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  • soulful_sayings 22w

    Come Back To Home

    Being at home is comfortable and safe but life is full of adventure, if one doesn't experience it externally but internally it's always on as all sorts of thoughts and emotions keeps attacking, though it might not be valid to stay at home in a physical sense but it's more than important to stay in touch with one's own being which is it's home.

    Infact it's a great indication that if one stays at home out of fear, laziness or because of some other negative reason then he's not feeling safe from within as he's not in touch with his being, whereas if one is situated in his being which is it's eternal home then one doesn't get swayed by any thought or emotion which goes within oneself.

    Not that anything negative would not enter into one's mind but it's just that one knows nothing of it belongs to him and this is possible only out of right discrimination.

  • ssa_writes 28w

    I don't know why these Indian marriages favour patriarchy over mutual respect. Is hierarchy a necessary thing in a family? Why can't parents consider their children as equal individuals with a thoughtful tongue and dignity? I find it hard to accept family as some place where someone tries to dominante and control others. Do you really think it as a necessity to have a male or female figure in a family to design and assign specific roles to its members. I don't know how you are gonna feel when you read this... but it's ok and I respect your `patriarchal normal standards´.Patriarchy works by constructing normalcies and irrespective of the gender he or she is a victim of it.


  • sanvi_jain 33w

    Discrimination can never be stopped
    It's upto to you how u deal with it

  • amarsbhintade 43w

    ख़ाली ये हाथ थे जब आया मैं यहाँ था ।
    नाम भी नहीं था । लड़का हुआ करके बताया था ।

    मेंरा जहाँ मेरी माँ की गोद थी ।
    पापा मेरे लिए भगवान थे । जरूरत की हर चीज़ ला देते ।

    फिर मुझको धीरे धीरे दुनियां दिखी।
    मैने अलग अलग बट बट के रहने की कला सीखी।
    जात देखी, धर्म देखा, देश देखा। नियत मैंने किसी की खाक देखी।


  • stellaire_mystique 46w

    Lost ***∅

    Someone : what was so attractive about him that you chose him ?
    She : what do you mean by that...
    I don't know about your thinking but..." Choose Insaaniyat ko kia jata hai ... insaan ko nahi...

  • rhapsodist_akshay 49w

    दिन भर बातें करनेवाली चुप चुप रहने लगी..
    छोटी छोटी बातों पे अब आँसू बहानें लगी...
    बड़े बड़े ख़्वाबों पे उसके न कोई ताला था,
    बस सफ़ेदी की दुनियां में उसका रंग काला था ।

    खुद के इरादों को कुचलके लोग बोले वैसा करने लगी...
    शहरों में अकेली घूमनेवाली गांव के रास्तों से डरने लगी...
    कमी हैं खुद में इसी बद-मज़गी को उसने दामन में पाला था,
    गोरे को अच्छा कहनेवाले समाज में उसका रंग काला था |

    अच्छी ज़हांयत वाली को दुनिया ने कमजोर कर दिया..
    खुशियां की आस रखनेवाली की झोली दुखों से भर दिया..
    ज़िन्दगी में उसके तानों के साथ परोसा जाता निवाला था,
    देर से सही पता चला, कसूर के उसका रंग काला था ।


    ज़हांयत - character/ चारित्र
    बद-मज़गी-misunderstanding/ गलतफहमी

  • peachytae_ 49w

    BITTER TRUTH #pain #discrimination #female_vs_male #change #dominate @ishikaaggarwal @vzac_1330 @calm_chaos @shivranjanibhati @shadowofthoughts_ just wrote something which I think is true and it should stop….

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    ~the pain
    Every gurl faces….

    The pain of living as a female
    In this world dominated by male
    I feel pity
    Even for the girls living in the city
    They have to face problem every day
    And come across all the struggles that come on their way

    Because of her shape
    Men gets aroused to rape
    Why should female undergo this strain
    And all her sacrifices are always in vain
    Why should a female give birth
    To a male in this earth
    Why should girl leave her family for a boy
    Does this society think a girl is a toy
    Will this prevailing condition change
    And bring up females to a new range

    There's always a question mark
    And the answer remains in dark…..

  • liepa_malijauskaite 51w


    Fall back on your knees,
    Fall right ahead,
    Your path no more.

    Look right ahead,
    The sun is shining,
    Down on alive.

    The sky is calling,
    White clouds like snow,
    Puts you to sleep.

    Do you believe,
    In chance that's given,
    Do you believe in change.

    The mighty fallen,
    In presents of death,
    Will be the same.

    No soul is different,
    No hell, no heaven,
    For everyone it's own.


  • madinah_writes 56w

    I Am...

    I am
    The dimpled cheek, black girl.
    With three tribal marks standing on my chest
    Two-handed braids interwoven through my kinky hair.
    Poetry on empty paper,
    The shy nerd in class.

    I am
    The devoted Muslim girl.
    Never missed my daily salat.
    Offering ta'ajjud from dusk till dawn,
    Till my mother wakes me for morning choirs.

