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  • last_haven 1d

    Seed of the Fallen

    “It all started from a seed, much like this one
    An idea, from which came you and me
    A world crafted with the finest precision
    A world we filled, but sadly left him behind
    There is no way back, for we are all cursed and left to die
    Yet if the seed remains, perhaps it can grow again”
    He placed the seed in my hand and left.

  • susann 1d

    Day 136

    You are on the right path. All your confusion and doubts will be explained. Keep on trusting the Universe. Open your heart and mind. Be alert on the messages being sent your way. You've done the work. Now trust God

  • todd_towers 1d

    Hosanna In The Highest

    Longing not ceasing,
    And my heart cries Hosanna!
    Oh day of shalom

  • pujakalita 1d

    #parents as God whom I can touch.....

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    মৰতৰ ভগৱান

    ভগৱান নিৰাকাৰ, অচাক্ষুস
    বুলি সকলোৱে কয়।
    হয়, তেওঁ অদৃশ্যমান
    শত জনমৰ কৰ্মৰ ফলত,
    ভগৱান যে এই ক্ষণত নিচেই অদূৰত।
    সেয়া যে আন কোনো নহয়,
    মোৰ আই-পিতাই হয়।

    বহু দিন হ'ল,
    আইৰ আচলৰ পৰা
    মাতৃত্বৰ সুগন্ধিৰ আনন্দ লʼব পোৱা নাই,
    পিতাইৰ গহীন চকুৰ আৰৰ
    সৰল মৰমখিনি অনুভৱ কৰিব পোৱা নাই।

    আজি বহু দিনেই হ'ল,
    আইৰ হাতৰ ব্যঞ্জনৰ সুস্বাদুতা
    উপভোগ কৰিব পোৱা নাই,
    পিতাইৰ গলগলীয়া মাতৰ
    গালিও শুনিব পোৱা নাই,
    যʼত লুকাই থাকে এখোপামান আদৰ-যত্ন।

    কেইবাদিনো হ'ল,
    মোৰ ভগৱান চৰণত মূৰ থৈ
    আশিষ ল'ব পৰা নাই।

    সেয়া যে আন কোনো নহয়
    মোৰ আই-পিতাই,
    মৰতৰ ভগৱান।


  • virahela 4d


    The heavenly ray of light that YOU bring
    Inside the dark realm of chaotic mind
    Infuse whirlpool of pristine air
    Offering freedom to breathe again
    An oasis in the desert storm
    Resuscitate lost and stranded soul
    Clearing the path that was once unseen
    Illuminate an aisle of immense glee
    Initiate a song of storm of the angels, towards the victory.

  • anshitasharma 4d


    The things you have and u r blessed by God for that things ..!
    No one can snatch that things from you ..!
    Becoz the things got by prayers and blessings stays forever with you .! ✨

  • asthaa____ 4d

    Spring God

    Under the heavy sky of the drumming clouds and greyish wind,
    when leaves and flowers seem happy for changing skin,
    here I am and my heart and soul
    craving to feel your presence,
    to feel the power of your magic behind the
    wide curves of every lip and
    in the motion of every petal and leaves!

    I do not dream of witnessing you
    under a mistletoe but yes I do wish
    to meet you under a big trunk of giggling leaves,
    holding voluptuous bunches of
    rhynchostylis retusa in their chest
    because it's the season of happiness,
    you're the joyous king while
    retusa obviously the queen!

    Your arrival is known by all!
    Birds talk, clouds whisper and also
    you're in the words of humans!
    You're in the beats of the drum and also
    in the tunes of the hornpipe…..
    Dear deity, you pass by
    sprinkling raindrops over everything and
    I run being deranged
    behind you, to you, for you with
    my bare feet crushing the scutch grass!

    I collect all the droplets and flowers that
    you left behind, for myself selfishly
    as I wish to drown myself in the fragrance
    and in the freshness…..
    As this happiness will help me in
    erasing the smoke
    tangled up inside my lungs,
    and so I pick it up and run!

    I want to be happy as the leaves are today,
    Their colour green lures me and calls me
    and asks me to leave the limits of a being.
    They show me the face of the Spring God,
    in every shade of colours of the flowers and
    also in the round patches of lawsonia on my palms.
    Alas! I do want but I can't.

    But as the temporary-ness of everything
    exists and so does farewell to Spring,
    Truth prevails and nature's rule…….
    everything must come and go,
    every part has a section of happiness
    and a part of sorrow!
    He left with a promise inside a letter,
    blowing winds of kisses and a little thunder,
    and I sit quietly searching the message
    till the end of time.


  • snowfly 5d

    No one can tell when or how god will help us, but god always do, when the time is right


  • thevictoress 5d

    When you said you loved me,
    Like Thomas, I doubted you all the way,
    Cos I thought your love was strange,
    You tried to hold me closer, but I threw your love away.

    I was unsure of you,
    Until I dipped my toes in your water,
    you made me feel better,
    And halted my heart from tearing apart.

    When you said you were a good chef,
    I wanted to tell you I've been served enough breakfasts,
    But all you wanted was for me to break fast
    from my fears,
    And you prepared a table before me
    in their presence.
    So, even though I walk through the darkest valley
    I'd have no fear,
    Cos you are
    With me...


  • moon__light 5d

    Never feel along God is with you

  • last_haven 1w

    The Good Branch

    It was slow at first
    It seemed like it wasn’t growing at all
    Then little by little you could see it
    I did my best to nurture it
    Watched it grow over the years
    A few negligent moments nearly ended it all
    Thankfully it remained alive
    And finally produced good fruit

  • rohandugar_ 1w

    If You Understand Solitude, You Will Eventually Understand the Game.


