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  • eiichiquoteslife 62w

    When I'm Gone

    When I'm gone
    Don't be upset

    I told you when I was hurting
    I told you when I needed a break
    I told you when I couldn't sleep
    I told you when my parents were fighting
    I told you when my friends left me
    And I told you when I didn't want to be around any longer

    But after all that, you left like everyone else
    When all I needed was a hug

  • syedjafri 76w

    Jism ka har dard theek hota hai! Lekin kambakht ye dil ka dard theek kue nai hota


  • divya_soni 120w

    #restrictions #familyproblems #brokenfamily #fatherdaughter #unlovingfather #unloving family #hatred #suffocating family #divided family #restricted family #society is more important #rules are more important #child's happiness is not important

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    Kehte hai sab ,
    Dikhti hu mai tum jaisi ,
    Par banna nahi hai mujhe tumhari parchayi ho waisi ,
    Sab buraiya khud me lekar ,
    Nahi ho tum ek achcha insaan ho jaise ,
    Nahi banna mujhe tum jaise ,
    Apni zindagi se khushiya dur karke waise .
    Banna chahti hu ek achcha insaan main ,
    Jo ho na tum apni parchayi me bhi ,
    Ho Jana chahti hu mai tumhare in sayo se dur ,
    Manzoor nahi mujhe tumhara gurur .
    Choti si khudki zindagi pana chaha tha maine ,
    Par baar baar tor diya tumne ye sapne mere ,
    Aakhir chahte kya ho ,
    Rahe meri zindagi bhi dur sabhi khushiyo se ,
    Tarap tarap kar jeu main bhi tumhare jaise ,
    Aankhon me bhare rahe ye aasu sada tum rehte ho waise .

    - Divya Soni

  • dreamyc 163w


    my dad sent me a text
    asking me what I want for my birthday
    without asking about my day first
    how you're doing, hi, hello, hey

    I looked at the text before that
    another one on the same date last year
    before that, the one from the year before
    all the same they appear

    perhaps it's become tradition
    annually do I only see my dad
    an act we put on once a year
    is it weird that I am sad

    he buys me lunch
    & looks at his phone
    gives me fifty bucks
    & expects me to leave him alone

    I'm not only your responsibility
    I am your blood, DNA & daughter
    how dare you forget sometimes
    as if you've got someone better

    it confuses me until now, even
    why does dad never call
    I never hear his voice anymore
    not even when he takes me to the mall

    he has his head glued to his screen so
    why does he only texts me on this date
    he sends me back home early
    & he picks me up late

    what's between broken relationships
    should stay in their own connection
    not in my head or my mind
    & put ours in confiscation

    I don't understand I don't know why
    is it because I'm not good enough
    not fit to be his baby girl his princess
    his child his diamond in the rough

    why he acknowledges my existence
    only once a year & on only that day
    he asks me whether I want to see a film
    & gives me his credit card to play

    every year he asks the same question
    because he doesn't understand
    to him, I am a stranger, an outcast
    something out of his hand

    & I know what I want this year
    I want you to finally love me
    but I know that's too much — impossible
    so I ask you to just finally leave.

    ac | ©dreamyc

  • holy_suga 176w

    #sad #willsmith #familyproblems
    Shout out to my father ��

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    He don't want me man.

  • inmanywords 196w

    where are you?

    she thought of
    so many things
    that were drowned out
    by a neon light.

    8:00pm or 1:00am
    it didn't matter it seemed,
    as long as
    the men were lonely,
    and the stools were empty.
    and it was the dirtiest floors
    who called to her
    and the dirtiest mouths
    who took her home.
    the ones we could never meet.

    at 4:00am
    she wonders whether
    she should stagger
    her way back home, or
    see if her hero beside her
    was too lonely to leave.

    of course he was.

    he's had 20 different women
    in his bed this week,
    and he's only felt comfort
    in a barstool.
    and that's where she was heading.

