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  • ticklekink 41m

    I feel you have pulled away..
    That your demeaner has changed..
    Your intensity has plummeted.
    It seems you got what you wanted..
    So ok..
    I will give you space..
    You may not notice at first..
    But when you eventually do..
    You will miss me..
    You will miss how I made you feel..


  • pruthvi_0107 7h


    A faithful friend is the medicine of life.


  • kenguin 1d

    to the best friend that once was

    This is not a love letter. It is a letter on love. And friendship. I think it was my sheer luck to have found someone like you. Or maybe it's not even that. Maybe it was you who found me. And made me lucky enough to experience you. In all shriek and shrill. Else how possibly would I have access to a daily dose of spontaneity and joy in my dull and boring workoholic life, right?

    But now it's a little sad, you know. It is sad to think after 849 days of becoming as close as best friends, we're just about to leave our story incomplete. That it's all falling apart. It is sad that we'll go from discussing every tiny occurrence of any given day to only watching each other in photos on facebook, and that too, only sometimes. It is sad that the ones who used to run out of balance while talking to each other will eventually run out of each other. I am quite convinced that you will be my hardest good-bye. But then again, distances have never mattered between us, I guess.

    Anyway, our journey has been a mixed bag in the most uncanny way possible. From being total strangers about 1200 kms away, to being the best kind of friends; so many things have changed in between. And amazingly enough, I had hardly bonded so well with anyone else before. I connected with you then. On the most basic level. Yet, it was deep. And how I wish, even today, for that connection, that bond, to be the way it was.

    I know our likes and tastes haven’t always been the same. We've always had our differences. The most apparent one - you being a chatterbox on loose, always going on and on about something, while I, being rather impassive and mostly always quiet. I write in English, you prefer Hindi. You follow the lyrics, I, the music. The songs we listen to or the movies we watch are so different. You like happy endings; I don’t like endings at all. In spite of all these, even our differences had so much in common. Sometimes I wondered how possibly did you know me so well. Better than I do, even.

    Now it's been long. Since we've seen all of this falling apart, just as slowly as the raindrops glide down my window glass. And I'm not sure if it will all be the same without you. I'm not sure if I will be the same without you. We surely had some of the best moments. The moments which I shall be missing. Even more shall I be missing you, I'm sure.

    Maybe that's the way it is, I think. Or the way it is supposed to be. People only stay in our lives until a purpose is fulfilled. And once that happens, it's their time to go. It is but natural. They are never meant to stay. Only a fraction of memories and tiny little moments do. In my case, I never had someone to tell me what a best friend actually means. And then, out of magic and miracles, you came and became one. Else I know, I never stood a chance. Thank you for letting me know what it is to have a close friend, even from a distance.

    I know this letter is nothing as compared to more than two years of togetherness that we've shared and I don't know if you'll ever get a chance to read it. But if you do, know that you're being missed. Always.

    I wish that we had known each other earlier or perhaps we still might have worked things out a bit longer. Maybe just for another moment. Or maybe just as long as this lifetime. But as we have gradually drifted apart, our time here, comes to an end. Will this journey really be over when we leave each other for good? Well, as always, I don't have a clue.

    After you're gone; if you are gone, I really hope that you find someone, just like you, a friend, best in all possible ways; somewhere along the way!

    ~ from one of your favourites
    // ©kenguin

  • jpwriter 3d

    She's an Angel

    From every angle,
    I feel she's an angel
    Honestly her modesty
    Makes life feel untangled
    An enchantress aura
    Sprinkled softly
    By her electrical aurora
    Soft spoken, speakeasy
    Top chosen, speaks freely
    Her positive energy
    Adores her vessel
    Channeling the warmth
    Of something special
    Her wonderful demeanor
    Is like none other,
    She's hot as a heater
    That's under the covers
    If you ever do meet her,
    You'd need no other lover
    You would never leave her
    You could only think of her,
    For Her grace is laced
    Such as the touch
    From a red rose
    Perfectly placed
    From her beauteous face,
    Down to her ten toes
    Her slender waist
    Heaven meant for her to show
    She will never leave a bad taste
    For God surely knows
    A present was my intent to be sent
    Yet instead I wrote this poem


  • bitter_sweet_symphony 5d

    Lay me down gently now
    Where the sun will slowly set
    And lay you down beside me now
    Knowing we still have time yet
    But when the sunlight starts to fade
    For you, we will be always around
    And when sunlight turns to shade
    Just know you have never let us down.

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    Adieu friend

  • the_poetic_tale 1w

    साथ तो उसका चाहता था,
    ना जाने कब ख्याल साथ दे गए।

  • haarika 1w

    Whenever I feel low I look above to the vast blue sky and search for my companion
    The bright Moon peeps out of the clouds and whispers to me "hey little angel keep moving just few baby steps to go"

  • porcupine 1w

    A new friend

    A month or so
    Of talking
    And it seems okay

    A month or more
    Of chatting
    Always something to say

    Writing is common
    And reading too
    I cant wait until the next day

    A great artist
    She loves drawing
    Creating from her mind at play

    I would like to
    Know her better
    Talk about life if we may

    I will recite a
    Poem to her
    If she says it is okay

  • entanglednerves 1w

    Often Strange But Pure

    You've heard me confess my love for you
    A love that keeps growing in maddening pace
    Is it wrong to love a friend like crazy? Never!
    Is it wrong to fall in love in with someone who's committed? Aha!
    Should I stop loving if my intent was pure? Never!
    Will I love you forever? Yes! Coz Love is often strange but pure.

