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  • alex_89 4w

    Beautiful contradiction

    She is a beautiful contradiction

    Of calm and chaos,

    Of heart and mind,

    Of pride and humility.

    She falls fast and loves hard

    Giving all of herself, or none at all

    Showing some her light

    While revealing to others only her darkness.

    She is fierce and gentle all at once

    But darling, please do not mistake her kindness for weakness.

    For when you cross her,

    That is when her true strength is revealed

    And the gentle parts that you once saw

    Have now vanished,

    And are replaced with a fiery intensity

    That you couldn't have seen coming.

    She is a beautiful contradiction

    With her complete lack of in-betweenness.

    But isn't that what drew you to her in the first place?


  • saurav_banerjee 5w


    It’s crazy how people say,
    “I rely on facts,”
    And believe thier television sets.

  • encee86 6w

    A Life of Contradictions

    Our minds are so complicated

    Feeling lonely in a crowd, connected while miles apart

    Numb when the world rejoices our success

    Finding clarity in chaos,

    See the simple pattern in a complicated design,

    And complicate a simple thing with ego, lies and deceit

    Looking for the devil in the utmost good

    Whilst hoping for the good in the worst lot

    Always loving the unexpected, walking away from things that belong,

    Taking things for granted

    Unappreciating what we have, always waiting for a better tomorrow

    Stead of doing good today

    But always do remember this -‘Contradictions do not exist’

  • jee_tu 9w

    लोग कहते हैं ये सब बस बाते हैं बातों से क्या होता है

    और गौर से देखो तो वही लोग किसी न किसी की बातों से घायल हैं


  • nocturnal_enigma 14w

    -nning; -ning ~

    It was the beginning...
    of a day; Morning.
    Let me running...
    away till evening.

    It is beginning...
    of the end; Meaning?
    Let my tears running...
    again; Just whining.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • nocturnal_enigma 19w

    * Back after 9 days break. ~

    * 12.9.2021; 5.25 P.M (Malaysia)

    #paradox #contradiction #dissatisfaction

    #concretepoetry (A person wear a hat) #NuEmConcrete

    #livingc @writersbay

    * Begin with #sometimes #wod @miraquill

    * Based on characteristics of my Doubutsu Uranai-
    Purple Sheep (See also #NuEmSheep)

    "Your type of women tends to have high aspirations, and hold huge expectation and ideals toward others. Therefore, in contradiction, you may be feeling dissatisfaction on the inside.

    Although you value relationships with others, you also like being on your own. Therefore you may suffer from your own contradiction.

    Although you are a passive sort of person, you do possess perseverance and are a person of action. Once you are on fire, you show unbelievable energy."

    * While based on my birthdate, at Sln.me, it stated that 1 of my characteristics is 'Dissatisfied'.

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    Paradox ~

    Sometimes, there's a lot that I expected.
    Sometimes, I become very dissapointed.

    High aspirations,
    huge expectations.
    It's a contradiction.
    Feeling dissatisfaction.

    Sometimes, I like to socialise.
    Sometimes, I like to isolate.

    I value relation...
    ship. I like isolation.
    Another contradiction.
    Suffer. Dissatisfaction.

    Sometimes, I am passive.
    Sometimes, I am active.

    Passive. But, person of action.
    On fire, to the point of exertion.
    Again. It's a contradiction.
    Dissatisfied; Dissatisfaction.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • word_s_myth 31w

    Call Me Enigma

    The night is long, the wait is endless,
    I hope this ends the lifelong chase;
    I pursue the wizard for a pretty charm,
    I'm afraid of angels causing the harm,
    Treasuring the shells
    Discarding the pearls
    I live to see the sunlight at dusk,
    I feel the heat and fluently stutter,
    I feel awake in a deep slumber.

    #paradox #contradiction #opposites @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Call Me Enigma

    Enigma or a breathing paradox,
    Passing a life outside the box.


