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  • gemsofficiel 41w

    The Silent Killer

    During the day
    And even at night
    The Silent Killer strikes
    Man, Woman, Child
    The Silent Killer attacks them all

    Enslaving the body, mind and soul
    Making the sane person insane
    The insane person still thinks they're sane
    The victim forgets the past
    The time when their mind was intact
    When their body was whole
    And their soul was still alive
    It's all in the past

    The Silent Killer strikes
    With every puff on a cigarette, he strikes
    In every taste of a strange substance, he strikes
    With every sniff of a white powder, he strikes
    In every mixture of psychotic "delicacies", he strikes

    You lose your senses
    You lose yourself
    You forget where you are
    You forget where you're going
    You forget what's around you

    You go to that place in the clouds
    I think they call it cloud nine
    Where you feel like anything is possible
    You fly to the moon and back
    Going as high as you can

    Trying to escape from your painful reality
    Trying to fit in with the crowd
    Just wanting to feel good
    But when you come down from that high
    Your painful reality is still there
    The crowd you try to fit in with will forget you
    When the Silent Killer takes you
    You're constantly trying to feel good
    That you always run into the arms of the silent killer
    And away from the real solutions

    This Silent Killer
    You've erased many memories
    Cut short many lives
    Destroyed many destinies
    Filled the hospitals and rehabs with many casualties
    Decorated the cemeteries with souls that never got the chance to live
    And you still keep taking many with you

    Now its time to fight
    Now its time to rise
    To end your reign of terror
    And show the world that there's a better way out of pain
    That they should face their reality and show it who's boss
    That fitting in erases their uniqueness
    To let them know that the place between consciousness and unconsciousness is just a waiting room and not a solution
    That they should not run into the arms of the silent killer
    But into the arms of the Humble Savior (Jesus).


  • alden_emery_oxford 128w

    Protozoan Bride

    Lift up your dress made by a third world seamstress.
    Lounge on the Chaise and crack another bottle of wine.
    After all, your day was filled with extreme stress,
    How hard it is to sit in with all your friends and dine.

    You were always one for the thrill of increased risk,
    So lock the door behind fine China with some China White.
    Whatever happened to us Beatrice?
    We used to lie in bed all day and dim the lights.

    Now we're just a blink in this cosmic protozoan life.

  • rachelezell27 132w

    Where is Everyone?!

    You think I don't notice,
    You think I don't hear,
    And though you do whisper,
    The words still reach my ears.

    You think me too gullible,
    So very easy to dismiss,
    And though I often say nothing,
    It doesn't mean that I don't notice.

    You try being stared at,
    Watched just like a hawk,
    Glared at with suspicion,
    When you see a friend or take a walk.

    You try living life,
    Under a magnifying glass,
    Trying to move forward,
    While others keep digging up your past.

    I soaked the sheets with sweat,
    I hurt and ached and cried,
    I went through a version of hell,
    I was all alone for the ride.

    I battled the demons,
    I fought the awful despair,
    to finally emerge on the other side,
    and find that no one was there.

    There have been so many times,
    You guys just don't know,
    I came so close to ending it,
    I spiralled but it never showed.

    I wish someone really knew me,
    If so they would have known,
    During my moments of deepest despair,
    It's not safe to leave me alone.

    It's very hard to see,
    Without knowing for what you're looking,
    But if you ever look closely enough,
    You can see it's always there lurking.

    I do nothing to give any hints,
    I want no one else to ever know,
    No I'm not the sort to whine or moan,
    Or put on an elaborate show.

    I tend to go the other way,
    Making others laugh and grin,
    I am goofy and I smile a lot,
    Until I remove my mask again.

    Had you met me in one of these moments,
    You wouldn't have guessed that it was me,
    The same girl that wrote this poem,
    You now see laughing and carefree.

    I don't know why I do that,
    It's so fake and I can't stand it,
    The more I hurt, the more I joke,
    Until it becomes almost manic.

    I'm supposed to stay strong,
    keep holding on and always have the answers,
    Meanwhile this pain grows and I can't let it show,
    But it eats at me like a cancer.

    My family's disdain,
    only serves to feed my pain,
    They don't know that I don't hook
    Or stick a needle in my veins.

    I've been clean really,
    For about 18 months,
    Yet they still watch me so closely,
    Like hungry lions on the hunt.