    I am
    The Yoruba girl, born in an Hausa land.
    Lost on what to speak,
    I find only English Language.
    Even though I'm expected to speak Arabic Language.
    I find knowledge anywhere my eyes touches,
    And wisdom where my mind reaches.
    I say it, how my tongue twists it.

    I am
    The virgin haired girl,
    The reserved one.
    A wallflower everyone at college is pointing at.
    Ancient-mama, bookworm.
    Are you married? Why are you so fat?
    She's just a village girl,
    Claiming to be born and raised in Abuja.
    I walk away in silence.
    Thinking of where I actually belong.
    If, I actually belong.

    I am
    The loner, the narcissist, an egoist
    The tagged for being so different.
    Crazy, dull, Olodo!
    I would hear my classmates call me.
    Obese, food-monger, Orobo!
    I would hear my family call me.
    Is it so bad to be differently modest?
    When my quietness is mistaken for sluggishness.
    When my solitary is mistaken for stupidity.
    I think and wonder...
    Where do I find myself in all of these?
    When home is no longer home,
    And the society is no longer welcoming.
    Because of my size and colour and languge and dressing.
    Because of my unwillingness to change my culture for yours,
    Or myself for you.
    I thought we once said.. culture is life?

    When culture have changed over with time. I can no longer wear my wrapper to class.
    When black tradition is bleached with today's civilization.
    When culure is killed in the name of today's fashion, science and technology.
    I can no longer use my local beads,
    The ones I once cherished.
    How can I fit into a society that changes over time?
    How can I the human's mind that is insatiable.
    Lost in all these thoughts,
    That hunts me down like memories of yesterday.
    I realize... I just have to be myself,
    And nurture my heart to what I want and what I know how to do best.

  • ankuaabha 58w

    Phle mai ye souchti thi ki...
    Ye society colour discrimination karna kab bnd karegi...
    But aj ye souch rhi ki maa papa ko chor kar baki k family wale bhi ye colour discrimination kab band karege..
    Mai thak gyi ho...
    Sach me

  • mrunalinideo 60w

    A far cry from equality

    Down below that pretentious lane,
    Right beside all things pious and plain,
    A hamlet of unsavory shambles
    Houses dark-skinned untouchables

    In waste, these men toiled hard
    While there women and daughters were taken apart
    Hunger ate the children leaving bones
    For it was a privilege to eat something you've sown

    Doors to His worship are still bolted shut
    To drink from the same is a knife to the gut,
    To use for fun is a birthright but
    The fight for justice is undercut

    Prestige is the coveted prerogative of the higher-ups
    They bristle when lowers want the same and achieve as much
    Undercurrents of divide simmer in the blood
    Though outward its a modern, modern world!

    Thank you @miraquill & @writersnetwork for EC ����
    #farcry #wod #discrimination #castism #poetry #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork #writerstolli #mrunaliniwrites #ceesreposts

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    A far cry from equality

    Doors to His worship are still bolted shut
    To drink from the same is a knife to the gut...
    (Full poem in the caption)

  • _fallen_angel_ 60w

    A Far Cry

    Today its a smile
    Tomorrow perhaps some fancy prose
    Then it could be a bouquet of red roses
    And him / her intending to propose.

    Or it could also be..

    Today its a jibe
    Tomorrow perhaps a clash
    Then it could be a shower of punches
    With an intent to whiplash.

    It always looks green darlings
    Whichever side of the fence
    You'll never know when it hits you hard
    Till you see yourself,
    standing in the court of defence.

    These lines are not a dedication
    And certainly not to cause a furore
    Its a poetry to help you understand
    That gender violence
    Will not be tolerated, No more!!


  • ankuaabha 60w

    Just kuch different likhne ka try kiya hai...����
    #ittzzmeaabha #voilence #discrimination #hindi @mirakee @mirakeeworld @hindiwriters @hindinama

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  • rupal_kaur_anand 64w

    I was reading a children's book and I realised there were lot of things we have learnt that we start forgetting as we grow.
    We become selfish and self-centered as we become older and we start blaming life or society for it .
    Well never lose the child inside you, sometimes that child is much Wiser than older you.
    #equality #racism #discrimination #generequality #equalrights #feminism #empowerment #womanhood #likes #imstagram #instadaily #motivation #wisewords #wisdom #kindness

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    Never forget the lessons of equality, patience, kindness and generosity we have learnt as a child

    ©R.K Anand

  • suhani05 72w

    So , most of the ppl know abt sex-selective abortion.
    It is the practice of terminating a pregnancy based upon the predicted sex of the infant.
    It's mainly done in girl child case which means male children are more valued as compared to female children.
    According to me , abortion is a murder.
    No one has right to kill anyone before his /her birth.

    As mentioned above in the poetry , a girl child is telling her feelings to her mother nd blaming her also that her mother is killing her. So .. absolutely no, in most of the cases , the mothers are forced by their family to abort the girl child.
    There is no intension to blame only a mother for the abortion.