  • starkanonymous 39w

    Where Do I Begin..?

    Where do I begin...

    With the telling of my beginning..?

    The telling of my ending...

    And it's center that is you?


    How would I..? Would I compose...

    an ode to my Sun's rise and set?

    To my vibrant skies and my dark at night

    To my stars all cast 'cross skies like nets?


    Is there a way to expound on my

    Everything and nothing

    My paradox, my juxtaposition

    My endlessly tormenting contradiction?


    You are my life and you are my death

    You are my Ra and my Apep

    You are my right and you are my left

    My struggling gasps for every breath


    You're my voice, you're my silence

    My plea for peace and penchant for violence

    You are my sickness, you are my health

    You're my heaven above and below, my hell


    You're my villain and you're my savior

    You're my Christ and my Satan

    You're my worst tasting favorite flavor

    My best lover and my biggest hater


    How do I begin?

    To speak of my earth and sea

    To talk aloud about you and me

    Where do I begin...

    When you go far too deep?

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • prakashinin 53w


    അവരിപ്പൊഴും അവളുട ജീവിതത്തിന്റെ ജയ പരാജയങ്ങളുടെ ചർച്ച നടത്തിക്കൊണ്ടിരിക്കയാണ്. സൂര്യരശ്മികൾ പോലും കടന്നെത്താത്ത ആഗാധമായ ആഴിയുടെ ഗർത്തങ്ങിളിൽ ജീവിതം കഴിച്ചു കൂട്ടുന്ന ആ മീനുകൾക്കൊപ്പം അതിജീവനത്തിന്റെ കഥകൾ പറഞ്ഞു രസിക്കുകയായിരുന്നവളപ്പോൾ.

  • away_with_words 58w

    one line two thoughts

  • sketcher 65w

    Every soul in love

    For years and decades
    Even centuries
    The fight for love
    Has always made its way through history
    For it the world comes together
    For it the world breaks forever
    For every two souls in love
    Why is the world so in the story
    Love is the strength, the glue
    Binding us together
    But it so happens some are tied too strong
    While others are let loose
    Envying the stronger , untying the bonded
    For love is what everyone craves but never lets it manifest for someone other than them
    For love we are selfish
    For love we are evil
    For love we sacrifice
    For love we are fighters
    For love we are givers
    For love we are warriors
    Never realised this but now
    The love itself is contradictory


  • write_it__out 65w

    Mind craving for chaos.
    Heart hoping for peace.
    Funny thing about human species.

    Taking for granted the love they get,
    Hoping for love when nothing is left.
    Wanting to be alone when companionship is offered,
    Companions are they crave when being alone is all thats left.

    Fails to value the things that are present,
    Only to realize whey they are taken.
    Looking for better always on their mind,
    Not taking a moment to cherish the real when its in line.

    Living in constant rush ,
    Craving for stillness in all its hush.
    Running around in circles

    Vagueness of life is something that frustrates.
    Trust is something that usually evades.
    Emotional bonds are we crave for.
    Commitments are which we are afraid of.

    In a world which is connected more than ever.
    Yet a disconnect we feel among the people that matter.
    Sharing everything with a click of a button.
    But keeping the real you wrapped up in a cocoon.

    There is no escape from the ever ending charades.
    The only way is to pause for a moment
    Feel everything from joy to pain
    Paint the world with real you
    with some shades of courage and strokes of uniqueness
    In the world that's too familiar with similar.

  • unsaid_talks 70w


    The Morning came up ,
    with a Dark cup.
    Forcing the light to go ,
    The happiness miniscous moving too and fro.

    Appear usual a long time back,
    when moving on a dark track.
    but then everything was heeled ,
    Why again this feels.?

    Night came,
    with a light of hope ,
    with a awm but withought scope ,

    Given a hope to me,
    but eventhough cant see.
    okay you trusted on others , i did,
    but we could talk and feed.

