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  • im_vk47 3w


    My mind floats on the sea of imagination, while my heart drowns in the ocean of depression. Whom shall I console first?

    My body lies cold with the eyes still closed, while my soul flies free without the host. Whom shall I convince first?


  • loptar 3w

    It's been a long way, without miraquill already������
    Hope am welcomed back to the street of words back again������
    I just had to drop it, I miss you guys

    A worse ailment that drains and kill like a pint gradually
    It runs faster and sting down to create a chaos
    Leaving a cruel and mundane memory
    Rocking of like a lullbay just as a cold shrill voice accompanys it
    A long last freedom is what they waited for, does it really exist
    As I made way back to the cuddle the syndrome of my fear.




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    OH SIGH!!

    For one moment, I squash like a bird

    For the second juggler, the wave should be a companion

    As I lie towards the heaven, for a third session, will I ever be me.

  • captainfatimahabiba 4w


    One of my hot favorite scenes ever includes the drowning of #Titanic_movie when everything is upside down except that #orchestra band that kept on doing what it has been, making themselves true #Virtuoso .

    (A journey from golden rules in literature to No rules)

    》Middle ages rusted classical Gracio-Romans
    》Renaissance invaded darkness of the middle ages
    》Puritans hanged the Renaissance humanism
    》Neo-classics revitalized pseudo classicism
    》Romantics rebelled rules by making no rule, a rule
    (Reminded me of a character #Gonzalo in Shakespeare's #Tempest when he says "When/If I shall be the king.........there would be no king;) .)
    》Victorians made art matxist
    》Moderns violated ancestors
    》Blank verse gradually n finally got into #Free_verse!

    Clamour of rules is to writer,
    what glamour of Titanic,
    was to orchestra.
    It stood,
    while it sank.
    It stayed,
    while all escaped.
    It played,
    while all groaned.


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    Rules to writing are something
    like stereotypes are to rebels,
    not worthy until they are broken.


  • write_it__out 9w

    The great comparison scale

    Whether you jump too high
    Or fall too steep
    You will always be at the bottom of this field.

    There will always be someone at the top of your game.
    Or someone relaxing at the bottom of your dream.
    You will never be fulfilled if you keep on playing the game.
    You will always be at the bottom if this is all you dream.

    We are all on the scale we do not wish to climb.
    Pushing upwards, moving downwards
    Somewhere or the other unhappy with all the efforts.
    Moving on the wrong scale, the comparison scale.
    Pushing upwards or pushed downwards with all our dreams.

    Whether you want your loved ones to hug you for your efforts.
    or you want them to know you tried too hard to climb up at the top.
    You will always be unhappy as there is no game.

    The game is the one where the stuggle is within
    You forget the scale and all is within.
    The efforts are all yours and the scale is you choose
    and all the happiness is within your rule.

    You win the game when you realize,
    the scale of comparison is not what to be sought.
    It is the war to be fought,
    within is the enemy and outiside the chaos.
    This is the real game that is to be fought
    and the champion is the one that climbs through the wall.
    The great comparison scale is not the one to be fought.

  • pallavi4 12w


    Well beyond these thickets
    Of tall pine trees and farther
    Than anything that the eye can see -
    In the midst of the winter fog
    Unyielding in the cold mountain air
    Resting on a sharply sloped terrain
    Lies a day in the future
    A land in tomorrow ,
    One that no one has ever seen ,
    A place where no man has ever tread
    And never ever will.
    I stand so far away from these wonders
    That I have to squint my eyes
    To be able to focus on the
    Ever fading horizon
    In the dwindling sunlight.
    Maybe if I try hard enough I may be able
    To find the pivotal point of that land .
    Every time I do this,
    I have a feeling of déjà vu like
    I’ve been here before,
    I’ve done this before
    And I never once arrived at the answer -
    What lies beyond what I can see ?
    What’s next ?
    What’s around the corner ?
    Where am I headed ?
    If only one would take the time to
    Help explain to me what it is
    That I was meant to do here exactly .
    With what intention
    Should I move forward ?
    What is my purpose ?
    I suppose I will not be able to find
    The right answers in this lifetime.
    I know wherever it is that I am headed ,
    That place will be filled with mystery
    And will forever intrigue me
    Yet, I am not worthy yet
    To be told of this
    Destination in advance -
    To be in the known ,
    Destined however
    To live a life with its puzzles unsolved,
    It’s enigma unravelled .

    Many believe that sometimes when we sleep, our spirit guides take our awakened souls (in a sleeping body) towards things in the past/future - to show us things of significance , that may one day be of pivotal importance to our existence. Sometimes when our souls/consciousness are brought back to our bodies and we awaken, on occasions in the future we experience déjà vu- a feeling of having seen things beforehand. The mind remembers its almost “clairvoyant dream” and knows immediately that its been here before, seen this before. In our deep sleep, some believe, we are taken on very interesting journeys by our guides, overseeing our pasts and paving the paths for our future selves. Some believe it is a forewarning by the guides to help us take better decisions by taking if required a different approach to things in the future. We only recollect very little of what we are shown and hence some experience very frequent déjà vu’s and some don’t experience them at all.


