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  • _barbie__ 1d

    Never try to turn your friendship into relationship ,trust me dono kho donge

  • somesh195 1d


    Aadaat badal si gaayi hain
    Waqt katne ki !
    Himmat hi nahi hoti
    Kisi se apna !

    Dard batne ki.

  • rajeshvkashyap 2d


    Leave "Anger" in Love & Friendship....!


  • textrovert_____ 4d

    How amazing it is to write
    We don't even know our audience here
    And yet feel cherish for every like we get
    And also enthusiasm for every link we give
    I guess that's why words are so powerful
    They connect us without even having to know one another
    But then again .... we find friends in these unknown conversations
    And don't tell me otherwise that these aren't the best friends ever!!


    #miraquill @miraquill
    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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    How amazing it is to write
    We don't even know our audience here
    And yet feel cherish for every like we get
    And also enthusiasm for every link we give
    I guess that's why words are so powerful
    They connect us without even having to know one another
    But then again .... we find friends in these unknown conversations
    And don't tell me otherwise that these aren't the best friends ever!!


  • porcupine 4d

    A dog and cat

    Sometimes a dog needs a friend
    A cat you can send

    Sometimes a dog feels alone
    A cat to share his home

    Sometimes a cat could help mend
    A dog that is lonely

    Sometimes a cat is the one and
    Friend he'll share his bone

    Sometimes a dog becomes restless
    A cat to keep up his guesses

    Sometimes a dog needs to cuddle
    With the cat inside their huddle

    Sometimes a cat becomes bored
    Greet it with
    A dog to play some more

    Sometimes a cat needs comfort
    Have it meet
    A dog that won't try to hurt

    Sometimes two creatures just need
    The reassurance of the other
    Regardless of animal types

  • bhawanaa 5d


    उद्देश्य से भटक न जाऊं इसलिए कम लिखती हूं
    खुशियां बांट देती हूं सबको,न कभी कोई ग़म लिखती हूं
    मजबूत चट्टान की तरह एक जगह स्थिर रहकर
    अपना अस्तित्व बचाने का दम लिखती हूं
    मेरी जगह से मुझे हिलाना सम्भव नहीं तुम्हारे लिए
    मैं अन्दर भी उतनी ही धंसी हुई हूं जितनी बाहर दिखती हूं
    टुकड़े टुकड़े करके भले ही तोड़ डालो तुम मुझको
    लेकिन मैं टूटकर भी नींव भरने का दम रखती हूं।
    मेरे हौसलों की उड़ान बहुत ऊंची है मगर मैं
    फूंक फूंक कर हर कदम रखती हूं।
    ज़मीं नजर आती रहे उड़ने के बाद मुझको
    इसलिए नजरें ज़मीं पर ही रखती हूं।
    ये जंग नहीं सिर्फ जुबानी है , ये आत्म सम्मान की हानि है
    तेरी जिंदगी में शामिल होने का गुमान एक दिन तुझको भी हो
    इसलिए तेरी आंखों में भी पानी रखती हूं।

  • _soundless_ 5d

    What kind of relationship does actually the #friends have? Have you ever came to the fact?? No..? Then do make a read of 'Amir khusrau's'..."GHAZAL".
    It recalls the relationship between khusrau and his friend.

    The bond between friends been derived as :-

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    Random but sweet

    The attachment of two friends is usually interpreted as 'Mystic love'.

    It's intensely pointing out the right meaning of friendship if one can find

  • lovelyjune 1w

    From strangers to friends having long conversations, endless laughing, sharing a lot of memories, keeping secrets, doing naughty things together, loving and caring each other, being there for each other in ups and downs and finally ended up being strangers again.

  • 12mizzy 1w

    The last day of my school,
    Was quite cool.
    We all were excited to,
    Enjoy our college life like fools.
    There was no difference between,
    The first and the last day of school.

    We all were crying on both the days.
    But the difference was,
    On the first day i didn't wanted to,
    Start my boring school life.
    And the last day i didn't wanted to,
    End my beautiful school life.

    The memories i made in the campus,
    The way i have bunked my important,
    Lectures in the washrooms.
    The friends that i made,
    Inside the Luxurious classroom

    The names i scribbled on the desk,
    Those horror fights with my friends,
    The eagerness for games period.
    Which always ended with a,
    Boring Maths period.
    The Science lecture by my
    Favourite teacher 'Cinderella miss'
    Was as precious as a diamond,
    For a ring.

    Why did it ended?
    Can i just travel back?
    I want to live every moment.
    Can i just stop growing?

    I wish that everything,
    Stops and stands still.
    I just turned and gave,
    a last look to my school,
    And i felt all the beautiful memories,
    Close to my heart.
    I know my future won't be,
    As same as my past.
    But the memories i have created,
    Will never be discard.

    Here i pick my bag,
    Full of opportunities,
    To start a new journey
    With all the hopes, expectations,
    And responsibilities,

    @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words @mirakee_post @11maria

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    Those Were The Days!


  • scribblednotes520 1w


    It's not that I don't want to care,
    Or have someone care for me;
    I confess, sometimes, I just get scared,
    But the exception seems to be thee

    I could feel him staring at me,
    Though sometimes he would catch me off guard;
    From the corner of my eye, I can vaguely see,
    But I wonder, "When did it all start?"

