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  • inkimoya 3d


    Being alone was not new to her, but the feeling of constraining herself from going any where , even in her own house was something she couldn’t handle.
    She came to know alot about herself in the 14 days of isolation.
    And after two weeks she transformed into a new person, who didn’t care about any body’s opinion concerning her life.
    Solitary was a better teacher even though it felt like punishment


  • bewildered_lyricist 5d


    The needle just flew to this point of time
    Where nothing excites the mind anymore
    Eyes no more spark when lips give the curve

    The heart don't feel the chill but soak in numbness
    The feet no more hunts the path of far heard laughs

    You travel the world where nothing holds you back
    You see the butterflies in stomach flew away long back
    You stand firm yet the soul inside you falls weak

    Its the phase of life you barely understand anything
    Its the struggle you go through to paint survival with living


  • akku31 1w


    Hidden behind the mask
    Thinking till when it will last
    Group picnics are a thing of past
    Testing becomes important part
    Carelessness doesn't makes you long last.. .. ..

  • smartsam 1w

    Global Disease Covid-19

    How the disease spread
    what a global pain?
    Allover people fear away
    people if not

    India by lockdown
    United States also locked!
    France plagued countries other now & uk too lost!

    How many chinese expired
    tells none for sure!
    This pandemic centuries
    worst dire!
    Person to person
    covid 19 spread everywhere.

    Air penetrated the body.
    Take a look at negligence
    What really happened?
    puzzled medicals even
    expert science!

    Spain, England, Turkey,
    diseased even doctors
    & nurse.
    Not just a disease it's
    a terrible curse?

    Working men
    locked in house now.
    Scientists quizzed
    puzzled by virus new!

    Fear all over the world
    men scattered away!
    I wonder if any use
    whatever they spray!

    No god no this!
    Please listen to me.
    Never I want to hear
    covid 19 disease!


  • ambika_writes 2w

    Ok...watched a pic of my friend with their college friends...thought if I am missing something in my life

  • arun_jayaraman 2w

    Be aware, don't panic.
    Stay home. Stay safe.
    Spread Love. Spread positivity.
    #omicron #health #corona #virus #covid19 #covid #positivity #miraquill #pandemic #wod #writersnetwork #2022 #lockdown

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    The pandemic poem

    Hey buddy, buddy boy deadly and new,
    It's the tiny villian outta the blue.
    Backed by spikes and a biggie biggie crew,
    It's on the way with a nitty witty clue.

    Shapeshifter, and the talk of the world,
    A real gangster with a vehement hurl.
    You better get jabbed and listen to your pearl.
    Or fight it until your blankets unfurl.

    Eat healthy and think better,
    Stop it's spread, oh trendsetter.
    Work your way for a good letter,
    Keep it clean, just don't litter.

    Show it all your unity,
    You'll be gifted with impunity,
    Mix your love with charity, and
    That's what we call humanity.


  • dark_phoenix_rs 2w

    Lockdowns and social media have made some of us realize how lonely, disturbed lives we have.
    In the whole span till now we never really could connect even to ourselves.
    Our overthinking, miseries have deepened.
    The urge to breathe fully and freely has raised.
    No matter the amount of goodness it all got absorbed in the four walls of room.

    I am grateful for existence or atleast I should be.. But there is an unrecognizable fault which is screaming inside to be recognized. Honestly I swear I want happiness, I want things to be okay always which is maybe too much more to ask in today's world..

    God please take care of us.

  • heetvyas 3w

    Phew! Out of my "quarantine" room,
    Back to my routine's doom,
    Something changed though..
    I dived into the night's dimming moon,
    Befriended the morning's fresh flume,
    Warmly embraced the loved and kindled their illume!

    Grizzly in gratitude.