    Yes I am an addict,
    And no I won't deny it,
    But honestly guys, you know me,
    I'm not the sort to hide it.

    So why can't you believe me,
    When I say that I am sober?
    It was the meanest demons that I've fought,
    The hardest hurdle to get over.

    I started out so proud of myself,
    It's the longest that I've ever gone,
    They'll never know how I suffered each night,
    Counting the hours down until dawn.

    Every day for many days,
    That's all that I could do,
    Count the hours down until dawn,
    Then count the daylight's too.

    Just recently I got through,
    The absolute worst part,
    I came to them, finally clean,
    To find suspicion in their hearts.

    In that moment I could feel,
    My pride begin to fade,
    Realizing I couldn't please them,
    and how they'd always see me,
    My hope finished fading away.

    As of this moment I am still clean,
    Though I cannot find a reason at all,
    The struggle grows harder , I feel my limbs twitch,
    And I can feel my skin start to crawl.

    I grit my teeth and scratch my thighs,
    desperately fighting the tears that fill my eyes,
    How long can I hold out and stay on this hellish ride?
    This battle would be so much easier,
    With my people at my side.

    I find myself standing alone,
    As I so often do,
    These stained carpets and empty walls,
    A very familiar view.

    Loneliness has seeped in,
    To the point that I can taste it,
    The heavy black flavor so very bitter,
    That I almost can't fucking take it.

    Another familiar flavor,
    Usually follows the first,
    Salty and watery on my lips,
    The tears can't quench my thirst.

    I need someone to understand,
    To believe me and help get me through,
    If someone doesn't come along soon,
    I really don't know what I'll do.

    I want my mother and my sister,
    My brother and my crew,
    I want the people that I love most,
    Before I come unglued.

    ~ Rachel G Ezell


  • jynxielynn85 138w

    Hot spoons, needles down, shooting liquid flames straight into the vein.
    Lithium becomes poison, doused in flame.
    Please stop squandering our youth.
    My heart breaks when I think of you,
    please let me save you.
    Wild child, my darling brown-eyed boy,
    have you always been so remorseless?
    How you love those devils dancing with you,
    but it's the human who will lose.
    You've forgotten the real you, he's still in there.
    A prisoner trapped inside methamphetamine clouds battling your addiction, growing weaker every day.
    You play dangerous games using crystal jewels,
    surely you can see how no one wins.
    The more you play the more it takes.
    Until you're floating on a river named Styx.
    You could turn away, please don't wait.
    Tomorrow may be too late.
    I know you're afraid of the pain,
    all risk when you can gain.
    I promise you'll be okay it's time to face a new day.
    We've been waiting, what felt like forever.
    Walk with me, can we please stay in the sun.


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  • sydneylee 138w

    #Heroin #Drugs #Addiction #DrugAddiction #Sobriety #Alone #NeverEndingFight
    I wrote this from my heart, please don't steal my poem. Hope you enjoy.��

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    My skin is the canvas, and you’d be my brush
    I can’t live without you; I’m in love with that rush
    I’m sinking too quickly, I’m falling to fast
    As I drown in my sickness, you free me at last
    When I’m without you my life’s filled with pain
    I need your sweet comfort running through my veins
    You’ve made me pathetic, weak, pale, and sad
    I’m shaky, I’m itchy, I want you so bad
    No longer a pleasure, don’t want it, I need it
    And my fucking addiction begging me to feed it
    But when I’m with you everything is just fine
    Tracks on my hands show the passing of time
    The first time I felt you, you said “just this once”
    Now a year later and I’m begging for fronts
    I gave up everything I valued in life
    I sold my possessions just to get high
    My families all left me because i am with you
    These chains are so heavy, But I’ve got to break through
    I tell you I hate you, you tell me you know
    But you say it’s too late now, you can’t just let go
    But I’ve had it with you, I’m sick of living in pain
    The only way to feel better is with you in my veins
    You’ve ruined my life and took everything away
    I can’t even look in the mirror without feeling ashamed
    So ill cover up the mirrors, maybe now I’ll see what’s real
    Self-reflections hard to accomplish when you’ve forgotten how to feel
    I know what the right path is, but you fight my every move
    Always feeling your wrath, this sickness I can’t remove
    Day by day goes by, I can’t keep living this way
    Here I sit all alone, Just existing through each day
    I want to live before I die, fall in love with being alive
    If I keep living this way, I know I won’t survive
    But the thing is, you can’t simply “just stop”
    Because this addiction is an obsession, it takes over your every thought
    Now I’m a slave, each day I need it more and more
    I scream “I CANT DO THIS”, I drop to the floor
    I chose a drug that took me close to death, with a purpose to get high
    I chose not to face my problems; I was simply trying to die
    Forgive me father, as my whole life is a sin
    I pray one day this addiction ill win.


