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    The Shaman of the East-Chapter 1

    Shorburry being a remote town, had that much citizens to make it prone for habitation. If you considered the odd horse drawn carts, that passed over a cobbled road on a bleak morning. Thereby, scattering the gathered muck in puddles upon the lonely passerby's who might have stopped by a lamplight for a smoke.

    However, ill temper was not a characteristic that defined a Shorburry resident. It was their least concern for something, and most importantly their fear that shot up around absurd notions. For instance a tumbling bunch of bananas blocking a person's passageway suddenly was regarded to be an ill omen, that indicated that the deity Maule would need to consider his favours for the same such individual. A candle blurted out from a sudden gale, was suspected to be a whisper of Nikke who was looking for someone to share her curses.

    A similar tale was unfolding in the old townhouse of Shorburry.

    In a packed stand, the noble families of Shorburry along with the lesser middle class were seated in a descending pattern. Giving away to a cleared path before the judges table and jury around.

    While located in an isolated corner to the right was the accused Lo Raven.

    'My lord, it is not unknown to our honest community, in how we regard our superstitions', went on Hugh Kissinger representing the noble families of Shorburry.

    'We know how it might seem to the outside world, and how they perceive about us.....Yet, do we not try to explain in our humble opinion of why we accept it's practice. Do we not consider their opinions, despite it affecting us not even in the slightest'.

    'Instead, of respecting our customs and cultures. Some scholar steps in from this outside world, and tries to educate us in our own ways',guffawed Hugh triggering a bout of laughter among the noble contingent on the stands.

    'This person', pointing at Lo....'has participated to the effect, and has been partially successful in influencing quite a coterie',spoke Hugh indicating at the lower middle class.

    'Instead of being grateful, to the hospitality of two individuals who put him up in their house. Mr. Raven managed to diabolically manipulate the Rance family into sharing their beliefs and traditions', again indicated Kissinger pointing at a white cropped haired male, in a less neatly trimmed moustache and an unkempt suit and an elderly broad in a pink petticoat with a floral hat titling to the right of head among the lower middle class segment.

    'Thus, ensuring that he can mislead them towards believing that he shared their beliefs. Furthermore, goading them through intent especially by introducing a prohibited instrument of our society an Ouija board'.

    'What followed in the house down on Baxter Avenue, was bare attempts at summoning whatever the same so-called instrument is renowned to summon. All, that the witnesses later testifying to have revealed to be are farts from nature', explained Hugh by turning and winking at the Noble audience with a smile.

    Another rush of laughter erupted among the nobles of Shorburry, while the lesser nobles kept mum.

    'Order....Order', shouted the honorable justice Miravia striking the gravel.

    'As I was saying your honour....Moaning winds, tumbling dishwashers, and clattering shutters would be the appropriate expression to describe the experiences of the witnesses. Surprisingly, none of them felt, saw, or even heard all the things together. They simply remember one off indications from the same, and none of them have clarity of memory.'

    'It could have ended there, had not the accuser Mr.Lo Raven had other plans in order. To display his incredulous claims, he resorted to a heinous crime in brutally killing off Mr.Rance's stepdaughter Tiffiny', exclaimed Kissinger.

    'Now, my lord instead of getting into the asinine details of what might have unfolded during the sittings around the board, that will not interest this court.It will save a lot of time for the working men, if you would order this villain to be hanged', angrily indicated Kissinger at Raven.

    'Does Mr.Raven have anything to state before this court?', asked Mirivia.

    Remaining non-plussed Lo Raven shook his head in a negative nod.

    'Then it is clear, that the accused Lo Raven former shaman of the East is found guilty in the murder of Tiffiny Rance former resident of Baxter Avenue house number 9'.......'The court is adequately convinced with the facts presented, and the evidences that might not need looking',growled the honorable justice staring at Raven.

    Raven had suddenly gone erect, and started mumbling, eyes closed.........after a few minutes he opened his eyes to reveal complete whiteness and then banged his head to be stirred from the trance or whatever he was in.

    'He's also into the stick', shouted a random noble from the stand.

    'such vile behaviour must not go unpunished', squeaked another. As voices stormed across the court, with the justice trying to bring order.

    Raven had a smirk across his face. His dishevelled locks gently stirring before his nose.

    All his life he earned from a sham. Then faced the wrath of countless non-believers before proving to them that the lie was not in making them believe on the existence after death, but in making them realising how profits might entail if they started believing.

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    It was a Dark Stormy twilight,
    The luminous moon casting long,
    Shadows on the ground.
    The owl sitting outside in a
    Comfortable swing, singing
    Melodies of the night.

