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  • mmbftd 1w


    My mother had
    Long black shiny hair
    Straight down her back
    Parted in the middle
    I thought it was so elegant
    And beautiful, like Cher's.
    It was the 70's.
    My mother wore her bell bottom
    Jeans, a wonderful patchwork
    Of every shade of blue
    Stitched together in tiny squares.
    I used to run my tiny fingers
    Over the bumpy seams
    As I lay my head in her lap
    After kindergarten had ended for the day.
    We were on the couch watching the soaps. "The Edge of Night" and "As the World Turns". I was tired as Mami smoothed my curly hair off of my face and gently behind my ear. She lovingly caressed my back as I faded into my nap. I've never felt so safe and loved as in those times.
    These were our times...2 years before my little brother came and then right after him it seemed, another brother to love as well.
    But in the beginning, it was Mami and me and daddy after work and on weekends.
    My Mami taught me so many things; how to play "go fish" and how to hold the cards in my hand so daddy wouldn't cheat. She taught me how to grow seeds in tiny cups of soil and how to plant a tree from an avocado seed.
    She taught me how to read by the time I was three. As she held up alphabet flash cards, the consonants were blue and the vowels red. They had a sandy texture as she held my finger to trace all the shapes as she helped me make the right sounds to match. She read me so many, many books. It felt like hours of reading and yet when she put the book down I always begged for more. I owe her for my love and respect of words.
    She taught me math, as she first counted to herself in Spanish and then told me in English. I marveled at the way she spoke Spanish with Abuelo and Abuelita, the words like a loud rhythmic song flowing together in a symphony. And I didn't learn it until much later, actually I never spoke it well, but I did come to understand it as it flowed around me at family gatherings. It was such a beautiful mystery to me as a child.
    And I remember, going to campuses with my mother. Citrus College and Mt. Sac, as we sat on an old orange comforter with worn spots from sitting. We were surrounded by my mother's heavy textbooks of micro biology and the sciences.
    I collected purple flowers for her that fell from the trees around us in the Quad. She taught me how to preserve them in her heavy books. I loved those moments.
    And she was always smiling behind her books, absorbing and learning and thinking for herself.
    She taught me that too.
    As she took off my hot shoes and let me run barefoot while she put her tiny bare feet into the deep green grass around us.
    Years later she would get her Master's in bilingual education so she could teach so many others all the lessons she taught me.
    She worked so hard to do all of it, and I'm so beyond blessed to say she is still working so hard at being my mother.
    I'm forever indebted.
    Always loving you Mami,
    Happy Mother's Day 2022

  • a_blue_raindrop 1w

    Midnight musing #18

    I remember how you took care of me after our trip to the hospital. Do you too remember making me that omelette and toast just because I was sick and it was my comfort food?


  • engineerwrites 1w


    You are the seasonless weather that's comfort my heart completely.

  • pooma_never_fades 2w

    Great tensions on the way,
    Drowning in fright,
    Breathless at the moment,
    Getting into the world,
    In search of light,
    Exploring the scene,
    Every inch of the green,
    Slightly in the thought,
    Of being woven together
    Again by the bright rays,
    In to the seeping pain,
    Getting ready for the healing,
    Yet it accompanies the tears,
    Which narates the untold fears,
    Heart wrenching in my bosom,
    Ready to explode in any moment,
    I try hardly to hold it up,
    Went in to arms of silence,
    Letting my self flow,
    In the surreal quietness,
    I found my comfort,
    Felt myself back,
    After a stay in her arms,
    Found the comfort in her laps,
    Thanked him for this Gift,
    In the name of silence.
    Silence is the healer... Of my pains...

    #human #silence #comfort
    #soul #love

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    Healer called the silence

    Great tensions on the way,
    Drowning in fright,
    (Read caption)
    Thanked him for this Gift,
    In the name of silence.

  • sansethiquotes 3w

    Comfort Zone

    Comfort zones don't prepare you for uncomfortable times.
    ©Sandeep Sethi

  • yourssolace 3w

    It's okay to smile
    even though
    You are not fine!


  • _wanderinglion_ 5w

    You can call me follower..
    You can call me worshipper..

    But I'm just a wanderer..

    In search of my Lover.

    #miraquill @writersnetwork

    #pod#love #beloved #hope #search #light #comfort #shield #Lord #everything

    I don't know why..

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    In this dark dark world..
    Lord of mine!
    I seek your pleasure!
    Mercy! My Lord!

    In this oh so empty world..
    Beloved of mine!
    Your Love I'm searching..
    Embrace me with it, my Lord!

    Since long the people have failed me..
    Hope of mine!
    Your acceptance I seek..
    Accept me, my Lord!

    My words fail me too..
    Everything of mine!
    I long to be yours..
    Be mine, my Lord!

    My tears solely for My Most Merciful..
    Most Merciful of mine!
    Listen to this Servant of yours..
    Forgive me, my Lord!

    I know not how to seek..
    Creator of mine!
    Accept the pleas of my heart..
    Ah! My Lord!

    I'm broken by this worldly matter..
    Shield of mine!
    I seek your calm and your light..
    Comfort me, my Lord!

    This wanderer, a mere nothing..
    King of mine!
    I'm searching for the right path..
    Guide me, my Lord!

  • chandraprakash____1994 5w


    Sometimes you have a chance to win people easily, but don't do this deception for your temporary comfort & selfishness.

