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  • vicharazzi 258w


    The world was turning,
    Twisting and turning,
    Round & round,
    Its crushing weight of trillion pounds,
    I was sinking into oblivion,
    Then came in the Judah's lion,
    Stretched His hand to me,
    To save me from my misery,
    He is my saviour,
    Our saviour.
    @rt by VICHARAZZI

  • kevinosullivan 297w


    All are called to unity by His Divine order. Outside these merciful doors but refusing entering its border. Fully incorporated once at Baptism, Currently in the Bosom, but not whole in the Immaculate Heart. Opposite feelings pervade, Faith dwells strong in my sick, shallow heart. Sins, all askew, Just missing the mark. The flood waters rising, but no room on the Ark. I have heard the Good News but reluctant even still. For thou shall not covet thy neighbor, thieve anymore or kill. Our Lady visited him foretelling his future to come. The Red Crown or White Crown, he chose them both at the age of twelve years.
    Awaiting the call with hopes of salvation, my white long since soiled with years of damnation. If I cannot remain completely, I cannot be saved. I will not renounce my Faith, completely corrupt and depraved. Will I bear supreme witness to the truth of the Faith and be condemed to death in its defense. The Requiem Mass, finally throufh the doors; please pray that my earthly suffering ends in perfect contrition. My only passkey through the Gates, I pray I will be so blessed.


  • kevinosullivan 300w

    Mental Amalgam

    Mixture of psyche, complex of action; strayed from the pack; his Mental Amalgam. Unpopulous versions adrift, lost in his virtual realities occulus rift. Beta tested in real time with love, life and loss; self employed, anarchist, thinker, poet and boss. Against the grain outside of strain like feather to flight. Violence of thought, swift, silent and ready to fight. Old fashioned idealist, current of todays wrong and right; yet connected to progress like a thief of the night. Archaic cavemen punch a time clock, working for peanuts, in a circus bigtop. We may be alike, both beneath canvas of tent, yet I am free as a bird having no job, mortgage or rent. For we are the Travellers who sing, laugh and poem, while you are suffocated to death by creditcard loan. An experience collection and knowledge first hand, melts the bars of conformity again and again. You measure my worth in dollars and cents inwardly hating your chosen side of the fence. Perception confused, reflection amused, lenses of funhouse mirrors you all seem to choose. Question me not to what I "add to the stream" suggesting that I'm up a creek with a paddle unseen. Jealousies are sceptic guised as hollier than though, dont judge my alternative craft with its subversive bow. Beneath the radar with stealth, opposite away from the finish line of the tortoise, hare and financial wealth. Dont evaluate, postulate, whisper or stare. Keep the focus on yourself and I'll do the same here.

  • kevinosullivan 301w

    Sanctity and Suffering

    Todays the day, the first of November. No not for the dole but for Saints to remember. Think of them all your Patron and others, the Saints of the Church, our angelic mothers. Saints are but sinners that kept onward trying. Her tears bleed blood our Mary was crying. Today the dawn after all hallows eve night, dark from dark; light from light. Today we celebrate the solemnity of those who have arrived, either by deeds or by death, God the father by their side. Before we're engulfed by the weight of it all, lets keep it quite simple and answer the call. Righteous of rights to all near and far regardless if enemy or brothers in arms. Tommorows the day for the rest laid to rest, who mark time in purgatory awaiting access. You see, By droves we are born and then we must die but all in between we sin and we lie. Saint Peter, his gates and his keys will decide the decision but more often then not we alive are put up to the mission. We must pray for each soul often and stuff and trust that our duty will soon be enough. Purgatory is a granted access up the line, but its a long way up and not of this time. So Angels and Saints, Sinners and Demons we play out our part during earths temporal seasons.
    So heres a reminder for you all to remember, pray for all Souls through Saints in November.