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    Its surreal.
    Please reach out to person who needs help.
    Feminism is good, not feminazi..
    Teach all necessary things to child without being embarrassed, and in good way.

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    Born as Earthling
    Men gave chocolates, tempting
    Men started ogling at me cycling
    Men started commenting
    Men started singing
    Men started touching
    Men started harassing
    Got married, thought its happening
    Partner started raping and cam taping
    Partner called friends for cruel love making
    Partner left her heartbreaking
    Another guy came, sympathised, blessing
    Was wrong again, when he started hurting
    Asked help from parents, they too did abusing
    So when time came, tumbled the chair, was left hanging
    And yes, before cremation, was again raped with no screaming.


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    Sherlock and Dr Watson are working on a new case.
    They need your help.
    So, put on your thinking caps �� and let's see if you can do anything about this mystery...

    ________________LOST HAPPINESS_______________

    Watson : Sherlock, we have been trying our best but couldn't find why the prettiest of the girls don't look pretty at all.
    There's something missing on their faces.

    Sherlock : Do you know the secret formula behind someone's beauty?

    Watson : Lakme foundation!!??

    Sherlock (looking astonishingly) : NOOO!!��
    For god sake.. Nooo!
    It's HAPPINESS Dr. Watson.
    That's what every face is lacking.
    Don't you see??

    Watson : Ahh! But where is it lost? Last time I saw a girl smiling looking at her phone.
    And I swear she looked the cutest.

    Sherlock : Be careful John! You're not hired for stalking girls. Are you?��

    (Dr. Watson smirking, looking away and scratching the back of his head)

    Sherlock : This case is a mystery in itself but there are clues everywhere if you look closely.
    I've noticed them blushing when someone praises their new DP or their work.

    Watson : Look who is the stalker now eh!��

    Sherlock (coughing) : Actually I'm working on a case and finding all the evidences I can is a part of the investigation.
    (Pretending to be formal)

    Watson : So, happiness is it? Who is he?
    Where can we find him? Have you seen him lately?

    Sherlock : Yeah! I just did. Just saw him with the reader smiling on our conversation.
    He's always around us.
    It's just people rarely notice him these days.
    They are giving importance and time to another friend of theirs - MELANCHOLY.

    Watson : Ohh! But you don't forget your old friends if you find new ones.
    I have never forgotten you.....

    Sherlock (interrupting) : Well you almost forgot me for 5 years 4 months 22 days to be exact and that's when I appeared as I knew you're just a little upset.
    Moreover you don't look good with a moustache.

    Watson : Hey first of all you didn't care about telling me of your new mystery case that was so called TOP SECRET that even I was excluded.
    And this moustache..
    Mary loves it. She said.
    Right dear?? (Looking at Mary)

    (Mary nodded her head in an unwilling agreement)

    Watson : Oh no no no no no!!
    I can't fall for a lie like this again.
    So, all these years you hated this moustache and you didn't even tell me!!?

    Mary : Honey.. I thought you'd look just the way I have imagined but it didn't turn out that way.
    And later I did not want to hurt your sentiments.

    (Watson punching the side wall in shame)

    Sherlock (laughing) : Ok ok����
    Well coming back to the case.
    I guess there's only one solution.
    Only the readers could help us to solve the mystery of lost Happiness.

    (Mary, John and Sherlock together staring at you out of the screen)

    "Could you please help us to solve this mystery??"

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    Pic credits : To the rightful owner

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    Damn you, Unreal Love

    You are almost fictional
    Even when you are real.
    Like my love is almost real
    When to you I am fictional.