    The calm of the day ended well,
    Shadows of the trees screaming loud,
    The white sheet of fog resembling,
    Like the black cat lurking in the grass,
    A symbol of Serene.

    “oohhhhhh!!!! , oooucchhhhh!!!
    Heeelppppp!! , For God sake!!!
    Leave me alone !!!!
    Someone please help meeeee!!!!”
    Maaahhhh Eyeeesss!!!

    Dad!!! , Listen Dad!!!!
    Someone is screaming badly!!
    Dad, wake up , come on !!!!

    We both ran outside, with the people,
    Of the village briskly and very quickly,
    More quickly than usual.

    Its him, the Janitor of our realm,
    Trembling in fear & crying,
    The blood impossible to avoid,
    Killing his eyes with full vengeance.

    He, then spoke with the fear of words,
    “Well, Monsters are real,
    Ghosts are real too,
    They live inside us and sometimes,
    They definitely win”..

    While janitoring the streets last twilight,
    Suddenly, I felt a gust of warm breeze,
    Desperate to whisper something in my lughole,
    The gust of warm breeze keeps trailing me.

    I started walking in terror and a bit louder,
    As if my heart would burst up beating,
    Dust and leaves begin to rebel strongly,
    The fog and mist started covering up the heaven.

    Abruptly, everything went quiet & serene,
    The glass of my beacon just sizzles,
    I heard an innocent cry, asking for help,
    I got terrified & sweaty from head to toe.

    I panicked, while full of terror, I glanced back,
    An 8-year-old girl was shedding tears for help,
    Her clothes were ripped up, side lips shred up.
    Having messy hairs tinged with blood,
    Anomaly, having tooth bite marks all over her body.

    She wept for aid, perpetually again & again,
    I got frightened, after the scary glimpse of her,
    But from her high-pitched soprano voice,
    As “deep as ocean”, I assumed that surely,
    She belongs to a well-endowed family.

    Though, Greed is evil, so as the intent of a person,
    In avarice of gold, I agreed to help her out.
    I took her on my lap, felt like lifting up air,
    She directed me the way home swiftly.

    It was too glacial, she started quivering frequently.
    “I’ve never noticed you here before”, I asked,
    “I got split up from my mother”, she quarreled,
    Then our voyage keeps sliding like a curve.

    I again feel the gust of warm wind, yet again,
    Desperate to say something in my lughole,
    The gust of warm breeze keeps hunting me again,
    In a flash, all is serene as a beautiful first light.

    I find a outline in the mist, perpetually gazing at me,
    From the beautiful bun of her hair, to her pink lips,
    To the mascara of her fishy eyes, to her rosy cheeks,
    From her narrow waist, to her tiny long nose.
    Giving a shout to my inner lust badly & constantly.

    A lady is standing dressed perfectly like a bride,
    Fully weighted with gold, covering her breasts,
    The girls get off my lap, galloping towards lady,
    Screaming “mumma!!! , mumma !!! , mumma !!”.

    The newly-wed, verily was,
    The mother of the girl,
    Before, I could utter anything,
    Dark clouds of my fate roared loudly.

    Unknowingly, a gust of warm wind-blown,
    Killing up my eyes with vengeance,
    Filling my eyes with red water,
    All I can see is only my, dark misfortune.

    “Our Intensions Creates,
    Our Reality”


    #Miraquill #Horrorpoetry #Chapter1 #Writersnetwork

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    Our Intentions, Our Reality
    Chapter 1
    "The First Scream"


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    I asked you , " why do I frighten you ? "

    Tears rolled down from your eyes and you replied,

    " Yes you do frighten me. You act as though we will be together forever. You act as though you have infinite pleasure and time without an end. But I know that you have a secret passage which I cannot see from where you'll be gone and i'll be left banging of the four walls of our relationship with a false hope."

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    In those silent hours of midnight
    I am all alone ....
    I wiped my tears on those cushions
    Tonight my eyes could not hold up any tears
    I am scared to face myself
    I am too tired to try
    It is choking inside ,as soon as I remember YOU ..
    It does not feel right anymore
    I volumed up those days ...
    I have always been a 90's kid ..
    My life is like a song ,I often skip the music ..
    To make me forget everything for brief seconds..
    An hour of absolute numbness
    I caught hold on my emotions
    Grabbed a peg with one silk cut..
    "Abhi na jao chorkar ke dil abhi bhara nahi bura na mano baat ka ye pyaar heh gila nahi." Our all time favourite song
    I want life to pause and rewind
    A full moon night without YOU...