    Thnkyou @_aradhana di for suggesting me this topic❤️✨

    #abortion #abort #abortagirlchild #girl #girlchild #mother #motherfeeling #womenempowerement #femalefoeticide #hiphopculture #standbyher #protectgirl #women #saveagirlchild #safety #indiafoeticide #stop #girlabortioninindia #abortionlaw #stopabortion #equality #betibachao #womenrights #childrights #womaniya #raiseyourvoice #fightforyou #femaleinfanticide #womensupportwomen #girlpower #womenpower #addiction #discrimination #infanticide #sexualassault #childabuse #crime #myvoice #voiveofmillion #poetry #poem #writers #mirakians #mirakee #mirakeewriters #mirakeeworld

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    कन्या भूण हत्या..

    एक बेटी अपनी मां के कोख से अपनी मां को कहती है-
    "क्या डर शब्द से मेरी मुलाकात करवा रही हो..
    जिंदगी की शुरुआत डरने से करवा रही हो..?
    या कहीं..तुम जीने का हक मुझसे छीन रही हो..
    एक लड़की हूं..इसकी सजा तुम दे रही हो..?
    मां तुम खुद एक बेटी हो..एक बेटी की जान क्या तुम ले पाओगी..?
    पर डर शब्द से मेरी पहचान तुमने करवा दी..
    दुनिया को देखने की मेरी इच्छा अब तुमने मरवा दी..।।
    इस दुनिया में मेरा अस्तित्व होगा या नहीं..या बस एक शरीर कहलाऊंगी..।
    'तुझे तेरी मां के कोख में ही मार देना चाहिए था'- बार-बार यह सुनवाई जाऊंगी..।।
    मां तुम खुद एक बेटी हो..एक बेटी की जान क्या तुम ले पाओगी..?
    सबसे अनजान..पर तेरी जान..
    अब मरने के लिए सक्रिय है..।
    क्योंकि अब रोशनी से ज्यादा मुझे अंधकार प्रिय है..।।"

    समाज की आंख पर तो पर्दा है..।
    पर एक मां तो देख सकती है कि
    एक बेटी का उसकी कोख से बाहर आना एक स्पर्धा है..।।
    निर्दयता को ये समाज दे देता है मात..।
    एक बेटी के जन्म से पहले ही करवा देता है
    असुरक्षित शब्द से उसकी मुलाकात..।।

  • psychologygirl 76w


    Needed :

    1)EXTREMELY fair
    5)who never had a boyfriend
    6)well educated and
    7)expert in household chores.

    *Note: The girl will become HOUSEWIFE after marriage as our son earns pretty well.
    Women of our house is not allowed to Work*

  • a_gentilischi 76w

    @writersnetwork Thank you for the kind repost. It means a lot to me because this is a topic that is very close to my heart ������


    It's harsh and hard being me
    The odd crayon in the box
    Worn, and broken in to three
    My other two parts are lost

    The red, blue and arrogant green
    Heads kissed by paper each morn
    Look how they beam, shine and preen
    While for the paper I am lovelorn

    The kids at playschool hate me
    They call me "bogey brown"
    Only one girl will hold me
    Her little face, a constant frown

    Dimpled cheeks and wild black curls
    An angel of burnished wood
    She was never like other girls
    So they hurt her, because they could

    But, for a colour box to be filled
    It takes a thousand different hues
    So why are some shades killed
    While the others watch from pews?

    All blood is dark, wet crimson
    And all wax shall someday melt
    So why hold love at ransom
    Why won't you let it be felt?

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    #crayonc #pod #writersbay
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #equality #discrimination #skin
    #life #thoughts #reality #wnreagent #love

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 80w

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*


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    The most pious smile is the one that struggles through the tears and blood oozing out of wounds caused by the bullets and explosives, on the faces of soldiers at the border of our nation after attaining victory in safeguarding our motherland.

  • psychologygirl 84w

    #marriage #woman #longpost #equality #discrimination #ego #writersnetwork

    It's been 37 years of Marriage ,
    Still they dont like each other.

    It's been 36 years of parenthood ,
    Still they don't equally love their children's.

    Years are getting older
    Not the people.

    I wonder where is love here ?

    All i can see is EGO.

    These three letters are heavier than a cloud.

    You aren't ready to listen.
    You force people to listen you.

    A very thin line between asking and getting...

    If you don't respect your people
    There's nothing you learned in life.

    Maybe less educated woman don't match your status.
    Maybe your daughter don't listen to you.

    But you can't divorce a man just because he's dominating?

    Or can you ?

    You can, but society will not accept this reason.

    But it's fine, perfectly fine living with a person who doesn't value you, you also don't like him.
    But it's okay.

    Atleast you are married

    And it's not important "THAT YOU'RE NOT HAPPILY MARRIED"


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  • kriti_dinesh_shukla 103w

    #freedom #caste #discrimination #indian #india #indipendenceday #republic #indian #race #religion #hinduism #islam #muslim #poetry #thoughts #inspiration #motivation #country #nation

    We got freedom from the Britishers but we are again conquered by the religions and caste .
    We proudly say that India is a democratic country but still we fight on the name of religion , we fight as Hindu or Muslim .
    There is no religion or caste in India except one religion and that religion is Indian (Hindustani).
    Until and unless we don't stop fighting on the name of religion we are not fully independent.

    If you are really a true Indian then from today follow only one religion that is Hindustani (Indian).
    © Kriti Arya
    Indian ����

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