    1st of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • smartsam 14w


    Good Food
    Good Health
    Tunes & harmony
    Any talent
    Moderate exploring
    Correct Faith

    Gives Happiness!


  • write_it__out 22w


    Plethora of droplets stuck inside your heart.
    Each trying to travel for the passage through your eyes.
    Every single one fighting for their freedom
    But you choose to keep them inside.
    Keep them bounded inside the shackles of their fears.

    But for how long can the chains holds them
    Until one of them slips through your heart.
    To tell the stories the world has never heard
    Or common ones each one of them is suffering.
    For how long can the chains hold the freedom
    For each one of them to begin their journey.

    It is only when the heart opens up to the world
    To let the pain undertake its own journey.
    To let it travel to the eyes and hearts of thousands alike.
    As when the world understands it will be set free
    So that thousands alike will never have to hold it inside their cages .

  • write_it__out 27w

    सलवटें थी कमीज पर और पैरों मैं पहिए लगे थे
    हाथों मैं रंगो की पोटली और दीवारें कोरा कागज़ ।
    कागजों को भरने की इजाजत तो नह थी पर छुटपन मैं सब माफ था ।

    घर कै कोनो मैं चित्रकारी का अद्भुत प्रदर्शन करते
    आधुनिक कला के कुछ बेहतरीन नमूने भी छोड़े थे ।
    दीवारों पर पपड़ियां, दरवाजे जर जर हालत मैं
    नह पक्की सड़कें और नह बिजली ।
    आम जरूरतों की बड़ी मशक्कत थी
    फिर भी खुशी सबके चेहरों पर बरकरार रहती थी ।
    चारों तरफ ठहाके, मिलनसार वातावरण
    नाह खुशी दिखाने का कोई दवाब , नाह वो परफेक्ट पल खोजने की बेसब्री ।

    आज घर थोड़ा बड़ा था , सड़क पक्की
    पहली सी जरूरतों की कोई खास मशक्कत भी नह थी ।
    एक बेचनी सी दिखती पर हर पल खास बनाने की
    हर तरफ खींचती अनगिनत तस्वीरें, उनमें सै छटते कुछ खास पल
    बेसब्री दुनिया को दिखाने की और इन सब मैं छूटता हुआ आम पल।

    सब कुछ पाकर भी कुछ खास नह था
    सब कुछ बनकर भी वो रास नह था ।
    जरूरतें पूरी करने की मशक्कत , दीवारों पर खींचे लकीटे
    बरामदे मैं साथ शाम की चाय , इन्ही मैं सब कुछ खास सा था ।।

  • heclamation 38w

    Fear to lose you

    Even though I know,
    My heart will always choose you,
    But there's one hitch,
    This fear to lose you.

    I wish that,
    I could hold your soft hands,
    But since I'm not here I have
    This fear to lose you.

    In my heart,
    You perpetually stay,
    But when you're not present I have
    This fear to lose you.

    On my lips,
    Your name keeps coming,
    I keep calling you because of
    This fear to lose you.

    These lines are,
    Always written for you,
    No matter how much I love you I have
    This fear to lose you.

    I hope that,
    We don't see the past again,
    Well then I won't have
    This fear to lose you.

  • him_an_shu 85w


    कैसे कह दूं कि मोहब्बत है तुझसे
    डर रहता है जज़्बातों का मुझे

    तुम्हें जो देख कर मुस्कुरा उठे होंठों का डर है मुझे
    तेरी आँखों को देख कर शर्मा चुके आंखों का डर है मुझे

    कहीं इन सब चीजों का ही डर तो मोहब्बत की पहली इम्तिहाँ नहीं
    जो ना कह सके ना समझ सके मुझे.....!

  • alqama_hasan 94w

    Muhabbat ki shadidgi
    Kya btaye huzur
    Samandar ki jrurat hi nhi
    Usse nadamat ka
    bs ek aansu kafi hai

  • ruby_naga 107w

    A Rare Gem

    And in the midst of my chaotic life,
    I met this boy; he's a rare gem.
    To the world, he is an introvert and an enigma
    Also a complete opposite of me, mostly.
    And though as strange as it may sound,
    He seems to complete me...
    Perhaps opposites do attract?

    This gem of mine had me spellbound,
    For I loved every inch of him-
    From his towering height to his pale skin;
    His whines to his anger and jealousy;
    His humour to his smiles and laughter;
    His voice to his hugs and kisses...
    Oh! Everything about him is so perfect.

    He had me feel all sorts of emotions-
    Sometimes wrath, sometimes sheer bliss,
    But most of all, he showered me with love,
    Of both a friend and a lover.
    If I had to describe him in a sentence, I'd say-
    "He is my source of strength and solace;
    He keeps me sane."

    The Universe could offer me everything
    Still, I wouldn't trade him for anything.
    Our story could come to a halt someday,
    But my love for him will continue to grow.
    I'd still be contented to see him happy,
    Even if another maiden takes my place
    And my chapter in his story closes.