    Tannishtha ❤️

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    Chapter 1
    "SHONAli,will you close your eyes for me?" "But why", she said in insecureness, "trust me SHONAli close your eyes", she agreed. There was a moment of silence, we can easily feel the petrichor coming from freshly wet ground ,cool breezes were alarming me that something scary is going to happen.
    I can easily feel my heartbeat is skipping a bit, words were playing hide n seek in mind, i took a long breath and in low stammering tone i said" Its crazy how unexpectedly you've made such a huge impact on my life you mean the world to me and I am so thankful for all you've done for me over this short time that we've actually gotten to hangout and get to know each other. You are without a doubt one of the strongest and most free willed people I've ever met and the only thing I can ever ask of you to do for me is to just to be yourself, I Love You and no matter what flaw you may think you have but to me it's all a part of what makes you unique and incredible".
    she opened her eyes in shock after listening and i hold her hand, this time her hands were not the same that use to be when giving high-five, were not even same when our hands collides while walking, there was something different in her touch this time,but there was a fear of losing a friend or love. There was mixed feeling running in mind and her teary eyes were giving me goosebumps and finally she said "no" in shaky voice ,i don't know why her shaky voice giving me more pain than her no, many questions were coming in my mind.
    While lost in my toddled world i sensed cold breeze were coming with water droplets in my face ,to check what is happening I opened my eyes and i was shocked to see myself in my bed and happened in my dreams i don't know how to react to it and water droplets were thrown water over me by maa as i overslept.
    #chapter1 #selfwritten #try #new #SHONAliphile #Logophlie #Scribblechapters #kudosforhimclichéforher

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    I wrote it in 2017, exact today 23rd may 2017


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    It was when her mom shouted "Wake up!" that she gave up her sleep but for the first time, without any protest. Not a word came from her mouth as she headed towards the bathroom, got ready and finished her breakfast slightly astonishing her kin. Her mind was occupied. While she was wearing her college shoes, her mother finally gathered the courage to question her unusual behaviour but she plainly denied her accusations and assured her of being fine, though she herself knew that they were fake assurances.
    As she took the same path and made her way to the bus stop,her mind was still occupied by the same thing. Her gorgeous little face with her flawless hair that streamed down her back tied in a simple pony must have attracted many people that either would not have noticed the foundation that she had applied under her eyes or even if they did, they must have considered it as her normal make up but ONLY she knew what it was for her. For her it was a way to hide her dark circles, a way to keep her family unaware of the sleepless night.
    She finally reached the bus stop but still her mind was occupied by the same thing, something that had stolen her sleep the last night, something that had brought her to a dillema of what she would do, something that has put her mind in a bustle that was it HER DRESSING OR THE BOY'S MENTALITY that had caused him to conduct such an atrocious act towards her.....

    What has happened to her? What has caused the most talkative girl so silent? Is there any solution to the "something" that occupied her the whole night and even now? What will she do next?
    Next chapter coming soon.........

    #dressingormentality #chapter1

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    Dress or Mentality?
    (Chapter 1)


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    Lover from heaven
    Chapter 1 : The Present

    It's already been 2 years Naina , you need to forget things and move on .Your life has just started, why do you always think of ending it ?

    Mom I don't want to talk about this

    Naina running away or avoiding truth will not make life simpler .

    Mom please . I need to go , I will call you later

    NAINA , eveytime you can't avoid this topic in name of work . You are famous fashion designer , good looking , smart , independent. There are so many gentleman who dream of spending life with you. Why don't you give someone chance ?

    Mom not again , I have made it.....

    Wait you should see this boy, I have sent you pic on whatsapp. He is also in Paris , leading architect at La Vella. Why don't you and meet him?

    Mom , I don't want to get married . Why it is so hard to understand?

    And why it so hard for you to accept HE IS DEAD, NAINA . You can't spend whole life in his memories.

    Mom I will talk you later . Bye. And he is not dead.

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    Peaceful life by the sea tis so sweet.

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    Let us meet our favourite mythological characters in a new light, with Rony and Riny...

    #series #collab #MythologyInterviewSeries #thebackground #chapter1

    @saptarshi_sage_warrior @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakee @readwriteunite

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    Chapter 1: Where the fun began...

    Rony and Riny were the best of friends.
    They went to school together, played together and even completed their homework together.

    The two spent most of the time in Riny's home.

    Riny's room had been designed by her mother, who was an interior decorator, in such a way, that the entry door happened to be near one corner of the rectangular room.