    - Shivin

  • smartsam 1w

    Lovely & Friendly!

    Are you frustated
    are you cheated?

    Are you looted,
    & you hated?

    Have you been derided,
    with wrong all you collided?

    Are you finally refused
    are you slanted abused?

    Are you sad very
    or are you confused?

    Are you not liked,
    are you not choiced?
    Do you feel uncomfortable
    normally in them to poise?

    Are you optional
    are you deluded?
    Are you not loved
    very much secluded?

    Are you unhappy
    as skipped & any
    you can't copy!

    Are you lonley?
    You not then only!
    Come to me then
    dear come to me!
    lovely I'm & so friendly!


  • bhuvana_ 1w


    When my heart weights out more than ever...
    Sudden feeling of alone..
    Locking myself in a room as lone....
    Thinking that don't be someone's someone..
    Looking out of window,
    Staring at the moon for one..
    Wrenching for possession of one..
    Missing the possessiveness of my one!!

  • beensn 1w

    The only trusted friend
    In need,
    Is the trust in God.
    Because others only nod,
    But leave us in the middle of the road.

  • munazza 1w

    Who is your friend?

    Imagine you have a certain problem in your life which is making your nerves freeze or sometimes even explode because you feel completely lost and confused about what track to follow. Imagine you are completely nervous and seeking a chance to know the hidden reality and to find the chamber of secret behind that particular thing happening in your life. Well, you are full of curiosity and delusions about that but then you suddenly remember that you have a best friend who is none less than a ...... hero. However, there is something very unique and special about him which you already know but can't understand. It's his way of dealing with the problems. On this point, you are entirely clear that only he has the solution to your problem but thing is to just sit in the corner and wait for the right time. Imagine, you completely trust your friend that even you can trust him on your life as well and that he is the last and ultimate person who will bring out the best possible solution to your problem.
    If you imagined all that in your mind till this point then close your eyes and try to see who is that friend in your life.
    I am completely sure you see no one except Him, the Almighty, the Supreme. Yes, God is that friend of yours who will never ever let you down and who will take you to a bridge which is narrow like a thread and under which a blazing hot lava is erupting its rage to engulf the skin on your bones. You have no other option but to pass that bridge while holding the hand of your that friend. Will you do that?
    If yes, then wipe your tears and entrust your life to Him and see that magic with your own eyes.
    Why not? When He is the one who is creator of that bridge, that fire then how can you think that He will not make the path for you?
    Remember,  He is the creator of everything, you, the problem, the solution.
    So keep your faith strong and hold the hand of your only Friend.


  • arshiyask13 2w

    We all have that one who cares for you,loves you,appreciate you, stopping u from being in toxic relationship,rejoice your every joy and thats a friend who always there for you even at your worst

  • bhuvana_ 2w

    In search of you

    Gatherings made my memories striving for you... ❤

  • madinah_writes 2w

    Sometimes, I'm being called FAKE.
    Other times, I'm tagged as a FOOL.
    A boring weirdo, a big MISTAKE.
    Yes, maybe I'm false, and you're TRUE.
    Maybe I should try to play COOL.
    You still call me a sick loser, a DUMP.
    I'd never say a word to you or call you GRUMP.
    Without even realizing it, I'd accept IT.
    Because you are a parent, a lover, a FRIEND!
    Shouldn't you be my supporter till the very END?
    And when I'm asked to write about HOME.
    I think of where to go with no REGRET.
    And when writing like light, gives me HOPE.
    I think of words I'd never FORGET.

    © Madinah_Writes

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  • partha99 2w

    Confuse them with your deadly silence,
    Shock them with your unprecedented success.


  • bhawanaa 2w


    Sun and the moon are the two sides of a coin
    The role of the sun is like a father
    And the role of the moon is like a mother।Who are necessary to each other but never join।
    The sun has his own light while the moon is depend on the sun to be bright।
    Sun brings the beautiful day and moon brings
    the sweet dreamy night।
    Eclipse are also formed when they fight।।
    The sun never changes his size but
    The moon after every fifteen days
    become disguise।

  • absurd_philosopher 2w

    When friends turns into stranger
    you lose your identity as self....

    #friend @writersnetwork

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    She embraced me as friend
    and scared as a lover.

    Her love is different
    kind of pain but beautiful...


  • muthmainnah 2w

    Did you know?

    That you're an idiot, big ass idiot
    What? I was expecting an apology
    Not even sorry?
    Now I feel petty
    Was it even worth being angry?
    After all, all you said was that you had
    Something more profitable at hand.