  • santimagination 146w


    I started this addiction that would give me a life of not knowing what will come next, I remember hitting the bowl of glass and next thing you know I feel like I could probably pass by the cops without getting caught cause of how fast my energy was like. I remember that it didn't last that long therefore I had to get another sack so that I could pack another bowl to get high. I'm not going to lie I'm not proud of the things I did that supported my high but I denied the fact that I started to act more different around town cause it felt like everyone eyes was on me cause I felted like I looked like a clown for dancing in the puddles. I wanted more therefore I would go to the store down the block with a handgun Glock so that when I ran up in there I would be able to get the money easily. It wasn't funny when I ran back to the trap house to get the crap that only killing me and my close ones. I got locked up for possession of crystal shards and now I'm around a bunch of retards that talks about regretfulness but it's okay cause I wasn't getting high and actually was getting sober but this drug of choice had it's own voice when I got out of jail. I end up relapsing and the only difference is that I'm collapsing to the floor as they poor the brown stuff in the spoon. As soon as I'm poking the pointer in my arm I started choking with foam from the mouth and next thing you know my whole life went South as they start to pump out the drugs. I wasn't smart and it bugs me that I grew up saying I wouldn't be a druggie. I never knew that depression would destroy my reputation cause that one hit of that devil's work made me sit in this go bazerk. I can't get sober cause I don't see any reason why I should be, I would rather overdose than feel the pain that in my head cause once I go to bed it just replays the insecurities I got and that means there going to be a lot of shit going down and so that means I gotta spit out the things that rings in my mind like a phone. So I say fuck that and pray to leave me alone. I don't want to say I'm okay cause I got this addiction that won't go away till the day I'm in the ground with everyone that ever loved me around my coffin crying cause they just wanted me to just keep trying but I didn't cause the drug addiction is what made me think that no one will ever love me therefore I put that addiction above me now I'm above everyone cause I'm in six feet deep where that's the only time I ever had any sleep...

  • wilddionysus09 149w


    It's true that a heart in pain
    Seems time not ends the night,
    Or the pale love that lain like forgotten light.

    Lost was my soul and lost 
    Were my tears with no face 
    To share your lips salt-glossed 
    In soft embrace.

    Falling gold prisms, stark,
    mad stars; 
    You were wet inside your thighs
    From my Shiva Lingham avatar.


    I crave your lips as echoes drink
    your sanctuarial sighs,
    And your gilded aeon
    whose corrolary ocean eyes close in hard darkness.

    Speech fails its needed prayer;
    She feels betrayed, bludgeoned
    In needful katharsis.
    I drink her until her water's done
    Appealing to God's segregated presence.

    I pull her dark goddess hair,
    pressing farther for her eficacy;
    She's a seraph screaming
    For the twice-born broken one.
    she runs her fingers through my thick hair
    Until my verse collides with her undeciphered scythe.


    Now I live in fear of everyone. 
    she has left me full- creamed in lonely -lipped derision;
    In need of her honey-nipped Spring.

    My mellisonant tiny little thing;
    Lost, my acuity was vastly flipped. 
    This Winter has been a sickening bitch,
    No soft, blow-away snowfalls, just
    the freezing wind-fall of withdrawal.
    Frost breaks through my blue-wind veil, 
    Leaving me a mess, an itch 
    My scratching failed.


  • chellesrawthoughts 155w

    This poem gives you a unique insight straight into a crack/cocaine addicts sOuL (your sOuL iS made up of your mind your will and your emotions) and the most intense death grip hold that this evil drug has on them. Also, what level of mental power that it takes you inside to be completely free from
    c/c as well as showing you what it takes to become a SURVIVOR OF ADDICTION ...


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    rOCk CanDy queen ...