    On the extremely opposite corner was a dressing table with a beautiful mirror which faced a desktop computer on the opposite wall.

    The computer table was followed by Rini's study table which was big enough to comfortably serve both Rony and Riny.

    There was a large window in front of the study table which provided a view of the main road, which was always bustling with activity.

    On the opposite side of the road was an electric transformer.
    On a sunny day, the children could often hear the ringing sound of the transformer cables during the relatively calm afternoons.

    Both the children's parents were working couples, so they either had only their grandparents or otherwise simply themselves to entertain them all day long.
    Rony's grandparents preferred staying in their ancestral village home for most of the year, so he couldn't see them often.
    Riny's grandparents on the other hand lived with them, but for most of the year and day (almost every single one) were involved in religious rituals at the nearby temples or even at home.

    However, the grandparents would always entertain the children with wonderful stories - the grandmothers Indian religious mythologies.
    Riny's grandfather would regale them with mythologies from other lands, or even modern fiction.
    As for Rony's grandfather, he believed that the children should be exposed to the real world, and so his tales would revolve around
    scientific discoveries and historic battles.
    (.....TO BE CONTINUED)


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    This is my first story guys
    I'm thinking of writing some on it
    Please leave your comment regarding the post
    #garvitbajaj #funnytragedies #chapter1 #love #friendship #life #diary #travel #nature

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    Funny Tragedies

    CHAPTER - 1

    Tommy was hanging in park with his friends.he saw an airplane in the sky andwent after it without realising it's far away from him he ran and ran and ran after some time he halted started panting and lay in the grass for some air at that instant Jude enters park see Tommy lying there bewildered by the smile on the face of the child sweating red with running still a large smile on his face which can glow thousands of lightbulbs there at that instant she thought how lucky is she to have a brother like him she started remembering the day when Tommy came home after her mom sent him to school for first day that guy she thought back then is a trouble when Jude went for first time in school she didn't cried unlike most kids do because she loved schools .When watching TV she always imagined her school life would be the best life less she knew about her high school life and after when the thought of high school started crippling in her nerves .She flinched ; someone was holding her hand and with a big grin more illuminating than a moon on a starless night was standing Tommy in front of him and she hugged him with tears of happiness in her eyes .

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    A MOMENT...

    That day when I saw you...you were in blue shirt talking over phone ... waiting for the cab.. your gaze for a second captured my heart...and I went unnoticed like few subsequent meetings we had .
    That day onwards ,I used to wait at that point wishing to see you and trust me I felt like spending winter night with bonfire accompanied by fireflies and starry sky... But the day you came straight to me and said "hi" , I thought I was going to faint at that very moment...

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    If I am starting u r the end

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    #TheIndianHex #Chapter1

    Read the story in my another post

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    "A Day never passes without him,
    She liked him yet she had to act grim!
    Something stopped her from showing love.
    Will she be able to show him the truth? "

    "A Day never passes, without her thought!
    She avoids him like a plague and what not!
    Will she fall for him, like he did?
    Can he do that and uncover what he hid?"


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    The Indian Hex

    The deafening Sound of thunder and continuous lightning made it difficult for her to concentrate. She laughed at the thought of how she used to be afraid of the dark. She kept turning the pages of the book, so she can cram up much of the subject before the power goes off.

    She worked mechanically, moving the pen along the notebook. A sense of realization hit her, "Whom am I kidding!? I will not be able to concentrate now. Let me sleep", she thought. Her desk was cleared off the notes, pens set in place, she moved the chair closer to the desk and went to bed.

    " I should check the messages", she thought, she jumped off the bed and took her phone from her charger. She was not active in any of the social media, she had just installed it to check for the class announcements.

    Swiping from app to app, she saw nothing of interest or that needed her immediate attention. She was about to put the phone down and head back to bed. Her phone let out a beep and she checked it. Her indifferent face turned to a smiling one. All her weariness from continuous study was replaced by a quirkiness.

    Her walk to the bed looked like she was dancing with a spring in each of her step. She opened the message from Him.

    "Hey! U there?", it read.
    "Hii", she responded. Her fingers were anxious to type again. Her frowning restlessness was put to a stop immediately.

    "Please send me the notes for the next exam. I don't understand anything", he had texted.
    She was slightly disappointed before she mailed him the notes. She conveyed the same via message too.

    She scolded herself for thinking beyond what she is supposed to. How would he know she likes her? She always sounded rude or disinterested in whatever he asked. They had talked nothing other than about studies.

