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  • simplymel 40w


    The truth is...my heart won't rest till the day I get to say my truth.


  • mrspectacular 90w


    Enemy of many
    Yet also friend to same many.
    Please pick a side
    And have the other denied.

    Many fall to death from lack of sleep,
    Many fall to same because they sleep too deep.
    We shut our eyes with fear
    On the grounds of the words we, about you, hear.

    We try not to shut them either
    Because I have also been told of the consequences of a bad weather.
    Doctors say you are good
    We should never neglect such food

    Yet another thought school
    Says a little of you is not cool.
    Where standeth thee
    For you cannot sit on the tree?

    Our eyes cannot get shut without guilt,
    Without the fear of the collapse of all what we have built.
    Our brains cannot bear the pains of avoiding you,
    For when we do such, we make a dangerous brew,

    Too dangerous a poison, some fall to death,
    Others drop in health.
    We can neglect neither the advice of the other school nor the medical,
    For ignorance of either have proven fatal.

    So one more time I ask you this before I go
    Where standeth thee? Friend or foe.

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  • james_taumas 104w

    First contact

    Arrival from the stars
    To our blue shoes
    A new race
    So different to us
    Both sides suspicious
    Friend or foe
    A leap taken
    New soil untrodden
    Trust foundations
    Road to space opened
    We are not alone.

  • realismisavirtue 111w

    Another one, my friends. Hope you enjoy, and if you dig it enough, I'd appreciate a repost! #poem #solidarity #writersnetwork #friendorfoe #poetry #life #poetry #thoughts #friendship #diary

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    From the crack of dawn,

    to the hollowed dusk,

    The venture is never cut short, 

    The tradition never forgotten.


    To breathe, to eat, to feel, 

    To sleep, to think, to numb,

    He solemnly fulfills his duty,

    to the sanctity of himself.


    The curious arm is sent, reaching out,

    Grasping the sweet, cylindrical ceramic,

    Even more sweet is that of the treasure stored within,

    Waiting ever so patiently to be lit upon,

    And to be breathed in deep into the depths of the soul. 


    An undying tradition of youth, 

    A curse in the eyes of the holy,

    Shared not under the eyes of others,

    Merely to those who indulge in temptation,

    And hold secrets with sweet solidarity.


    Join if you must, breath deep as one,

    Inhale the sun, elevate into serenity,

    Though, be warned, it is all too easy to be consumed,

    By that which you are now consuming.

  • arreyma 119w

    Sometimes a safe haven, other times a stark revelation of our limits and shortcomings, occasionally a gentle nudge to do better, often a firm reminder of who we are and how far we have come. Our past is sealed to our destiny, an indefatigable companion on our path, trudging in every now and then invited or unexpected. Friend or foe? We hold the power to determine how it will serve our purpose. Let your past take you forward and never backward.

  • nitin1107 123w

    Scare! or Care!

    Main jo Sochu, Wahi Karna Chahu
    Roke hai kyun, Darta kya tu?

    Jo Chadta hai wahi girta hai
    Jo Daudta hai Wahi rukta hai
    Jo Uthta hai wahi Jhukta hai
    Jo Ladta hai Wahi Pitta hai
    Jo Rokta hai Wahi Darta hai

    Main jo Sochu, Wahi Karna Chahu
    Roke hai kyun, Sambhale kya tu?

    Jo Pyaar kare Wahi Krodh kare
    Jo Care kare Wahi Crash Kare
    Jo Share kare Wahi Cheena Kare
    Jo saath Socha kare Wahi Toka Kare
    Jo Roka Kare Wahi Sambhala kare

    Main jo Sochu, Wahi Karna Chahu
    Roke hai kyun, darta kya tu?
    Roke hai kyun, Sambhale kya tu?

    Main jo Sochu, Wahi Karna Chahu.....


  • dancingrose21 129w

    Middle Minds

    Both sides are full of lies
    Middle man is killing many flies
    It's a game they plan to win
    So sad you can't see this sin
    They will do it again and again
    The Jakel and then there's Hyde
    Which one comes to play with you
    You are so wise but cannot see
    You left me along the way
    But you never really wanted to stay
    You chose them on a chance whim
    Dumped the past, deciding it couldn't last
    I am lost after you counted the cost
    You never intended to take me there
    Was that how you play, not very fair
    Ah middle man I hear you crackle
    Your sick sound of deadly delight
    Hell will hold you, the devil will seek you
    Test his will and try his might
    This is war you want to fight
    I have no name, I want no fame
    I take a bow and release my claim
    Just access waste, you forget in your haste, I bleed red and laid in that bed,
    It got in your head, all wrapped
    up in your Lego land
    Honesty would have been better
    Even in a letter, I wanted you to fly
    Reach your high, no matter if I cry
    You act the saint, I play a sinner
    Who is really left a winner

  • varsha_katyaan 152w


    हम क्यों किसी से लड़ रहे हैं,
    हम क्यों किसी को नीचा दिखा रहे हैं ,
    हम क्यों किसी को शर्मिंदगी महसूस करवा रहे हैं ,
    आखिरकार एक दिन हम सबको मिलना तो मिट्टी में ही है चाहे हिंदू जलेंगे या मुस्लिम कब्र में होंगे,
    ईश्वर से बरा कोई नहीं होगा,
    ईश्वर महान है ईमान से भी महान है।

  • dark_imagination 163w

    So to my dearest...

    I've tried to brush you out my teeth
    And scrub you out my hair
    I've tried to rinse you off my skin
    Wash you away in despair.

    I hoped the marks you left behind
    Would leave and just disappear
    I suppose I hoped you would too
    But hope is harsh and delicate
    So my pleas aren't open to ears.

    To my dearest friend or foe,
    I do not know how to address you
    As you have become a part of me
    But I hate you with the rest of me.

    So instead I'll say your name
    Even though I do not know
    Whether you would want to be my very best friend
    Or my greatest foe.

    So to my dearest...

  • didivic 187w

    Friend or foe

    A friend to those who let it
    A foe to those who fight it