    11:00pm became
    too late to go home,
    and 2:00am became too early.
    she was addicted
    to the fluorescence.
    and nothing could intercept this,
    because nothing was as beautiful.

    she kept her feet planted
    under the counter
    because her vice WAS the
    pounding headaches,
    the red eyes,
    and the shaky hands.
    and no one would've thought
    we'd lose her so quickly,
    because her shakes came only from
    water jugs,
    and her headaches
    were always masked by 1000mg of Advil.
    her eyes were bloodshot,
    and we would tell our friends
    she was working too hard.
    day and night,
    shed be working.
    we convinced even ourselves
    she deserved a raise.

    what an honor to her tab there
    she would have made it,
    but what an honor it could've been
    to the girls who were
    actually too lonely
    and the only bed of hers
    that's been
    empty for days.


  • ashutoshkumartiwari 203w

    Kehte Hain ki jaroorat padhne par hum sabko yaad krte hain... Sabki respect krte Hain... Par jab humko koi jaroorat nahi hoti Hain to hum ek single din bhi unko yaad nahi krte hain.....

  • jia_dox 206w

    I ruined me. -part 1-

    I'm going to acknowledge this once as if that's the truth because I've been here before , this same tainted skin of mine it breaks my bones by keeping them together

    I'm willing to give everything up to finally become a real ghost I've gotten so use to fading away keeping everything bottle up creating a few clones to keep my sanity at bay

    No matter how much I scrub and wipe this skin is who I am it's what I've become anyway.

    Honesty is the best policy right? So why does it hurt so much? Why can't I find clarity in speaking the truth?
    The truth shall set you free ,is what I used to hear almost every day.

    I remember when I was younger mama used to say "don't you worry you are stronger than you think" and I would stare at her saying "not really" in my head but I'm older now much older than I really am .

    I'm an old soul , I'm different than the rest but not the best.
    I understand what mama said all those years back , I am stronger than I thought
    I have been for my entire life meaning I had no choice in the matter or else I'd be dead.

    Death sounds so inviting now , no wonder I'm standing my ground because after everything I've done and hadn't it's pretty hard to move around.

    Mama would be disappointed, my sis aswel and let's not leave my little brother out even though he'd rather me dead.
    People like them makes it really hard to stay and much harder to leave
    Why won't they let me go?
    Why won't they hold on to me?

    Sometimes The voices would scream reminding me of my pending self worth my stupid choices in life, my failures , my garbage of a brain even my brain would throw hate at itself like how is that possible?

    When it comes to me things that seems impossible becomes harshly possible.

    Let's get to the part where I lay down the cringe truth of how ruined I am.
    I can't get to that part without saying I was ruined before I ruined me

    There's no hope in me
    No home to be
    No one to call mine
    No sight of the right sign.


  • lady_snowflame 206w

    Cause there is no perfect family, nor a perfect life...

    #RandomThoughts #feelings #familyproblems #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #Mirakee

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    "A Smile For Every Tears"

    I'm crying over things that can't be helped
    I'm silently wiping my tears away
    The moments when I can feel the pain
    Like my heart stops beating
    Or crumpled like a paper
    Maybe torn apart for reasons
    It happens all of a sudden
    When my senses are too active
    In times when I can hear the sadness all around
    Moments when all I see is gloominess
    When all I can feel is the melancholy
    When I fell so deep
    Into the abyss of anxiety
    My eyes are sweating till it dries
    Then realization comes eventually
    What am I crying for?
    Am I too sensitive?
    I got used to being like this
    And I'm getting numb sometimes
    But I always turn back on my senses
    Knowing that everything will be fine
    Flood of tears will pass by
    And a smile is all that I can give
    Rainbow comes after the rain

    There's a smile for every tears flowing...


