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  • shankarchaudhary_ 1w

    Yesterday, I saw the gloomy  sky above me ,
      I was standing near a stormy sea .
    I saw myself tied up with a chain ,
          I heard the muttering  of a Raven ,
    Like  the devil was calling my name ..

    ~manya's words

  • prince_kumarr 2w


    Sometimes What u Think is not the reality but what u said mistakenly may be bitter but true reality of the person

  • 9794dhruv 3w

    Fallen and fading

    Angel was falling,
    from the heaven.
    He looked toward many but,
    don't get help from any
    I saw angel's heart broken into pieces many
    Going sue those who don't do care of any.
    I saw him falling so I called
    but there was no response.
    I saw his smile and
    wings were fading away
    He was in Irritable Depression
    On his face angerness appealing
    but the he was only revealing sadness
    Crown was torn by the growing horns
    Journey start for going to the hell
    It's the beginning
    Of being a devil,
    in a human shell.

  • silvern_art 7w

    This poem is inspired by an Indian movie "Highway".

    The movie was beyond words to explain and I could relate a bit to her.

    Now after months of courage, I've finally picked up my pen and write down the emotions of the girl from my perspective.

    #secret #fear #courage #hindi #love #devil #rape #girlchild #abuse #forcarolyn #ceesrepost

    To everyone, male or female who has a secret that keeps our soul from breathing. I hope one day we'll find the courage to take a step and find our air.

    @miraquil @clichepenname

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    A little girl she was
    Whose eyes twinkled with curiosity
    And who's soul radiates innocence
    But life cruelty befell her
    Before she learnt to bare her hope
    On the wings of the wind

    At first he approached with a bright smile
    Eyes that scream love in pretence
    And hands he can't seem to keep to himself
    But she was still little and innocent
    To see the deceit that lurks in his soul

    It started with a bit of innocent
    Just a uncle with his niece on his lap
    But slowly his hidden hunger began showing
    His little angel he'd call her
    As his hands roam around her dainty form

    What she failed to see was that
    Only the devil needs a little innocent angel
    To own and taint at his pleasure

    Slowly his excuse to have her close began running thin
    His tainted little angel has begin to grow
    No longer does she have a reason to be seated on his laps

    Now the scenes in her memory became more deafening
    "Shhhh... don't scream my little one"
    "Don't tell anyone and you'll be safe"
    "You're so beautiful my angel"
    The words he'd whisper to her
    As he found his way into her bathroom
    With legs silent as the calm breeze
    Only he brought nothing but destruction to her faint soul
    As he took her soul into his every chance he got

    At night she dreams, gazing beyond her window plane
    Of a life free from the devil and his vices
    Of life where she finally tells her mom
    The secret that keeps her awake at her

    Oh her mother,
    A soul dainty and frail yet strong
    She was nothing but what is left
    Of an Indian housewife who's soul, body and mind has been subjected to the harshness of society

    But her daughter was her pride
    And her pride shall not be trampled upon
    So like a fierce volcano ready to erupt
    She approaches her dear brother
    Broke off his horn and pride
    And he became a devil without honour

    If only her dreams were reality
    And her mother had stood right behind her
    Like she did in those scented dreams of hers

    But instead her mother pulled her closer
    Wrapped her hands around her mouth
    And whispered words that shattered her every being
    "Shhh....keep it a secret forever. Never tell anyone"
    It hurt to live a life with such cruelty
    But it hurts more to see her mother
    Living her life in pretence
    Not wishing to face reality or stand by her
    But instead scared of the society's backlash on their family's honour

    But oh she grew blessed and well
    With the devil looming just right behind her
    Ready to stick his fangs in her delicate skin
    And suck the rest of her hallow soul

    Sometimes you become numb
    And become addicted to your pain

    One day her respite came
    It was a mistake it seems
    But to her it was all the freedom she needed
    Who knew being kidnapped will bring so much freedom and joy
    For the first time in years
    Her broken soul learnt to smile and dance
    And once again she's a rhapsody of dancing dandelions

    But all good things comes to an end
    Or maybe her fate doesn't just let it in
    And every mistake is rectified
    Only this time it took a life
    The life of someone who taught her to live
    Someone who taught her soul to breathe once again
    Someone who though remained aloof all through
    Taught her heart to beat the verses of love

    But once again for the people who claim to love her
    But never once showed her how that felt that
    She lost the tunnel to her ray of hope
    Amidst the crashing waves of life

    She's had enough she realized
    And finally she lets out the secret to everyone
    Making them see just how broken she was
    How she'd never heal from their rash actions

    But she gave them no chance to apologise
    For their apologies means nothing to her again
    They broke her soul and made her lost
    And right when she found a ray of hope
    They ripped her off her joy

    With a soul broken yet still living
    A heart dead yet beating
    And a body tainted yet beautiful
    She walked away to form her path
    Lonely but filled with faith
    And she never once turned back
    Least she see the faces of the devil
    And never get to walk earth whole again

    But she's sure her soul will learn to breathe again
    And her heart with bloom with love someday
    Till then she'll continue to grow
    Like a flower bud under the loving gaze of the sun

