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  • bhagyashree17 2w

    I wish I could be the girl on the Christmas ,
    To give you the last hug ,
    Never knew you won't come back to see me again ,
    Bygones are just regrets in vain ,
    If only I could go change yours misfortune to mine ,
    I wish I could time travel and let our future shine .

  • husnachikwela 3w


    Aunt Fetty and James,
    Are two different names,
    Birthday month is same.

    Twenty nine and twenty eight,
    We got different night,
    My relatives come out.

    Happybirthday James and Fetty,
    All you are preaty,
    You are so beuty.

    First is Hindus birth,
    Second is christmas month,
    Fetty and James fourth.

    Hindu is my aunt,
    Her birthday is at,
    Before twenty first.

  • mayank_dhangar 3w

    New year

    beginning end,
    It's a new year to be
    rising sun,
    It's a new year to fall,
    blooming flower,
    Getting off the branch is the new year,
    forgetting a pain,
    Getting to know is the new year.

  • soliquince 3w

    Peppermint Stick

    I don't know how to break it to you,
    but I don't have the time, money or energy to drop clues
    or hints.
    I'm not your Christmas peppermint stick
    or a mistletoe present.
    I hope you get it at some point.
    you don't have to say a word,
    just flip me the bird
    and I'll flip it right back,
    don't give a fuck what you heard.
    Make a poster or a plaque
    on how I'll never get you back in my arms.
    No sexy Santa down the chimney,
    I already set the alarms.
    The Ho(e) Ho(e) Ho(e)
    won't sound off, red nose
    left in the cold. a no show
    on that white and red pole.
    I already said
    I'm not your Christmas peppermint stick.
    Don't give me that schtick
    on how much I meant
    or what I could've been.
    (I could've been with friends
    but you bent
    my ass over and fucked up my common sense.
    No oversaturated compliments,
    sugary condescension,
    honey that ruins your complexions.
    But for who? I guess it
    changes per 6 foot something condiment.

  • holybible 3w

    Galatians 5:22-23

    But the fruit of the Spirit is love,
    joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
    Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

    © HolyBible

  • battleofminds 4w

    I hope you realize 2022 won't magically be your best year ever unless you:
    Take ownership of your actions,
    Change your Habits to support your Growth,
    Make Health & Happiness a Priority,
    Learn to say No & develop boundaries & Surround yourself with Positive People.

  • eusmaph 4w

    My Father And I

    Is it wrong for me to want
    To protect my innocence?
    My child-like beliefs?
    The magic that shine in my eyes...
    And you having lost them
    Is it wrong that I want
    To continue holding on to my beliefs?

    Why is believing in this little fantasy
    Such a joke for others?
    Does me believing mean I have not grown?
    Or does it make you covetous
    That I haven't lost my inner child

    True! I am stuck in one of those many Transparent glass baubles
    That hang on your Christmas tree
    Yes, I am protected from
    the cold harsh wind outside
    I am not pierced by biting cold
    Yet to make this glass bauble
    Even I had to bear some heat
    And some pokes

    You talk of the cold season outside
    The harsh cold freezing
    winds of the tropical
    And I talk of the heat on
    the deserts of the same latitude

    Why is it then that your
    words aim to beat the
    innocence out of me
    Why can't I hold on to my
    little fantasy of shooting stars, christmas magic
    And winter wonder!!!

    My mind travels depths
    that I can't comprehend
    Because your words
    hurt me as such
    But I still wonder
    Is it just the way you care?
    Maybe this is not your jealousy
    Maybe it is you showing your love
    Under the hidden layers of being a grinch

    Maybe you poke at my glass bauble
    And break my little fantasy
    So that when others break my bauble
    I am not so deeply hurt
    So that it won't be tough to get up again
    So that I rise like the rising sun
    And the immortal phoenix

    And you always can continue standing
    In the corner
    With the softest smile
    Eyes so proud
    Because I am receiving the award of a lifetime!

    Is this what it is, appa?


  • dosbambi 4w

    Still in the Christmas mood...

    Merry Christmas to you.
    Jesus truely does love you.

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #christmas #christianquotes #nigerianpoet #africanpoet #love #grace

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    Left His crown to pick up man's nature,
    left His royalty to be a commoner,
    a King beaten and treated as a thief,
    for the sins He was innocent of,
    for the salvation of you and I,
    He took the pains and suffering with love.
    All He gave was love,
    all he got was the opposite of love,
    He gave everything freely,
    even His life, He offered freely.
    He was born for this life,
    He came to offer His life, for your life.
    That He did without holding back.
    He was born, He died and He is coming back.