    Years ago my thoughts go back to the time where she was fun to hang out with at first, that white lady, she knew how to make you feel good and kept you intrigued … while you kept coming back for more …

    … she gets more fierce with her touch as time moves on – she has no heart and no soul, yet she can turn your heart away – from yourself and she don’t play – as well as those close to you and she won’t stop until your soul is in chains – clutching you tight – knowing you can’t break free … your stuck outright … in bondage to the queen of rOCk CanDy – the evilwhite lady indeed …

    You will find her dancing with the demons of addiction, heartbreak and pain – you will eventually give in to their strong demands once again – falsely thinking that they accept you – yet really they don’t – that’s just get you hooked and harass you relentlessly – down that vile path, because by then – they are laughing at you – as you realize in horror – that your unable to stop …

    Like a robot and a puppet you move to her beat … like a good master – she pulls easy then real hard on your strings – while you chase that next hit – as she heartlessly brings – you way down – straight to your knees ...

    Teasing you mercilessly – is one of her many sick treats … just as that hit that you raced for … finally connects … causing you to feel such a major relief – you feel it straight down to your core -

    yet - you still want more and more and still yet more – until she senses your fear, forcing even the devil himself to scream … “go on you're worthless - just get the hell outta here” – then sadly, as you cower down – what does all of this prove – your wondering, because your still – in the COCAINE mood …

    … knowing full well …

    … it’s not enough – it’s never enough anymore … your always miserable, sick, scared, depressed, strung out and dazed and when you think about that cloud of white smoke just passing you by … your body constricts in pain, your brain aches and … with a brutal force that’s dragging you down once again – way lower than you ever wanted to go – to stare straight at the queen of rOCk CanDy – who is waiting for you to pay what she thinks you owe ...

    … and rOCk CanDy will have no problem – numbing your emotions and your mind … so your aren’t clear enough to make any decisions at all … it’s no wonder that she’s more than just a tiny bit surprised …

    … when you actually take a stand ...

    ... against her and she senses your newfound strength – she then squeeze’s your sOuL so hard you can’t breathe …

    … she’s holding you snug – in her cold yet intriguing hand … “Do you think you can play with me” … she laughs at you instead …she also whispers in your ear telling you what you want to hear … just to keep you mislead ...

    … and once she has your emotions shredded – making you feel quite lost … locked away deep inside – your sOuL will pay the cost – you tell yourself how stupid it was to let that white bitCh – so damn deep in your mind … you had no clue that was going to be the hardest ... an uphill climb ...

    She will fight you like a man, ultimately kicking your ass – so it may seem – but you NEVER GIVE UP you show this queen ... you don't back down from this white cu*t – the infamous and lethal … the eviL ... the rOCk CanDy queen …

    ... If you keep fighting and don’t stop – she will weaken her grasp – then you can run away fast and leave ...

    … Gradually …

    … until one day she will realize that your not worth her time, so she will find another sOuL – that she can take you by the hand and lead along the path ... going straight to that place – that leads right to the front door and straight into hell – introducing them to the white lady – the queen of the rOCk CanDy jaiL …

    … sometimes you may fall and stumble around – fall off cliffs and drown – in the turbulent waters racing away – she’s known to come looking ... so with her  tempting ... make sure you do not betray – meant to entice – in case you slip from the path of complete abstinence just get back up ... get on the road … and stay ...

    … don’t get discouraged – pick yourself up and dust off those stains – that the queen of rOCk CanDy forcibly made … strive once more until you get it right … don’t ever allow taunts and hurtful words to give you a fight …

    Relapse just means you won’t stop striving to quit … it’s tough and unfriendly … remember she isn’t going to give up on you … not one bit ...

    ... so …

    Don’t allow anyone to bring you down with rumors or snobby looks – they don’t have a clue as to what heLL you have been through – with this white lady … who is the rOCk CanDy queen … if you aLLow her ... she will damn sure make you blue ...

    ... ultimately …

    … she has a diabolical
    plan to kill you ...