  • teokannan 1w


    "You cannot become 'God' by imitating God!"


  • arowendrix 1w


    THE ONE TRUE GOD IS AN Inspiration, Transformation and a whole lot and it is the perfect gift for all occasion, if you read this with all your heart and mind, a spark of change would take place within you. If you are so stressed out, feeling hopeless, suicidal, even just stuck in a horrendous traffic jam!, then read it to relieve that pestering gnawing boredom!.
    Every one of us, were created by God for a certain purpose, whether you’re a PhD grad or just a mere scavenger. We human beings are a colorful tiny dots that’s makes a wonderful hues in the sight of our BELOVED CREATOR. Each of us are especially designed to set apart from one another, even for those born with disabilities, our differences ought not to make us indifferent from one another.
    Do you feel like there’s something missing in your life? That in spite of what you do nothing could assuage that hollow feeling of emptiness. Well the only way to feel complete is for us to be one with our Creator, meaning connecting with the SUPREME BEING.
    Is there really a God? With too much chaos and sorrow surrounding us, it’s already hard for people to believe in a Supreme being. Often times a person would rather believe in his own self, thus he creates His own god doing his own thing without thinking.
    The world today as we know is plunged into a deep contention, immorality, and hatred that often ends in war and upheaval of personality. So man search for answers through drugs, alcohol, gambling and pornography, to assuage his longing to be whole.
    Man’s refusal to be in touched with his CREATOR had brought him much sorrow and a heart of hollow. His stubbornness leads to doing much wickedness and evilness and it is not even enough, he has to bring destruction upon himself and even annihilation of innocent people. His greed had become hunger to many and their stomach bleed. His fornication and seduction to ruination of a young’s man formation.
    The fallibility started in The Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve heeded to the malevolent whispers of the Enemy, that when they will eat the Forbidden fruit they will become divinity. And so with the gift of FREE WILL handed to us, we constantly fall to vanity, idolatry and doing lots of malady to our body. But because of the Great love of GOD for humanity, instead of annihilating us He came down to become like one us. A Human GOD but minus the frailty and carnality of a sinful man. Mighty GOD? Yes He is, thus this book were created to highlight His divinity. Words and arts are combined to make it more palatable to one’s senses that even a child would be imbibed to look at it.
    Our LORD JESUS CHRIST is a man but very much a God, He became human to be with us that’s why He was named IMMANUEL (GOD IS WITH US). GOD has many names but the Name Who is above any other names is the name of our Lord. HE IS GOD, THE GREAT CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, HE IS THE KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS AND THE MOST POWERFUL GOD. And in this book ``LORD JESUS CHRIST=THE ONE TRUE GOD” is meant to honor Him and placed Him to His truest identity. Many would contradict in the Oneness of God, but it is high time to set the record straight, in fact in
    PHILIPPIANS 2:10-11
    10 =that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth,
    11= and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
    Everyone would bow down to Him, yes, everyone should, it is not idolatry but only solidarity on the belief that our Lord is God. The POWER OF ONE, not 3 gods but One.
    In many parts of the world, BELIEVERS OF CHRIST ARE NOT UNIFIED, that’s why others opted to stay away from Christianism, but if we put our Lord to His rightful placed, then and only then we would come to be bonded as one:

  • holybible 1w

    Preserve me, O God:
    For in thee do I put my trust.
    O my soul, thou hast said unto the LORD,
    Thou art my Lord:
    My goodness extendeth not to thee;
    But to the saints that are in the earth,
    And to the excellent, in whom is all my delight.
    Their sorrows shall be multiplied that hasten after another god: Their drink offerings of blood will I not offer, Nor take up their names into my lips.
    The LORD is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup:
    Thou maintainest my lot.
    The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places;
    Yea, I have a goodly heritage.
    I will bless the LORD, who hath given me counsel:
    My reins also instruct me in the night seasons.
    I have set the LORD always before me:
    Because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth:
    My flesh also shall rest in hope.
    For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell;
    Neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption. Thou wilt shew me the path of life:
    In thy presence is fulness of joy;
    At thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

    Psalm 16:1‭-‬11


  • puneetkumarpk 1w

    जब हम सब तरह से टूट जाते है रास्ते नजर नहीं आते है फिर कुदरत आपने रूप देखती हैं हर पल एक नई दिशा देखती है हर पता हर कली अपने आप में शामिल हर मुश्किल हर कमी को आपके सामने प्रस्तुत कर देती है और बस यहीं चाहती है अभी बहुत कुछ सीखना बाकी है अभी तो जीना बाक़ी है अभी जीने को जिदंगी काफी है ।


  • uyirttezhu 1w

    பரம்பொருளை சரணடைய
    அன்பே ஆயுதம்...

  • todd_towers 1w

    Fragile Cages

    The days are spent
    Peering through glass.
    Clear, solid, thick

    Monsters inside
    Call me sweet friend
    Pull, push, against

    I look outside
    Longing after
    Monster hidden

    Clear but distorted
    Outside beckons
    Trapped no more
    By demonic slur;
    They weigh us down,
    Draw the veil thick,

    But truth is never beaten.
    And He calls ever out

  • megaththenral 1w

    Mother is our God for our life,
    Because she only gives the birth to us to live here....

  • rohandugar_ 1w

    One of the Two Will Surely Be Compromised either Your Big Visions or Your Relationships