  • nickoleconnolly18 4w

    Christmas Time

    Christmas time as a child was always full of magic and fun,
    Our family all together ,a smile on everyone.
    The stockings were all so full and we had to many gifts under our tree,
    But what I loved the most is that I got to spend it with all of my family.
    Things have changed so much from way back then,
    I spend the whole holiday alone from the start to the very end .
    The magic seems to have faded and the familiar faces are no more,
    Ii don't understand how it can change and wish we spent it as we did before .
    I don't get to see my brother's,my sister's,my mum or dad,
    And the person I wish to spend it with the most is my daughter, and I sit alone here sad.
    How do our family drift so far apart it was so much better before,
    We'd have our cousin's ,aunties and uncles, our nan and so much more.
    The table was so full of every festive treat,
    We had everything from lollies and junk food to seafood and Christmas meat.
    We would sing and dance and laugh the day and night away,
    We would even have fireworks to mark the ending of another beautiful Christmas day.
    Now no one even called each other we rarely get a merry Christmas anything much at all,
    Our children don't see there cousin's and no one comes together anymore.
    The way the world is changing,it's making everything that was once great and filled with fun,
    Disappear from being a tradition, to being avoided by everyone.
    It's not only Christmas that's changing it's everything far and inbetween,
    Were becoming a fast developing nation of people were related to who we've never seen.
    Family was once something so precious to every person that I knew ,
    But these days no one seems to value the same traditional things we all used to.
    The staying indoors and hiding ,trying to fight a virus that will not stop,
    Has cost us all so much more than being locked out of places for not having the double shot.
    Mask are worn by everyone we don't see people smiling anymore ,
    The world has become such a cold and ugly place and nothing is what it was or enjoyable at all.

  • minnu_lal 4w


    Streets were filled with lights
    when the light of the world was born.
    Amidst the lights I walked
    to see the birthday boy

    He could hear the heavenly melodies
    and see the coloury lights of the night
    His little eyes smiled as,
    He was waiting behind the altar

    The altar boys gathered around him
    tucked him in a white blanket
    he was all excited to meet,
    the crowd who was waiting for him

    As padre carried the baby in his arms
    all the sleepy eyes opened wide
    to see the sleeping chubby baby
    wrapped around in the comfy sheet

    The Heavens opened the gates
    as a tribute to the baby boy
    sparklers dazzled in the sky
    to illuminate the nighty sky

    As the celebrations came to an end,
    some waited to see the baby
    some rushed to their homes
    to devour their favourite meals

    Some waited to greet the baby first
    the baby giggled when people lulled him.
    and some ran to meet and greet their friends
    to wish them good on the baby's birthday

    I then walked to the baby
    I whispered in His little ears,
    the gift I wanted, on His birthday
    it was a glance that I wished for

    Greeted the baby and my friends as well
    greeted them the merriness of the day
    stood I there, waiting for my wish,
    the glance I was hoping to meet

    People wandered here and there
    but couldn't find a trace of him
    in the enormous crowd my eyes searched
    but couldn't find a trace

    I looked towards the baby boy
    to remind Him of my wish
    and there there, he walked past the altar
    bowing down in front of my Lord

    A little light sparkled in my heart
    in a quicky flash he vanished
    and my heart was lighted up
    that the little baby kept His little word.


  • ifebode 4w

    The Star

    Wise men followed it
    Over the hills and valleys
    Led them to the king

  • gotoark 4w


    Not every santa choose red & white
    some may go with the blue&black...


  • summit_tales 4w

    A Christmas Eve, a glass full of wine,
    some bonfire and you, I need nothing besides.


  • _desaiagraja 4w

    Just too simple to be on miraquill!!!!

    Any ways MERRY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE ��☃️����❤️
    wishing you merry, bright and a Christmas full of love and gratitude ��

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    Jingle Bells

    Sparkling December,
    And I remember,
    Being in Christian school,
    And celebrating the Christmas was cool.

    The band and decor,
    Xmas tree on the doors,
    The drama and the dance,
    The chocolate that santa gave us.
    The memories are still so fresh,
    I close my eyes and it's flashback.

    My heart still rings the Jingle bells,
    As the santa comes riding on his way,
    And all along,
    sings the Christmas Carol's.

    The cake, cookies, love & dreams,
    Air infected with hundreds of feeling,
    States and city's being all decked up,
    It's that time of the year to swirl and twirl.

    cotton sprinkles imitates the snow,
    Stockings hanging there in hope.
    6 days for the new year to come,
    Endings are beautiful reminding us all.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS says the santa claus.....

  • agjproverbs 4w

    Quiet Christmas

    The house silent, the sun slow to rise
    The presents sit wrapped and waiting
    The dog curled up warm in his bed
    And memories flash across my head

    The tiki tok of the stopped watch
    The wind howling through the breeze
    The snowflaked ground, the bare trees
    And the pot of coffee yet to be sipped

    A breathe deep, a one, two, three
    Awaken by the wrath of mornin' breath
    I turn and look in your eyes
    And without the fanfare I find the beauty of Christmas in you.

  • midnight_ramblings_ 4w

    Decorating a Christmas tree is each & every child's most cherished dream which must be practiced every year for them to enjoy and know the true importance of the festivity and know how Christmas brings a moment of joy and the spirit of holiday season. True essence of Christmas begins when you believe in sharing what you with everyone to give them.

    © Eesha

  • prashantchauhan 4w

    Merry Christmas

    I want to believe in Santa
    Not for the gifts, but for the Hope that even the coldest of the night can bring Joy to the world.
    Santa bring us the gift of Hope, Compassion, Faith, and Confidence; Not only in others but also on self.


  • hawaii 4w

    Having my family together for Christmas, that's more gift than I deserve.

  • battleofminds 4w

    All I want for this Christmas is Y̶o̶u̶! ֆʟɛɛք .

  • kutelove 4w

    It's a new days, It's a wonderful time !
    To develop your goals
    To work on the demons
    It's the season to seek joy
    It's the festival of Christmas
    Wishing to bring you joy!