    Now you blame me for everything,
    reality is i did nothing.
    Actions i peformed was after knowing half talks ,
    yes , a mistake , a trust break , and everything walks.


  • alias_poetry 73w

    A contradiction

    A cloudy night
    Absence of light

    I miss
    earth misses moon,
    I hope
    Hope embraces soon

    Left with papers
    No water just vapours
    Doubt swept
    Lonely night wept

    Reminiscences of beauty
    Paralyzing terrorizing
    Devastating thoughts
    Peeling layers of sanity
    Mentally destabilizing

    Horrid gazing
    Torrid phasing
    Rapid changing

    Words mean
    Meanings feel
    Feelings often neglected
    Neglect brings emotions
    Emotions get words flowing
    Shallowness of depth
    often harrowing


  • sarahrachelea 83w

    She is a whole harmony in her contradiction
    Yin and Yang in her being

    Daughter of Heaven and Earth
    The Sister of Spring and Summer
    Princess of Autumn and Winter

    She is Mother of the Ocean
    Bride of Hell and the Queen of The Underworld

    She's a wisdom of pearls
    And strength of diamonds

    Pixie Persephoenix
    She's a mixed creature
    Of Pixie, Persephone and Phoenix


  • knjwrites 91w

    I decided to make a series of poems based on a character I make up in my head from the color they are wearing.

    #thewomen #color #fire #passion #rage #alluring #confusing #contradiction #burning #fire #eyes #reddress #red #dress #blackhair #siren #vampire #mysterious #mesmerizing #magical

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    Eyes on Fire

    The woman in the red dress-
    She had a fire in her dark brown eyes
    And a golden tiara on her head
    She only wore the blackest eyeliner
    And blood on her lips
    She smirked and smiled
    With a soft movement in her hips
    She had a way about her that could lure any man
    She had a way about her
    She took his hand
    She was passion and rage
    A bonfire in her soul set ablaze
    She was fireworks and sparks
    She was brightness and dark
    Mysterious like the craters of the moon
    Eyes shining like the metal of a spoon
    She had long black hair
    She was mesmerizing
    Everyone stared
    She was confusing
    A contradiction of herself
    But alluring
    She couldn't play any other part so well
    She was mythical
    Either a siren or a vampire
    Something magical
    Her body burned beautifully
    Her eyes on fire

  • my_voiz_is_heard 104w

    Unseen ambivalence

    People do agree that WISE are the quietest
    Then does it mean the DEAD is the wisest

    They say PEACE is what all they seek
    And to win it with WAR, killing each other in one sweep

    People make FUTURE plans for their best
    But they choose to live it in their PAST regrets

    No one can say who is happy or sad;
    If a big smile on the face could judge everything
    Then JOKER's life would had a happy beginning


  • the_unknown_writer_20 104w


    Honesty is to speak that which is thought and to do that which is spoken. There are no contradictions or discrepancies in thoughts, words or actions.


  • angels_halo_shines 106w

    No Closure

    It's fine.
    Every little thing is gonna be ok.
    Just like others before,
    No goodbye.
    No closure.
    That's way too much to ask for.
    You be on some other s***.
    Now, the very thought of you sickens me.
    Goodbye, farewell and poof you are gone.
    Make it stay that way.

  • sawann 107w

    A tale of two months ..

    December is romance ..
    December is love .
    January is just a friend ..
    Who is needed .
    But who is never heard ..
    Never always together..
    Always smiling , hiding his hurt .

    December is the end .
    But always feels like a new beginning.
    January may be the beginning.
    But feels more like an early goodbye ..
    From the moment it comes its in a hurry .
    Staying for long is it's shy .

    December is when you feel the first chill .
    December is like first feel .
    January is mirage , beautiful but not real .
    It has a beautiful fragrance .
    But not the smell to make you heal .
    Its just the skin, not the touch you would like to seal .
    Its noisy.
    But not so much of a zeal !!