always conquer everything because two are constantly much better than one. As well as you plus I equate to an irresistible and also unstoppable group, a very dangerous one I guess.
    Dear girlfriend, I wish you the happiest and most fulfilling birthday. I wished I could compose something incredible for this special day, but nothing is as outstanding as you are, (plus this week has really been a tough and rough one for me mentally and emotionally).
    Cheers to many more years of laughter, love, as well as the best of relationship. As you grow older, may you enhance in knowledge and every other aspect? Happy birthday Girlfriend I love you beyond words or imagination. Keep been the bitch I can't resist

  • satan_eye 3w

    The unspoken love

    Recently I have experienced something I had knew for a long time but didn't accepted coz of my trust issues or insecurities or I don't know what.
    Yes I have damn huge trust issues not to mention how big coz people used me for themselves for a long time and I got used to it so much that I can't believe anyone now so easily.
    He took a whole year to convince me and make me believe he came for me not to just use me for their sake like everyone else. He waited very long for me to open up and trust him, he really got the real me and he told me that he is lucky that he got me something good I have done that you came into my life and made it truly bliss and lovely... These were his words 2 days ago and till now I'm getting butterflies thinking about him....

  • bhuvana_ 4w


    The happiest thing is when I feel low, I look around...
    And I realise that I have your shoulder for me..

  • writers_inspiration_bureau 4w

    Whenever I think about "Happiness" all I see is "You".

  • wanderlust_chai 4w

    #bestfriend #tomandjerry
    Because you're special ����

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    To Tom
    You are the human i know who takes great effort to make everyone happy around you. And every single time you succeed with an innocent smile. Your smile is enough to make other's heart smile. You are a bright person like a cactus, yes people compare with flowers, colors and many more but you are different and best. I love fighting with you. Someone have already said that slapping your best friend can release your stress and ofcourse yes you're my stress reliever. You are a magical element in the whole world. You have the shining personality. The glow from your face seems like a sun shining brightly in a forest. I have heard trees talking about sun, similarly i have also heard people talking about you. You have such a pleasant soul. The colors you spread have more than thousand shades. You present yourself in very appealing manner that there is no need for a buttery conversation. Cactus don't wither easily. Also you don't like good byes.
    One year, 4 months and 20 days feel like the way it is. Nothing more or nothing less. Every single day your presence have made a lot more better than other days.
    One thing specially I would like to say secretly, you easily know how to manage my panic attacks, you don't ask me about anything and you just sense them by gazing into my face. Everyday you come up with surprises.
    I am glad to have you as my bestfriend, you the editor of 3 to 4 famous newspaper, i intentionally said famous. You are such a talented one, i used to collect the Paper cuttings at the age when you used to publish one. Baladwani, Kutti samraajyam, Kerala times every newspapers are special. It has the viewership of departed souls. They read your newspapers. So don't think that it is kept aside or it hasn't published. Your newspapers are read by the most beautiful souls.
    Star gazing is my favourite thing and yours too. I love walking and you love too. Stories of different genres are interesting and i like it when you read it for me. The night we spend under the super shiny starry sky was so magical. Shooting stars made my heart smile. We should climb more trees and share more stories. And finally I would always like to remain as your Jerry.



  • bhuvana_ 4w


    Departures are so painful until there is no arrival...
    Departures hits up memories..
    Departures reveals how much you love them..
    Departures leaves your strongest bond..
    At the end departures are so tearful..

  • _wanderinglion_ 5w

    The Best Friend To Have

    I smiled through my tears..
    Knowing He would never desert me..

    He's always there

    What more could you ask for
    From a friend?

    But oh,
    It doesn't stop there!

    He gives so much more!

    A lot more

    You just gotta ask..
    And bam! He gives it to you..

    Be it just the way you asked for it..
    Or, perhaps, in a more discreet way.

    He also knows what's best for you!
    He always knows.

    I made friends..
    Many of them..

    But I'll be honest with you
    They left.

    They all left..
    Over one excuse or another..

    Be it death,
    Lack of understanding
    Or some other petty excuse.

    But they all did leave..

    Most of them at least.

    But through thick and thin
    The Most Merciful stood by my side..

    Like a friend..
    A true friend.

    I have a friend.
    A true friend.

    Would you like to have one too?

  • bhuvana_ 5w

    Happy ❤

    The magic is different when you enjoy the sad song in a way to erase your emotions..

  • unheardvois 5w

    To my best friend

    I'm closer to the
    Chapters that are closed,
    Thinking about you
    I'm completely lost.