    #the girl who's soul searches freedom

  • gaurangig 7w

    Picnic with the Devil

    I have lived lives many
    Some strange some uncanny
    I have made friends with death
    I wear a thorny wreath
    I am the devil herself
    Living as a disguised elf
    The day I walk the world
    Everyone will meet their end
    Many stories I have to tell
    To hear, you must come to hell
    Some are funny and yet too dark
    On a journey with me, you must embark
    Let's walk now, go down to nether
    Let me carry my whip of leather
    Look around, you will see the place burn
    It's not fire, it is heat of life in the urns
    Life that is fading away slowly
    From souls that acted lowly
    The labyrinths are coloured
    From colours and not blood
    Of all the sinful deeds
    Of ego and of greed
    Of cruelty and of war
    Of injustice and of gore
    Let's walk on now, shall we
    Let me show something to thee
    This is my special chamber
    I keep it alight with embers
    That destroy the soul forever
    It's for rapists and murderers
    For those are the worst two sins
    That the worst punishment win
    Don't shudder so, don't be scared
    You won't do it, you won't dare
    I know how your mind thinks
    So I brought you to these brinks
    See around for as long
    As your eyes can stay strong
    It's just a picnic for me
    With lessons for you three
    Don't waste your life on vices
    Don't stifle the unnamed voices
    Don't condemn your souls to hell
    There's no escape from this shell
    Let's go back to the earth
    Let's leave this burning hearth
    Thus we have reached purgatory's end
    The picnic is over, my friend!
    I hope you have learnt your lesson
    Hope I never meet you in my prison!


  • faceless90 10w

    God's Dead Kids

    With death being in question I reject why I am destined to ascend into the heavens when hell is where I'll rest in. My attempts for God's repentance have fell into west winds when the devil offered rest in the abyss while God neglected my pleas for help as men in the pleasant lands He's tented were unreasonably rejected by the people whom He has left as the receiver's of the blessless whom have needlessly now kept Him as a redeemer who accepts His kids as leaders of the senseless.

  • faceless90 11w

    Denial of Heaven

    The blinded have risen since the crisis of riddance has denied many victims of enlightenment within their own minds plagued with vengeance because Christ wouldn't lift them to the skies with descendants whom have writhed since the women gave them life, but repentance wasn't quite what the kingdom had in mind so forgiveness wasn't likely to inch them toward the light of the Christians, but Belial's deep pit in the asylum where kisses are denied from the misses.

  • faceless90 12w

    Crimson Thoughts

    As I attempt to deflect the unpleasantness sent by digressing I sense that acceptance of dread will direct my depression to end once the depths of our hellish endeavors repent for their threats.

    Still forgiveness is not what's envisioned by pawns of their insolent god with his infinite flaws. The crimson one's called to extinguish the calm in the Christians who've flocked to their king on the cross.

  • faceless90 12w

    Death's Arms

    As I am greeted by death all the dreams that I've dreamt are repeating as sense is depleting as stress has exceedingly crept through my devious head while the beast we've elected is beating me dead.

    With everything lost I depend on the cross to extend both His arms and accept me as not a revengeful sick pawn whose been lead by the fawn of the devil whom thought that I'd never be God's.

    Still I reach out to Him as I'm bleeding within to reveal all the sins I've concealed since a kid. While kneeling I give God my reasons to live, He greets me with bliss as I feast on the grim.

  • claralynne 14w

    To Each Their Own..

    Relishing in glory from your throne.
    A Celebration..
    The demons of hell moan.
    Callused to the bone.
    It's all you've ever known.
    A palace made of stone.
    An existence only the devil could condone.
    Chaos follows.
    True colors shown.
    They say, "to each their own" ....
    A rocky road of storms that some must travel alone.
    Tripping over rocks, when the whole time, you could have flown.
    For you, I will land.
    I want to walk with you and hold your hand.
    Shelter you from the rain with my wing.
    And wait patiently for our souls to sing.
    I am yours, and you are mine; Of this, I am convinced.
    To each their own.
    Among darkness, you will see how much you've grown.
    A divine journey we mustn't postpone.



  • teokannan 14w


    "God doesn't fulfill wishes. That is Devil's strategy to recruit!"


  • kunjjiquotes 15w

    Even devils call gods sometimes.
    When two devils fuck each other:
    Oh my God you fucking amazing!

  • teokannan 16w

    God or Devil

    "God is easy to attain. But you keep choosing Devil over him at every choice point."


  • hamallaxmi 17w

    The devil inside me
    Wants to kill my own self
    piece by piece
    with the utmost pain
    Inside wanting to be doubled
    As there is no remedy
    In the world for pain
    for the unknown.


  • thamil 17w

    RX 100

    The raging sound's clear
    When the devil run's near

  • jpwriter 18w

    Go Figure

    I was told the sky is the limit
    Why do we stop there
    There's infinite digits
    I want the top air
    Plain and simple, sweet
    Put the fire in hole
    And call me Pistol Pete
    The i in the pinnacle
    There's no i in defeat
    I am the lyrical
    Devising a fleet
    Would you take a chance
    And dance with the devil
    Give me a challenge next time
    Now get me a shovel
    I'm on another level
    Knowing I'll go bigger
    Disappear on the 13 floor
    Showing Impossible, Go figure


  • battleofminds 18w

    Be careful to whom you trust,
    because even a devil was once an angel.

  • teokannan 19w

    God vs Devil

    "God is Simple.
    Devil wants Luxury."


  • bad_habit 19w

    There is a devil in your smile and it’s chasing me....

  • leaonmars 20w

    The impostor.

    Her godlike hand danced across the strings of her violin casting a spell bewitching her audience.

    However, she is not a God so she must be the devil tempting me to kiss her sinful lips.