  • arun_jayaraman 5w

    Heaven on Wheels

    Cradling boxes roll with wheels.
    Shaped and built of fine tuned steels.
    The needed system wins big deals.
    And the jolly rides are used for reels.

    Musical sleepers, tracks and ballasts,
    Rattle and ring when the coaches gallop,
    Carrying freight and bustling loads,
    Cheap and best of comfy modes.

    Signal lights like vibrant stars,
    Make it safe for rakes of cars.
    When the pantograph gets glued to wire,
    The motors turn and make a fire.

    Trumpeting horns are long and bold.
    The experiences never get old.
    Trains are worthy, just like gold,
    And the excitement is uncontrolled.


  • spalymo1002 8w


    You came to me today.
    Your presence filled the whole room.
    You visited me in my room, as I lay on the floor in a pool of tears.
    You calmly sat in silence beside me as I sobbed.
    You touched my hair, and I felt peace in Your touch.
    My heart was aching so badly, but You told me I would be ok.
    I could feel Your Spirit lifting the burden of my pain.
    You have visited me before, but Ive never needed You as much as I have right now.
    Sometimes I search for You.
    In things that I felt mattered so much to me.
    They didnt...
    I have called out to You.
    In times that I wanted my own way.
    I couldnt hear You...
    Ive struggled to feel You near.
    But today, I could barely whisper your name in the midst of my grief, and here You are.
    Holding me on this floor.
    It seems You have always been with me.
    I have just never looked with my heart before.


  • claralynne 9w

    Over Easy

    I find peace and appreciate the silence as I stare down at the tiles in the kitchen.

    I find myself captivated by their design, and the smell of bacon that surrounds me is comforting.

    My perfectly cooked eggs ooze all over my plate, and this makes me grin on the inside.

    I am so grateful for these simple moments in the morning before the day has had a chance to break my heart.


  • loftydreams101 9w

    Golden Age of Vipers

    Barreling down diverging roads
    The twists and turns of each journey
    Rambles farther away
    From our severed roots
    On the fringes of the badlands
    We scatter into it’s cold expanse
    Half-mad from Babylon’s fall
    Simmering alone in our scorn
    Our tilled patchworks
    Claim the still wilderness
    Carved in parcels, safe and sovereign
    A long way from ourselves
    From our kingdom of spires
    We’re entrenched in calm reveries
    As the nightmare looms larger
    Burying the way back
    To our solid ground
    To our gilded age of vipers

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • loftydreams101 10w

    Hollow Worlds Drifting Through the Void

    Wading back into still green waters

    For the luxury of denial

    A long, savored trail

    Back to palaces of sand


    Turning back

    To the  rolling hills of a city

    Frozen over in the summer

    Within coils of grey


    Returned to roam

    Beneath a skyline’s defiant lights

    On the eve of war

    Before the reveries’ collapse


    These hollow worlds

    Have spun a long way through the ether

    Reclaimed only in the night

    Beyond the pull of sleep  

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • _flow_of_words_ 10w

    The Comfort..

    I sometimes wonder how he might be feeling about himself? And how is he so capable of loving me with all the sadness he faces? Because no matter how bad or the good days are, he never actually fail to give me the warmth i craved for. Maybe compassion it is that we feel for every living being around us, but if it was just the compassion, then why do we feel the pain when they aren't what they were yesterday? Maybe it is the love we feel for each other, because it's more like a flower with thrones; because it blooms whenever we both accept the other the way we are. Maybe because the warmth is comfortable only when there's a love around you!

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe

    Dt. 5 March 2022 @1:49 hrs IST

  • mandah88 10w

    In my darkest hours I find comfort in the fact that the sun will rise again. ☀️


  • loftydreams101 11w

    A Warm Day's Deception

    Idle, in a stream of thoughts

    I float away with their deceptions

    Drained after roaming

    Through a reverie of ashes  


    Among scattered green barges

    Beneath the boastful trees

    Without a word

    I let the murmuring day sail by


    Clearing space in my mind

    For a fevered dream’s bloom   

    As the years war cries

    Rise and fall

    To the east


    Far away from home

    From this blank state of mind

    Where I turn away in silence

    Fearful yet free 

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • monikasridhar_ 12w

    For the sake of the love

    I've kept alive for these years,

    I'll let you walk away since 

    you never cared to turn back once,

    you never tried to receive what I've been sending,

    you never wanted to remain mine

    and that's why I'm letting this dream die

    for no more pain this heart could bear

    and it has no courage to see you becoming

    somebody's 'mine'.


  • eccentric_eesha_06 13w

    When I stepped out of my comfort zone I began to excel in everything I thought I couldn't.

    © Eesha

  • milankesharwani 13w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10-word short write-up on Comfort

    #comfortzone #comfort #miraquill #writersnetwork #quotes #life

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    The right place is out of my comfort zone.


  • bloodmoon 13w

    You are my Teddy.

    You call me your Panda,
    And i call you my Teddy,
    I guess Teddy day was just made for you babe.

    I don't need a soft toy,
    I just need a hug from you,
    I don't need a teddy bear,
    When i can have all of you.

    We need a teddy bear to share our thoughts and feelings,
    We need it to feel comfort and less lonely,
    But we can have our own teddy bear,
    Its person who stays by our side through everything,
    Just like you stay by me.