  • vyanjana_06 3w

    सुकून नहीं है,आराम नहीं ये कमबख्त इस दिल को भी रत्ति भर् चैन आराम नहीं ।

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    मेरा दिल फिर से वो ही मंजर देखना नहीं चाहता,
    भयानक रूप जो धीरे धीरे उसी ओर चल रहा है,
    वही सनाटा जैसे हर् ओर फैल रहा है,
    इंसान की जान कोड़ीयों के भाव ,
    पैसा तिजोरी में पड़ा साड रहा है,
    कुदरत फिर से अपना खेल खेलने चल पड़ी है,
    सब है एक बराबर ऐसा सबक फिर से शायद सबको मिलने चल पड़ रहा है।

  • vyanjana_06 3w

    नजरअंदाज करना भी गलत है, रास्ते से रुकना भी गलत है, सही है तो बस सावधानी। #covid

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    वक़्त जैसे वहीं चल रहा है ,
    बस वायरस का वेरिएंट बदल रहा है,
    ये लोग कब समझेंगे अपनी ही सेहत को,
    कब रखेंगे सबसे ऊपर खुद् को,
    मर हर कोई रहा है पर हर कोई जानकर नहीं मर रहा है।

  • blueledge 4w

    Osteoarthritis and love

    Here we are entangled.
    Making love we're locked together.
    Due to osteoarthritis
    this could just last forever.


  • blueledge 4w

    Osteoarthritis and love

    Here we are entangled.
    Making love we're locked together.
    Due to osteoarthritis
    this could just last forever.


  • puchka 4w


    Skeletal stand trees
    Cinderella dressed to kill
    Curfew on parties

  • fraz92 4w

    The cosmic satire

    A cough here, a sneeze there
    Sound the bell; the reaper nears
    Concrete cracks, fading tracks
    The scythe of time openly shears

    Tick tock, Clung clang
    The clock tower shifts gears
    Gray skies, barren fields
    And a bunch of silent piers

    Hark now, else thy fate is sealed
    Death and rot have no peers
    Morrow is history; Not indiscernible mystery
    Let not ignorance bare jeers

    A needle here, a pill there
    Quenched are immediate fears
    Barely a fix to nature’s tricks
    Until an uglier head it rears

    Tick tock, Clung clang
    The clock tower shifts gears
    Gray skies, barren fields
    And a bunch of silent piers

    Mend thy paths; hark thy asks
    Death and rot have no peers
    Morrow is history; Not indiscernible mystery
    Let not greed bare tears

    A seed here, a tree there
    Flocks of birds, herds of deers
    Borders dissolved; resources shared
    Acceptance; even for queers

    Tick tock, Clung clang
    The clock tower shifts gears
    Blue skies, golden fields
    And a bunch of bustling piers

    Hark now; growth is nigh
    Joy and laughter thy hears
    Morrow is history; Not indiscernible mystery
    When towards love mankind steers


  • untold_rhyming_vibes1729 4w

    My Priority

    Have you ever asked this question to yourself ?

    That why another person becomes your priority , and why can't you be your 1st priority along with the other one?

  • pallavi4 4w


    Summer arrived this year
    With a bang and brought with it the lockdown
    A month that usually cheers me up
    Made my smile turn into a frown
    While sweet lichees and ripe mangoes
    Flooded the markets downtown
    In my books and poesies I was lost
    In them my sorrows I drowned

    Unable to go out and like all the others
    I was stuck inside the confines of my house
    From a roaring lion roaming the streets
    Reduced to being a petty door mouse
    Moping around all day I spent the month
    Unwilling to do anything but grouse
    Folk around me lost dear ones and
    Some even lost their spouse

    One would think that May would lift my spirits
    As it had done for so many years
    Instead I saw death from not so far away
    And came to face to face with my fears
    How could I help, do something of value
    Why life couldn’t simply shift gears ?
    Why is life so fickle and indefinite I wondered
    Sometimes in words, sometimes in tears

    Unable to keep up with the rapid loss
    I went from feeling bad to being depressed
    All that I had feared for years was losing loved ones
    And this brought up fears I had repressed
    I wish Covid was a person I could kill
    With my bare hands it I would’ve suppressed
    And saved so many from heartbreak
    And the burden of being alone and hence stressed

    The month of uncertainty came and went
    I hardly noticed the flowers that grew
    Losing close friends and relatives to disease
    Left me feeling rather sore and blue
    There was no work to be done to distract oneself
    The world felt topsy turvy and askew
    I was glad to see summer go for the first time ever
    So that we could face rainy June anew


    27th of December, 2021

    Pic credit: picture credited to its rightful owner- Todor Jovanovski

    #endofdec #may #grief #dec21_by_pallavi #covid #misery #death @writersbay #writersbay @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • ascended_breath 5w