    … dark depression … hateful voices whisper in the wind … evil beings that harass you … they are not your damn friend – beware of your mental health taking a turn … she will scratch and then bite you diminishing you – before you can learn … that this rOCk CanDy queen is a bitCh that stands firm … her job is to jumble your thoughts and make you see through a haze – your vision so distorted any decision made will for sure be crazed ...

    addiCtiOn is only a symptom that masks the underlying root cause … You need to gather all your strength and please take a pause …

    ... and …

    … you stop being so nice to her … STOP LISTENING TO THAT BITCH … GET MAD and with all your strength … face your fear and stand up in her face … as you recall all the things she lied about … teLLing you that you're a disgrace ... remember you almost lost your life behind her evil lies … stop listening to her before you die ...

    let that rOCk CanDy bitCh hear you as your screaming at her that “she’s the devil in disguise” … you tell her off and curse her out – JUST REMEMBER WHO THA FU*K YOU ARE … and do yourself a favor start taking a new route ...

    that leads away from the door – at the entrance of hell – in the opposite direction that won't allow you to prevaiL – previously - way before that white bitch stole my dream … I told myself I couldn't smock that rOCk ... little did I know that years later I knew her and I would become a team ...

    … no matter what - keep holding your head up high – keep moving forward – find that deep down determination – find out how you can love yourself more – more especially through – the many dark dreary days … that may certainly overcome you …

    … and guess what? …

    … one day the relapses will halt – soon realizing that she’s FINALLY locked in the past … don’t let her define you – people will talk, scorn and laugh …

    just you hold fast to the dream and remember the pain when she took away all those many years putting on you ALL of the blame ...

    ... STOP KEEP GOING – you're doing just fine … give yourself a smile because once and for all you take charge of the main design … finaLLy you managed to beat that damn queen – the white lady who still claims that …

    … she’s the rOCk CanDy queen …

    Keep striving, sweating, straining while you also remember that rOCk CanDy jaiL …

    It’s been a bittersweet journey after turning away from the front door of hell ...

    … If you are an addict – using ANY drug that’s taken over your life – REACH OUT because I want you to know this: I saw a level of addiction that most hard core addicts don’t see and they don’t know exists –

    you do NOT want to be there because the only way out … if you stay in defeat … is going to be a horribly long life behind bars or worse – Death is waiting to take you to the front door that leads into hell so you can hang out with the the queen and the devil himself …

    you are NOT – trust me – your not ready for that … not when it means staying in the rOCk CanDy jaiL ...

    ... Thank you for reading and
    please comment ...


  • leena_t 165w

    Drug addiction

    Begging survival.
    Heir, wasting life.
    Drugs destroyed many precious


  • peenelope 167w

    Words to my sister.

    You used to be my hero. My knight in shining armour. My guiding light. But then you slipped, or tripped, or were turned around. And I called your name but you couldn't see me through the darkness and the voices. I screamed until my lungs bled and my tongue froze but I never saw you again. You weren't there anymore, not really. You never came back to me like I have always wanted. Your eyes don't sparkle, and your laugh doesn't ring out. Your smile drops away before it reaches your eyes. But I'm still fighting for you, I'm fighting through my own darkness to see you again. You won't be lost forever, I'll find you again. I promise.

  • missgrave 170w

    Journey to Recovery

    You have accepted the life you once had is gone 
    and still you have found the determination to carry on 

    Although your life has been completely rearranged, 
    God has granted you the courage to change 

    Your journey to recovery has begun 
    so half the battle has already been won 

    Just remember I have been in your shoes 
    I too have felt empty and confused 

    Acquire a higher power, 
    one you can pray to in your weakest hour 

    Take time to pause 
    and humbly admit your flaws 

    Find fortitude in forgiving others who have wronged you, 
    bear in mind they are human too 

    Dad,I promise to stand beside you and give you strength, 
    no matter how long your journeys' length 

    Please know that I love you with all my heart 
    and am proud of you for committing to a brand new start 

  • amari_ 175w


    When I was young,
    you used to tuck me in,
    Pull up a chair by the night stand and read to me a book.
    Every night we would pick up from the same page we left off from the night before.

    I don't remember the story, or the title of these books.
    All I remember is we never got to finish them.

    I've gotten into the pattern of leaving books unfinished,
    If I buy I book based off the cover or the contents of the first page I read (its always the third page I flip to.) I bring it home with me,
    lay down in bed
    I'm grown now so I tuck my own self in,
    And then I read until I no longer like the story.
    I don't like the parts that remind me of you, or how rich kids can be so spoiled they forget they live in luxury.

