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  • thoughtjutsu 115w


    I have often spent an infinity 
    just pondering a single line, 
    lost in endless thought. 

    I then come to, only to realize 
    I have lived out an entire alternate reality 
    all in the span of single, finite moment, 
    once here and now gone, 
    all in the blink of an eye.

    Life is but many such moments.
    Make each one count.


  • angels_halo_shines 137w

    Eye of the Storm

    What was once a delicate little flower, as the flower was budding, the bud was tainted. With the poison of evil. As the flower grows and grows, the flower does the best it can do. With no one to water her as she buds. With nobody to talk to.
    As nobody really cares about the flower that took forever to bud. Afterall, everyone took a little bit each time they went passed. So, the flower could not grow to full potential. As the flower tried her best to fit in, never really did. And now the flower that never did bud, wished for death. Well no then God looked down upon the bud, and shook His finger right at the budding flower, and said " If there is no you in the world, what would the world be? " the flower, shaking and all looked up at God, and answered. "God, I suppose with your help I can continue to try and grow. The best I can." God then looked back down at the bud and said "Let yourself grow dear, let yourself shine. Show them who you are. Bright as can be. Leave the darkness all behind you. Can you do that?" The flower bud looked up to God, and said "Yes. YES I CAN." With so much confidence. And so time went on and that's what the small bud did. It grew stronger and brighter, than it ever thought possible. The flower grew and grew, until one day, 26 years later. The bud lost her shine. Looked up to God for answer. God can never fail me. She says.
    He may take his time. She looked up into the big sky and talked to God, "Why must I stay? This is all just pure Hell." And God took a long time to answer. So long that the bud had arisen into full bloom. And shined. God had shown the flower all of her potential. And then 1 day the flower had gotten very sick. Only after the flower had been shown a world of happiness. And how fast it all could be taken away. In a blink of an eye, like within an eye of any storm, it's swirling and raging. All the rage had built up, so much it destroyed the flower, demolished everything in it's way. All around the flower bed, there was a chaotic mess. And that was God's way of saying "never take what you have for granted. Because in the blink of an eye, it can all be destroyed. And then God will make it known to you, when it's way too late.

  • acepoems 183w

    Blink of an Eye

    i still remember i have a friend
    we are so close, that our chats never end
    we are like roses, so red
    but it come to the point;
    that our friendship has come to an end

    i admit it is sad
    to break a friendship that you to build so bad
    the two of us were mad
    mad of those little problems we barely had

    what will happen to us now?
    now that we don't talk to each other someway, somehow
    treating like strangers whenever we meet anyhow
    where did that spark go that made us both "wow"

    because, no matter how hard i try
    no matter how more i cry
    but with just a blink of an eye
    our friendship will die

  • lanugrahayu 215w

    "Bright red,
    aliveness of the sky,
    as if it would want to let us know,
    the utmost happiness of meeting loved one,
    as if it would want to let us know,
    how it can't wait for the moon and stars,
    as if it would want to let us know,

    ...how it misses darkness.

    How it terribly misses darkness,
    that it lets the beautiful sunset,
    ...to vanish,
    in the blink of an eye."