    Intercession for an Unwell Loved One

    Fierce prayers for your internal layers

    We visualize an override of negative occurrences inside

    Sharp pains, flippant like forest flames are temporary like 28 days of February

    Desist and tame
    Oh twist of pain
    Suffering be gone
    Days of halcyon
    Return to Her

    Delirious, the truth hurts
    As you experience a new birth
    Queen of a true earth
    Kisses offered to you first

    Oh lesson of torment
    Bare light on what is important
    Here, a life of purpose
    Now rise from beneath the surface

    A Queen's expanding
    She emits cosmic laughter
    in these spiritual matters...freedom

    Her soul is silent, listening...no chatter
    Healed now
    Healed later

    Potent prayers for your internal layers


  • unheardvois 6w

    Covid sky

    The Sun is missing
    And the clouds r high,
    The birds r flying
    Up in the sky.

    The situation is
    And the earth is
    Living with a curse.

    The situation is covid
    And the people are forbid,
    From the work done everyday
    I'm jst dumb dunno what to say.

    I want the situation
    To get better,
    Maybe I'll talk
    About it later.
    ©Shreya Bhattacharya

  • san_shukla_ 6w

    वैसे तो है ये बात पुरानी , चलो सुनाऊं मैं अपनी कहानी ।
    सब अच्छा तो सबने बताया , बुरा हुआ तो खूब छुपाया ।।
    था वो समय हमसब पर भारी , जीत फिर भी हुई हमारी ।
    मेरे अपने कर दिए गए मुझसे दूर , कभी नही दिखे वो इतने मजबूर ।।
    मां की शिश्कियां रुक ना पाई , उनकी बेटी जो उनसे संभल ना पाई ।
    पापा वैसे तो है बड़े मजबूत , इस बार कांप गए वो मुझे भेज खुद से दूर ।।
    १७ दिन मैंने हॉस्पिटल में बिताया , हर दिन मुस्कुरा कर दर्द छुपाया ,
    जब भी आता था फोन किसी का , बताती सब है ठीक ,
    ना जाने कितनी रातें , दर्द में कराहते गई थी बीत ।।
    मुझसे तो वो मिल ना पाते , वीडियोकॉल कर खुदको तसल्ली दे जाते ।
    फिर सामने हुई दो मौतें, यह कड़वा सच भी है मैंने देखा ,
    थोड़ा बिखर गई मैं , फिर हिम्मत कर खुदको समेटा ।।
    था विश्वास और अपनो का साथ , सब्र रखा था मैंने अपने पास ।
    खिड़की से खुला आसमान देख मैं खुश हो जाती ,
    बस मन में आस थी , की मैं उन बेड़ियों से आजाद हो पाती ,
    आजाद हो पाती ।।
    हर बार ये पंक्तियां दोहराती-
    " हम पंक्षी उन्मुक्त गगन के , पिंजरबध्द न गा पाएंगे ।
    कनक तीलियों से टकराकर , पुलकित पंख टूट जायेंगे ।।"

    #pendemic #covid #100thpost

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    An untold story
    (18th april 2021- 10th may 2021)

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  • acksmack 94w

    The Old

    The world as one
    Under the sun
    Red flags wave
    Alarm bells sound
    Freeing the enslaved
    Trying to unwind
    Through distance and unity
    One human race
    Without thought
    No actions allowed
    Sheltered from within
    The soulless without sin
    Anxiety abounds hearing
    Panicking sounds
    Compassion now lacking
    While the virus is attacking
    Our compulsions are sore
    Rocked to the very core
    From unlit fires of strain
    Now comes the real pain
    The death of all passion
    A timeless assassin
    Wielding the enemy's power
    Invisible and mysterious
    Like a constant barrage
    Of racist adage
    Infecting society's variety
    The moral ecosystem
    Now laid waste
    Pointless haste
    Nothing to do but wait
    For social distancing to abate
    Slowing down the spread
    Of our primal urges
    More Amazon splurges
    While the Fates laugh and bellow
    At humanity's own
    Creative disasters
    We are the pandemic masters
    Who can't take away
    Souls any faster
    The tragic story
    Once again told
    The young
    Never learn
    From the sacrifices
    Of the Old