    He is forever embedded in my heart,
    For he is my gem- a rare gem.


  • siddhanth_chauhan 135w

    Wandering all the places
    Finding none of them as destination
    He was left abandoned
    With all the pieces he had

    He had a smile on his face
    Holding back all the tears
    He greeted everyone on his way
    Like nothing ever happened

    He knows how to love
    But never got a chance
    And now when he wants to say something
    He just puts a smile

    He is a fighter with some plans in his head
    Don't look at him as a loser
    Who knows when the beast arise
    If you find one don't think he is rude

    Love him with all your heart
    and he will love you back
    with all his heart deeper
    than the ocean itself .

    #free_verse #poem #feelings @a_wishful_soul
    @ewa_the_darksoulwriter #youth_prblms

    Image credit to rightful owner

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    The journey of a broken boy.

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  • haafiza 161w


    All these words inside my head,
    My emotions gasp.
    The sentence... incomplete.
    Just words...so many words...!
    Like in a surgery, where an artery has been erroneously cut,
    So much blood.
    All you can see is 'red',
    A big unorganised pool of red,
    Just flowing out and staining your gloves,
    Like all these words stain my pages
    Like a convulsions in the brain...
    Disarrayed frenzied firing from so many foci
    It doesn't make sense!
    But the body reacts...you react...you have no choice... you have no control,
    Just like these words.
    Not like vomit...!!
    Like all your thoughts learnt from you- they just wound up incomplete.
    And then it comes to a halt-
    The artery is ligated, the neurons tired.
    Silence... no more words tumble out now.
    This impulse passed.
    Only the tiny piece of paper lying at the far back corner of the room knows.


  • biswashraipoetry 186w


    With an address unknown you're my favourite addressee to address my letters.

    - home

    Biswash Rai | ©2018 biswashraipoetry

  • betsymarkman 191w

    Hidden Love

    God’s love concealed
    In humble, fragile flesh,
    In a dirty manger,
    Wailing with newborn tears.

    God’s love concealed
    In sweaty working clothes
    In a carpenter’s shop
    Serving with humble heart.

    God’s love concealed
    From proud religious eyes
    But clearly recognized
    By humbly seeking souls.

    God’s love concealed
    On a cruel cross of shame
    Bearing all our evil,
    Absorbing righteous wrath.

    God’s love concealed
    In a tomb of lost hopes
    Buried with all our guilt,
    Innocence sacrificed.

    God’s love concealed
    For three days in the ground
    Death seemed to be victor,
    Salvation’s promise gone.

    God’s love revealed
    Alive again, for us
    His death counted as ours,
    His resurrection, too

    God’s love concealed
    In fragile human flesh
    Revealed by the faithful
    Who spread salvation’s news.


  • tea_diva 193w

    When I thought I'd reached my peak
    When going further seemed impossible
    Even at his calm words
    He showed me that my peak wasn't the peak
    He said it's in me, just like peak
    I wouldn't have seen me doing this
    But as a child full of innocence and love
    He brought out that me that seemed not to exist.

  • desireddreamer 203w


    My heart was a garden blooming each moment we shared but now it's just a graveyard,Where I buried those shared memories,Just to escape from them;Now they haunt me every night in My sleep...


  • pin_dew 214w

    A discoloured wall,
    You come to me, sighing--
    I offer myself a rose,
    I abnegate it myself;
    And the past kisses the wind once more.

    You like to sleep, I know,
    That's why I have shot you
    Countless times, yet
    You live all along, you don't wake at all.

    And now, that the fever has waxed,
    You make love to the cadavers:
    You just know when to switch sides!

    And the stars don't lie,
    The night does.

    I hear bees and ants trembling,
    I hear a bunch of trees,
    And a few pieces of plastic.

    The curtains embrace the eyes,
    The mirrors reflect the sun,
    And I am no one.

    If the walking, talking void knew where to exist,
    Would it have chosen me?

    In essence,
    I feel sleepy.
    In essence,
    The dew falls far from the tree.
    In essence,
    There is no essence.

    And all and all and all,
    I welcome you to the feast, guests.

    © Pin Dew

  • ankisha_mishra 225w

    Walking on the moist grass.. Barefooted

    Walking on the moist grass.. Barefooted
    Makes me forget my past victories
    My old lost battles
    My injuries, my scars
    My medals, my wars.
    It bends my mind the same way
    The earthly grass does
    When trampled upon by my foot.
    It calms my emerging vain thoughts
    By drowning with my every stride.
    It cools down my burning fire
    With it's wetty dewy touch
    And blesses me with eternal silence.
    It's not emptiness but solace
    When the night breeze
    Pierces only your soul.
    I wish to continue my walk
    On this moist grass.. Barefooted.
    It makes my night more beautiful
    Than the evening star
    Cause it gives me hopes.
    Hopes that I may get down at times
    But I will rise again
    The same way it does.
    Till now, I've experienced coldness
    In warm emotions
    But today, I am feeling a unique warmth
    Instilled in me by these frigid jujane grasses
    From my nerves to the depth of my heart.
    And so I continue walking on the moist grass.. Barefooted