    In the end, I set these unfinished books on my night stand, compiling a stack of things I regret buying, reads I'll never finish and stories that have been outdone.

    I read books like these to keep the memories of how you used to be alive, before you decided I no longer needed you by my side.
    Before you decided raising kids wasn't for you but you always enjoyed having them, bringing children into this world as if they were the latest iPhone and you just "had to have it"
    You discard the old for the new and when the new no longer feel so shiny, you give up halfway through and leave them for someone else to find.

    You were never really a mom,
    But you always said you tried your hardest before giving up.

    I guess the same could be said for the books we never got to finish, and all the memories I have of us that you can't recall because you were so doped up.

    Caught in a haze of heroin induced dreams

    The life lesson I learned from you is try your best, until you no longer feel its worth your time.


  • laisea 176w

    The wave pool

    I'm so excited today I am going to a wave pool I cant wait to jump in the waves with my friends.

    I step into the pool the countdown is on 15 seconds till they start.

    I stay close to the wall it makes me feel "safe"

    I'm getting anxious i see the white caps starting to form. here we go!
    The waves start out small they are super fun but soon I'm bored i want bigger waves!.
    The waves are over my head so i grab the bar..I slip.. oh no. Try again ok .got it... this is so fun. Isnt it?
    Yes at least I know I can grab onto that bar whenever I want.
    I'm not sure I like this anymore I keep going under I cant stay above water so i try to grasp that bar and everytime i do i slip right back in. Getting pulled away I'm drowning. Help! Nobody hears me please help...

    I wake up in the hospital. Get up and start to leave. Doctor asks," where do u think u are going"?

    I replied, "to the wave pool"

  • nolaawritings 178w

    Ego -biggest enemy of human but nevertheless it only make people realize..... �� #ego #egoofficial #happyquotes #selfrealization #drugs #drugaddiction

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  • hilaryann08 184w


    2 weeks since we talked. I called out of the blue. Had a funny feeling and had to talk to you. Cried when I heard your voice, weathered from your journey. Begged you to make a different choice, but I understand. You were scared, and you were hurting.

    2 weeks later and you're gone. Our conversation, the first in so long. A gift I hold onto. It wasn't owed.. it was allowed, bestowed by the universe so I may cope with the loss of the person I loved the most.
    You submitted to the high, gave into your affliction that relieved the infection in your mind that made you feel forgotten.
    Now you fly freely.

    2 weeks marks 11 years since your escape. Thought it'd hurt less by now, but I feel the same. I lost my brother; grief will remain. I'll hold onto memories, and our last talk, until the breath leaves my body and we meet again.

  • laisea 188w

    The cycle

    Today was good, I feel strong I can do this
    < No u cant. We have been through this before >
    Gonna go to a meeting. And call my doctor
    < No u will be calling me tomorrow >
    No not this time
    Not this time
    Please not again


  • jynxielynn85 189w


    So your going all the way, blood rushing threw your viens. Lies guilt and shame, beating against your brain.

    You're not so heartless, you're not so cruel. Somewhere inside you, you can hear your dreams coming true, but instead you use.

  • laisea 190w


    You question my sanity
    Hell so do I
    I cant stand being in my skin
    Being in the moment. Why??
    What made me this way?
    I'm a chemeleon by nature
    Im whatever you want baby
    Putting myself out there to be used
    And Abused
    Anything for you, and you, and you.
    Addicted to drugs, manic highs
    Followed by depressing lows.
    Who am I? Im 36 and still dont know


  • thelovelyweasel 194w


    Months out
    Months in
    No difference
    Under this skin
    Bright out
    Caved in
    Too loud
    Hide out
    Don't touch
    Paper thin
    Make like a leaf and
    Fall from the tree again
    Daily routine
    Static upon awakening
    Ripped from sweet dreams
    Back to reality
    Can't bear to stay here
    Can't manage to fight it
    Face down
    Hollowed out
    Like a pumpkin queen
    Left to rot
    On Halloween
    Left alone
    In Autumn
    The season of harvesting
    Burnt out
    Leaves me feeling
    Too much


  • spirituallygifted 195w


    Dying young
    So many of us
    I miss them
    So much life ahead
    Life they will never live
    Beautiful souls
    Taken by demons
    The demon heroin
    Opioid crisis
    So many of us fall
    But a few of us
    Why me?
    Why not them?