  • destinynight 210w

    Accepting I am good enough

    I wanted to be accepted by my parents so I worked hard to be at the top of my class on the road to being an honor roll student and I was praised.
    After I got there I worked to having a relationship with my mother. I wanted us to be close so close that I could tell her anything. But instead she'd use me like you would with an umbrella. Only on the rainy days when you needed me the most. And then you'd put me away to use again for another rainy day. I didn't make that close relationship happen.
    Instead she yelled at me and said hurtful things that motivated me to prove them wrong. And that followed me into high school,left and right I proved then wrong. Finally I got to hear "I'm proud of you" and be used as a good example for them to say "Why can't you be like your older sister she's in the honors society". And then I started to make my own money to afford things I needed that they didn't understand. And then I saved up made my own jar labeled "College tuition" and "London Trip" all that money I gave it to my parents to help them pay bills and to buy a new car for my dad. Why? Because I loved them and knew I was a good daughter.
    And then on their rainy days I was there for them. I accepted their insecurities their failures told them it was okay and that I believed in them.
    And then I realized when were they going to tell me the same thing? Instead I was shunned for my insecurities and failures I was blamed for things that weren't my fault. I was told I wasn't good enough. My voice was shut out and ignored instead they said "You should have communicated" but I did except no one listened.
    I learned to cry silently and breathe slowly to bring myself comfort. I learned to keep things to myself because home wasn't a place I could be myself. Then my next goal was to get out of that house as soon as possible because I learned to hate them even though they brought me into this world.
    Writing became my escape and music my muse.
    And then I broke my shell and spoke my mind , I didn't let anyone control my thoughts I was going to do whatever it took to achieve my dreams with or without their support. I realized that in reality this whole time
    I was good enough.

  • stephiswriting 211w

    They say the love of a mother to her daughter is unbreakable.
    I wonder if this also counts for us,
    all my roots are burnt ends from past hurtful arguments.


  • advocate 221w


    All their fights, their screaming, their yelling, their beating.

    She could handle all that.

    All the fighting, her screaming, her yelling, his beating.

    She could maybe handle all that.

    Saturday night. March 1998.

    A threat from the man to the woman, a knife in hand. An unaimed shot.

    An 8 year old trying to show her drawing, a paper in hand. A ground-dropping jaw.

    Another threat from the man to the woman, a glass in hand. A well-aimed shot.


    Blood fountain.

    A Fall.


    Blood fountain.

    A scream.


    Blood Fountain.

    A death.

    Everything blurred that moment.

    Everything blurred for the last time that moment.

  • musicalskip 232w

    Who Should I Tell

    How is this right
    How is this fair
    My sister hurts me
    And you don't put up a fight

    I did nothing wrong
    Just told a few friends
    That she was talking to a guy
    So nothing so big

    She hurt me physically
    By slamming me against the wall
    And when I told you she did it
    You did nothing at all

    You said mind your own business
    So who should I tell
    When I feel like ending my life
    When you told me not to tell


  • lazypotato 233w

    Don't lie to me (true story)

    I think he's a good person
    (Cuz I trust him too much)
    Every night when we talk to each other, yet, she says no. She says he's lying. She says he doesn't try. I don't know who to believe?

    I can't do it. Ask him if it's true. True, that he's lying, that he's not caring. Ask him if he's even sending his amount.
    I do it to protect his guilt, and my heart


  • dizzy23 258w

    I stopped trying

    It got to the point where I stopped trying. I knew I had tried my best to put things back together but they didnt want to know. There was only so much I could do. They stopped trying months ago ,it took me longer. My loyalty not letting me let go. It seemed much harder for me than it was for them...but I guess I will never get to see what they were really thinking


  • fieryblizzard 303w


    Though they breath and live
    I feel like I've lost them
    Though they provide my clothes and give me what I want
    I feel like I'm getting these stuff from strangers

    I never truly knew who they are
    That's why I don't understand them
    I call them Mom and Dad
    But I don't really consider them as those names

    They're my parents yes
    But are they really?

    Cuz I feel like I have no parents!

    You give me money but what I need is your time!

    You give me advice but what I need is your understanding!

    You scold me but what I need are those moments where I can explain myself and tell you why I did it!

    You claim to be my parents but to me you are strangers!

    You claim that I am your daughter but you don't even know who I am!

    Don't you see!? The daughter you raised is no more than a stranger!

    If I asked you what my favorite color is would you know?!

    If I asked you when my birthday is would you know?!

    If I asked if you knew that I have depression you wouldn't even know...

    Cuz you don't care.