    She was the class topper, while he was a slacker. She knew he was brilliant and understood the concepts better. But he was not disciplined enough to do better. He always told he never believed in exams. Sounding that he was better than everybody else. This irritated her for all the right reasons. Another beep derailed her chain of thoughts jostling her to concentrate back on the reality!

    "Thanks Darling! You saved my life. Good Night." The text read.

    "Darling!!!, he called me darling" she was ecstatic. "Maybe he calls everyone that, calm down, Paru" she calmed herself down.

    "Good Night Dev! Happy to help you. Don't you dare call me Darling again!!", she typed into her phone and sent.

    This is for better. Do not get your heart broken over him. You are no match for him. She consoled herself and sighed.She got into the bed and closed her eyes, dozing off into the abyss!


    "A Day never passes without him,
    She liked him yet she had to act grim!
    Something stopped her from showing love.
    Will she be able to show him the truth? "


    A few kilometers away, he tossed in his bed. "Wow! She sure doesn't like me. Poor Dev", pitying himself, he turned the notes. He already got the notes, yet that was a reason to just talk to her. "Maybe it will get better. It should!" he talked to himself and smiled thinking about her.


    "A Day never passes, without her thought!
    She avoids him like a plague and what not!
    Will she fall for him, like he did?
    Can he do that and uncover what he hid?"

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    I'll be posting the things which we do when we are lonely . It might be good approaches or bad that depends on your outlook.

    #loneliness101 #chapter1 #blackliving #gallivant__ #appreciatinglife #thingswhichlonersdo #yeahme!! @readwriteunite @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Loneliness 101

    Chapter 1 -How to keep yourself lonely

    Never make someone your routine.

    Routine means craving . Craving leads to attachments, hence expectations .
    Then you all know already what happens "dissapointments".
    Yes!! great class

    So to be lonely and yet pretend to be social . You have to ocassionally call people . But never make someone your routine.

    Save yourself lonesies

    From one loner to another


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    and I know,
    nothing is more secure...
    then my mother's womb...
    and I wish
    I could feel that smile ...
    when she knew it was me...
    I know those 9 months ...
    she described...
    the best time of her life...
    and I was just like hiccup...
    that doesn't breathe...
    but now I'm 18
    I'm still breathing with her...
    there is no sacred place...
    then my mother's feet...
    to live in

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    King's Arrival

    She straightened her dress out and looked at herself in the mirror. The dress clung to each of her curves perfectly, made of a smooth, silky fabric. The dress was red like the wine she will soon have with every meal. Her stomach dropped as her father clasped the diamond necklace that belonged to her mother around her neck. It was a gift from her mother when she turned 16. Tears welled in her eyes and she wiped at them angrily. The king had returned and had offered a heavy sum of money to take her as his bride and she had finally had to relent, for there was no reason not to. The king was due any minute now as she waited patiently, standing stick straight, her small bag of necessities and her bow over her shoulder.

    “Don’t wanna forget this now do we?” Her father held out her sword, shining from a good polish and a new harness to hold it at her hip.

    Her eyes widened at the sight “Wow father, it’s-It’s beautiful!” She harnessed it snuggly around her waist and threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. “I love you” She whispered, her voice choked in tears.

    He held her close and stroked her hair “I love you too my dear. It’ll be okay. I know you’ll be okay my dear” He kissed her temple and pulled back to look at her. “Such a  gorgeous women, just like your mother”

    She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and looked down. Her mother’s hair was red like the setting sun and her father’s was fair like wheat. Her mother’s eyes were green like fresh cut grass, while her father’s were pale blue like an icy pond. They were a sight to behold together. Each with a stunning smile and goofy behavior when they were around each other.

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    Chapter 1 is out

    I feel something wrong.......
    What is happening to me?
    Am I jealous or irritated?
    I don't want him to be with anyone............
    I have a boyfriend but still.......... I look back.

    Read the book now at Wattpad @shetty2803

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    "So this is death."

    What a quaint phenomenon. I was always told that death is a horrendous but a normal happening. This scene, this thing before me. This is not what a horrendous sight looks and neither is this a normal one as well. Even the greatest painting treasured in any country could match up with this. A beautiful orange enveloping the red and blues as if it was the sky while red and blue are the land and ocean.


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    And so...both were on our works apart..he's to north am to south but both the hearts where still struggling to know at equator... But they were impotent ..at a sudden we ran to eachother we could hear each others h.beat ...our breaths sink...we held tenacious to each other our eyes are dicey to loose ..&....#there he became habitue at my heart!!!