    He held my hand, we were in the car,
    And I tugged on his shirt as we walked;
    The journey today was long and far,
    Yet he was still patient as we talked

    It was comfortable, going out with him,
    Some part of it feels like home;
    Even when his words make me feel dim,
    Even when my thoughts begin to roam

    Is it possible to feel this cosy again?
    Is it a mistake to relish this warmth?
    If anything, I hope I won't cause him pain,
    Not again, not another storm


  • disha_sikka 1w


    कुछ साल पहले तक,
    अजनबी से थे हम एक दूसरे से
    कौन जानता था
    इन्ह अजनबी क्लासमेटस् के साथ,
    दोस्ती का ऐसा गहरा रिश्ता बन जाएगा,
    कि इन्हें अलविदा कहना मुश्किल हो जाएगा।

    कितना आसान था पहले कहना,
    कि जा यार मुझे तुझसे बात ही नहीं करनी,
    पर अब देखो,
    सोच कर ही डर लगता है ,
    कि यार अब फिर ऐसे स्कूल में मिल नहीं पायेगे,
    फिर कभी ऐसे बेफ़िक्र
    एक दूसरे के कंधों पर हाथ रखकर चल नहीं पायेगे।
    ना ही फिर कभी ऐसे मिलना होगा।
    ना ही फिर क्लास में बैठ कर ऐसे पढना होगा।

    याद उन्ह टीचर की भी आयेगी,
    जिन्होंने इतना काबिल बनाया,
    याद आयेगी मुझे आप सभी की।

    कैसे बताऊ मैं आप सबको और अपने यारों को,
    बताना भी मुझे मुश्किल लग रहा है,
    कि आप सबको अलविदा कहना मुझे बहुत मुश्किल लगा रहा है।

  • deadlittlesongbird 1w

    For we are nothing but fragments of each other's colored pasts

  • deeksha_06_ 2w

    One tiny rope
    Walking down the road
    Looking at the big blue sky
    Another tiny rope
    Walking down the road
    Wanting to rise up high
    Two tiny ropes
    Walking down the road
    Lost in their tiny rope dreams
    Two tiny ropes
    Walking down the road
    Stumble and fall on the street
    Two tiny ropes
    Standing on the road
    Looking at the other up and down
    Two tiny ropes
    Standing on the road
    Both with a tiny rope frown
    Two tiny ropes
    Standing on the road
    Bow and sorry they say
    Two tiny ropes
    Standing at the road
    Shake hands in a friendly rope way
    Two tiny ropes
    Standing on the road
    Hands in a knot wound tight
    Two tiny ropes
    Standing on the road
    A bit taller and closer to the sky
    Two tiny ropes
    Standing on the road
    Giggle and give a tangled rope laugh
    One big rope
    Walking down the road
    Heading home on the big wide path

    #life #friend #friendship #entangled #intertwined #journey #happiness #happy #friends

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  • dreamer_broken 2w


    This is a companionship that was never known about or seen whenever.
    This is a kinship that looks for the heart however not the body.
    This fellowship has brought the sky and the earth all together.
    This fellowship has turned into the entry of light for the east and west headings.

  • laconic_words 2w

    There's always one person you run to when you want to quit the world, the maze of your own thought, voices and noises surrounding you. When you just want to shut down yourself and recharge yourself with their love.

    That person is what you call a soulmate.


  • archanadhivar 2w


    The fucking nightmare in my life is
    what if I lose you,
    what if you dont care about me,
    what if you will not bother about me,
    what if you will never call me again,
    what if you walk away silently,
    what if it will end time by time,
    what if you will never text me again,
    what if uh will not share small talks with me,
    what if u start ignoring me,
    what if I will be alone like always I'm,
    What if I lose you.
    what if what if has fucked up everything.
    This what if fucks the broken heart
    Till end to start.


  • humilator 2w

    Hello dost log...!


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    वो रचती रही....दोस्ती की साज़िशे !
    अधुरी थी अधूरी रह गई हमारी मोहब्बत की ख्वाइशे....!

  • dreamer_broken 2w

    I have a few close ones who cares me lot.
    Never calls me with my name,
    helps in predicaments.

  • light_ofthe_heart 2w

    For A Best Friend ❤️

    Ten years and still counting....it's a forever goal for us.❤️
    I can't really remember how we started talking but I can remember our memories the first year we met, I could hardly stay for few days in my room without checking.
    I think it started since then, a sister from a different mother. Nobody would have thought that we will come this far, but now I know that we are friends for life and no matter what happens in the future, we are always going to stick around.
    Our roadway has actually not been smooth, but we have actually made it this far. When I had nothing, you were there for me. You gave me hope where I had once lost it. You showed me light when I remained in darkness. You showed me the method when I could not locate my course and most importantly, you gave me friendship when I needed one. You are certainly an unusual gem and I will keep commemorating you every day of our life.
    You are a friend who defines true friendship. You have always been there with me, extending the support and affection I needed. You are my partner-in-crime and my companion in everything I do. The way our wavelengths match, I sometimes feel that you can hear me even when I am not talking. I am so lucky to have you as my friend. No matter where life takes us to, I will always be there for you, because true friends always stick and never leave each other. No matter what challenges life may toss at us, we will always conquer everything because two are constantly much better than one. As well as you plus I equate to an irresistible and also unstoppable group, a very dangerous one I guess.
    Dear girlfriend, I wish you the happiest and most fulfilling birthday. I wished I could compose something incredible for this special day, but nothing is as outstanding as you are, (plus this week has really been a tough and rough one for me mentally and emotionally).
    Cheers to many more years of laughter, love, as well as the best of relationship. As you grow older, may you enhance in knowledge and every other aspect? Happy birthday Girlfriend I love you beyond words or imagination. Keep been the bitch I can't resist

  • alonestar1 2w


    अहसान नहीं मांगा था,,,साथ मांगा था ।।
    पराया नहीं,,, मैंने तुमको अपना माना था ।।