    Thinking about the times
    When we were Young,
    Looking at the picture
    That was hung.

    Where we were sitting
    And eating rice,
    Now that I see
    We actually look nice.

    That was a wedding
    Where we first met,
    That's when our
    Friendship was all set.

    Remember how we
    Talked the whole night,
    Remember how we couldn't
    Stay out of sight.

    We exchanged numbers
    To stay in touch,
    Those days are long gone
    Even now I miss you much.
    ©Shreya Bhattacharya

  • adruta 5w

    The way i think about you may not be the same you think about me.

    Because i am your best friend but i want you to be my boy friend.

    But the best thing is the love and bond between us as best friend or boy friend will not change


  • bhuvana_ 6w


    Don't know why sometimes destiny makes you to meet one even there is no way to stay with you...

  • _sri_nidhi_ 7w

    Muffin's Marvel

    Tired of hearing about Romeo and Juliet's antics,
    And this wasn't about love, but something
    There will be no flower and pleasant discourse,
    All I need is friendship for the rest of the life;
    Tired of heavy doses of romanticism and other nonsense,
    Let's enjoy our sarcasm together;
    I just need some space in you,
    Where I can be myself;
    Your friends were so fortunate to have you as a friend,
    Bike ride, entertaining chats;
    Teaching you and having ridiculous battles with you, posing for amusing photos with you,
    Is it all going to be a dream for me?
    There's a difference between a friend and best friend,
    Finally I'd like to request a favour from you;
    Will you be my best buddy forever?

  • malemnganbithokchom_ 7w

    My Best Friend

    You came into my life as a stranger,
    The very first day when both of us met was really unforgettable,
    With the passage of time we were tied in a bond of friendship,
    Not ever realising that one day our friendship would be so special and we would turn into best friends.

    Your uniqueness,your behaviour and your determination had always inspired me,
    Everytime when we talked each other, I began to forget all the deep pains, miseries and troubles surrounding in my life,
    Even your one word brought me plentiful of smiles and happiness that gave me a new life to live within,
    Your friendship is a priceless gift to me,
    It cannot be bought and sold anywhere
    The value of which is far greater than a gold or a diamond.

    The feelings of your true friendship can neither be seen nor can be heard,
    I loved the special bond and the lovely moments that we had shared together;
    I loved the way you really cared for me,
    Whenever I wondered through my thoughts and memories of yours,
    It brought me a beautiful smile and lots of laughter
    But I'm really blessed to have a best friend like you,
    No matter how far you are from me,
    Whatever the situation or reason might be,
    You will always be there in my heart and soul till my end.


  • iamsatyajitrout 7w

    I needed my best friend...
    When I was in unbearable pain...
    You left...
    And made me alone...
    It's ok...
    Just because I love you so much...
    It's not mandatory to me love me back...
    With same enthusiasm and care...
    Stay happy...
    Do well...
    Somewhere someone is waiting...
    For his bestfriend...
    Don't worry...
    I won't call or message...

  • kinzaasif 8w

    That is my real life's story... I lost my best friend at school... I think some of you might relate to how the story goes especially about trust...
    Nowadays we don't get to find many people whom we could really trust
    #years #bestfriend #bff #trust #miraquill #pod #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork #mirakee #miraquill

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    Why she did what she did?

    She was my best friend
    At least that's what I called her
    She knew everything about me
    We shared our best times together
    Just as the seasons pass after their full bloom
    Our friendship doomed
    I was backstabbed by my best friend
    She broke my trust
    And we parted our ways
    Ten years have passed
    We are on our own different life paths
    But sometimes I think
    Why she did what she did?
    Now I wish that
    at some point of her life
    She needs to learn
    what she shouldn't have done

  • milankesharwani 9w

    Books are my best friend
    Books never cheat you
    Books never judge you
    They never leave you until you leave them
    You always can trust books more than a person

    After reading a book you will feel very immense peace and also the addition in a sea of your knowledge

  • absolutelove 11w

    for u

    They think I put him on a pedestal
    But I respect him as an individual
    I can't help that you shine!
    And I'd never want to dim your light
    So I think about the beauty of making this poem
    My heart on my sleeve for a best friend is shown

  • bhuvana_ 11w


    Perspectives are different but, Emotion and undergoing pain are same for everyone....

  • _angel_ishu_ 12w


    Calling to your best friend by taking permission is the biggest proof that you are now just a friend

  • shyamlata 12w

    Dear best friend

    Everyone is jealous of my relationship with you..